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The Stormont talks stalled as DUP and Sinn Fein cannot find common-grounds for their Power-Sharing!

Today the Stormont talks in Northern Ireland was stopped after the negotiations wasn’t bearing fruit, the differences between Sinn Fein and Democratic Unionist Party we’re to big. Their approach to the devolution and previous agreements was apparently different. That is why the stalemate in Northern Ireland continues. This because the DUP are now in a ‘Confidence and Supply’ agreement with the Conservative Party.

It is ironic and sad that the DUP of Northern Ireland has to ask for the Taoiseach and Prime Minister of United Kingdom to participate in the talks. As the parties cannot find solutions or just actions to the problems ahead. Especially since the Prime Minister are already loyal to her partners in the DUP and not the Northern Ireland as a whole. She needs the DUP to have majority support in the House of Commons. They are a needed party to suffice her powers in London. That there are devolution problems and grand impartiality problems involved seems to come to the forefront.

That the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) seems to dwindle away, together with the 3 strands. There are little movement and any significant proof that Prime Minister Theresa May will salvage this now. She has already gotten invested with the DUP and that will over-power the Republicans of the Northern Ireland.

That Downing Street says James Brokenshire will engaged in the talks between the parties this coming week, isn’t giving me much ease. He is a crony of the London mob and the Conservative Party. It is not like he can deliver anything else than the memo’s and assigned mission of London. Not that the Sinn Fein or other parties of Northern Ireland will be respected. The Impartiality of London and United Kingdom is clearly a balance they cannot find now. That is why the talks are stalling and the deadline for devolution has passed.

It doesn’t matter what was said in the direct agreement between the DUP and Conservative Party, neither the Queens Speech. That is knickknacks of it all, but should not surprise anyone of the seriousness of the stalled approach to the GFA and devolution from London. As Sinn Fein came with this statement today:

Commenting after talks at Stormont today Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said:

Talks in Stormont broke up tonight without any agreement” (…) “The Sinn Fein negotiating team will be back at Stormont Castle tomorrow” (…) “After weeks of negotiations there is still no agreement by the DUP on the issues, of Acht na Gaeilge, the Bill of Rights, marriage equality, anti-sectarian measures, integrity and legacy, which collapsed the Assembly in January.” (Gerry Kelly, 30.06.2017).

That the other parties want to end the stalemate and give a new try for a power-sharing agreement between the DUP and Sinn Fein is clear. As they want the government running and make sure policies which is good for Northern Ireland appears again. Even if that means the misspending DUP and their Energy development needs to handled. Before the DUP uses their powers into new shady deals, even if they now have the support and the possible hand in the cookie jar in London. That can be seen by the massive tax-money spending in Northern Ireland. This because of the coalition between the DUP and Tories.

We can just see if the DUP and Tories will break the GFA totally, if they will stall the power-sharing or really create a non-government in Northern Ireland. So the devolution from Ireland and United Kingdom will not proceed in Belfast. Peace.

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