Fiji: NGO Coalition on Human Rights – Police Brutality a Sign of Failing Democracy (01.05.2022)

Fiji: National Federation Party – Release: Bainimarama should first learn what GDP means before asking about NFP & Policies (19.04.2022)

Fiji: NGO Coalition on Human Rights – Press Release (10.10.2021)

Fiji: FWRM and FemLinkpacific – Joint Press Release – How low will they go? (29.07.2021)

which has repeatedly demonstrated its disregard for human rights, democracy, equality,

Fiji: SEEP – Governments clear blantant disregard for CSO’s humanitarian work (04.06.2021)

Fiji: Fiji Disabled Peoples Federation – Police Brutality on Persons with Psychosocial Disability on the Streets (18.05.2021)

Fiji: NGO Coalition on Human Rights – The NGO Coalition on Human Rights calls for a stop to police brutality in Fiji (11.05.2021)

Marshall Islands: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Republic of the Marshall Islands initiatives withdrawal from Pacific Islands Forum (25.02.2021)

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