Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested after rallying the people of Arua Park in Kampala

Retired Colonel Dr. Kizza Besigye, who was arrested earlier in the city center together with three others have been detained at Nagalama Police station on charges of inciting violence” (Hits FM Fort Portal, 24.05.2022).

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said they would not prefer any charges against Besigye who recently announced a new phase of protest he dubbed ‘Ugandans wake up and we free ourselves’” (New Vision, 24.05.2022).

Streets in Kampala’s central business area remain on high-security alert after opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye beat surveillance to stage a protest against the rising commodity prices. Dr. Besigye was arrested and held at CPS earlier in the day. His reconfigured car was also towed to CPS” (NBS Television, 24.05.2022).

Today, the activist and political leader Dr. Kizza Besigye was able to dip-through traffic from his home and get down to down-town of Kampala Central Business District. As he continues his “Wake Up Call” campaign against the rising commodity prices in the Republic. A cause and a campaign he has worked to kickstart for a while.

To no prevail he was left behind and the authorities arrested him together with fellow activists in the vehicle. The Vehicle is now parked and seized by the authorities. It is now stationed at the Central Police Station of Kampala. While Besigye and his associates was transported out to Mukono and to the Nagalama Police Station.

We have to see if the people, the citizens and the ones listening to Besigye will take to the streets and demonstrate. If they will follow him in this campaign and protest for the cause. However, that is yet to be seen. Since the state is ruthlessly targeting the man and arresting him. His getting pending cases and charges over this. As the authorities is monitoring him, but at the pockets of time… his still able to get out and be on the front-line after two weeks of battling to get there.

Besigye has been blocked and silenced for trying to convene these messages for so long. It just shows his resilience, as the authorities uses the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and other means within the Penal Code to charge the man. As he never gives up and hopes one day that the revolution will transpire. However, it is hard to see that. As his met with injustice and impunity on a regular basis.

Therefore, time will show how long they will keep in custody and what sort of charges his getting. His used to be in arrest and being detained. That’s something that his well versed in and isn’t anything new. However, it just shows how the state operates and how his a target, because his been the vocal opposition for so long. Peace.

Two MPs arrested for visiting Besigye

Just as Dr. Kizza Besigye got arrested for stepping out of his compound in Kasangati, Wakiso district. His detained in a police van outside his home by the Police Force, as he planned to continue his demonstrations and protests against the rising commodity prices.

So, as that happened, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and associates of Besigye wanted to show him support and help his cause. Today this was Anna Adeke MP and Joan Acom Alobo MP who themselves got arrested for showing up. They were apprehended and taken to Kasangati Police Station. Where they are currently detained.

These two MPs was arrested for going to Besigye. They did not participate in any protest, demonstration or an illegal gathering. No, they were visiting a fellow political leader and a party associate. Which they are all a part of. Therefore, this is a questionable arrest at best and should be hard to explain. As they were not violent or came with weapons. Neither did they bring a rowdy crowd. They just came as citizens and fellow politicians.

This is a pre-emptive arrest without any justification or reasoning. Only showing what sort of state of affairs the Republic is in. As two MPs are so easily apprehended and taken into custody. Without them doing any other thing than planning to drop by Besigye. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye arrested outside his home as he attempted to resume his “Wake Up Call” Campaign against the rising commodity prices…

Police has blocked Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, as he attempted to resume his ‘Muzukuke’ campaign aimed at reawakening Ugandans to stand up and protest against the skyrocketing commodity prices” (NBS Television, 23.05.2022).

UPDATE: Dr. Kizza Besigye blocked by Police again. The former FDC presidential candidate was planning to resume his “Wake Up Call” campaign in protest of high commodity prices” (NYCE TV, 23.05.2022).

We are seeing it again and again, that the activist and political leader Dr. Kizza Besigye is violently and brutally arrested outside his compound in Kasangati, Wakiso district. This is a common occurrence and only shows with the swift impunity the state authorities reacts to his every move.

They will cite the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and say it’s illegal gatherings, demonstrations and whatnot. That is what the state does and they claims it to be pre-emptive arrests. As they have certain intelligence to prove a worry or a possible destruction of public order. Alas, that is never proven or the alleged possibility doesn’t happen, because his not allowed by the Constitutional Order to protest or demonstrate, which the POMA law is countering.

