International Commision of Jurists – Kenyan Section: “Disregard of Court Orders by Public Officials” (07.02.2018)

Chief Justice David Maraga – The Judiciary: “Statement on failure to Comply with Court Orders” (07.02.2018)

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Aye Aye Captain Kenyatta: So Miguna Miguna is now overboard?

This is the case of magic, the case of arrest that doesn’t make sense and shows that the government has no initial control. The State House should be shaking and an earth quack. This make the Presidency and government looks like drunk seafarers. Like pirates who has taken their loot and now is throwing the greedy guts overboard. Aye Aye Captain?

He was taken from his house on 1st February with a warrant written by Joseph Gichuki, where the police bombed and raided his house. Thereafter people have wondered about where he was and the case has prolonged since. The problem has been about producing him the courts. While his charges was not even made before days after the arrest.

On the 2nd February the first Court Order was out and even the bail of 50k shillings was in place. As his case was supposed to heard on the 5th February at the High Court. This order was made by Justice James Wakiaga. A Court Order that hasn’t mattered to the state. A bail for Miguna that was paid for nothing and was just a ploy.

People had already been looking for Miguna Miguna. The team of NASA has followed cars and tried to track his whereabouts without any luck.

Also in the same madness we had: “Honourable Edwin Mulochi sitting in Kajiado Law Courts has directed that Miguna Miguna be brought before Justice Luka Kimaru before 3.30pm. The IG and DCI must comply with Orders made by the High Court” (Nelson Havi, 06.02.2018). There was also ordered yesterday on 5th February 2018 for a Court Order that DCI Kinoti and IGP Boinnet together with the lawyers representing Miguna showing up at Milimani Courts, this after an application made on the 2nd February. That he was ordered there to today.

There was a third order from Justice Luka Kimaru, who ordered the DCI Kinoti and IGP Boinnet to produce him before the High Court by 7PM on the 7th February. All Courts against Miguna was suspended by this order until he was produced there. Now as the second Court Order, not that the government cared about the Judiciary. Also in the Court Order from Kimaru today, all other cases in other Courts was suspended until he was produced in the High Court. That was the move that shake the system.

So everyone has sent between the Courts of Kajiado, Milimani and the High Court. This is three courts who worked on the same case and proceedings of Miguna Miguna. The NRM General and the man who happen to be on stage with Odinga on the 30th January 2018.

When you read this, you wonder how the hell can it be like this just in a few days, with all these court orders and the supposed charges and everything. Suddenly, after not able to produce Miguna in Court on the 5th, 6th and tomorrow on the 7th February 2018. All of this has squandered away and has been wasted time.

So today on the 6th February, there are now initial reports that Miguna was deported on a KLM flight to Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. So the Kenyatta presidency is so afraid of this man, that they first keep him arrested illegally for days and suddenly deports him illegally too. Their case for doing so is basis of dual-citizenship. Clearly, they are now endangering all citizens who got that. Because, they have shown that Miguna, that their Kenyan Citizenship doesn’t have any value. But hey, others has lost their passports and such. So if your on the wrong side of Kenyatta, expect to feel full retribution.

If the State House thinks this was a wise move, the President must be drinking something with more alcohol that tea and water. He must have his gin and juice or something else. Because this whole affair makes the Kenyans look foolish and loss of sense of criminal justice. When the state is using the system to oppress and misuse their powers. Policing in politics, instead of actual crimes. Criminals walking free, while the politicians are the target. That is the proud police state Kenyatta is having and wants apparently.

I think Kenyatta has to do a dab, he has to speak to his people and explain the recent events. Instead of living lavish in his 700 million palace in the area nearby the State House. So he can explain the reasons for the deportation. The reasons for the loss of rights and the current attack on media, judiciary and basic freedoms. But the drunk captain won’t or can’t, he is using his minions in the Ministry of Interior. Surely they are just minions who can do whatever.

This sort of acts will be remembered, this sort of acts with all the extra-judicial killings before the General Elections of 2017. Will always be remembered, because their legacy of the fallen will be there. Even if they cannot speak, the ones who remembers them, will take them beyond their graves. They might seem forgotten, but if their great, they will be remembered like Tom Mboya. Therefore, that Jubilee reckless behavior towards Chis Msando, Josesph Nkaissery and Jacob Juma. The likes of those will not be forgotten.

Also the ill treatment of Miguna will be remembered now. It is a stain, a voice that will be heard. They have made him a martyr, a breathing martyr by deporting him. The NRM General still has a place, though not in Kenya or in the Courts. But when he returns that might happen. However, who will stupid enough to make him a martyr twice?

Unless, your a drunk proud captain, who is not considering anything else than your power above all else. Peace.

Opinion: President Kenyatta now run a Police State!

