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A brief look into Lt. Col. Zougrana [the man behind the failed coup d’etat in Burkina Faso]

Lieutenant-Colonel Emmanuel Zoungrana arrested on suspicion of a coup” (Actualite.bf, 11.01.2022).

This 01/10/022, Lieutenant Col Zoungrana and his men wanted to bring down President Roch Kaboré. But the national gendarmerie intervened to prevent the coup” (Malinews TV, 11.01.2022).

So, was Arsalane Mohamed Emmanuel Zoungrana (AMEZ) or Lieutenant-Colonel Emmanuel Zougrana behind a planned coup d’etat within Burkina Faso. That would be a mutiny and a direct effort to challenge President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré who won a second term in office in November 2020.

AMEZ isn’t only an army commander and allegedly behind the coup d’eat, but he has published a book called “Sentinelles” in 2020. That was his fourth book and publication. That means his a big writer and has books that people can pick up.

AMEZ has also been controversial as he has used Volunteers for the Defence of the Homeland (VDP), which has gathered intelligence in the North. Which AMEZ has defended, as he has used these additional troops in combatting terrorist and fighting the jihadists. Therefore, this man was willing to use all means to get ahead and even civilian volunteers to participate together with the army in operations where he was the army commander.

Lt. Col. Zougrana will surely be able or have the capacity to write another book now. The last 48 hours and the 8 soldiers arrested. Says there was a plot and planned efforts to coup d’etat. He was an army commander and by default have respect within a certain amount of troops. Secondly, he wasn’t only doing that, but bright enough to publish his own books.

Now, the Lt. Col. has another chapter in his life.

Le Pays report what happened like this:

A coup attempt has been foiled in Burkina. The information is from the military prosecutor’s office which specifies that as of yesterday, January 11, 2022, eight soldiers were arrested and interviewed for the purposes of the investigation. The brain of this band that plans to destabilize the institutions of the Republic, is a lieutenant colonel by the name of Emmanuel Zoungrana, also former head of the body of 12th commando infantry regiment and commander of the western sector of the grouping of northern security forces. Arrested, this officer is currently pondering his fate in the hands of the national gendarmerie” (Le Pays – UNSUCCESSFUL COUP D’ETAT ATTEMPT IN BURKINA: So Goïta and Doumbouya are emulating’ 11.01.2022).

I cannot find more information about this today. We don’t know and the internet and social media is blocked in Burkina Faso. That was reported about yesterday, but the reasons for it now is obvious. As the state did what it could to stop this unsuccessful coup attempt.

Lt. Col. Zougrana better write a classic and a memoir of epic proportions now. As he has to explain himself and the reasons for the attempted coup. The Lt. Col. needs to tell his story and maybe he doesn’t get the time or the publisher to publish it. Nevertheless, his life is altered and from being an army commander.

He will be a jailbird and be possibly charged with treason, as he was part of a group trying to overthrow the current government. Peace.

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