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Somalia: An assassination attempt today at ex-President Hassan Sheik Mohamud

I wish that we had been able to hold full democratic elections of one person one vote across Somalia, but because of unavoidable circumstances, we are ending up with an indirect electoral process. But let me underline that our aim is to ensure a smooth, peaceful and inclusive electoral process that will lead to a secure and democratic transition in November, with no extension of the current government’s mandate. This will constitute a first step towards the implementation of the one person one vote mechanism by 2020” – Hassan Sheik Mohamud to Newsweek (Conor Gaffey – ‘Exclusive: Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Tells Newsweek How He Will Destroy Al-Shabab’ 29.09.2016, Newsweek).

Today near Banadir Court in Hamar Weyne the convoy of Ex-President Hassan Sheik Mohamud was targeted and there was shots fired by Somali forces. This was happening as the ex-President was going to attend a reconciliation meeting.

Earlier this year, government militias and troops have raided his home as well. Therefore, this isn’t anything new, which is occurring on the regular now.

This is maybe Interim-President Farmaajo’s way of proving his point to the former President. As a reminder of who is still in-charge and has the power. While his Prime Minister Roble is getting the credit for setting up a time-frame and a election road-map. Which is still in the same manner as previous ones.

The government of Farmaajo isn’t able to fulfil the dream of the ex-President to have one person one vote system in Somalia. It’s still based on delegates and the elected MPs will vote for who become the President. This isn’t universal suffrage, but more of the same.

The current President haven’t delivered just like predecessor didn’t, but at least to his effort was a steady transition. Which this President will not be remembered for, as the current interim-President has tried to be unelected and push for a further extension. That clearly backfired and now we are seeing a new process.

However, the guns has been silent after skirmishes in the capital in late April. Now we are seeing they are returning, as the parties are meeting and ensuring their next steps ahead of the election. The interim-President should be more careful. He has already targeted to demote and investigate several who took part in April skirmishes. Therefore, we know there actions made and it’s questionable indeed.

Prime Minister Roble have to carry this and Farmaajo can be devious in the background. Today’s news and reports are worrying. It could have gone really bad and that could have escalated things further. Instead of going forward on the momentum of the 27th May 2021 Agreement. Peace.

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Somalia: Mahama bows out [and Roble got a mountain to climb]

President Mahama whose appointment as the AU envoy has been roundly welcomed by the Council of Presidential Candidates of Somalia, and the Coalition of Somalia’s Federal Member States, further cautioned in his letter to the AU Chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, that the lack of support by the Federal Government could jeopardize the whole process and undermine the hopes that the entire world has in bringing peace to the esteemed land of Somalia” (Joyce Bawah Mogtari – ‘John Mahama withdraws acceptance as African Union Envoy to Somalia’ 20.05.2021).

Today, the Primer Minister Roble is having talks at a Airport Hotel in Mogadishu. As the election impasse meeting is being held. While they are moving forward on the 17th September 2020 agreement. However, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) haven’t played their cards right.

That is why we are here today and things are still moving slowly. That’s because ex-President Farmaajo and Villa Somalia wanted this to move glacier slow. The state have arranged it like this and that’s why we are in May 2021 and things are yet to be resolved. This is deliberate and to say something else is foolish.

The ex-President wanted to so dearly to become a transitional one without any election. He even got an extension at the Lower House of Parliament, which was later revoked. This is why the whole process have become like this. Also, after skirmishes and direct bloody attacks in Mogadishu. The stalemate was getting dangerous and the means of getting their way was becoming fierce.

We should be happy that the guns are silenced and that the ex-President gave a mandate to his appointed Prime Minster to handle the security and the election. However, he could have done this much earlier and closer to his final days of office. His still lingering in office, but without any true mandate to his name. The same with the legislators and the appointed leadership in the ministries. That’s because of the game the ex-President played.

The meeting today is a sign of hope, but I don’t trust the FGS who are so easily trigged by foreign interference. They have asked the African Union to help out, but dismissed their help. They have said they don’t want anyone to interfere, but days after the ex-President went to Kinshasa asking for help. Therefore, the lack of process and due diligence is clear.

Mahama as a Special Envoy is just a scapegoat, which wouldn’t have caused any harm. Farmaajo used Ethiopians as the issue before the previous election. This election everything associated or had have talked to anyone in Nairobi is the problem. That’s why Mahama had to go because he had previously participated as a envoy in Kenya. Which is ridiculous, but the game the Lords of Mogadishu plays.

However, this is also a statement of how little it takes to not have trust. As the parties themselves cannot move things forward and blame each other. Farmaajo wants to seal his fate and retain power. That is evident. He rather have his personal armies to settle scores, than initially work things out. His risking his career and his position to keep power.

The National Electoral Consultative Assembly that’s to be held on Saturday is either a sign of real hope or another stalemate. We can wonder if they will pursuit peaceful movement or see if the FGS has laid down more traps ahead. Because, I lack trust in the FGS and how they have handled this so far. Roble has bought peace, but that’s weak peace. It can easily spire out again, if there isn’t anything substantial put forward by Villa Somalia and Prime Minister. Which I hope for, but is wondering when I can initially see it.

I hope to the almighty that they can settle and work towards the 17th September Agreement, but there needs to be proof of this now. As the months have passed and the FGS haven’t delivered it. They have postponed and played all games. Now, the empasse have to end and the reality have to kick-in.

We just have to wait and see, but expect the National Salvation Front and the Council for Presidential Candidates to act upon what happens this Saturday. There will reactions if there is no signs or movement whatsoever. We can live in hope, but Roble has a mountain to climb. He has to prove his weight and worth. Not only to himself, but to the Federal Republic of Somalia as well. Peace

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