The People’s President successful campaign in Kiboga district; He got a injured man in the middle of the campaign trail into the local Hospital; Even when the Calvary was barricading the hospital

This is the story of how Dr. Kizza Besigye saved yet another traffic accident victim on his campaign trail in Kiboga. Showing yet again through character. As a leader should do and also showing humbleness towards the police in a incident where they could have made the event turned sour. He didn’t visit the hospital to show the world the state of the hospital, but to help the citizen in need. See what the reports said!

Kiboga Accident and Save - Kizza Besigye

Dr. Kizza Besigye has rushed a man involved in a nasty accident to Kiboga hospital. The accident happened in Kiboga town when two bodas collided. Dr. Besigye surrendered his car to rush the injured to the nearest hospital.

The hospital was found manned by police as always but Kizza Besigye had no time to negotiate with them.
He entered the hospital and witnessed how the injured was given the first aid. Police was seen perplexed but the DPC later gathered some courage and greeted Dr. Besigye with a firm handshake.

Health workers,Patients and care takers immediatly gathered and surrounded Dr. Besigye and demanded that he greets them as police helplessly looked on.

After delivering the injured man: 

Dr. Kizza Besigye addresses hia supporters right at the entrance of Kiboga hospital shortly after dropping a man who had got an accident in Kiboga town. Police men were just looking on in astonishment.

Kiboga Hospital Rally 21.01.2016

Rest of the Campaign trail:

FDC Lwamata 21.01.2016

Lwamata, Kiboga district. The People’s President making a conversation with voters about equal opportunities and shared prosperity.

Kiboga Town Rally 21.01.2016

He contined the campaigns. As follows: Kizza Besigye arrives in Kiboga town play ground. Kiboga has also made its statement. Residents here reported to him the problems in the district which include among others land grabing and illegal evictions from land. From here Team Kizza Besigye is to resume campaigns in Kyankwazi district.


Baryamureeba suspends campaign after first rally (Youtube-Clip)

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