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Opinion: Going “Commando” or “Pantyless” on Election Day, doesn’t make sense to me!

When I think of not wearing panties, I think of Sharon Stone and Basic Instinct from 1990s. Not Elections.

One of the speakers, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga challenged women to unite and put their political differences aside as they fight against discrimination. “It is high time we show men that we can do it in style and support each other. On election day, we are all going to be pantyless just in case that demon of not voting for a female candidate catches up with you while in the ballot box. You can always lift up your dress and remember that you are a woman,” declared Misihairabwi to ululations from the crowd who showed full support for the move” (Bulawayo 24 News – ‘Zimbabwean women to go ‘pantyless’ on election day’ 06.04.2018).

This is the newest idea from the Movement for Democratic Change MP from Matabeleland South Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, what I am wondering about, what is the purpose of the exercise? Because, going “commando” or pantyless is usually for other reasons, which has nothing do to with the gender equality and neither a feminist stance. It is more lust driven and sexified. My own personal experience, it the times my girlfriends has gone without, they have been ready to make-out. But that is just what I know from my own experience. That is not the sort of drive, I expect woman or men to have when their voting.

It is okay to be excited and be energized for an election, that you pick the leadership and try to get the right person to represent you. That is why we have elections, so the right leadership and government officials can be there to represent us all. That’s across the board.

Part of me is sure that the woman who votes, know their gender and know it very well. Without looking down on their own genitalia. I have a hard time to believe in demons within it too, because than we men have to wonder if deliver demons from our penises. The demons has to come from somewhere and the politician here is closer to some rare religious leaders. The one I am first thinking of is Prophet Mboro, who has said this:

He said “an invisible man” visits people in their sleep, sometimes rapes them, and then they contract sexual diseases or develop disorders. This is due to spiritual forces, claims Mboro, who speaks to “those underwears” as he anoints them. “The power of God will get in,” he says” (News 24 – ‘Holy underpants! Prophet Mboro explains blessing panties’ 19.04.2016). So the MDC MP is sounding more like Mboro, than a serious politician. That is not a good look, because she is evidently believing the same.

Cosmopolitan described reasons for going pantyless like this: “Skipping your undies has practical advantages. First, you eliminate that dreaded wardrobe woe, visible panty lines. Second, you’ll never do an emergency load of laundry because you’ve run out of clean underwear. Plus, briefs and thongs can be icky sweat magnets. But it’s also about reveling in your sexy side. “Not wearing panties is risqué; you get a naughty rush knowing you’re so exposed,” explains Los Angeles clinical sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD. Removing the barrier that shields your intimate anatomy makes you more in touch with your innate sensuality, she adds” (Sara Bodnar – ‘Why It Pays to Ditch Your Panties’ 19.10.2012, Cosmopolitan).

So if the MP wants the woman to have a rush or a show their sexy side while voting, that is fine by all means. But there would be other ways to empower and to offer more for woman during elections. Than, just themselves taking of their panties. Unless, they want to entice men to vote in the same way. That would be using their sexuality in favor of political parties, but then they automatically objectified and that is clearly not progress in gender equality.

To go commando, should have nothing to do with Election Day. The MP should instead try to educate and show how the process is, even give possible reasons for voting for her party. This is not empowerment, not as I can see, unless you want to make elections sexy. I don’t know if that is a good idea. Because policy and governance, should be key in that. To make the government work better, both locally and the central government. Cannot see wearing panties or not will make a difference while voting. Unless, the woman want to make-out with returning officers and the electoral personnel from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

But that is just me… Maybe I am wrong, but then again, I am not commando. I am wearing my boxers. And see politics differently, I suppose. If am wrong, please enlighten me. Peace.

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Skeet Skeet Skeet: Stormy Daniels Sues President Trump!

Fish in another man’s pond and you will catch crabs.”Habeeb Akande

The affair of the past that continues to haunt President Donald J. Trump, who had a wife at the time who was his third, Melania Trump, who happen to give birth to Barron Trump. The youngest of his kids. So in the days and months as she was pregnant and was with his child. The now President couldn’t hold his fingers away from woman. Now the “Stormy Daniels” Affair is spawning, as the Porn Star has sued Trump and his Trump Organization. She is named Stephanie Clifford and has apparent reasons for suing the President. As I will detail the juicy part of this, since any President who has a past with a Porn Star should be careful. Especially, when you have used Bill Clinton’s womanizing efforts in his own campaign. He should be extra careful to address others for what they did. I say that, because you cannot speak of loyalty and of loving woman, and then cheat on your own wife. We knew that was how the President met his Second Wife Marla. The one before Melanie, the first lady now.

So this is seriousness, as the adultery should be shown and be admitted, as the President cannot talk ethics and how to be right, when he acts against the beliefs he spews in public. You cannot speak of wanting to make the world better for the poor and give tax-breaks to the rich. You cannot speak of abstinence and respect of marriage. Than later show that in your past, you have broken the codes, you have had secret relationships and you have acted against your wife. When she needed you most. That is what the President has done. And his people has in vile attempts tried to cover it up.

