Siitube Statement on the Ethiopian Government crackdown on the Media (19.11.2016)


Ethiopia arrested six journalists since the State of Emergence has been declared. They are: Abdi Gada, Solomon Seyoum, Befikadu Hailu, Elias Gebru, Anania Sorri, and Getachew Worku. Practicing journalism seems as crime in ‘Ethiopia’, in the empire of tribal dictator and tyrannical government. Ethiopia always chooses to close its door of globalization (it bans internet or face book and foreign media, ban NGO and Human Rights Organizations) to kill, arrest and terrorize its citizens even though Ethiopia is one of the best ally of the West. In 2015, the American President Barack Obama went to Ethiopia and praised dictator and tribal mafia government for his interests, but not for Ethiopian interests…

According to the media policy of Ethiopia government, all media reports must praise the government like Obama… This is why practicing journalism and journalists are targeted for danger in Ethiopia. Nonprofit organization, Freedom House recently released press report about Ethiopia by ranking it as the third out of 65 counties; it’s only ahead Iran, Syria and China regarding to access to the internet, censorship, and freedom of information.

Within 25 years, since the TPLF (Tigrai People Libration Front) mafia government control Ethiopia as monopoly, at least 110 Ethiopian journalists left Ethiopia for an exile, 39 Ethiopian journalists and two foreign journalists imprisoned in Ethiopia and 29 journalists dismissed from their Jobs. Ethiopia is a country which fired 20 journalists from job in one day in 2014; this maybe recorded as a world record too.