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Sudan: FFC holds vigil marches nationwide, while RSF blocks all roads into Khartoum and arrests activists in Darfur!

Today, there are reports of demonstrations all-across the Republic. This is the the Forces for Freedom and Change is calling for a mass vigil on July 13 to commemorate the victims of the June 3 massacre. Today, the citizens has gone to the streets to show remembrance and showing the military that they will not be intimidated by them. The footage of the massacre of 3rd June 2019 has been shown worldwide and the TMC’s crime has been viral for the last few days. Therefore, they NISS, RSF and the army, better respect people’s will today.

Even if the TMC are continuing their mischief elsewhere.

Like in Darfur:

Today, there was 28 people who has been arrested in Darfur. They have been “accused” of belonging to the Forces for Freedom and Change. This is the sort of acts the TMC are doing, while they are negotiating with the FFC.

While during negotiations between the TMC and the FFC. The TMC is requesting a clause in the agreement, that gives them immunity from prosecution and freezing of assets. This is a clear acts of washing their hands of the blood and getting a free ride in the new Sovereign Council.

The Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) spokesperson have gone out to the media, saying that the negotiations are still happening with the TMC. As the discussion of the text and the agreement are still being ironed out. So, things are still being drafted and the clauses are not fixed yet.

The TMC and FFC are supposed today to look over the power-sharing agreement and the text itself. To agree upon it, as this is yet another step for the 3 years and 6 month transition period for the Sovereign Council.

There are footage of demonstrations today in various parts of Khartoum, Omdurman, Medani in Jezira State, Kassala in Eastern Sudan, El Obeid in North Kordofan, Port Sudan and in Gedarif in Gedarif State. All of this is showing that the FFC and the civilian organization of the civil disobedience and protests on the streets as they wanted. So, we are seeing the FFC asking for accountability and righteous actions for the fallen martyrs in the recent massacre done by the TMC and their armed groups.

Therefore, today is important, not only what the FFC and TMC is able to iron out in the power-sharing agreement, but also, if the TMC can let the public demonstrate, protest and hold rallies without violence. Even if there reports of arrests in Darfur. There are also reports of anti-riot police in designated areas, hopefully they will not act all out. Also reports of RSF/Janjaweed blocked the bridge of Manshia with barbed wire from stopping demonstrators to get to Sharg Al-Neil in Khartoum. There is also reports that the RSF/Janjaweed has blocked all bridges in to the capital, so demonstrators cannot enter peacefully into the capital on foot. Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate, as there are reports of RSF elsewhere in Khartoum on stand-by. Hopefully, nothing will spiral, but with these guys you never know.

Time will tell how this will go. But today is an important day in concern of the power-sharing agreement and with the peaceful protest. That the authorities, the military and the RSF isn’t acting out and adding more violence. Even when writing this, there is no reports of tear-gas in Khartoum 2.

Let’s see how this pans out. Peace.

Sudan: UN experts denounce Internet shutdown, call for immediate restoration (08.07.2019)

GENEVA – UN human rights experts* have denounced measures taken by the authorities to shut down the Internet in Sudan, saying it stifles free expression and association.

“In the past few weeks, we have continued to receive reports on Internet blocking of social media platforms by the Transitional Military Council,” the experts said.

“The Internet shut down is in clear violation of international human rights law and cannot be justified under any circumstances.** We urge the authorities to immediately restore Internet services. The Human Rights Council has unequivocally condemned measures that intentionally prevent or disrupt access to information online, and recommended all States to cease and refrain from such measures.” 

Noting that peaceful demonstrations to demand democratic transition continue to take place in the country, the experts highlighted that the Internet shutdown adversely impacted peoples’ human rights.

“The internet shutdown forms part of a larger effort to stifle the free expression and association of the Sudanese population, and to curtail the ongoing protests,” the experts said. “Internet services have been shut down several times since the beginning of the year, the last time on 10 June only days after security forces violently dispersed a sit-in and killed and injured more than a hundred protesters.”

“Access to information and communication services is crucial at times of protests. Restricting or blocking access to Internet services not only adversely affects the enjoyment of the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and participation, but it also has severe effects on protesters demands’ regarding economic and social rights,” the experts added.

Reportedly, Sudanese internet provider Zain-SDN was found to have the most extensive blocking scheme, covering all key social platforms, followed by MTN, Sudatel and Kanartel.

The UN human rights experts stand ready to provide any assistance to the authorities in this context.


Sudan: Did the International Community legitimize the TMC to soon?

Well, it is a hard bargain to ask this question, if the international community, the troika, United Nations, European Union and United States; Did they in an combined effort legitimize the Transitional Military Council with their 5 July 2019 Agreement with the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC)?

Because, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and praised the deal as an effort to get peace and stability. But what sort of peace and stability will it be? Will the NISS and RSF still be in the streets to create fear and intimidation for the citizens? Will the generals and warlords of the TMC really respect the civilians in the Sovereign Council or are they just stalling for time?

