Lord Mayor Lukwago on House-Arrest for the ninth day and gave something to the Police Officers: “are now beaming with some little excitement as their ration for lunch”

Lukwago 13.05.2016

It has gone nine days in captivity and the house-arrest of the Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago, they are so much over the penal codes and laws, that it’s foolish to speak about, since President Museveni couldn’t care less. He is busy of the laurels of yesterday at Kololo, while the FDC and the Opposition is still under siege. The house is besieged, still Lord Mayor have defended and spoken about the care of Police Officers.

Today it wasn’t just talk, but actual action from the Lord Mayor who shows heart and not only words. It’s a small gesture, but proves the greatness of this man as a man who is detained in his own could acted totally different towards the ones that keeps him captive there. Instead he shows heart with a bite of food. That is Nobel and the men and woman of Kampala that have him as their mayor should be proud! Look at the picture and his statement.

Statement from Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago: 

“DAY 9 OF HOUSE ARREST. My ”co-prisoners/ inmates”, who have been in a sombre mood throughout the better part of the day, are now beaming with some little excitement as their ration for lunch /supper is delivered in buckets with inscriptions; ”Sadolin weather guard paint”. Am sure some police honcho should be profiteering from the agony of these innocent policemen” (Lukwago, 13.05.2016).

Lord Mayor Lukwago on a unlawful House-Arrest for the 8 Day; while Museveni have a lavish celebration at Kololo!

Gen. Sejusa 11.05.2016 Arrest Lukwago

The dark shaddow over the day is knowing that so many of Opposition is unlawfully detained and silenced as the giant feast is happening at Kololo. The country is diveded between the men and woman who lavishly have it all and the ones who doesn’t have basic rights even. Therefore the UCC and Government had to even ban Social Media and make the words of mouth silenced, though there ways of countering that.

Still, and still! The Lord Mayor are behind bars in his own home, still without charge or warrent, his words says it all. Take a look!

Lukwago 10.05.2016

Statement by Erias Lukwago today:

“DAY 8 OF HOUSE ARREST. It’s certainly a day that will live in infamy. You cannot drag a young nation into a devastating 5 year guerrilla war and renege on the promise to restore a sustainable constitutional order that would guarantee orderly succession to power; bastardize the entire nation and turn it into a personal estate; organise sham elections and entrench a personal rule for 30 solid years; institutionalise a reign of terror, persecute and humiliate your political opponents, including your contemporaries like Dr. Besigye, Gen. Ssejusa, Gen. Muntu, Mbabazi etc; and then, majestically match to the Kololo independence grounds, stand by the graveyard where the remains of Yusuf Lule and Ignatius Musaazi were interred and proclaim that you derive inspiration from the likes of Mugabe, Nguema, Idris Debby, Santos, Biya etc. With all due respect, Sir, I wouldn’t attend that function even if I had not been incarcerated at home” (Luwkago, 12.05.2016). 

Gen. Sejusa got arrested by the Police at Lord Mayor Lukwago’s home!

Gen. Sejusa 11.05.2016 Arrest Lukwago

Well, I am sure the Gen. David Sejusa a.k.a. Tinyefuza visited Lord Mayor Lukwago on his birthday. That was illegal it seems by the Uganda Police Force; as they arrested him there and henceforth detained him somewhere! He is now again back in the hands of the Police as he was recently released after the issues with Police around February 2016. This just had to happen at one point, as Gen. Sejusa is an issue President Museveni can’t get rid off. Peace.

Free Uganda Statement on the Youth Revolt now underway in Uganda, led by the CHAIN-WARRIORS (31.03.2016)

Demonstrator Kampala 31.03.2016

Ugandan People Power Revolution in the making. The nation’s Patriotic Youth are leading the way. Freedom is the ultimate Destination.

Free Uganda applauds the courageous Ugandan youths who have today, 31st March 2016 launched the equivalent of the 1980 attack on Kabamba barracks by a small group of NRA guerrillas.

The difference is that this extremely symbolic action by the revolutionary youths of Uganda was entirely peaceful – CHAINING THEMSELVES TO POLES IN STRATEGIC AREAS OF KAMPALA CITY, as hundreds of chanting and singing citizens cheered them on.

