Zimbabwe: The government is failing to pay for it’s own water bill to ZINAWA

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has disconnected water supplies to Gokwe over a ZWL$45 million debt owed by government departments, parastatals and residents. Of the $45 million, $7 million was owed by government departments and parastatals” (263Chat.com, 02.12.2021).

It is just days ago since in the Gokwe area that the Republic supported building new boreholes and such for the Solar Plants and the industrialization there. While at the Politburo on 1st December 2021 President Emmerson Mnangagwa said: “I had the honour to officially open the Presidential Climate Proofed Pfvumvudza /lntwasa Programme in Gokwe North District, which has now been expanded to cover the production of cotton”.

The Gokwe area is clearly having a water problems for both industries and the citizens as well. That is why the Gokwe Town Council is building boreholes. Still, the state is defaulting on this and not able to run it’s bills. As the Midlands area is now without water in its tap. This is bills that is running on government accounts and supposed to be paid by government entities.

Everyone is losing access to water by default, because the government cannot handle their own bills. That is tragic, but the reality. While the Town Council of Gokwe have another budget and accounts. The whole Republic and all parts of government should be able to cover the debts. This is tragic way of governing and the citizens are losing water access, because of lenient government officers who doesn’t act upon the need.

Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) isn’t doing what is needed for the citizens. They are not covering the bills to it’s own entities to pay another government entity. So, because of all these government entities isn’t paying their bills. The third party is losing access. That is what is tragic here and the general public needs water. Not only in a pandemic, where everyone is supposed to wash their hands and keep each other clean. However, that is something that is needed in general and part of all parts of consumption. Therefore, this is making life harder for civilians in Gokwe.

The central government in Harare should fix this, but don’t expect to much. They will make a long process and this will take time. Since, this isn’t hurting themselves that hard. If there was a big-man or someone of prominence in the area. Things might would have change quicker. Nevertheless, not expect that.

Just imagine that… the government cannot even cover the water bills on time. Peace.

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