I do not have the answers and do not intend to have them either. I am just wondering if this was happening to fast. As I saw even the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) saluting the agreement. IGAD and African Union all joined the league of favourable partners like the TMC and FFC had to get it done. So, that the Ethiopian and AU Joint Mediation looked good or something. Because, they couldn’t loose now and see more demonstrations.

This is all post National Congress Party (NCP) and Post- Al-Bashir, alas, even as the henchmen of him is lingering around in the TMC and is most likely in corridors of power as long as the three year and 6 months transitional period is lingering on. This is all done in an effort to stop the demonstrations and protest only to get things to go back to “normal”. Whatever that means and at what cost.

We can wonder if the NCP and TMC plans to hijack the process, ensure the most juicy parts of the Sovereign Council, take the parts where they are initially in control and give minor positions to FFC to ensure stability. This all being done in backdoor deals and negotiations, as they don’t really intend to proceed to civilian rule. They are just using the three years and 6 months to buy time and hope international community forgets it all and continues to buy their petroleum. Don’t be amazed if that is the trick of the current arrangement.

Don’t expect the United Nations Experts to cry havoc for long, the IGAD are working for their member states, not challenging them. The AU will only make a fuzz, but not directly support regime change. Unless, the donors of the AU and AU Commission pushes it in that direction. The EU will support the Sudanese regime as long as it stops the refugee flood passing through the borders of the Republic. That it will do at any cost and the US will continue to support it, as long as they trade oil with them. This is just the way the world operates, and the Russians will be happy to trade military hardware and mercenaries to eager foreign currency into their Federation.

Therefore, was the world to quick to assess and scream of joy over the Peace Agreement between the two parties, making the TMC a friendly associate, whose still has the upper-hand but really not given up much after a massacre and continued oppression of the public. Because, the lack of internet, electricity and masses silenced by NISS/RSF continues. The case is still open to see a practical change in ways to operate from the TMC.

Maybe the TMC got the get-go from Saudi Arabia and therefore, just let it go. So, that they can do their ills in silence and have less public scrutiny, because they made a deal. Then, the NGOs and the UN will not be as persistent on their tail. They can run around with their bad acts and no one will act upon it. Only a few minor actors, but they cannot really change anything.

The TMC got legitimized, maybe to quickly for comfort… Who knows, maybe I am wrong. I hope I am, but these tend to trickle down with time. Peace.

Sudan: Dimming light of hope for a possible civilian rule..

Yesterday, the news was broken that the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) had agreed to peace deal. This deal certainly is a made in way, that gives way for both parties, but surely betray a lot of the ideals that the FFC had and the public had in the demonstrations. Maybe, the FFC soften it up and trying to sell it out. In hope for a negotiated and secured future, even putting trust in the TMC.

The reason why I say that is that the deal per now is a 3 years and 3 months of temporary leadership. Where it will first get 6 months to secure the peace. Than as a part of these 6 month, the Military will lead the new Council for 21 months, while the Civilian leadership will after this get a period of 18 months.

The Sovereign Council, which it has been named, will consist of 5 people from the FFC and 5 members from the military, as well as one civilian member agreed upon by both parties. Making it a Sovereign Council of 11. There will be a Legislative Council and a Council of Ministers, which will be formed after the new structure of government.

There will now be a joint technical committee made by African Union lawyers and the mediators of Ethiopia to finalize this agreement, as it will be finished by Saturday. Certainly, this is all a win for the military, as they will be by the table and no just co-exist with the civilian rule. They will have a say and possible have one man more than the FFC. This meaning, the FFC and the civilian will still be at the mercy of the army.

That is why this is possible a hard bargain, if the TMC have done this to buy time. They have really bought a lot for very little, as they seems like reasonable, while the foreigners are praising the deal. While the TMC don’t have to pay the price for the violence or the killings of demonstrators. Neither, the arrests nor challenged on the silence of the internet or electricity elsewhere. The TMC have gotten very much and legitimacy by doing very little. Even as these negotiations has been going on, the men of civilian leadership have been arrested and intimidated. Clearly, that has not cost the TMC anything and they have even gotten a sweet deal.

Even today, the day after the power agreement in Rabak, White Nile State, the Rapid Support Force (RSF) used their trucks on civilians, who after prayers went around chanting and celebrating in public places. Then the RSF came with 5 trucks and dispersed all off them. This is what the TMC does, while they are making nice to the world.

Let see if the TMC will backtrack or even try to overpower the Sovereign Council, as there are even expectations that the TMC will get the First President of the Council in question. This will surely avoid possible bloodshed, but if the TMC doesn’t get the will. Than, the RSF might be used by the TMC again. That might be the reason why the FFC accepted this half-baked peace-deal, as they saw the stalemate as troublesome. Since, the TMC have not shown their trustworthiness of late.

Time will tell, even if they get the PR shots and the showing of the world of a declaration and peace agreement tomorrow. At this point, I am not sure if this is good or bad, as time will tell if the TMC will honour the deal or not. If they will slowly try to overpower and misuse the legitimacy the Sovereign Council gives them. That is what worries me, but that is because I have a hard time trusting war-lords, as they want to grab as much as possible and uses negotiations only to buy time. Peace.