The CHAIN WARRIORS have opened one of the most effective pathways to the liberation of Uganda, and they must be applauded for their determination and courage, in the face of brutal police arrests and torture.

Going forward in this Struggle, all creative means of defiance will be deployed by the People Power Patriots, but the Ugandan nation must prepared to confront the extreme and nakedly savage brutality by the Museveni / Muhoozi / Kayihura axis.

It is vital that the People of Uganda, while pursuing the freedom goal through peaceful and non-violent means, acknowledge the need to be open-minded about the possible use of ALL NECESSARY MEANS, and begin to build the necessary capacity for any such eventuality.

This call for preparedness to use ALL NECESSARY MEANS to secure the People’s Freedom and resist mass murder on the part of the Museveni / Muhoozi / Kayihura axis, is directed mainly at our brothers and sisters who are already armed and trained in the use of violent means, i.e those in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, the Uganda Police Service and the country’s Security Services.

If Ugandans are to achieve the Burkina-Style liberation, which was initiated and overwhelmingly actualised by unarmed and peaceful citizens, those progressive and patriotic brothers and sisters in the armed services must be prepared to intervene on the side of the masses, when Museveni, his son Muhoozi and the rogue police general Kale Kayihura begin to commit mass murder of unarmed civilians or when pro-Museveni sections of the armed services chose to carry out a palace coup, as was the case in Burkina Faso, when the presidential guard attempted to reverse the People’s victory by carrying out a palace coup supported by the deposed president.

This foresight and visionary reflection on how things may go wrong in the course of the People’s liberation struggle is of vital importance to the success of the patriotic mission now underway in Uganda.

It is not good enough for the People to sacrifice their lives through peaceful struggle, only for their victory to be blunted or snatched away by the very illegitimate and criminal outfit that has imposed itself on the nation.

Where necessary, even the civilian population that is now involved in peaceful and non-violent defiance, must be prepared to use ALL NECESSARY MEANS should the evolving developments necessitate that course of action.

So, as the People Power Struggle picks momentum and becomes visible on the streets of Uganda’s capital and elsewhere across the country, it would be of strategic importance for the progressive forces in the liberation struggle not to rule out any RADICAL SOLUTIONS, IN THE FACE OF MUSEVENI’S, MUHOOZI’s and KAYIHURA’s EXTREME VIOLENCE, BRUTALITY and REPRESSION.

The Free Uganda (FU) view on the way forward for the Freedom Struggle is that Ugandan people must be prepared for any eventuality and all the patriotic forces in the country should empower themselves and the masses in ways that will be effective enough to overpower the reactionary terror machine currently assembled by Yoweri Museveni.

The Freedom Struggle is on!

Written by Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 31/03/2016

A Free Uganda Statement on the growing attacks on police stations and other security installations Uganda (29th March 2016)

Kapchorwa March 2016

Despot Museveni’s refusal to step down, after an election that was clearly rigged, is propelling the Ugandan nation to a violent clash between him and the rest of Ugandan citizens.

There is now very little doubt that Ugandans are gearing up for a fight to dislodge Museveni from state house should he fail to step down voluntarily.

And only one man is to blame for this state of affairs – Yoweri Museveni.

Not only did he rig the elections in such a comprehensive manner, but his daily repressive actions against innocent Ugandans, who are merely demanding for their constitutional rights and freedoms, has set the stage for violent show down, which is now more than mere speculation.

Because of the continued arrest and house arrests of freedom struggle leaders like Kizza Besigye and General Sejusa, as well as thousands of other pro-democracy activists, many of whom have disappeared without trace, this, in addition to wanton killings of unarmed civilians, daily tear-gassing of babies, pregnant women and even religious leaders, Ugandans are now realising that all peaceful means of expressing their grievances have been denied to them.

They are now left with little option but to prepare for a big fight to end tragic occupation of state house by a man who was overwhelmingly voted out by the majority of Ugandans.

It is no coincidence that many of the armed groups now launching their initiatory attacks on police stations in places like Sebei and Kasese, by all indications, military or, as it were, well trained people.

Ugandans will remember that the members of Ugandan armed forces, and even the police service, voted overwhelmingly against Yoweri Museveni in the February elections, a fact fully and publically acknowledge by Museveni himself.

