No Remedy Mentioned (NRM) is continuing to run, while they block the FDC with the Calvary and in the Courts!

Lukwago 02.06.2016

“Am short of words to express my disillusionment with this level of impunity and bastardisation of the country” – Erias Lukwago

There have been a few nights and few days with sorrow for the Forum for Democratic Change and their leadership, that is far from over, as long as President Museveni and National Resistance Movement exist. So with this in mind, there are still Courtship for FDC MPs, FDC Leaders and Activist that are involved in the Defiance Campaign of the 2015-2016.

Just as the IGP Kale Kayihura written a Motion and Affidavit on the 30th May 2016, as they will continue with the “Interim Ex Parte Orders in AG V. Besigye (Constitutional Petition No. 13 of 2016)”. This happens after the suspended orders went out on the 1st June, as they got this served yesterday at the FDC Headquarter on the 1st June 2016. So with that in mind, the Uganda Police Force together with Deputy Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma, the man who was officiating or swearing-in President Museveni on the 12th of May. In the midst of the period that the Political Party of FDC was sieged and even the FDC HQ was at one point a crime scene by the Police Force.

While Dr. Kizza Besigye who is still in Luzira, was supposed to be tried first day on his “treason charge” against the Republic of Uganda, to be correct dishonoring President Museveni. Since he is such a problem for the state of affairs, he is National Security threat as he can weakens all transport in Kampala, not in the same way as the jams recent days with Turkey VIP Erdogan and South Korean President Park Guen-Hye, as the central Kampala and roads to Entebbe International Airports was closed. The Same Police Force could not also as they we’re on standby for the President and his guest, be able to see the KCCA Councilors and Lord Mayor Lukwago, as another excuse of the matter.

Well, today the Police and Judiciary continues with the struggle against Opposition, as the incumbent Mayor Lukwago had to show up at Makindye Magistrate Court, where 7 persons from FDC was represented to answer to the Interim Order of Stephen Kavuma, but Dr. Kizza Besigye for the second day in row couldn’t be produced to Court.  The action of today’s court was the actual extension of the ban of “Defiance Campaign”. Because Lukwago and Besigye at one-point was charged with “Illegal Assembly” at Nsambya Sharing Hall in 2015; a trial that happen today without one of the main suspects as he is supposed to answer and the continuation of the suspension order of the “Defiance Campaign”.

Museveni 31.05.2016

This happens in the same space as the President Museveni in his speech in Parliament, at the State of the Nation Address, is saying this:

“The only pollution to this glorious and massive Liberation Movement has been the mistake of the careerists introducing the use of money in electioneering.  We shall also struggle against that.  Therefore, democracy is one area where we do not need aid because that is what we fought for here and in the rest of Africa for many decades”.

Ingrid Turinawe 01.06.2016

This happen while certain close in the leadership of FDC Doreen Nyanjura and Ingrid Turinawe was arrested around the Nakawa Court yesterday. While the level of tortured FDC leaders and youths have also been showed to the world in the recent months. As there was at one point a dozen FDC Youth detained in a Container on the Outside of the Rukungiri Police Station, they we’re charged with “Terrorism”. As their leaders was also detained and not charged for days in this May 2016. Hon. Moses Byamugyisha, was working for their freedom for days upon days. As the Police even when Rukungiri Court Order their withdrawal of justice, they still lingered in the Container there.

Now with this in mind, there are still charges on Dr. Kizza Besigye served in Kabale Magistrate Court together with Erias Lukwago, the same is surely also in Kasangati Magistrate Court, where he has served charges against the State for their unlawful house-arrest of Besigye himself, days upon days without charges in February and March in 2016, when they we’re besieging his home in Kasangati in 40 Days straight. Something that IGP Kale Kayihura should answer for!

