The Parliament is at it again, still at Gunpoint and it’s Third Time the Charm for the Age Limit!

Hon. Nabilah Naggayi: “200 SFC officers brought into parliament in 4 vans to manhandle MPs opposed to deleting or amending” (Nabilah Naggayi, 27.09.2017)

Today is the third time in a row, this time the Plenary Paper has two motions considering the Constitutional Amendment, one from Hon. Raphael Magyezi, who is getting support from Hon. Moses Balyeku, Hon. Jackson Karubaga Kafuuzi and Hon. Doreen Amule. Clearly, all of these people wants to tarnish their reputation over a few extra coins of silver. At least the Parliament and the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is not trying to submit it in the last minute, but being upfront about it. The fifth minute on the paper is the other Constitutional Amendment Motion made by Hon. Sam Lyomoki and seconded by Patrick Oshabe Nsamba. All of this to secure the age limit is lifted in favor of the President.

As all of this is happening the Opposition MPs has been followed by the Police, even tried to house arrest several of them. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been ordered from up-high to be arrested. Surely the same has to be said about Dr. Kizza Besigye. Because they are followed. Ingrid Turinawe was arrested today as well. Moses Byamugisha, the Besigye aide has been arrested in Mbarara earlier this week and was released today. Clearly, the Police is working overtime, like they did during the elections to silence the opposition ahead of the Plenary Session today.

Uganda Communication Commission, if you did not it was biased before, it shows it now. Even if they did in the same month close down a radio station (Freedom FM) for hosting Besigye. When they have sealed of the premises of the Plenary Session and stopped the footage of the discussion of the Age Limit within the Parliament. It is something strange when without being called for or having to discuss security with the, which Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura walked around like a proud man in the Parliament. I am sure he is giddy with the knowledge of the trouble of the demonstrators and the opposition. That is what gives him energy to wake up in the mornings. Just like not solving the murders in Entebbe. He is such a pride to the force!

They say it is less police and army around the Parliament, but clearly, it is enough Security Officers there to beat one of the MPs, who are disagreeing with the lifting of the Age-Limit. To continue the charade, the Speaker Kadaga has banned all red ribbons, so they are all wearing red hats. To prove their discontent with the motion that is coming to the Parliament. We can just wait if the rumor of yesterday is true. That the Speaker will also ban and stop certain individuals at the Plenary Session after their actions this week. So expect a dozens of MPs suspended, as the Plenary Session will start!

AS this happens, as the republics guards are all out, all over the country and the man who earn everything it is abroad. It proves that he do not have the genuine support, he needs the guns and ammunition to get his will through. There is nothing positive in this process. As the motion are put at gun-point, the countless arrests and barricades. The militarism of Museveni has gone full circle, as he went in with guns, he will leave the earth with the guns. He will not free himself from the guns or the people from it either. Because he needs the guns, because he has no real support and he knows it. That is why the Parliament been a militarized zone in Kampala, as the opposition been house-arrested or 24 hours detained without charges.

If you believe in this bill at this point, he has put you into submission. There are not anything good. There are arrests and there is intimidation, nothing poetic.

We just have to wait and see if this end in something at all. If the rumors are happening or not. If the police brutality will continue in favor of the President and his cronies. We just have to wait and see. Who knows, but the ones who do is the ones who is ordering it. Peace.

Uganda Communications Commission: “Guidelines on Live Broadcast” (26.09.2017)

#AgeLimit: Updates on the hostile environment the government creates!

Hon. Magyezi looks on as he hopes to table a motion that seeks leave of Parliament to move a private members’ bill on” (NBS Television, 26.09.2017).

Today, there we’re no Age Limit Removal Bill by Hon. Raphael Magyezi who entered on a Plenary Paper Amendment after the Plenary Session started in earlier today. I was suspecting this, as it would the way the business is conducted in the Republic. The Uganda People’s Defense Force was defending the Parliament and blocking roads. This day has gone as it had too. Therefore, the scattered information from all over the country. Since the Republic reacted to the possible launch of lifting the Age Limit for Presidents. Take a look!

Dr. Kizza Besigye wasn’t house-arrested, but was able to get to Central Business District of Kampala, after driving from his home in Kasangati in Wakiso District. Clearly, they had to tow his car. They we’re trying to block Robert Kyagulanyi Sseentamu aka Bobi Wine, he parked his car at Casablanca bar and took a Boda Boda from there to Parliament. The Police Officers who tried to apprehend him, we’re also supposed to jump on Boda’s as well. But they we’re not able to get anyone to drive after him.

In Arua: “Three people arrested in Arua over #AgeLimit demonstrations as Polcie battles protestors” (Urban Television, 26.09.2017).

In Mbale: There we’re big demonstration in central parts of Mbale and around the clock-tower. There we’re Police Forces around.

In Lira: “Four journalists have been arrested for covering the age limit demo along Oyite Ojok lane in Lira town where a group of protestors reportedly stormed the street and lit tyres in protest of the move to remove presidential age limit this evening. The arrested include Denis Engena, the correspondent of NBS TV in Lira” (TNT.CO.UG, 26.09.2017).

In Pader: “The protesters, who had lit up tyres in the middle of the road, chanted slogans criticising the proposed move by some NRM MPs to lift the age” (New Vision, 26.09.2017).

