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Mystery of President Mugabe trip to UAE/Dubai and why it is really troublesome!


It is just weird how things go, that the ageing President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe left for Swaziland for a South African Development Community Head of State Summit and left the kingdom for no-apparent reason, instead of coming home. This just happens as the citizens are reacting to the abolishment of demonstrations from the Harare Police of the Central Business District in the Capital are denouncing demonstrations for two weeks.

This happens as the Zimbabweans we’re making ready for the third #ZimShutDown where even the buses of Harare wasn’t going and other shops we’re closed in solidarity with the peaceful public disobedience towards the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) and their aging leader.

The Zimbabwe Shutdown 3.0 was still occurring as the speculations of why he didn’t arrive home and went away.

Default Explanation:

“According to online flight data, Mugabe landed in Dubai at 7:20AM local time, after taking off on a chartered Air Zimbabwe plane, Boeing 767-2N0 (ER) UM1 at Harare International Airport at 10:45PM on Tuesday” (…) “This was about three hours after touching down from Swaziland, where he left the 35th SADC Heads of State and Government Summit, which ended yesterday” (…) “Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba” (…) “saying he rather left the media dwell and delight on “a default explanation” that his boss was ill” (…) “Each time you people don’t know the purpose of the President’s visit  there is always a default explanation that he is ill” (…) “So the life of the President springs between a known mission and illness. If I don’t tell you the purpose, it should be illness” (…) “I will not give you the purpose of the President visit to run away from the default explanation. This is not new. It is year in, year out; he is sick, he died and resurrects. His life until age of 92 revolves around illness and death” (NewsdzeZimbabwe, 2016).

Air Zimbabwe 01.09.2016

Certain rumours the Zanu-PF doesn’t want out is that the son of Mugabe, Robert Mugabe Junior had been partying hard in Dubai and we’re taken by Local Police on Drug Related incident in the place to be for the wealthy. So the President travelled to Dubai to bail out his son.

The issue was that no information we’re giving for the flights, has even before the SADC Heads of State the same plane had hit the Nairobi and such. The reports that it had been in Nairobi on the 26th August 2016, so the issues of having a President that isn’t anywhere or anywhere where the Civil Servants will know or even Parliament of Zimbabwe will know.

This happens as the President briefly just left the Summit and we’re supposed to pass by Singapore and instead left for United Arab Emirates (UAE)… or as many says Dubai. When the people don’t have any knowledge of the reason or quest the ideas keeps coming. President Mugabe has fallen asleep while having Press Conference with Japanese dignitaries; so what his true mental state and health situation is not easy to know, because that is not a good look for any honourable to fall asleep amidst cameras and journalists.

The issue also was the last information on the 1st September was the plane had left Zimbabwe on the 29th August, but no information of any flights after that. As the landing in Dubai was the last and not Singapore as somebody expected, even was more expected to be able to hold-out a Summit in the fellowship of SADC.

That is something the older President Mugabe cannot handle right now. As he had to go to Dubai, either to bail-out his groomed son or going to hospital.

What matters is how he waste the government funds on travel, doesn’t take care of domestic business at the regional summit, because it is more important with his own family as the economic situation is ailing. He still see fit to pay for the flights, the charges of having a aircraft on the Dubai International Airport and also covering the days spent in the not in-expensive city in the UAE. This shows the level of using the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as his personal ATM.

The proof of little accountability of the man is with the reasoning of the spokesperson who claims it happens because of his age, partly true, partly wished by some and also worry by the Elite who eats of the ticket of the aging President; the reality is that the action and depleted economic foundation as the President continues to blame others than his own inaction. He has had the time to leave a policy and economic fundament for growth. If had the wish to, but instead has grabbed ever single opportunity to loot as the liberator he is.

The proof of that is how he used the planes in recent days without any thorough explanation or consideration as most of the men and woman in Zimbabwe has enough with the day-to-day. They cannot all of sudden take an Airplane and leave for exotic destinations.

Robert Mugabe

But then, there haven’t been in the interest of Zanu-PF to be accountable as the Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, been lodging for months at a Hotel and paid for food there on the government accounts. The proof of the not caring about Tax-Payers monies comes from the President that apparently can just fly away for days and pay for services of any kind in Dubai, United Arab Emirates without any consideration of cost. So the system is in place to wreck the economy for the Zanu-PF elite and let the people be left alone.

So the accountability, transparency and the little knowledge of the reason for the travel is the main concern, together with the cost of travel and lodging as the facilitation has to come from Central Government and the hampering of the initial codes of conduct. The sudden flight and the strange how little accountable the President has to.

President Mugabe can do as he pleases and Spokesmen has to make any kind of suggestion and answer as he doesn’t care. Mugabe has gotten away with any kind of behaviour and doesn’t respect the will of the people, because his own will and power is what matters. He talks Zanu-PF party, but when he does speak that he means himself. The same he does when he speaks for the Zimbabweans and wanting him in charge. It isn’t the will of Zimbabweans who wants that, they want a government that actually cares and wants to try to deliver. Not a government that uses government funds on the elite and doesn’t care for making sure there are jobs and food security for citizens. This is really lost! It is such a lost cause under the current leadership and the current President Mugabe. Peace.


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