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FDC making Mbale Blue and Celebrating the release of their Manifesto!

FDC Mbale 07.01.16 P2

Harold Kajja wrote this after Mbale:

We take this opportunity to thank our leaders in Bugishu led by the Secretary General my brother Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, Hon. Jack Wamanga Wamai and the entire FDC leadership for the work weldone in mobilising and keeping our support strong. This was a great day for the Launch of the FDC Manifesto. The Gishu showed Dr. Kizza Besigye is the President. Kigwa Leero.

Kizza Besigye message to Mbale:

“Babatu be’Mbale Mwanyala Naabi (People of Mbale Thank you very much”

FDC Mbale 07.01.16 P3

The NRM had to be there, they couldn’t help themself:

NRM UPF 07.01.16 Mbale Clock Tower

In 24th October 2015 the Mbale Council Mr Robert Wambede said this:

“We are following up on the owners. We are going to drag them to court for littering the town and the clock tower”.

Wonder if the Mr Wambede going to go against the Mzee?


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