President on the move: All menacing acts in works to stop opposition while continuing to move forward through election

Mbabazi M7 Besigye

Well, this is as I have stated before President Museveni instead of going the high road depends on spreading fear amongst the population. He also fears that his so called project turns into shambles. Because of all of his programs can be scrutinized and he should expect so. He is like a spoiled brat telling off Dr. Kizza Besigye in this case. President Museveni doesn’t like the looks of Abim because that is the epitome of his project since 1986. Therefore I comment like he do, let’s take look at it all!

Abim Hospital 2014 P2

On an exclusive interview with NBS TV on Saturday 12.12.2015 President Musveni was uttering these words to the opposition in the Entebbe Statehouse:

“Besigye goes to Abim and doesn’t visit health center for which are there; which is doing the immunization! He goes to the only job that is not yet done and this is what he highlights. We say you are a liar. You are dishonest”.

He talked further on about the opposition:

“You are opposition has been cheating as especially in Kampala. They go and claim one million voters. When in fact they are not there; what happens is that Museveni goes in and registers himself three times. And you are counting three people instead of one. That what I have been struggling with all these years. That’s why we want the fingerprint, computerized fingerprints”.


In the same day he said this about fellow Presidential Candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye:

““I heard that Besigye said he would allow you go and take over the forest. I am going to see if I can arrest that man because what he said is criminal” (…)”When king Solomon asked that the child be cut into two, the woman who was not the real mother accepted it .Besigye is not a mother of Uganda if he can accept people to destroy the forest. I am going to look at the recordings and if he said it, I will take it up with the Electoral Commission and police” (…)”I will try to get a tape of what he said because we cannot go on with this nonsense because of politics” (Kazibwe, 2015).

We all see how he thought and read them. They are disgusting. He is supposed to be a gentleman, a president and for some reason by length of his tenure an should by now act as a statesmen. But that is a pipe-dream. And I know that and that who has followed the man knows that. Because he only knows bush-war politics; the only thing missing from yesterday was that there is only one party and only one man who can run the country and the UPDF as he has been saying earlier this year. He has done more violence during elections and acted more brutal then Dr. Kizza Besigye will ever do. NRM and their men will buy off boda-bodas, spread demonstrations in towns where the opposition fractions happens, seal off venues where their holding their rallies; they will get the police to go door to door to address the population and citizens from not taking part of the rallies. And at that time he says that Dr. Kizza Besigye is acting wrong by saying he is campaigning for defiance? Really?

Kampala 16.11.15 UPF 2

When your men and your supporters only generate violence and misconduct during the elections! Then he got the rights to address the matters. Abim Hospital is just a proof of the judgement of lacking order in the civil service and health care system in Uganda, isn’t that why yourself when you are sick goes abroad to heal mister President? Why doesn’t you tell your citizens about that program?

We should tape you and your words when you travel abroad to see why you do it abroad instead for the country you have run for ages. Well, you claim also that the opposition is cheating in Kampala, we know you have issues with Kampala, that is well known. That is because Kampala has for a while not bought your words and programs. They can look through you and it hurts you. You don’t know that they wanted somebody you hadn’t handpicked; therefore you have made new laws to rig the system to fix it for you views. We all understand your ways. Fingerprints are just something you make up even though you should have all the material to rig it if you can and get another system your men can manipulate, as you need since the strength of opposition has risen in Kampala.

That you don’t like opposition and only your men a trustworthy until the point that they get in your way or takes your spotlight, like so many fallen and deflected NRM leaders in the past; they are now in your shadow and tries to get your place in the elections. That is why when you fear somebody you detain and get them arrest since you’re the commander and chief. Still that doesn’t make you right. Since you’re the man with the violent quotes first and actions against your opponents. It isn’t like FDC takes up the swords. They continue to campaign and being on the trail. They don’t make fuzz and hurt your campaign. Still, because of his willpower and wish to make changes that make you fear him.

If you didn’t fear the growing momentum and strength of loyalty in the people, that you don’t’ have, is that why you all of sudden leaves him alone? But still want to imprison him even if your own rhetoric is more harsh and violent then him! I can’t be the only one who sees that. A dog usually barks at people they don’t trust. And the same does Museveni every single time, because he can’t be democratic about it. He can only be who he has always been a man who grabbed the power by the gun and if FDC or any opposition candidate get in his way. That is why he goes to this length yet again; and makes me address them yet again. Peace.  


Kazibwe, Kenneth – ‘Museveni : Besigye Should be Arrested for Playing ‘Stupid’ Politics’ (13.12.2015) link:

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