Former presidential candidate Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested after he attempted to leave his home in Kasangati, Wakiso district. Dr. Besigye is currently detained in a police van. Dr. Besigye, who is currently the People’s Front for Transition leader, was heading to Kasangati town to resume his protests against the high commodity prices” (NBS Television, 22.05.2022).

So, right now his behind bars inside a vehicle close to his home. Just because he wants to fight for righteous prices and worried about people not affording basic commodities. That is clearly illegal by the state and the oppression is on high alert.

This is just tragic … that Besigye is treated this way and it’s never ending story. His fighting for just causes, but met with a brutal force of injustice. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye blocked again from protesting the rising commodity prices…

We shall not relent, we shall only move forward” – Dr Kizza Besigye (19.05.2022).

Dr. Kizza Besigye has once again been blocked by police in Kasangati town, Wakiso district as he tempted to drive to the city center with a megaphone mobilizing people to awaken & join him in the protest against the high cost of living and bad governance. Besigye who is heard chanting 𝑴𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒏𝒂 𝒎𝒖𝒛𝒖𝒌𝒖𝒌𝒆, 𝑻𝒖𝒕𝒂𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝒆𝒏𝒔𝒊 𝒚𝒂𝒇𝒇𝒆 says this is not a presidential campaign but rather a campaign for ordinary and marginalized citizens” (97,8 Kazo FM Omushomesa, 19.05.2022).

On the 12 May 2022 he tried to start a “Walk-To-Work” sort of protest from his home where they wanted to walk from Kasangati to the Central Business District in Kampala. Now after 6 days of house-arrest and having his home besieged by the authorities.

On the 19th May 2022 he tries for the second time to demonstrate and protest against the rising commodities. This is the second time in about two weeks where his trying to start and get people connected with it. To not accept the rising prices in silence, but protest the government over it.

That is really saying something and shows how the state is using the Public Order Management Act to stifle, stop and silence all dissent. While we can anticipate a further arrest and new period of pre-emptive arrest for Besigye. That’s because he went out of the gate and returned to the streets. Instead of being on Twitter like the First Son. He went straight to the people.

That’s how Besigye roll and he came to Kasangati town and tried to enter the it with a message. However, the authorities blocked that entry and his not allowed to be active. His supposed to be a retired and chill person in his own compound.

This story is far from over and we should expect more. Besigye is a relentless fellow and a person of integrity. So, he will be on the forefront yet again. He will stay on the frontline and fight for the people, which he has done all these years. Peace.

Opinion: Besigye’s 6 Day’s of House-Arrest is the proof of everything that is wrong in the Republic

Since 12th May 2022 Dr. Kizza Besigye was arrested and detained in his own home. The surrounding areas of the compound in Kasangati was a “war-zone” with several of checkpoints and places of which the authorities was blocking any entry to him. This all happened after he tried to stage a demonstration or protest against the rising commodity prices in the Republic, which was supposed to go from Kasangati to Central Business District of Kampala. Alas, we know that didn’t happened.

What did happened was that the Anti-Riot Police came and squashed, quelled and silenced the small protest very quickly. It arrested Besigye brutally and dragged him away. They arrested him and swiftly transported him home. Where he has stayed ever since and wasn’t allowed to go out. Neither was people allowed to enter. First it was only his lawyers and yesterday they allowed several of MPs from his party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to see him.

Besigye is a citizen and has his rights, which is based in the 1995 Constitution. However, those are violated and taken away at any given moment. The Public Order Management Act is a proof that demonstrations and protests are only allowed by some, but not by others. POMA is a law made to silence Besigye and his supporters. This because they could create a revolution and end the regime. That’s why POMA is a tool of oppression, since it takes away the citizens rights to demonstrate and protest. It is not only Besigye, but everyone else. That’s why the same law has been used to block Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from having concerts and rallies. Therefore, it is just a proof of everything that is wrong in society.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni speaks of bringing democracy and multi-party-ism, but it has also brought a ruthless system. The NRM has brought militarism and an open brutality where all who dissent can be touched, detained, kidnapped and possibly die on their watch.

The NRM will say they came and created order. The NRM will say they came with peace. But a peace for who? An order for who? Not for the public or the citizens, but for the NRM Elite and the rest has to beg for mercy. The FDC and Besigye has met the blunt force countless times. The same has happened to the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Bobi Wine as well.