Besigye Detained

There are reported that Besigye will be produced at the Constitutional Court as they will answer to affidavit of IGP Kayihura as he had intelligence of FDC Supporters was supposed to make problems around Nakawa Court, yesterday, apparently. There are also reports that the Police have sealed of Constitutional Court, as he is set to come there from the Fairway Hotel Junction down to Mulago-Wandegeya routes are closed as the Black Van with Besigye supposed to pass. So that the Judge presiding, surely Deputy Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma will continue the “Interim Order” with the passage of National Security as the DPP Mike Chibita couldn’t produce him yesterday as the passage would counter the news of Turkish President and President Museveni smiling on the front-pages on New Vision today. It would look foolish towards the new donors and allies from Turkey. Therefore they had to wait until today when both Presidents had left the Central Business District of Kampala and could siege the roads for the return of Besigye  to the Constitutional Court, where he last time we’re in late April 2016.

What I expect is that it will be continued as he is now by the Authorities and Legal forces seen as a “National Security” issue and a man who creates havoc and problems. Even when that is not true or proven; as much as the President wants to silence the FDC and hope that the population soon forgets the General Election of 2016 and the shameful rigging of Presidential Election 2016. That with the Army deployment and the continued stronghold of Police, as they continue to detain and harass the opposition, therefore the Democratic Party and Uganda People’s Congress is so silent, except that Hon. Jimmy Akena had to take his last shot at Dr. Olara A. Otunnu and blame him for the election. Not for his maladministration and agreement with NRM led to people despising the UPC, as they are now a branch of the NRM-O.

Fred Ruhindi TV

The Attorney General of Uganda Fred Ruhindi is issuing the extension of the Interim Order today because of this:

“The Attorney General wants court to declare both Besigye and FDC’S defiance activities as unlawful since they are not in conformity with the prescribed processes of challenging a presidential election. In the affidavit supporting the Attorney General’s interim order application, the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura says unless court stops FDC’s activities, the country will go back to political unrest and insecurity” (The Street Lawyer UCU, 02.06.2016).

So with this in mind, we know the tale will go, it is not all of sudden that the NRM Regime going to work against itself or going to contradict itself, more than President Museveni does with his speeches and development agenda, as that is the same in 1980s, he just don’t know that himself. The Constitutional Court will today continue to ban the Forum for Democratic Change and their Defiance Campaign as the “National Security” will come first. Because that “National Security” is meaning the continuation of the rigged coup d’état from President Museveni and his NRM Elite have done on the 20th February 2016. So the Police Force and their tear-gas brigade fear the people who supported Besigye and the true state of electoral violence created under their reign and their initial Police brutality against civilians. Therefore the Attorney General and Inspector General of Police wants to make sure he is silent behind bars and that his party is muffled; because if so they can continue prosecuting the leaders and head-activist of the FDC party without interference of the population. That is securing the NRM elite and Ruling Party for continuing with some sort of business as usual.

There is now reports that AG Fred Ruhindi: “Attorney General withdraws application for an interim order (incl. an extension) against defiance” (The Observer, 02.06.2016).  So the hardwork and paperwork delivered together with IGP Kayihura will not be worked on.

FDC Lawyer 02.06.2016

Reasons for why they did so: 

“According to the FDC legal adviser and lawyer Rwakafuzi Radsrus,attorney general sought it important to withdraw the case on grounds that they government could not hold the million people who could invade the court and that even Dr. Kizza Besigye as the accused had written to appear in person without being represented by lawyers. Before at around 02:45 Beisgye’s Ernest Kalibala brought a letter signed by the accused (Besigye) himself requesting for his personal presence as by law for the accused to be available in court on such charges. In a letter signed by the Director Civil Litigation Denis Bireije quotes that under section 2 (2) of the court of appeal rules with orders for the government cost and a copy has been sent to FDC and Besigye Kizza. Rwakafuzi further says that the main application of attorney general seeking for the constitutional court to interpret the laws that ban defiance still stands but that it is useless since there has never been any where the government petitions the constitutional court against its citizens on constitutional interpretations” (Mukose Arnold Anthony, 02.06.2016).

