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Burundi: Communique du Gouvernement a la suite du Rapport du Bureau Des Nations Unies pour la Coordination des Affaires Humanitaires Concernant le Plan de Response Humanitaire pour le Burundi 2018 (21.02.2018)


Burundi: CNARED-Giriteka – “Communique de Presse” (13.02.2018)

Burundi: Recent reports indicates that CENI is preparing to rig the referendum!

I wonder if the Commission Electorale Nationale Independante (CENI) are preparing to rig the next election, as their voting register and the quickly rising numbers making it seems so. Since on the 13th February 2018, the total registered voters was 2.505.829 voters. This was numbers vouched by the CENI Ambassador Pierre Clavier Ndayicariye. But now the official numbers on the 15th February are now the registered voters risen to 4.105.481. This to prepare for the referendum that fixes the Constitution so that President Pierre Nkurunziza can continue to rule for his fourth term. Since he is already on his third term after the 2015 election. Therefore, the reasons for the crackdown and aggressive attacks on opposition ever since.

So even with the changes and rising amounts of voters, the extended registration is supposed to end today. That is why we shouldn’t expect anyone of the numbers previously mentioned to be the final. As the algorithms and the end-game isn’t ready fixed yet. That is why CENI has already worked to fix it and find their masses of functioning numbers to crunching correctly. Nothing else makes sense at this point. Why else come with such different numbers and make sure the process of registration takes longer time? If you didn’t plan to use the numbers in a manner that isn’t preparing to cook them. 

To make it even worse there are open reports that the CNDD-FDD ruling party have called to “tie up” and “break the teeth” of the ones who are planning to vote “no” in the coming referendum. That referendum, which would give power to Nkurunziza until 2034. So, they are planning to continue their oppressive behavior and also oppress the public for one person and no-one else.

Also to get people to register themselves to the next elections, the Youth Militia of the Ruling Regime Inbonerakure has been used to spread fear and pick up people at the market. To make sure people are going, as much as the spreading of fear. There isn’t anything that Nkurunziza wouldn’t do to make sure he is ruling as long as he can. If he has to cheat and make the numbers sounding better for him. Why not do that? Because he does whatever else to stay in power? Taking down opposition, making them vanish or even becoming dust. Nothing has stopped him and nothing seems to be far fetched in his Presidency. 

The CENI, CNDD-FDD and Inbonerakure are all ready to serve the President and bring enough power to the public. To make sure they are all falling in line, if not they will start suffering. That is the signal the Presidency and the Ruling regime do. Peace.

UNHCR Briefing Notes – Burundi risks to become a forgotten refugee crisis without support (06.02.2018)

Tanzania is hosting the largest number of Burundians with 254,000 refugees, while 89,000 are in Rwanda with another 44,000 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and some 40,000 in Uganda.

GENEVA, Switzerland, February 6, 2018 – Text presented by Catherine Wiesner, UNHCR’s Regional Coordinator for the Burundi situation – to whom quoted text may be attributed – to the Palais press this morning, before the regular press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva:

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, with its 26 other humanitarian partners, is today launching a funding appeal for US$391 million to support some 430,000 Burundian refugees during 2018.

We are urging donors to step up support for desperate refugees who struggle to survive in neighbouring countries as efforts are falling short of acceptable humanitarian standards. The international community must also stay engaged in the pursuit of a genuine and lasting resolution to the Burundi crisis.

Low levels of humanitarian funding for this crisis remains a great concern. Burundian refugees could get a mere 21 per cent of the required funds – making it the world’s least funded refugee response plan.

Our appeal, being presented today to donors in Geneva, aims to ensure the needs of Burundian refugees are not overlooked and the situation does not become a forgotten refugee crisis.

Since 2015, more than 400,000 refugees and asylum-seekers have fled the country, escaping human rights abuses, continued political uncertainty, and the related humanitarian crisis.

Refugee numbers are expected to increase by over 50,000 this year as regional efforts to resolve the political crisis in the country have not made significant progress.

The human rights situation inside Burundi remains worrying. Unless the political situation changes and socio-economic conditions improve, the outflow of Burundian refugees – mostly to neighbouring countries – is expected to continue in 2018, though at a lower level.

Tanzania is hosting the largest number of Burundians with 254,000 refugees, while 89,000 are in Rwanda with another 44,000 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and some 40,000 in Uganda. Smaller refugee numbers have also fled to Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa.

