Questionable use of FIFA Development Funds in the Nigerian Football Federation in the FY 2015!

Picture from the Iran – Nigera match FIFA World Cup 2014

On the 5th October 2016 FIFA had a “Central Review 2015 – Key Findings Report of the Nigeria Football Federation”. Where the International governing body are looking into the Finances of the Nigerian Football Federation. The report are describing the findings in Nigeria and the report are expressing of the use of the funds coming from FIFA to NFF. FIFA used the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to have the central review of the FIFA funds.

The report found out that there were 9 cases where there was no documentation of the use. These funds that were not reported was amounted to the USD $ 801,929. These funds were coming from the FIFA Development Funds. Those funds was not used aligned to the FIFA and to the prescribed purposes. The NFF could not to the PwC tell if the funds was used for fraudulent use. The PwC and FIFA had recommended because of this, that the NFF retained evidence of all payments made using the FIFA Development Funds, that the NFF should find supporting documents that hasn’t found adequate documentation. Also advised to the NFF were reduce cash payments to the minimum.

In the report NFF are saying that the planning and administration is the problem of the exchange rate, because of the parallel market crash and there is different in the sums reported. Second is that the NFF Youth Football there, is that the USD $ 92,375, which wasn’t in the budget for the Financial Year of 2015. Also, the infrastructure of NFF had contracts and tenders that wasn’t serviced as the awarding, and wasn’t as promised between the contractors. This is the issue with invoices from these has also been issues for the PwC Switzerland. The one reporting from the NFF was the Emmanuel E. Ikpeme, the Deputy General Secretary of NFF.

The report was interesting, but short. NFF central review was a limited scope. As the FIFA and the ordered review didn’t look into tax, financial statements, compliance with local laws, how FIFA decided grants for development funds, the IT Audit and other procedures during an audit. Therefore, the central review isn’t deep, but shows problems inside the use of development funds from FIFA. Peace.

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