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago statement on today’s affair:

“Today midmorning, Hon. Mp Bakireke Nambooze, Kasibante Moses, Ssemujju Nganda and I visited Dr. Beside at Luzira Maximum Security Prison. We compared notes on the bizarre political developments in the country, including the current legal gymnastics in courts of law. I was personally shocked to learn that the prison authorities were never issued with a production warrant, requiring them to produce him before the Constitutional Court this afternoon, to respond to the AG’S application seeking to extend the ban on the defiance campaign. Besides, I think it is abuse of court process for the State to seek for injunctive orders against a citizen languishing in prison. Little wonder that they opted to withdraw all such applications. on a positive note, our legal team is working around the clock to ensure that Dr. Besigye regains his freedom. Aluta continua” (Lukwago, 02.06.2016).

Still there are enough cases in courts and acts from the Police, even if they are not officially banning “Defiance” they are still monitoring and detaining FDC leaders and activists. While also silencing the Opposition.  Even with the Defiance Campaign partly legal, it is still court cases and charges awaiting, not only Besigye, but many of the other close leadership of the FDC and the Youth Leaders in the Country.

There are nothing set in the stones that they will act differently, but they will follow orders from up-high and from their President, the man that feeds them and continue to inflict electoral and violations against multi-party democracy to protect their master. That is the only thing they know and they are bending their knees to supply the President with orders and tear-gas to assure that they are silencing the people, who are supposed to be sensitized for his ruling and his vision, and nobody else. That is the KEY to the RESISTANCE of Ugandan politics, to be unison agreement with Mzee Museveni and nobody else. Therefore people like Besigye, Lukwago and other have to be silent or not be questioning Museveni, because Museveni is always right and acting correctly. Even if his speech yesterday proves that even with 30 years in Power and Rule, he has the same problems in the Republic of Uganda, as when he took power. Peace.

Drama at Nakawa, yet again!

Nakawa 01.06.2016

Today we’re a day that was waited for as Dr. Kizza Besigye was supposed to be driven through Kampala in haste as they did last time he was taken from Nakawa Court to Luzira. Today it was supposed to be back-and-fourth Luriza to the Nakawa Magistrate Court. But because of a person who follows him, he was not released to attend his own treason charge at Court.

Here is what happen:

“Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court in session without Dr Kizza Besigye. He hasn’t been produced due to “security reasons”. Prosecution say Kizza Besigye is not in court because he is a ‘security threat’ and want his case heard closer to Luzira Prison. Nakawa magistrate adjourns Kizza Besigye’s treason case to June 15 when he will consider whether to hear case in Nakawa or Luzira” (NBS TV Uganda, 01.06.2016).

Nakawa 01.06.2016 P2

“When The Investigator checked at the Luzira Maximum prisons gate, Besigye was whisked in a tinted bus escorted by three police patrol vehicles, and a lead Police sweeper. At Nakawa, the just elected Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kizza was among those who arrived first at the court premises. Others present are Ingrid Turinawe, the National Womens league chairperson, Kira Municipality MP Semujju Ibrahim Nganda, FDC Party President Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Kampala Lord Mayor Salongo Erias Lukwago as well as city laywer Yusuf Nsibambi Unlike the 18th March when Besigye first appeared, todays security is not so tight as most people have been allowed inside, though most roads leading to Nakawa court have been sealed off” (The Investigator, 01.06.2016).

As this also was said:

“Today’s date was set by presiding Chief Magistrate James Ereemye on May 18 when Dr Besigye made his maiden Nakawa Court appearance. The prosecution, led by Ms Doreen Elima, told court that they needed more time to continue carrying out investigations regarding Dr Besigye’s case file before asking for an adjournment to enable them carry on with the investigations” (103.2 OPG FM, 01.06.2016).

