A gold scam that sounds like a Hollywood movie

“A1 introduced the two (PW1& PW2) to others like A2, A3 and others still at large. PWl paid for one kilogram of gold as atrial but the accused is told to buy ten kilograms, then fifty kilograms and later he is told to take 150 kilograms. PWl was made to pay endless sums of money to A1, A2, A3,and various people such as a one person who posed as an army General from DRC who owns the gold, Patrick who posed as a URA officer, Hannington who posed as a lawyer for the army General, Oyino who posed as a Kenya Revenue Authority officer, a General’s wife in DRC, one Moro from Interpol, etc. The gold scam was transacted in Kampala, Entebbe Airport, Nairobi, Dubai, Zambia and Hong Kong” (High Court – Anti Corruption Division, 16.08.2021).

In a recent court case and judgement at the High Court and Anti-Corruption Division of Kampala. There was a significant Gold Scam case, which was such a phenomenal story. It sounded like a plot of an action or a thriller.

It had Chinese gold-buyers getting connected to a “godly” man from South Sudan. While trading with two Ethiopian Nationals living in Johannesburg, South Africa. While the South Sudanese introduces them to the Ugandan national who has connection to a Congolese General (the DRC national who acted like one) who can help acquire the gold.

This is all done with both meetings and transactions over longer time. While the parties are showing small amount of gold and awaiting clearance from Uganda Revenue Authority and others, which is only allowing certain amounts of gold to be cleared from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“In June 2017, PW2 came to Uganda to meet A1. Three days later A1 asked PW2 to tell the investor to travel to Uganda for the deal. PW2 asked pW1 to travel to Uganda. WhenPW1 Arrived in Uganda, he was introduced to A2, , A3 and others at large such as the Congolese General, Emmanuel the translator for A2 who spoke broken English but used French, Hannington Tony the alleged lawyer for the Congolese General, Patrick the alleged URA staff and Oyino the alleged Kenya Revenue Authority staff. At first PWl offered to buy one kilo to test the waters of the gold trade but A3 kept changing positions. A3 told PW1 he could not take out only 1 kg of gold. He offered to buy lOkgsand after payment A3 said URA had declined to clear only10 kgs. The minimum allowed was150 kgs. Later, th eaccused asked PW1 to take 150 kgs, which he should sell and take off his money with the balance going to the Congolese General”(High Court – Anti Corruption Division, 16.08.2021).

The Chinese set-up meetings in Nairobi and in Uganda. They have meetings and buy-ins at prominent hotels there. During the year of 2017, the victims of this scam spent vast amount of money on the scammers. In the end the gold was never delivered.

The set-up and the game-plan was very clear. That the outset of a promising character. The South Sudanese was able to trade stories. Get the Chinese buyers involved. Using connections of the Ethiopian Nationals and transaction of funds through the money remitting company Dahabshiil.

So, all of the people were ensuring the buyers would get tricked and make believable. So, they flied them to Entebbe and met in Kampala. Where they discussed the transaction and buying of 150 kilos of gold. While not brining any to the buyers, as there was none. The buyers was to believe the gold was either in Entebbe or in the DRC. As the buyers trusted the South Sudanese national but was introduced by the others with the various of functions to the scheme. Which made it believable and that the con could be achieved.

The buyers spent USD $1,9 million on it with the hopes of having kilos of gold. However, that was just “hot-air” and nothing else. One man was the planner, the second the assurer and third the expert with connection in URA and the UN to make it happen. The assurer even used the Congolese national to trick the buyers into believing he was a brother of a General who owned gold mines in the DRC. Each of the three accused played a role and ensured the fraud could happen.

That’s why this story must be told, because it shows how explicit and how conning people can be. Where they toy around with the buyers for years and let them spend vast fortunes for months. This is all done to dupe and get transferred funds. While selling fake gold and “hot-air” to gullible people. Peace.

DPP: Press Statement – Statement on Audio Clip Titled “Wetangula Exposed in Fake Gold Scam” (18.05.2019)

Not all Gold that Glimmers: The saga of Wetangula!

Well, there are certain big-men that should thread their waters careful. In the coming days, the FORD-Kenya President Moses Wetangula and a opposition figure with NASA/CORD have to answer for possible crimes committed during a travel last year in Dubai.

Moses is in seriously problems, as documents and phone-call leakage have revealed the participation in the gold-scam done to a Prince in the United Arab Emirates during 2018. Clearly, this story of a forged trade-off, where millions of shillings came into the hands of politician wasn’t supposed to back-fire, but it does.

Wetangula surely wasn’t prepared for this to create headlines, neither become something significant. But now its on the tongue and in living colour for the whole ordeal to be exposed. There was a minor leak in March 2019, but now in May 2019 it has blown up into his face.

The politician have done this sort of thing before with the conning of Japan for a fake land for an embassy in 2015. Therefore, the ability to pull of these stunts are known and Moses has gotten away with in the past. That is why he thinks its cool to con the Arab Prince and his people, as they are getting funds for themselves, selling fake gold. That is great payday.

You can just wonder what is up next? Whose else is implicated and to what degree, as there are talks of CS Fred Matiangi and other close allies of DP Ruto. So, the whole pack of thieves are ready steady, UNGA eating instead of spaghetti.

Alas, the puns and the pushes are getting directed to Wetangula, not the other ones, which should also be implicated, because when you expose Moses, the others should cross the river Nile too. Maybe not lost for 30 years before entering Canaan, but surely there is no dry season for Moses.

In coming days and weeks, the revelations, more dossiers and more information should be leaked. To prove the Con and the scam. Especially, if the Senator are getting off the hook. Since, what has been leaked is possibly showing that his a crook. His not a felon until the bracelets are on, but in the meantime. He has to know, that the taped phone-call and dossier shows his intention and involvement in the Gold Scam.

Surely, the man should answer for his crime, but not anticipate it, as his one the men in high-ranking positions and close to gates of power. Therefore, they could let him off the hook. Peace.