African Union: Statement of the Chairperson of the AU Commission on the situation in Sudan (05.07.2019)

Bachelet urges Sudan to restore freedoms, investigate violations and move swiftly to civilian rule (04.07.2019)

Bachelet said her office had received a number of allegations of excessive use of force by the security forces against protestors.

GENEVA, Switzerland, July 4, 2019 – As more details emerge about casualties during Sunday’s mass protests in towns and cities across Sudan, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday called on the Sudanese authorities to lift restrictions on the internet and launch proper independent investigations into all acts of violence and allegations of excessive use of force, including attacks on hospitals.She also urged the authorities to respect people’s right to protest peacefully and to ensure a swift transition to a civilian government, in line with the clear wishes of large segments of the Sudanese population and of the African Union.

The mass protests reportedly took place in more than ten major towns and cities, including Khartoum, Omdurman, Kassala, Gadaref, Madani, Port Sudan, Atbara, El Fasher, Nyala, Zalingie and Kosti, in response to calls from the Sudan Professionals Association to support demands for a civilian-led transitional authority.

Despite the total shutdown of the internet by the Transitional Military Council (TMC) on 10 June, the scale and breadth of Sunday’s protests appear to have been unprecedented in recent Sudanese history.

Bachelet said her office had received a number of allegations of excessive use of force by the security forces against protestors. A senior Ministry of Health official reportedly announced late on 30 June that seven people had been killed and 181 wounded during the protests that day. He blamed much of the violence on the protestors, noting that the injured included ten members of the security forces.

The Sudanese Doctors Central Committee, affiliated with the Sudan Professionals Association, also reported that seven protestors had been killed in Omdurman and Atbara by live bullets allegedly fired by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and other security forces.

An additional three bodies of local activists were found in Khor Abu Anga in Omdurman on the morning of 1 July, reportedly with visible signs of torture, taking the death toll to at least ten since the start of Sunday’s nationwide protests. “It is essential there are prompt, transparent and independent investigations into how all these people lost their lives, as well as into the causes of such a large number of injuries,” Bachelet said.

Bachelet said she was especially disturbed by reports that, once again, hospitals had been attacked by security forces. The public hospital in Gadaref city was allegedly raided by joint RSF, security and police forces who chased protestors inside the hospital, firing live ammunition and tear gas, injuring at least one person. The UN Human Rights Office received similar allegations that RSF and police had pursued protestors into the military hospital in Omdurman firing tear gas and live bullets, and that a member of the medical staff was shot dead inside the hospital. The Al-Tabib hospital in Khartoum was also reported to have been raided by the RSF and police.

The UN Human Rights Chief noted that earlier calls for investigations into the killings, attacks on medical facilities and thousands of reported rapes and sexual assaults that took place on 3 June and subsequent days had gone unheeded.

“The RSF were alleged to have been heavily implicated in the mass violations in early June,” Bachelet said. “The fact that no serious action has been taken to investigate what happened then, and further in the past, simply feeds the belief that members of the RSF and other security forces have carte blanche to do what they want to protestors and other people. This is a completely unacceptable situation and the Transitional Military Council has an obligation to ensure that members of the security forces are held accountable for any crimes they commit.”

She noted that her offer on 7 June to deploy a UN human rights monitoring team to examine allegations of human rights violations committed since 3 June, had gone unanswered.

She said the TMC’s 27 June offer to release prisoners of war was a welcome gesture, but regretted that the 30 June deadline set by the African Union for a handover to a civilian authorities had not been met.

“This recipe of restrictions, unmet promises, and bouts of unbridled violence which are neither investigated nor punished is stoking massive resentment – as Sunday’s protests showed all too clearly,” she said. “If things continue like this, it will be a recipe for disaster.”

The UN Human Rights Chief said the authorities must issue clear instructions to all security forces not to use force against peaceful protestors, noting that use of firearms is prohibited unless there is imminent risk of life or serious injury.

Sudan: Sudanese Mobile Telephone (Zain) Co. Limited (Zain Sudan) – Notification of Force Majeure (01.07.2019)

Joint Communique of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the African Union Commission on the Situation in Sudan (02.07.2019)

Sudan: AU and Ethiopia Joint Proposal for the Settlement of the Political Situation in the Republic of Sudan (27.06.2019)

Sudanese Professionals Association: Press Release (29.06.2019)

Press Release

Security forces belonging to the Transitional Military Council (TMC) raided the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) premises and prevented the press conference, due to start earlier today- 29th of June- at 7:00 pm. We strongly condemn this repressive behavior which reflects the awe of the TMC from the SPA communicating with the people of Sudan, resorting to extreme suppression of freedom.

We hold the TMC accountable for the safety of SPA members present at the venue at the time of the incident.

We reaffirm that we shall proceed in the path of our revolution and the million’s march taking place on the 30th of June is a strong response to the this savage and chaotic behavior.

SPA Media Team

29 June 2019


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