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Zimbabwe: The Goblin have been toppled by a military coup d’état!

This has been long awaited, as people has sought refuge and has fled to safety abroad. The final nail in coffin of the 37 years was when the G-40 decided to ditch Edison Mnangagwa as the Vice President, the one aligned with the Lacost and the War Veterans. Clearly the President Robert Mugabe, who loyal to his wife Grace and her political affiliates though they could get away with everything. With standing that, they have been able to do so since 1980. It is not so strange that the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) G-40 fraction thought

Yesterday and today, we are seeing the consequences of being affiliated with ruling regime. We could see that with the uncertainty yesterday, while the ZANU-PF and their loyalist was trying to deflect it all as a military exercise. Since now, we know that Mugabe put under house arrest, several of key allies are detained, and the army seals off the Parliament, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Company and other places.

While the was reports that Grace would become VP at the next ZANU Conference in December, clearly as reports are posting. She has fled the republic and is somewhere located in Namibia. Therefore, while the G-40 loyalist are speaking of their love for the military and distancing themselves from Mugabe or are already detained shows how quickly their power was taken away. This is clearly fake news as: “Namibian international relations sources have denied that #gracemugabe, wife of under-fire Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, has left the country for Namibia” (Namibian Sun, 15.11.2017). So her whereabouts is unsure, but she must be feeling estranged, as her importance has dwindled dramatically in the last 48 hours.

It is apparent as just days ago when Harare International Airport was renamed after Mugabe, just like the main-road in Harare, the University and all the other things. His name is put on everywhere and on everything. After this coup, expect it to go down and be put in the garbage.

We don’t know how long the army will keep power or if they are installing Mnangagwa as the successor of Mugabe. What we do know is that Mugabe and his G-40 are stripped of power, because of the greedy wife. That must be a downturn that one destroying for his life presidency was his better half and not a common enemy. Certainly, not even the wives can be loyal or be in line with program enough to keep the checks- and balance in order.

We can just wonder how the rest will follow as the guards, the military and the guns are surround the vital hot-spot and the old leadership of Mugabe. He must clearly see his demise, if he remembers that he is under house arrest and not waiting for a cup of coffee with Tony Blair. We can imagine what people feel after hearing their 37 years under him is over, even the future is uncertain, but many has waited for the Goblin, Mr. Mugabe to lose power.

There was signs, but there been changes of VP’s in past, but certainly not at a time where the army has send signals and stopped ordinary state media broadcasting like yesterday. We knows that means change. Lacoste part of ZANU disfranchised by Grace plus the endangered economy and impunity against activists. Should be reasons for this turmoil and this coup.

Still, what roam at large, is the uncertainty of what this means and how long this transition and when there will be hold credible elections. As well, as get ordinary order with also checks of the previous old crimes of the previous regimes. So that the people who suffered under the previous ones, can get their grievances cleared and start a fresh. In 37 years of reign, Mugabe has hurt and destroyed enough peoples lives, that they want to patch their hurt. Even if the wounds will never totally heal. Still, the investigations and repercussions for the old sins should come to the courts and be settled.

We know the loyalists doubted this day would happen at all, as the Mugabe presidency continued, as the biblical and afterlife, he would still rule. Something that is today a mere laugh, as himself is put under house arrest awaiting further instructions from the military. The rest of the matter is with unease. There are many arrests and some are trying to run. Some are silently waiting at their homes, but the loyalists will be caught by the army, it is just a matter of time.

We just have to wait for more report and certainty of all the actions, as the rumors are scattered at the moment, since the army and the others are trying to find out. As well, as journalists are also stopped on the border or on the airport not able to come in. Therefore, the army is closing the reports on the ground and trying to keep silent about all of their activity.

Mugabe and Grace, was clearly unprepared and thought they were Teflon. Apparently, they was not, the counting ballots at the pearly gates should also be shattered now. Peace.

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