In 2017, over 61,000 refugees arrived in the neighbouring countries. Though numbers have dropped in comparison to 2016 (when some 123,000 had fled), thousands still kept crossing the borders to seek safety in the region.

With increasing humanitarian needs, dwindling resources did not allow assistance levels to reach acceptable standards throughout the region despite our efforts.

As the majority of refugees (85 per cent) live in refugee camps, underfunding has impacted all areas of life – including food cuts, dilapidated shelters, overcrowded classrooms, and limited capacity to respond to sexual and gender based violence.

Underfunding also severely affects our ability to invest in integrated social services and livelihood opportunities, limits support to environmental protection and restoration, and prevented us in 2017 from carrying out population verifications, providing documentation, and training government officials on refugee status determination as originally planned.

In the last few years, some Burundian refugees have also decided to return home, and are seeking to re-establish their lives in Burundian communities that are facing considerable economic pressures and food insecurity.

At this stage, UNHCR and partners are not promoting or encouraging refugee returns to Burundi. We are working with the relevant governments to assist those who indicate they have made a free and informed choice to return voluntarily, to do so in safety and dignity.

We are also reiterating our appeal to Burundi’s neighbours to continue to uphold their international responsibilities and commitments to receive asylum-seekers at their borders and offer protection to those who need it. UNHCR reminds States that refugees should not be forced to return to Burundi against their will.

Burundi: Campagne citoyenne “Teshwa Ute” (03.02.2018)

Inter-Burundian Dialogue: “Conclusions de la Rencontre entre l’Opposition Interieure et l’Opposition Exterieure” (27.01.2018)

Burundi: All Civil Servants will involuntarily pay a tax for the “Election 2020”!

Today from Bujumbura, the CNDD-FDD (The National Council for the Defense of Democracy–Forces for the Defense of Democracy), the ruling regime of Pierre Nkurunziza who is preparing for his fourth term. His ministers has since the New Year, the government have worked to gain funds for the “Election 2020”, even if that meaning volunteer funds from Civil Servants and Public Officers. The first was the order of the Felix Mpozeriniga, the Minister for Public Service, Labour and Employment, who ordered the volunteer funds on the 18th January 2018.

Today, the are further works by two more cabinet ministers. This being Finance Minster Dr. Domitien Ndihokubwayo and Minister of Interior Pascal Barandagiye, who both have ordered that the contribution to “Elections 2020” will be natural “Wage Scale” on all civil servants pay from now on. That meaning it is added tax or taken off. So what is left after the contribution will be net salaries. This will be done with changes of law. Following Decrees made in 2015 and in 2016. Today this was done as a joint decree between both ministers, so that the salaries will be cut to facilitate the scheme itself.

So within a very short time, the CNDD-FDD has gone from “volunteering” funds to the elections, to be taxing the salaries of their employees by a decree made by Ndihokubwayo and Barandagiye. They are clearly loyal to the President. Since, they are following guidelines and protocol to make money needed for the President. Their loyalty is their patriotism. So, they have no trouble making sure the citizens who are working for the state will get less pay, because they are all contributing to “Election 2020”.

So from now on, that the legal remedy for the added tax and initially the cut off their salaries. It cannot be seen as volunteering. When its put into a WAGE SCALE or a “barème des salaires”. That is impressive by two ministers to say so, while pushing for changes of article 4 of Joint Decree from 11.12.2017, which the Ministers wants to change in that regard. This meaning that it will be wages will be cut, because three ministers has ordered it differently. The citizens and the employees of the state will involuntarily pay a new tax.

It is just that the state want to mask it differently, but everyone should know this is a taxation. This is adding a new fee on their salaries for a new purpose. These Ministers have made the orders to fulfill the needs of the President. That he needs additional funds and the best way to so, is to add a special tax. Peace.

Burundi: The Ministry of Labor adds stoppage on the civil servants salaries from January to secure funds for the 2020 Elections!

As the Burundian Government, the CNDD-FDD (The National Council for the Defense of Democracy–Forces for the Defense of Democracy), the ruling regime under President Pierre Nkurunziza are clearly gearing up for the Constitutional Change for securing a fourth term and also elections in 2020. Since he had a controlled election in 2015, that ushered in his official third term, which was questionable already. Therefore, creating insecurity and protest. That has led to refugees and to crisis, which is still until today. The Burundian government are really grasping everything and also stopping the any possible progress in the Inter-Burundian Dialogue, since it would mean that Nkurunziza had to step down. Something he is clearly not intending to do.