The state is using pre-emptive arrests without court-orders, warrants or any proper justifications. They are claiming to have intelligence or safeguard of public order, but there is no direct proof of that. Only that the designated person is taken out of public domain and is silenced. That is all there is too it.

This is what has happened to Besigye again and again. He has been silenced and stifled in his tracks. The authorities has been monitoring him and followed him. They have stopped him from acting or coordinating his work. Because, they fear the consequences of it and don’t want to allow it to go it’s natural cause. Instead, it stops early and isn’t finished causes.

The latest is stopping an early reaction to the rising commodity prices… this is in away of taking away people’s rights to demonstrate or even gather. That’s the cost of this regime. They are talking of democracy, but one fundamental part of that is to meet and protest when something is unjust. However, in the state of mind of the NRM… that is out of the question and you shouldn’t even bother.

Besigye is just a symbol of everything that is wrong in society. Not because of what he has done or who he is as a person. No, his is that because his showing the Republic how it serves injustice, delivers impunity and brutal crackdown on civil society. Besigye is by being who he is able not only to undermine the powerful, but also undress them in public. His able to show the sinister and the dark side of the regime. That’s what he has been able to do and done successfully for years.

It has cost him dearly. Besigye has paid a price for doing. He has lost so many people around him and so many has been hurt. Besigye has been hurt himself and gone into exile as a cause of it. That’s why he knows what they can do to him and what the authorities are doing to others. No parts are not a target and not a possible piece, which the state cannot cause harm upon. Because, that is what they are doing and they proud of serving their master while doing so. Peace.

Dr. Kizza Besigye house-arrested on the 6th Day

“Police block several MPs at Kasangati-Nangabo junction as they move to visit our leader Besigye at his residence” (The Red Card Front, 17.05.2022)

There are over 100 policemen deployed around my residence. My immediate neighbour’s banana plantation is now part of the police barracks, where they are camped. They think that maybe I will disappear in that plantation” – Dr. Kizza Besigye, Former FDC Leader” (NTV Uganda, 17.05.2022).

The pre-emptive arrest and detention without a court-order persist. The state has not produced him to a court, delivered a warrant or done anything of the sorts, which would deem the acts of Dr. Kizza Besigye illegal. Instead, they are taking away his freedom and liberty for 6 days now.

This a continuation of the impunity and lack of rule of law. As the activists, political leader and citizen himself isn’t allowed to demonstrate, protest or even gather the public behind a reasonable cause. This is the misuse of the Public Order Management Act (POMA) which we all was afraid of when it became the law of the land. As it blocks, stops and silence anyone who wants to gather, political rallies or demonstrations.

So, without any real justification, only the words of the CP Fred Enaga his detained in his own home since the 12th May 2022. This just shows how the state operates and doesn’t respect people’s rights or liberties. They have let this one go on for more the 48 hours. By law they should do something, but not expect anything.

Yesterday, the lawyers representing him was able to enter the compound. However, FDC MPs who tried to enter the compound today wasn’t allowed too. They also struggled through several checkpoints and blockades towards the home of Besigye. Proving that it’s not only the home of Besigye that is sealed off, but the roads going to his home is blocked as well.

Update – later in the day:

Forum for Democratic Change party members, including Hon. Francis Mwijukye and Hon. Gilbert Olanya have paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Kizza Besigye, who remains under house arrest. The group carried some foodstuffs for him” (NBS Television, 17.05.2022).

These MPs was finally allowed to enter after persistent acts at any checkpoint and barricade along the way. Alas, a small battle just to see Besigye.. That isn’t justified and righteous. It shows what the state does and what is willing to do. Peace.

Opinion: The FDC needs to grow a pair

The current Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) high ranking officials needs to grow up and take their losses on the chin. Today’s news of possible dismissal of FDC MPs accepting Shadow Cabinet positions is foolish at best.

This coming from the same party, which have appointed Shadow Cabinets with MPs from other parties. So, this just shows a lack of growth or maturity from the current leadership. Yes, the FDC wasn’t consulted. Nevertheless, the FDC haven’t been willing to meet or greet the National Unity Platform (NUP) on earlier meetings either. Secondly, the FDC have retaliated and questioned the NUPs credentials and their agenda.

Therefore, that Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda is calling out like this. After what Nathan Nandala-Mafabi have done in the post-election. They have both been on the warpath with the NUP. These two have been comrades in talking ill of the NUP and their actions. While never accepting anything its doing. Neither, have it taking it lightly that none of the MPs was appointed to committee’s.

