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Burkina Faso: Message de son Excellence Monsieur Blaise Compaore Ancien President (08.07.2022)

Burkina Faso: The ones behind Sankara’s demise is finally sentenced to life in prison…

Opened on October 11, 2021, the trial on the assassination of Captain Thomas Sankara and his 12 companions reached its verdict on April 6, 2022 at the Military Court of Ouagadougou relocated to the Salle des Banquets” (…) “The Court sentenced Blaise Compaoré, Hyacinthe Kafando and Gilbert Diendéré to life imprisonment. The prosecution had however requested, on February 8, 2022, 30 years in prison against Blaise Compaoré and Hyacinthe Kafando, 20 years in prison against Gilbert Diendéré. The public prosecutor had also requested a warrant of committal for all those who were accused and requested the maintenance of the arrest warrant against Blaise Compaoré and Hyacinthe Kafando, still absent since the opening of the investigation” (Akim Ky – ‘Sankara trial: Compaoré, Kafando and Diendéré sentenced to life imprisonment’ 06.04.2022, Burkina24).

Justice is finally served for the revolutionary and inspirational leader Thomas Sankara. President Sankara who died in an assassination in October 1987. Now decades later the former friend and ally is now sentenced to life in prions in absentia. Blaise Compaoré used his leverage and power to kill his friend. Just so he could be a friend of Paris and the imperial powers who wanted to further it’s control in Burkina Faso.

Sankara will forever be written in history, because of how he valued life, dogma and political framework. That will be inspirational … and his ideas will forever lives on. While Blaise Compaoré and his allies will be remembered as traitors and people who sold out to France.

This is justice served and it’s still better than how Blaise Compaoré did after the coup d’etat in 1987 to the ones who was associated with Sankara.

As the Amnesty International Report of 1991 states:

Nineteen people arrested in December 1989 in connection with an alleged conspiracy against the government were detained throughout the year without being brought to trial. In all, 31 people had been arrested, most of them associates of former President Thomas Sankara, who was killed in a coup in October 1987 which brought President Compaoré to power. They included Raymond Train Poda, a former minister of justice, Guillaume Sessouma, a university lecturer, and Moumoni Traoré, an economist, all members of the Union de lutte communist-reconstruite (ULC-R). Union of Communist Struggle-Reconstructed, which had supported the Sankara government. The 31 also included former soldiers, some of whom had previously been detained without trial for almost two years following the 1987 coup. Four of the 31, including Guillaume Sessouma, were said by the government in January to have escaped from detention. However, there were persistence reports suggesting that Guillaume Sessouma had died under torture: later in the year. Amnesty International received information which confirmed this, although the government continued to maintain that he had escaped” (Amnesty International – Amnesty International Report – 1991, P: 51, 1991).

That the Military Court of Ouagadougou did today sentence the people who was in-connection with the murder of Sankara is about time. This has taken over 30 years and the Burkinabe can be proud of their system, which has answered it. The ones that betrayed the nation and the ideals of it. They now have await to spending time behind bars. That’s if they ever are to enter or return to Burkina Faso. As they are in exile…

What this shows… no matter how injustice is served and in interests of others. At one point or another… you could face justice for your actions. Compaoré and his allies now will have to face justice. Eventually, if they are ever to return or be repatriated to Burkina Faso. Peace.

France24 Youtube clip: Military coup in Burkina Faso – ousted interim president Michel Kafando back in power

Press Releases on the Coup d’etat in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso2

It’s been a day with heavy deployment in Burkina Faso. The recent activities are still under way and the reports from the ground and they will continue to come. The Coup d’etat which is happening as we speak is strange especially thinking about the recent process that the nation has been under in recent months. That the military has all of a sudden carried out! The releases that are released are from certain big organization, multilateral organization and bigger nations that have a say in the world.

African Union statement:

“The Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union (AU), Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, continues to follow with deep concern the situation in Burkina Faso following the abduction yesterday, in Ouagadougou, of the President of Faso, Michel Kafando, Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida and some members of his Government, by elements of the

Régiment de sécurité présidentielle (RSP), as well as today’s announcement of the appointment of “new authorities” (…)”She welcomes the unanimous condemnation by the international community of these acts, which constitute a serious threat to peace, stability and security in Burkina Faso, the region and the rest of the continent. She calls on all the AU Member States and the international community as a whole to ensure that this attempt to undermine the Transition is defeated. The AU considers the announcement by the military of the “dismissal” of President Michel Kafando and the attempt of substituting him with “new authorities” as null and void” (…)”The Chairperson of the Commission reiterates the imperative for the defense and security forces to operate under the control of the political authorities. She stresses that the repeated destabilization attempts by elements of the RSP since the beginning of the Transition highlight the need for security sector reform in Burkina Faso, as part of the efforts to deepen democracy and strengthen the rule of law in this country” (African Union, 2015).