If you didn’t believe it, now you should. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto are now running a police state. Collins Dictionary defines it as: “a state or country in which a repressive government maintains control through the police” (Collins Dictionary – Police-State). The Jubilee or modern-day KANU are repressive, they are aggressive and defiant against the ordinary understanding of rule of law. As the State doesn’t need to answer to Court Orders, neither warrants or even legal means to arrest or revoke either personal means or IDs. The state is now really crossing the boundaries of interference and control, to a level that shows how little concern Kenyatta has for his own people.

GOVERNMENT SUSPENDS passports of at least 15 Nasa politicians including Gov Joho, businessman Jimi Wanjigi, Senators Orengo and Muthama” (NationBreakingNews, 06.02.2018).

That 15 NASA politicians has lost their Passports is the same way as losing the privilege of being Kenyan. They are disregarded as people and not allowed to travel. The Kenyan government are addressing their means and civil disobedience. We knew that Kenyatta disliked or assaulted the Judiciary during the 2017. Since he lost the case in Supreme Court. Now he has decided that the Ministry of Interior CS Fred Matiangi, DCI Director George M. Kinoti and Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, who are all disobeying the Court Orders and not following the protocol of the judiciary. That has been shown with Miguna Miguna and the Media Houses. Since Inooroo TV and Citizen TV Kenya are still not allowed to broadcast.

We know know, how this is state is, the Police will be used and the state doesn’t care. That has been shown because no-one has appointed to the Director of Public Prosecution who would overlook all Court Cases. Could have really dropped the non-cases and would answer to the Parliament over the acts of the Police. This is not happening now as former DPP Keriako Tobiko, who could have ordered the release or even send stern warnings to the Judiciary. However, he is now a Cabinet Secretary and therefore, we now see the use of a DPP.

We are now seeing how the State House, Ministry of Interior and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are active against the NASA. If it is revoking their privileges of security guards like the NASA MPs, arms licenses and passports. All of this, plus they are on bail on charges as they are awaiting investigations and building cases. This is all done to spread fear and take away their privacy. Therefore, the raiding of houses, confiscating communications and ICT equipment from the ones who are opposition party members. Who are now seen as Criminal Gang. 31st January 2018 was the day it all started, a day after the oath of Odinga was done on the 30th January 2018.

Therefore, we know the reasons for this and we see the vicious and vindictive sides of the KANU, sorry the Jubilee. We are seeing a Police State who are repressive with their citizens to able to gain control. This is not done with pigeons, it is done with the police. They are using all force and putting opposition members to undisclosed places, then they are making court orders in far-away courts and also not following the High Court. Therefore, the Judiciary is made a mockery of and Habeas Corpus, when they cannot put the “criminal” forward twice in Court. When also the DCI Kinoti and IGP Boinnet was supposed to show up today, but didn’t give a damn. Because why should they, these Police leaders follows the State House. Not what a whatnot judge is saying. That is how we can interpret the actions now.

Is the pride and the values the Jubilee has? This is the 4 pillars in this period of President Kenyattta: Police, Policing, Politicking and Patronizing. Peace.

Kenya: On the Growing Trend of Disobeying the Court Orders (06.02.2018)

President Kenyatta’s true passion project is on: Oppression and beat people into Submission!

Even if two of the four TV Stations are back on, that being NTV of Nation Media Group (NMG) and KTN. We know still that Citizens TV Kenya are off and Inooroo TV is still in a blackout. That means the NTV and KTN was down for a week, 7 days and the journalists of NTV was able to strike a deal. While Opposition MPs was taken like thieves in the night by the Police. While they could make amends with the Police. This shows that are special grounds and we can start to speculate what sort of offerings, the KTN and NTV made to Kenyatta.

This all happen as the 26th January 2018, when there reports that Kenyatta had a meeting with the biggest media houses threatening them if they broadcast anything of the Opposition Swearing-In on the 30th January 2018. Clearly, he meant those words. Since the 7 day blockade after CS. Fred Matiangi declared on the 31st January 2018, that the National Super Alliance (NASA) is a criminal gang. Clearly, the government was ready to act and done so swiftly.

On the 1st February 2018 the High Court reinstated the possibility to broadcast even if the Communication Authority didn’t follow the Court Order. Meaning it took a week from being taken down and 4 days from the Court Order before the Government complied. This isn’t a positive thing, even if the media houses has been in bed with the government. It is still a worrying sign of unconstitutional breaches made by the government and President. This is all to distress and oppress dissidents.

Kenyatta have been very silent, except for the day when he threw the media out in the middle of the blackout. Where he sounded very much like his father. Who also where known for telling how the media should act and write. That the Kenyatta presidency of 2018 are pre-occupied with harassing and tormenting the opposition. The Media Houses are casualties because of their role, but the MPs and the leadership of NASA can anticipate to pick-up one by one. There will be a hour, not only to lose privileges, but also lose their freedom.