Nakawa 01.06.2016 P3

Well, the Nakawa Magistrate Court was more likely to follow the orders from upon high. As they have pushed the date again for his trial and also the place, as he will be courted in Luzira Prison instead of Nakawa Court, where there will be harder for the Opposition to follow the trial, some might have possibility to join as they are detained for being opposition of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

I am sure the reason for him not travelling through Kampala today, is that the people would surge around the car of Besigye and that would look terrible for the President Museveni, who has a state visit from Turkey. He does not want to lose face as he has closed so many streets downtown to make sure that nobody drives in sequence of the State Visits from both South Korea and Turkey. This proves that the donor-funds and military agreements are more important than both tourism and locals, as they have to take long routes from Kampala to Entebbe, or even struggle to pass certain parts of the Capital while the VIP and NRM Elite is enjoy the spotlight while the visitors are there.

This happens on the day that Besigye cannot cross town because he will make Museveni look like a loser. As the FDC Organization showed up at the Nakawa Court waiting for Besigye to show up, which he didn’t apparently… “So Activist Ingrid Turinawe, Nyanjura Doreen arrested and bundled in the notorious Noah UAT 018q. We are getting reports from them that the goons are torturing them with pepper spray inside the car” (Moses Atocon Atyekwo, 01.06.2016).

Nakawa 01.06.2016 P4 Torture Van

More on the Car:

“The notorious grey Noah which is the official Kifesi torture van that picked Ingrid Turinawe and Nyanjura Doreen today is travelling on a forged number plates” (Jersey Saprise, 01.06.2016).

There been reports later that the arrested are detained at the Kiira Road Police Station. This is happening while the “Techpreneur Samwyri released on bond, days after he was arrested for allegedly planning ‘illegal demonstrations’” (NBS TV Uganda, 01.06.2016).  So the guy working for Mr. Simon Tusiime and Vintage Creations for selling and producing Besigye T-Shirts; as the NBS reported this: “Mr Tusiime is known to his friends as ‘Samwyiri’. Today, his lawyers are expected to apply for bail. The charge(s) remain unclear. One of the most recent posts on his Facebook account encourages those interested in owning one of the black t-shirts emblazoned with the face of the leading opposition figure to get in touch” (NBS TV Uganda, 30.05.2016).  So as he was the grand producer of T-Shirts and not planning to revolt, but instead doing something as creating design on T-shirt after the FDC Presidential Candidate, and it happen to be popular, something that is hurting the pride of the Museveni.

So there is good news as Besigye lingers in Luzira Prison, as Ingrid Turinawe and Doreen Nyanjura are in custody at Kiira Road Police Station. There are finally released the man who made some T-Shirts.

This is enough for now. More to come as it happens the stories on jail and detaining of Forum for Democratic Change will not stop all of sudden as long as the NRM Regime continues their work of silencing and crashing the opposition. This will happen with force in this term and with torture, as President Museveni doesn’t have any scruples anymore or pride in his democratic values or breaches of decent human rights, unless it is his rights of eating of the whole states plate and the Ugandan government funds. Peace.

UGANDA: Sister of Arrested Former Presidential Candidate Addresses Media (Youtube-Clip)

“The sister of Ugandan former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye spoke briefly to the media outside Nakawa Court in Kampala on May 18 after he was formally charged with treason. Olive Kobusingye said she did not expect to arrive at the courthouse at 8.30am, 30 minutes before the alotted time of Besigye?s appearance, to find the session had already finished. ?By the time I walked to the court gates, it was, I think, quarter to nine, twenty to nine, and the vehicles were speeding out. I gathered that the court proceedings were over,? she said. ?This is not what we expected. Maybe we should be wiser with this government.? Colonel Kizza Besigye was a runner-up in Uganda?s February 2016 presidential election, losing out to Yoweri Museveni, who is currently serving his fifth term as president. February?s elections were overshadowed by accusations of ballot fraud and delayed arrivals of voting cards to multiple polling stations. Presidential hopefuls running against Museveni also experienced tactics of intimidation and violence on election day. A former Uganda Supreme Court justice, George Kanyeihamba, reportedly called for an explanation into Besigye?s most recent arrest and charge of treason” (JeanNewsTV, 2016).

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