“The situation in Burkina Faso is deeply worrying. The interim president and all those detained must be immediately freed and their physical integrity protected,” said Gaetan Mootoo, Amnesty International’s West Africa Researcher” (…)“The security forces must respect the right of the population to protest peacefully, and take action to avoid any more deaths or injuries,” (…)”The coup d’état comes just two days after the National Reconciliation and Reforms Commission recommended that the RSP be disbanded following accusations that its guards opened fire on unarmed protesters during last year’s anti-government protests” (Amnesty, 2015).

Freedom House:

“The Presidential Guard’s decision to detain key members of the transitional government weeks before the election is a direct threat to Burkina Faso’s transitional process,” said Vukasin Petrovic, director of Africa programs. “It is imperative these officials be released and citizens of Burkina Faso be given the opportunity to peacefully vote for their new government” (Freedom House, 2015).

South Africa;

“South Africa strongly condemns any attempt to seize power through extra-constitutional means or the resolution of political disagreements through the use of force. This incident is a serious violation of Burkina Faso’s Constitution and the country’s Transitional Charter. South Africa calls for the immediate release of Interim President Kafando, Prime Minister Zida and other leaders, and appeals to the people and all political leaders in the country to refrain from any violent activities that may further undermine peace, security and stability in the country. We urge all involved, including Burkina Faso’s security forces, to adhere to non-violence, and to debate issues in a peaceful and inclusive manner” (RSA, 2015).

United Nation:

“The United Nations stands firmly behind the transitional authorities and President Kafando.  The Secretary-General notes the strong support of the people of Burkina Faso for a peaceful transition and urges compliance with the transitional calendar, including the upcoming elections.”(United Nation, 2015).

U.S. Statement:

“The United States strongly condemns any attempt to seize power through extra-constitutional means or resolve internal political disagreements using force” (Kirby, 2015).

On a total different note:

“today confirms that operations at its Mana Mine in Burkina Faso have not been interrupted by the coup d’état that erupted yesterday in the Ouagadougou area” (…)”The Mana Mine is located 270 kilometers southwest and a five-hour road trip from the capital of Ouagadougou. We are closely monitoring the situation with our partners to ensure the continued safety and security of SEMAFO employees” (La Valliere, 2015).


Hope this was some insights and hope when it has transgressed over the recent day. I have nearly ever read that governments and human rights organizations have been positive to a coup d’etat in any country. So that they are telling and condemning of the actions of the military should been seen as reasonable in any sense. The process of the matter and the reactions is normal. I and other just pray that this lead to security and safety for the public. The Burkinabe should get political and economic freedoms that they deserve, because there to many coup d’etat’s in the country. If they get this by yet another coup d’etat we cannot be sure of. That this will generate wealth or generate any kind of stabile government is not certain. Especially when they jail the ones that we’re leading the transitional government that was in place for the moment and time. And the outcome of this will lead to outrage and issues between the public and the new military government. The issues between the Burkina Faso and the outside world will also be in jeopardy and the legitimacy of the government would be hard task. Reasons for the coup and knowledge will be dropped later and the stories behind will surface. For now we will hope and pray that this will lead to something good. Though it’s hard to know since the ones grabbing guns and taking it by force isn’t often a way to a healthy democracy or peoples republics. The last one who stepped aside and made a difference this way was Ghana’s Jerry Rawlings. But he is a rarity in this world. Peace.


African Union – ‘THE AFRICAN UNION REJECTS AS NULL AND VOID THE ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE MILITARY OF THE “DISMISSAL” OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE TRANSITION IN BURKINA FASO’ (17.09.2015) link:http://www.peaceau.org/uploads/auc-press-release-burkina-faso-17-9-2015-.pdf

Amnesty- ‘Army must free detained leaders in Burkina Faso and avoid violent repression of protests’ (17.09.2015) link: http://www.amnestyusa.org/news/press-releases/army-must-free-detained-leaders-in-burkina-faso-and-avoid-violent-repression-of-protests

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RSA – ‘South African Government expresses concern over the Republic of Burkina Faso’ (17.09.2015)

UN – SG/SM/17080-AFR/3208: ‘Outraged over Reported Detention of Burkina Faso Leaders, Secretary-General Calls for Immediate Release’ (16.09.2015) link: http://www.un.org/press/en/2015/sgsm17080.doc.htm

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