That’s why today’s words was striking. That they went this way. When the NUP have invited FDC. It has been seen as non-important and as a obstacle. This seems to be the same reasons for why FDC can avoid or even boycott IPOD. However, when FDC is appointed as the leader of IPOD. Than it becomes an important thing…

This sort of pattern is tiring. The FDC leadership better grow up. Especially, as this is supposed to the party who has for ages been in the battle and fought the dictatorship. The ones who can educate and show how things are done. They could show some heart and skill.

They should be happy that Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga have considered 7 MPs from the FDC. He could have picked several more from his own party the NUP. He could have filled the ranks. Still, he appointed surely in talks with his own and own their merits to various of positions. However, this is not good enough for the FDC.

Now… suddenly… the FDC wants to meet and drink tea. Who are they kidding here? What sort of game is this? Maybe FDC National Executive Committee (NEC) needs to have an extraordinary meeting to figure out the way to be a ordinary opposition and not the leader of it. Since, this is the first time in ages. The FDC is demoted and they should be gracious to be considered this big.

Even, if some of the big-men and the long-term MPs wasn’t appointed here or in May to the Committee’s. Still, they should just be happy and accept this. Just like the other opposition parties took their part. When they were at the helm and appointed the Shadow Cabinet. That is what the FDC should do now.

Well, maturity is clearly not this party thing. They are not able to show it. Neither, to take things to heart. Everyone is supposed to play after their tune and dance. However, no one else is supposed to counter or try on their own. That’s how this looks. This coming from one of the persons who has attacked the NUP after the elections.

That’s why this is tiring. This part seemed like someone you could look up to and get engaged in. That was just a lie. As they are only in it for their own and play by own rules. Never, accepting what other people does. Especially, the NUP should just follow and do the two-step. Never ever act on its own.

That’s why the FDC cry foul now and even wants to dismiss it’s own. They are so broken and lack moral courage. To even be gracious and move-on. They are not the big-dog anymore. Be leaders, act mature and take it on the chin. Show your character over this term and try again.

The FDC seems to lost their vibe and their Mojo. Like they have lost some vital parts and cannot operate in good faith. These folks who talks big. Should also act big. However, that’s to much to ask.

They are all for Democratic Change, but cannot the democratic change that has happened in the Parliament. Which they are smaller and the NUP is bigger. It is time for them to accept and eventually move-on. In 2016 they could act like big-shots in the opposition and in 2011 as well.

Now, the tide is turning and they just don’t seem ready for it. Time for Najjakumbi to visit Kamwokya and speak to the leaders there. I don’t think it would hurt. It would be a lesson of humility and maybe of finalization of maturity. Especially, if the FDC would ever continue to lecture the newcomer and their rise to power. It seems to be the only reasonable thing to do.

Unless, their only game-plan is to attack the NUP and Bobi Wine. Just like the NRM. Peace.

A look into the Shadow Cabinet of the 11th Parliament

Today, Leader of Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) MP Mathias Mpuuga unveiled the appointments of his shadow cabinet. Now the opposition is taking form and the NUP shows maturity in their choices. However, there are some interesting choices.

We anticipated that the NUP would have an majority and it does. What is striking, after all the dust is settled… the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) get several of positions and other parties get it too. This is not a sole NUP operation. No, there are MPs from the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Democratic Party and Independents as well. Therefore, things has changed.

On the 28th May 2021 the first list was out and the ones picked for the Committees was mostly NUP and one JEEMA MP. That was a choice made by the NUP and the other parties felt left behind. Now, the LoP have taken them in, but don’t expect that to accept it or be gracious. Because, for instance the LoP have left behind the likes of Nathan Nandala-Mafabi and Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda. These will be foul and cry out loud. We just know this and be aware.

So, now on the 25th June 2021 the LoP have made this list and it’s a total of 30 members. There are 30 people in the shadow cabinet. While the original cabinet is at 81. So, they have slimmed it a little bit, but still giving roles to plenty.

It is a friendly reminder of a rising star in the opposition is to see Kampala Woman MP Shamim Malende, the lawyer and MP on the Justice and Constitutional Affairs. She’s one of out of plenty who has been called an “iron lady”. So, it will be interesting to see how she plays this out. As this is her first term as MP and being in Parliament. Been vocal as a People Power Movement lawyer and a critic fo government. Now, she has the moment to prove her skill and use this office for some good.