This here is proof of how the President will act against dissidents, just like ones who demonstrated today got tear-gassed in Nairobi. They are attacked by the Police, because they want to reinstate media. Since they believe in the values of freedom of the press, maybe not everything the stations do or their narratives. Still, the idea of closing them down over a Swearing-In. Show’s how little space there is left in Kenya.

We can now expect that he wants the state into submission, since the state themselves doesn’t need to follow court orders or anything else. The state of Kenyatta can break laws and misuse resources. The Kenyatta and KANU government will do whatever it can beat the message into the heads and expect submission. If that isn’t happening and if your in the way of the mission. Than know that Kenyatta will find you with the security agencies and take you hostage. Through the Police and Flying Squad, who all will take them down. When they questions, belittles or leaks vital damaging information. Even if they are just trying to follow protocol and constitution. Then, the state will make sure to silence the ones who do.

That is why the state has gotten so used to extra-judicial killings and also high-profile deaths with no investigation and answers in sight. That is how Kenyatta is and at what extent. It is just a matter of time, when the state kills someone who they shouldn’t and start a fire they cannot control. They are playing with fire, but sooner or later their reckless acts will haunt them. Peace.

Ironically: DP Ruto cites the importance of the Constitution, while his government is defying court orders!

In the recent days after the declaration of National Super Alliance (NASA) as a Criminal Gang. The proof that the Jubilee government who is now become the modern-day KANU. The Moi Days are back, since the government speaks of respecting the law, while not following court orders against them. That is why the Githeri Media houses still is closed for broadcasting. Also why certain politicians are behind bars, even if the courts has freed them until their trial in court. Therefore, just reading parts of the speech that Deputy President William Ruto had at the funeral of Yvonne Wamalwa in Kitale, Trans Nzoia county. So he made a political speech in the midst of the grieve struck family and the casket by his side. The former walking around preacher could have picked a better venue, but when the KANU dictatorship is unleashed. A funeral doesn’t matter or decency apparently.

DP William Ruto addressing NASA at a Funeral today:

(We are ready to talk about how millions of Kenyan youth will get jobs, how to produce enough food to end the shame of hunger and how to ensure hospital bills are paid through NHIF) … that is the discussion we want to have” (…) “(But if you want us to talk about who will be the president of DP) … we are not qualified … only the people of Kenya can decide that. And when they decide, it is a matter of ‘God’s case, no appeal’ as Chinua Achebe said” (…) “The elections season is over yet you want to cause problems. Why not wait for 2022” (…) “If you continue sitting around like you are doing, things will go wrong for you again … all these other issues of catwalks only amount to noise” (…) “We must refuse and resist any intolerance. Politics of ethnicity and division have caused us more problems. Let us unite as a people, adhere to the rule of law and submit to the dictates of the constitution,” he added. “No one is above the law in Kenya. Irrespective of who we are we must submit to the dictates of the constitution” (Vidija, 2018).

Sometimes, I wonder if politicians of the caliber of Ruto ever consider context of his speeches. He knows perfectly well what is happening, he knows how NASA has become illegal and they are in hot pursuit after each and anyone in the leadership in NASA. NASA MPs are losing the weapons, their privileges and all other matters. This with the revoked status and criminal gang they are after CS Matiangi declaration on 31st January 2018. Therefore, talk of dialogue when you have made the other criminal is a bit far fetched. Your Party, KANU, sorry Jubilee has made them enemies of the state.

So when you want to talk about rule of law, maybe you and Kenyatta should respect courts, respect the people who follow the procedures and codes of law. Not only you guys who write the laws and votes on them in the Parliament. The Justices and Judges are the ones who perform the laws and follows the legislation. However, these days that doesn’t matter as the NASA and Media are under fire. So whey you speak about dictating the Constitution, your party and your people aren’t respecting the ones who are following the codes and laws you have made.

The election season is over, but the aftermath is now, since Jubilee has decided to take total control and not respect the troubling issues they have left behind. While shutting the doors and expecting the NASA to be silently wait for another rigged affair in 2022. When Ruto plans to not be burro, but the bride. He wants to be President and not the kingmaker, but expect Gideon Moi to rise to the fiefdom during this period. Since that would fit the paradigm of dynasties continuing to rule the Republic.

However, when he address intolerance and division, when his army and his police went into strongholds of NASA and shot at kids and innocent citizens after the October elections. Therefore, if someone is creating issues and troubles, it isn’t the men or woman burning tires on the road. It is the ones sanctioning killing of innocent in the name of power on the top. That meaning Ruto and Kenyatta knows perfectly well what their agencies are doing in Kisumu, Kibera and Mathare as well as other places where innocent has been killed without mercy.