Now Stephanie is shedding light on the affair and it really shows how conning this man is and how the people around him act. They are letting him get away and giving him way to betray his own wife. He even had a new nickname David Dennison. Like he was a figure out of a bad sitcom. “Mister Dennison, how you doin’?”.

The intimate relationship begun in 2006 and lasted into 2007. The allegations of illegal affairs isn’t in the sense of adultery, but the usage of the fixer and personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who made a “hush agreement” so Clifford wouldn’t disclose the matter to the public. During the time of the Presidential Campaign. That Contract was made by Cohen on 17th October 2016, this agreement used the alias that both were assigned, Trump aka Dennison and Clifford aka Peterson. This contract between the parties was signed on 28th October 2016. However, Trump never signed the contract, therefore, it is now alleged the Hush Agreement is null and void. Meaning, the reason for the contract isn’t there, because Trump didn’t verify his association with the agreement made between Clifford and Cohen.

Later the money was wired and stopped Clifford from disclosing the relationship to the media. However, Cohen wrote a wrongful and issued a Statement regarding the relationship to the Media. Even after this Cohen has continued to pursuit the goal of silencing Clifford from talking about it. Cohen even has sued her in Los Angeles. This proves that even after the agreement was signed, the lawyer and fixer of Trump has done what he could to silence her. It seems typical as the bullying of Trump is also being used by his lawyer. Who has also paid her with questionable funds and within the time of the Campaign. That Cohen even used a Trust Fund to Wire the money to Clifford. It shows how far the Trump Organization and Trump himself went to distance himself. To a point where he even didn’t sign the agreement. Which now seems foolish, because all parties hasn’t signed and made the agreement valid.

While Cohen went public and incorrectly misused funds through a trust-fund, while also coming out a wrongful public statement. This all shows that Trump and his partners wanted the relationship hidden and used a small sum of cash to silence the Porn Star. However, he didn’t accept the Hush Agreement or thought of the consequences of not signing it.

The storm is not over, but the tide is rising and the drama around the White House is far from over. Since even a Porn Star sues the Family Values President, the Conservative and the candidate for the Evangelical Christian Political Juggernaut in the United States. If hypocrisy is ever really defined, somewhere there, you have it. Mr. Pimp Named Slickback aka Donald Trump is at it and was it. His womanizing ways is now haunting him. Peace.

Record Breaking 4 Minute Plenary Session in the Ugandan Parliament yesterday!

The session started at 2:00pm and ended at 2:04pm, yes only 4 minutes! Members who are used to coming in after 2:10pm waltzed in long after plenary had ended. One is heard asking “What is going on here.. why did I even put on my suit?” (Sheila Nduhukire, 17.01.2018).

Yesterday was a weird day in the Parliament, the Parliament that has been filled to the brim during the Age Limit debacle and the strangers in the chambers. To a day of silence. Why it is so special is that the whole session with four Members of Parliament, 10 people in total and the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah adjourning it quickly. Some speculated that it was suspension if it.

The Deputy Speaker came with the argument that everyone was busy with Budget Framework Papers for the Financial Year 2018/2019. Hon David Bahati laid forward the Certificate of Gender Equality compliance for the FY 2018/19. Clearly it wasn’t interesting since none of the Members of Parliament showed up.

No one cared and no one had anything to say about Gender Equality concerns for the next financial year. For the Minister Bahati must know that the value of his work and his paper was pointless. Therefore it was adjourned before even starting. This is a mockery of the Parliament and of the Plenary Session, that the MPs didn’t show-up and that the paper wasn’t discussed. That the Deputy Speaker started the Plenary, but it didn’t amount to anything.

That the Certificate has little value should know be well-known since it took 4 minutes to skate off and take it easy.

It cannot be seen as important, even reported only 4 MPs, total 10 people inside the Chamber as the Plenary was starting. 4 Minutes are to little to be professional and even get any business done. Usually you need longer time 4 minutes to get anything significant done. The MPs knows this, the Deputy Speaker knows this and the Finance Minister knows it too. All of the ones who was in the chamber yesterday, should laugh and wonder why they even where there.

Because this was a waste of space and time. Well, it made 4 minutes of joy for the journalists and also the political active wondering what really happen. Why the Deputy Speaker ordered this Plenary Session and why they did it on short notice. He knew and the MPs knew that the Commissions are working on the coming budget and the Framework Papers to be put forward for vote later in the year. Clearly Oulanyah should have known so.

4 minutes of a Plenary Session is just nonsense, we all know that. Oulanyah want to look smart and not take credit for the waste. Clearly, it was foolish, we all can see it. The Certificate on Gender Equality is not important. If it was it would be more than 4 MPs and taken more than 4 minutes to discuss what the text of the certificate was really about. Peace.

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