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Brexit: London continues to lose too Dublin!

Well, the Tories with their mismanaged priorities and in-fighting, which have let the world see three Prime Ministers in a very short time. Is now seeing a half-baked approach to leaving the European Union on the 31st October 2019. As if Boris Johnson cares about governing, he only cares about holding power. Even if it means that he makes London from a Metropolis, into a provincial town of Europe. Because, it will be a sovereign provincial town when this is done.

The partly released Operation Yellowhammer is showing how big of a blow it will be to the United Kingdom. This will effect the trading, the banks, the industry and all parts of life after they are leaving the Union. All sort of movement will be slowed and all sort of cross-border trade will suffer. Still, the Prime Minister and his Tories says it will be splendid.

Will it really be?

Losing trade agreements with the all the EU partners, loose out the internal trade without tariffs to the EU26. Surely, that will be the golden ages for London. As businesses has already moved to Dublin, Amsterdam and elsewhere to save the business transactions and their securities within the Union. Something the Tories will not say, but is a fact, that cannot be dismissed. The amounts of jobs, work and funds poured out of City of London with a snap of an eye. Because, they didn’t want to risk being a “Third County”, WTO standard company operating to the rest of the EU.

Surely, it must be nice to know that previous companies, previous partners and investors are looking elsewhere. As they are seeing Dublin more fit for operational needs than London. That must be gift that keeps giving. Must make the Brexit Party proud and the Right-Wing Tories feels like proud-cock.

The Irish has the advantage, even though they will be hurt by this, they have powerful friends in Brussels. Who will fight their cause and for their needs. They will get leverage and packages to patch the hurt. While, the British and London will have to find new pockets of money or slash funds from out of nowhere. Since, the state is losing, the tax-base shrinking and popularity of Downing Street Number 10 is at an all time low.

It doesn’t matter right now, if the Tories and DUP think they are bloody brilliant, if they think they can hoodwink the Irish and EU. Because, they see it through. The timeline is dark, but the possibility of winning is not an option. The Good Friday Agreement, if it matters to London, means they have to do something. But don’t anticipate that, the EU will honour that with a temporary backstop to help out Dublin and Ulsters Belfast. However, London is more into unicorns and elves than trying to find a solution. They are campaigning across the kingdom, instead of configure out the final details before they are leaving. The laziest approach any government can do. Maybe, that is why Dublin is becoming more important and London is not.

Dublin actually acts sincere, acts with a heart and actually with a concern. They are not just internally squabbling and hoodwinking the public. No, they have actions, budgeted funds for the hard times ahead and has helpful backers from Brussels. The UK has sort of deals on the line with New Zealand and United States in the waiting. But nothing that can be able to salvage the losses of membership with the free-trading community of the EU.

The Tories will not say that, while Dublin has the gold. London is losing and it does so on its own. It doesn’t need help from anyone. The UK manage this all by themselves. It is their magic trick, go from being someone to be no-one. The UK went for fools gold and thought they bought the price. They didn’t and it is worthless. Its just like they don’t know it yet. Peace.


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Opinion: At this point, Corbyn cannot make Brexit worse…

This is a point that will not go home at the extreme right or the Brexiteers, as they are in dire need of a Tories and Brexit Party official to running the show. They cannot see a future or dime light of hope, without any sort of leadership, which entails Tories or Farage. These people are not the ones I listening too. Because, self-destruction mode has been going on since the referendum and we can say its not tasting splendid.

However, the state of the total chaos, resignation and lack of trust is there. The blackballing and hard-line approach to Jeremy Corbyn is obnoxious as this point. Maybe because his leadership and his attitude has secured the most win in Parliament, than anyone in current history. Surely that is hitting a nerve with these so-called conservatives.

They are all putting blame on Corbyn, blame on Labour, but all this time it’s the Tories with DUP whose running the show. It hasn’t been Corbyn who been driving and destroying the nation. No, it’s the Tories who has used Brexit and used the referendum to their advantage, but spoilt it and shot themselves in the foot.

That is why everyone pinpoint, use their pencils and their wordings against Corbyn. Like his Satan, the devil in the flesh, the evil incarnated and the one who’s vilified beyond any reasonable doubt. That is who Corbyn is, even Theresa May and the short-lived Boris Johnson administration have been skating compared to the wordings used against Corbyn. In addition, Corbyn haven’t been a minute or second in power, no the other guy has been, not him.

This is why I am writing, because its clear that the establishment, the elite fear Corbyn. Like his the one who take away their grants, their perks and their loopholes to tax-relief in the British Virgin Islands. Because who knows why his that bad, when he has had the most victories in Parliament.

The Tories is the ones who is cannibalizing itself and using Corbyn as a shield. In way that is obvious, that they can dismantle themselves and vote in order of their beliefs, but the others is not accepted. It is funny that the Withdrawal Agreement could be voted for three times, the No Confidence could be plenty of times against the Prime Minister after David Cameron, but having a new referendum for Scotland and Brexit is a no-go?

Because, voting for self interests are cool, but voting for the bigger picture again? Not cool. That is the message from the Tories, who clearly plan to use all means to stop Corbyn. Even if it means total utter disgraceful ways of demolishing democratic institutions and also self-inflicted harm on the economy and livelihood of plenty. That is what the Brexit does, especially a no-deal. That no-deal will ensure problems with medicine, food and others imports.

Still, the Tories will blame Corbyn. Everyone will point at him, while the ones at the Helm, is the ones that has created this mess. Because they didn’t fix it, they just made it worse. That is what the gentle of the Tories have done. They have let the Brexit burn and let out no confessions.

They are ushering it in, but giving the credit to Corbyn. Like a banker taking huge loans, but asking the state to bail him out. In this picture, Corbyn is the state. But in reality he isn’t, his still the opposition, but is blamed for being the state. His the one whose villain, when in reality it’s the Tories who has done this and trying to deflect their damage, their hurt and their arrogant mischief. Peace.

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