A person who didn’t need a party primary, but became the party flag-bearer nevertheless was Fortunate Rose Nantongo. Who replaced her deceased mother as the MP. She became the Democratic Party (DP) nominee after a handwritten application to the party. The rest is history and now she’s appointed to the Shadow Cabinet to the Gender, Labour and Social Development.

The Former Presidential Candidate Abed Bwanika is appointed to the shadow cabinet. He has turned into a NUP MP as well. It will be interesting to see a man like this who has been fishing fr relevancy and found his way to get into office. Now, will be in the shadow cabinet for agriculture. The former People’s Development Party (PDP) and who was so close to be part of the DP Block as well. This is why, I will find it interesting, if he will seek for McDonalds to trade in Uganda.

Then you Karim Masaba, the Independent MP for Mbale. Who is NUP Leaning. He is a childhood friend of Mityana MP Francis Zaake. Bobi Wine supported his candidacy directly and he was part of the NUP convoy, which routed across Mbale in 2020. Now his appointed to the Shadow Cabinet for the Tourism and Wildlife.

Surprise appointment at this point was Francis Mwijuke MP of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). We know he has a long history with Mpuuga. They have been together in the struggle since the Action 4 Change in 2011. Mwijuke is on his second term in office and been a vocal critic of the state. Still, he seemed very in favour of Kadaga as a speaker and not just doing it as a strategy. That’s why it’s interesting to see him in the Shadow Cabinet in the Trade & Industry.

Another interesting choice from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was Anna Ebaju Adeke. She is the former Makerere Guild President and has a Bachelor of Law. Other than the public known things, she has incorporated an foundation in 2020. This was the Anna Adeke Foundation Limited on 25th February 2020. In 2018, she was part of the deflecting MPs to the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT). However, that had to be short tint and only seeing if the ticket was viable. Since, by the times of elections she has gone to the FDC.

The one and only People’s Progressive Party MP Santa Okut have been appointed as well. She has represented the PPP before in the Parliament that was in the term of 2001 to 2006. The return is after a third try and never losing hope of returning back to Parliament. So, it will be interesting to see what she does and what ever she will do. As she’s alone in Parliament for a party founded in the early 2000s. Time will tell and she is appointed in the Shadow Cabinet for the Special Regions.

My last appointed that I find interesting… was Forum for Democratic Change Gilbert Olanya MP. He has been an Independent MP, but he become a FDC MP over time. He was another FDC MP who vied for Kadaga as speaker. Still, he been a resilient opposition MP. Who has been arrested for demonstrations in his district. This man hasn’t had it easy and put his work in. Still, it was interesting to see Mpuuga choosing him. In the Shadow Cabinet he will be working on the East African Community (EAC).

Just as we comments and look through the vast lists of Cabinet Members. The Shadow Government needs to be addressed as well. Not just praised, but wonder of their credentials too. This is why I do this. This is the first cabinet of Mpuuga. He has shown great heart, but let see how this plays out. Peace.

Opinion: Mwijukye, why the love for Kadaga?

Comrade Kadaga, the mother of the Nation, we feel the embarrassment you are about to find yourself in; it wont be brought by A4C but the foolish leaders in this country. we cant pretend that uganda is secure and peaceful, our guests must be welcomed with mambas, fed on teargas and entertained with gun shots so that they confirm that we have a ssebalwanyi in charge of uganda” Francis Mwijukye (12.03.2012).

Something’s doesn’t make direct sense to me. Especially when someone who has been resilient and a hard-liner like Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Francis Mwijukye MP is supporting the Speakership of Rebecca Kadaga. He has been elected as MP twice and in both terms he has supported Kadaga. Which to me is showing loyalty to the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Why are you in opposition? When you are acting and directly promoting NRM Cadres to the throne? Why are you even blue, when you could easily turn yellow?

I am just asking. Because, this man was supposed to know better and be better. I was shocked when Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine supported Kadaga and other NRM candidates during the campaign. I called him out for that, because it’s nonsensical to me. It is bad politicking and your only showing that you can be a sell-out and the motivation to run against the regime seems futile. When you are trading posts and benefits from wheeler-dealing. Then you initially corruptible and can be in their pockets.