Today, on the 18th January 2018, the Ministry of Labor or “State Functions” has announced that every single state employee will be submitting their contribution through their salary from this month (January 2018), which will automatically be taken from their salary as a tax. The tax can be called “Contribution for 2020 Election”.

The Minister says this is their patriotic duty in a sense, that this can be seen as stoppage from the payment on the salary, since the Ministry of Labor is making this patriotic duty to secure funding for the coming election and changes of Constitution so that the President can run in 2020. This proves how messed up the Burundian government is. When the Minister for Labor Félix Mpozeriniga have announced this to all public servants, civil servants or government officials.

So we can officially know that Pierre Nkurunziza plans a fourth term, as his party and regime is even adding taxes on the state employees, through the stoppage in patriotic view, as the “Contribution for 2020 Election”, which this is and they are doing it because they know they will not be questioned or have anyone who discuss this internally.

The levy, the added tax and the stoppage is a proof of the plan and we can just await the days of a change of the constitution, so that the Nkurunziza government can continue to rule without any doubt. For the doubters that he would ever leave, should know question their own brilliant mind. Nkurunziza has no interest in stepping down. He will only leave if someone ends his life. Nkurunziza will keep this post until someone do a coup d’etat against him. Because he will change the laws and use the position until he stops breathing. Anything else, is a lie against the narrative he has already created.

That is why CNDD-FDD and Nkurunziza will pursuit anyway necessary to stay in power. This is yet another proof of that, not only interfering and controlling the Inter-Burundian Dialogue, so that the real opposition and the ones who is seen as enemies will be detained, assassinated or flee to exile. That is the state of affairs.

This is what Nkurunziza does and what he wants to continue by any means. Now adding extra taxes to make sure that happens. Peace.

Burundi: Mysterious cases of dying goats that was given by LVEMP II in Kirundo, Mwaro and Gitega!

There are sometimes some coincidences and others are just to rare to not comment. That in three districts in Burundi, this being Gitega, Mwaro and Kirundo. That within two weeks 3044 goats died. This has been verified by the Ministry of Agriculture in a Press Release made by Dr. Deogratias Nsanganlyumwami on the 12 January 2018.

This is all goats imported from Uganda through a scheme made by the World Bank. This deaths are the reported within the 28th December 2017. These goats came as a part of the AFCC2/RI-Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project. Clearly, they didn’t survive their landing and intent potential.

In the Kirundo District, the LVEMP ceremony of delivery of goats was on 7th November 2017, the project gave to that district about 6659 goats. This was goats that was promised earlier in the year and before Christmas. They reached on their promise as they pledged in September 2017. So the World Bank project did deliver the goats. However, close to half of the them is now dead.

There is something that must be wrong with the project, with the feeding of these goats or if it deliberately destroyed. Since it didn’t take long time from November until the reported deaths of them in and around 28th December. The Local Government, the governors and the officials who was there as the project and give away to farmers. Must have known or seen the death themselves. Since the numbers of dead goats by mysterious virus/sickness/illness. Should be investigated and also give reason for sudden deaths.

That the Burundian government should care is that this was donations given to them and for their people. These goats was part of LVEMP II, which ended on 31st December 2017. That leader Jian Xie should be questioned and the procurement of the goats, should be looked into. Since its weird that 3000 goats die in such short span and part by one WB Project. That Veterinarians have given the living goats some sort of medicine, but if that is the remedy to stops the deaths is uncertainty. The government itself also want to isolate the ones in these districts. That meaning to narrowing who has the sickness and stop the spreading of it.

What is special if the reports of importing Ugandan goats that has created this through the WB Project in November 2017. That ended in massive deaths in the stock in December. That is now reported in January,. That this isn’t big news, is that the WB Project ended on the 31st December and the Burundian government, know they cannot push funding out a stopped project. Unless, the government will try to find blame from the procurement and the imports of it. Then, the Burundian government has a case, since its a big number compared to the numbers officially given by LCEMP II in Kirundo District in November. That means close to half has died since they was given.

It is all mysterious, we will certainly not know why until investigations are done or someone actually talk. Peace.

Burundi: CNARED-GIRITEKA – “Declaration Relative AU Referendum Sur La Constitution” (07.01.2018)

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