The signs are that the men and women in uniform are slowly but steadily joining the People’s Struggle for Freedom.

It is true that a few of the police and UPDF functionaries are still offering their services to Museveni, his son Brigadier Muhoozi and the rogue police general, Kale Kayihura. Those are the ones killing, tear-gassing and intimidating innocent citizens in places like Kasangati, outside Dr. Kizza Besigye’s home.

But, without any shred of doubt, the overwhelming numbers of UPDF soldiers, police and security service functionaries, would love to help rescue their Motherland from Museveni’s illegitimate and illegal terrorist outfit that is falsely claiming to be the government of the Republic of Uganda.

The coming months will prove this to be the case.

The Struggle for Uganda’s freedom is on.

Free Uganda Statement on Gen. David Sejusa trial at High Court tomorrow (13.03.2016)

David Sejusa Court

On Monday, 14 March 2016, General David Sejusa, the Chairman of Free Uganda, comes to the High Court of Uganda to seek justice in relation to the ilegalities and criminalities sepensed on him by the Museveni regime.

All Ugandans and the world at large are waiting to see whether there still any residues of justice and the despensing of justice in Uganda today, or whether the justice system has been personalised by dictator Yoweri Museveni.

Free Uganda still hopes that there judges in Uganda who are independent-minded and cannot be bribed or coarced by Museveni.

We wait to see.

In the event that Ugandans cannot find justice in the criminal justice system or security and protection by those meant to be the guardians of the nation’s law and order, who will blame the citizens when we take the law in our hands and fight for the justice we deserve as per the provisions opf the Ugandan constitution.

The Struggle continues.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago statement on the state of the nation (01.03.2016)

Gen Tukumunde Entebbe Dec 2015 - Money Man for NRM

The uncontroverted assertion by Gen. Tumukunde that the troops commanded by Lt. Col Karugaba were directed by the the CDF, Gen. Katumba Wamala to shoot and kill him( Tumukunde), is quite ominous!!!. This is not a statement Ugandans should take lightly in light of the fact that the country appears to be under a military rule. Dr. Besigye put uder house arrest; Gen. Ssejusa languishing in Luzira; journalists being harassed as some of us are kept uder 24hour surveillance. Where are we headed as a nation?

Erias Lukwago statement on Court Proceedings at Makindye Military Court on the 9th February 2016 on Gen. Sejusa

Erias Lukwago Makindye Military Court

The experience in the General Court Martial today was yet another episode of melodrama characterising that kangaroo tribunal. I may not be in position to share all the epic events of the day for obvious reasons but I can’t help relating to you a novel legal phenomenon enunciated by the Military officers prosecuting Gen. Ssejusa. When I presented myself as a surety, the said team, together with the Judge Advocate, put up a vehement opposition, on a fallacious ground that a civilian is not legally competent to stand surely for a four star Military General! !!. That it’s only a fellow General, or army officer of a superior rank who’s competent to do that. Ironically, the chairman of the General court martial, Levy Karuhanga is a Major General. Anyway, the matter is pending a ruling that will be delivered after the presidential election. Talk of justice made in Uganda!!!

Gen. Sejusa back to Makindye Military Court as his trial resumes; Free Uganda statement on the matter

David Sejusa TV

Free Uganda is closely watching on-goings in Museveni’s Kangaroo court, and will issue a statement after the day’s proceedings are closed.

FU fully concurs with the statement by the FU Chairman’s lawyers that “the military courts is facing a huge embarrassment” should they chose to abuse the natural and constitutional rights of our Comrade David Sejusa.

On a more serious note, all these political game-plays by dictator Museveni will soon end when the People of Uganda finally free the country from the absurd and wholly detestable repression of the Museveni regime.

In the same vain, Free Uganda rededicates itself to the People’s Struggle, and swears to stand firm, shoulder to shoulder with the People of Uganda, in the noble cause of campaigning to put an end to the gross injustices of the past 3 decades.

A Luta Continua.

That was the Statement from the Free Uganda,here is som news-reels: 

“BREAKING: General Court Martial rules that it has jurisdiction to try General David Sejusa despite High Court case, insisting the renegade former spy chief is still a serving military officer” (NBS TV, 09.02.2016).

More to come!