So stop, we only talk development and respect the laws, when your are defying, when your using power to hurt own citizens. When the laws doesn’t work in the same manner on your own party KANU , sorry Jubilee. Because that is the look and we know it. You can lie and deceive, the naive can be sold to your story and narrative. However, when your not following your own words and using it against the opposition. Than not talking about Thirdway, they are ugly duck of the Jubilee at this point. I’m talking about the outlawed gentlemen and woman who has grievances against the system.

Ruto should have picked another venue to said this, it would have been as disgraceful as it is now. But I feel sorry for the family and friends of deceased, who had to listen to the DP blow out his lies there. Peace.


Vidija, Patrick – ‘’God’s case no appeal’: Jubilee only ready for development talks – Ruto’ (03.02.2018) link:

A New KANU Arrest: This time its MP George Aladwa of Makadara and the allegations isn’t adding up!

We know now that the Jubilee government, the Ministry of Interior are looking for ways to humiliate and arrest National Super Alliance (NASA) affiliates, they do it under the pretext of CS Fred Matiangi. They are continuing doing it with people, they don’t think will shed fear of retribution. Since they picked Hon. George Aladwa, who was taken from his home during Friday night on 2nd February 2018. This is continued with the other several off political arrests as well as the Media Shutdown.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his henchmen are not sleeping. They are calculating who to take and for what purpose. He has already on his watch taken TJ Kajwang, Miguna Miguna and now George Aladwa. Aladwa was taken to an unknown location. Just like the others, who had to found and then petition their release. Something the Police doesn’t respect, the court orders. They are just doing as they please.

However their reasoning is kind of weird:

Aladwa is accused of planning an attack on Kalonzo Musyoka’s home and masterminding the chaos in Kibera. In the January 31 attack, gunmen threw a stun hand grenade at Kalonzo’s Karen home before shooting twice in the air. Police spokesman Charles Owino, who accompanied detectives from Nairobi Area command and the Bomb and Hazadrous Disposal Unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to the scene, confirmed the attackers used a bomb usually used to scare rather than harm” (Orinde, 2018).

So now the NASA MP is accused of attacking his own, that is weird, because I remember the Police saying this as it occurred:

Addressing the media at Musyoka’s Karen residence, police spokesperson Charles Owino said after visiting the scene of crime, they recovered a live bullet and a stun grenade which he said is non-lethal” (…) “Kalonzo called our emergency line saying his home was under attack we mobilised our officers from Nairobi area and Hardy police station to visit the scene. The report we got is that two vehicles approached his home at around 1.15am. Fortunately, there were three guards from Cobra security company and their patrol car right outside his compound. Upon checking, the security officers recovered a pin for a grenade and a live bullet,” said Owino” (Muriuki, 2018).

So what I find special is that on Wednesday 31st January said it was stun grenade and a live bullet, while saying two cars passed by the compound of Kalonzo. Therefore, is Owino saying that Aladwa was throwing a stun grenade on Kalonzo’s compound? Since he was already at the Uhuru Park and actually taking part of the Swearing-In. That would be more reason for his arrest, than trying to pin a mockery of a case on their own. How to politicize an attack after, seemingly making two dots together that doesn’t make sense.

So I am surprised that they are trying to amend these to separate events, as they are trying to create havoc inside the NASA with allegations, while they have enough issues with the cowards who didn’t show up on the 30th January. But that is also another matter. Now this is just a proof that the Police and Jubilee, trying to fix their charges as they see fit. But how come they are now charging Aladwa for what happen to Kalonzo. So they are initially saying he masterminded this and got someone to throw a stun-grenade on the lawn of compound and drive away?

That sounds more like a teenager or even someone trying to make a scene, to make up for the events of not showing up somewhere else. It just had to happen hours later and after Kalonzo had audio out of losing security guards. While the Police saying there we’re security guards from a company there. Therefore, the story of Kalonzo doesn’t fit the narrative. It later doesn’t fit the first explanation from the Police and now they used a bomb, while they just found a stun-grenade. How does something go from a stun-grenade into bomb? That is evolution that Charles Darwin would be proud of, I am sure words of wisdom has to be put into the ear-holes and make sure the details fit. How a live bullet and stun-grenade become a bomb. Secondly, how suddenly a NASA MP masterminded this, is far-fetched, but that is also because this allegations that can tarnished quicker than popcorn. Just crush a few popcorn’s in your hand. The same can be done with reasoning of the Police Spokesperson Owino.

Just crush it and know the KANU party and their illegitimate acts are back, to try to silence and control the state. The Kenyatta government are now using the declaration of Matiangi to take down NASA. They are doing it piece by piece, they are also blacking out the media. So that people are only following the media that Kenyatta and Ruto owns. Such a bunch of greedy gentlemen the Jubilee, sorry KANU is. Peace.


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