That is also my worry here. Has Francis made arrangement behind closed doors for beneficial treatment in Parliament and therefore is settling for Kadaga? Was the gig at Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) that enriching for you? Is the juicy pay-off of the Parliamentary Commission, which you have held since March 2019 so dear for you?

Well, I don’t have the answers for this, but it is weird to see a man like this suck-up to Kadaga and doing it twice. This after fighting tooth and nail to get into Parliament. Been running campaigns and activisms for years to sell-out this quick. That the possible perks in office and additional pay could sway his opinion. That’s his not even loyal to the party line. His going yellow because he see shillings in the end.

It is all about those ends… and getting more money. That is more important than morals, loyalty and even the cause, which got him elected in the first place. He was a man of not only words, but actions. The messages he sent and the rhetoric has turned.

He called Kadaga an “Angle” and that doesn’t make sense. Because in her time… the Parliament haven’t acted on abductions, political prisoners or extra judicial killings. The Parliament in her time haven’t acted on the political activated prosecution of dissidents and opposition activists. The Parliament have allowed a take-over of the Special Forces Command and push through a “Life-Presidency” Project for Museveni. She is the carrier of the all the policies and acts, which is the will of the “High Above”. So, it’s weird that he supports and are behind her now.

It seems to be all about the money and its deliberate. It is sad to see a man like this trade his history, time and all the efforts on the alter of greed. That he could get corrupted and be less genuine. However, it is not shocking, because that is what Museveni wants of the commercialization of politics. That he can buy the ones on the other side and get them hell-bent his way. Get them from being vocal supporters into lovely cadres like Beti Kamya and Beatrice Anywar. They also went this route.

Seemingly in the 11th Parliament Mwijukye is following suit. It is tragic and a loss. Nevertheless, nothing new here. He just want to enjoy the spoils and feel the shillings rolling. That’s why the party-line and the opposition stances doesn’t matter. His just another corrupted individual enjoying the riches on behalf of his community. Peace.

“Scientific” Elections with 15 new counties: These MPs are touched by the changes

The second document released today on the matter

This is common at this day and age, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is carving out new districts and constituencies at a rate where the state functions are not in place. Neither the designated government services either. The only thing that get in place is the high ranking officials for the Parliament. The rest is left hanging and the district, sub-counties and parishes are left alone. Only the big-men eating in the capitol, while the province is starving.

This is the steady business model. Before every election this is happening. There is swift changes of constituencies and sub-counties. In a manner, where the electoral history of the area vanishes and the amount of voters gets squandered. It is all made to ensure possible rigging and tricking with the ballots.

What is interesting that the Cabinet are hitting certain areas. Where the MPs are less popular or where the President the constituency was erased from the map (Buhweju county). We have seen that in our day and now his carving that one out too. Just to secure a possible NRM MPs instead of opposition ones. That is just what he does.

MP Party Constituency
Keefa Kiwanuka NRM Kiboga East
Francis Mwijukye

Oliver Katwesigye Koyekyenga



Buhweju County
Hilary Obaloker Onek NRM Lamwo County
Baltazar Kasirivu Atwooki Kyamanywa

Onesimus Twinamasiko



Bugangaizi West

Bugangaizi East

Peter Lokeris Teko Aimat NRM Chekwi County
Jacob Oboth Marksons Independent West Budama County South (Mulanda Sub-County)
Nelson Lufafa NRM Buwekula South (Jinja Northern Division)
Tonny Ayoo NRM Kwania (Kwania North)
Moses Walyomu Muwanika NRM Kagoma County (Jinja district)
Matia Kasaija NRM Buyanja County (Buyanja East)
Peter Ogwang NRM Usuk County (Ngariam Sub-County)
Otto Edward Makmot NRM Agogo County (Agogo West)
Stephen Kangwagye Rwakanuma NRM Bukhanga County (Bukhanga North)
John Kamara Nizeyimana NRM Bukimbiri (Bufumbira North County, Kisoro District).

This here is my quick fix list of people hurt by the changes. This is the key MPs who will have changed constituencies or counties, which implicates their voter mass and their reach for ballot in the up-coming elections. Incumbents can struggle with the changes of carved districts. That has been proven before and could easily happen again in 2021. As the Parliament is ushering these in from next year. Just in time for the 2021 General Elections. Peace.

The first document released today…
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