At the Kampala Universities:

In Kampla like at Makerere University the Police throw tear-gas into Mitchell House. “Six students of Ndejje at Old Kampala police, 15 students of MUK at Wandegeya” (Harold Kaija, 26.09.2017). In Kyambogo University, there was heavily deployment of Police. Uncertain about how many who was arrested at Kyambogo.

Ten FDC leaders have been arrested in Luweero Town and Wobulenzi Town. Now locked up at Luweero Police Station. Luweero has been fired up. Masaka 10 arrested” (…) “BUSOGA: Four in Bugiri, Four in Namayingo One in Iganga arrested over Age Limit Demos in Busoga” (Harold Kaija, 26.09.2017).

In Parliament as Kadaga wanted sessions to debate the Age Limit:

Chaos in Parliament as the House attempts to introduce a motion for lifting age limit. Opposition MPs break into singing the national anthem ignoring Speaker Kadaga” (…) “Speaker Kadaga adjourns the House to 2pm tomorrow after opposition MPs sang the National Anthem for over 40 minutes effectively denying the NRM a chance to introduce the Age Limit motion” (Red Pepper, 26.09.2017).

There has also been reported that some of the MPs ended in a brawl at one point, there we’re some of the MPs who threw chairs, some even damaged their shoes. This was all before the Age Limit Bill was tabled by the Speaker, before the National Anthem and such. There are rumors which isn’t verified that the speaker Kadaga has written down the ones singing and plans to ban them from the next session. That means some opposition MPs might not be able to attend the session. When the bill finally arrives and get debated by the either National Resistance Movement (NRM) and NRM friendly Opposition Members of Parliament.

We just knew it was ending up like this. Clearly, the oppression is at high gear. Not to expect the Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to be forgiving, she wants to deliver her loyalty to her master. She wants to deliver to the President. The good news is that its postponed in Parliament, but the government continues to quell the demonstrations and it’s not big enough for the state to lose control. Therefore, they will continue to push. They will not give way. This agenda is not silenced as the NRM and the President wants this by any means. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: “Groups planning to use the cover of peaceful political demonstrations against the so-called Age limit debate to cause violence” (25.09.2017)

Opinion: Expect Magyezi Age-Limit Motion to enter the Plenary Session in Parliament tomorrow like a Ghost!

In the order papers for the Plenary Sitting at the Parliament tomorrow, there are no motion for the lifting of the Presidential Age Limit. Therefore, someone wants the demonstrations blown-off and silence the debate around the matter. Even if more people are working on their own private motions, which is all about amending the Constitution of 1995. Raphael Magyezi is the one sponsoring the now famous and unknown bill, that has not been released to the public. As it is not shown to anyone to discuss the words and the inner-implications, even if the ones knowing the purpose. It is to let anyone adult at any age to stand as President.

That is why the lifting the Age Limit is so problematic, as it is happening when it’s fitting the age of the current President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. This meaning it is only happening since he will be to old to stand for his officially 6th Term, which would be by my count 8th Term. Since he has already ruled since 1986. Therefore, that the law again gets amended to fit his life. Just like the lifting of term limits fit him well, just after he had been elected twice and needed another term. So its not like he changed laws to fit him before, this would be yet another step in President for Life.

It is not like he owns all of Uganda and their minds, its not like it is so strong as its ever been. Even if the state is more and more oppressive, closing radio stations (Freedom FM, Kabale) for having talk-shows with Dr. Kizza Besigye, arresting opposition leaders over nothing and demonstrators in general getting jail time without proper charges. Not like the Age Limit case is strengthening the Presidency, other than having a legal paper on his side. There is a weakness of the state, when there is talk and debate in Parliament. The government needs the army to guard the parliament and detain opposition leaders. The National Resistance Movement must know their weakness and little support.

As the 23rd September 2017, the Afrobarometer already proven in their survey that its over 75% who wants the Age Limit to stay in the Constitution. That means if the state changes, it does it while countering the will of the people, that means the Grand Leader, the Big-Man or Mzee, thinks he owns them and their his servants. Who are supposed to be humble and gracious for him showing them seconds of joys within the 30 years of power.

The Age Limit will be hostile, the continued drama will be hectic, the Police Force and the Army will be in the midst of it all. The only piece missing is that the soldiers comes into Parliament and arrest fellow leaders who votes against debate or motion. Since this is against the will of the President. It is just about time for it to happen. The Parliament tomorrow will be seen as a military commando-post. There will be blockades and tensions in Kampala, the demonstrations in Northern towns like Arua, Lira and even Gulu, might react, even new reactions in Bushenyi or others. It’s hard to know if there even will be reactions in Mbale and Jinja, as the FDC has had a stronghold there for long.

What we do know is that the official released papers of order of the plenary sessions it’s not there, but expect a crisis meeting between Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, where they put the Magyezi motion in play as if it was a ghost. As an unknown and sudden act that was about to shock the Members of Parliament, New Vision, NTV and all the other ones. Even if the UCC silence more stations and suddenly the NBS cannot show the Parliament feed. Because the Democratic Principles are so important to Mzee.

So expect it to be tabled and as a shocker, like a little grenade into friendly territory, as a mystic little bribe as the envelopes will be delivered in the NRM caucus, as they have the majority, as well as they can spend some cash on the Uganda People’s Congress and other shallow opposition parties if needed be. Peace.

Hon. Otto Odonga letter to Hon. Evelyn Anite: “Re: Notice of Intention to Sue” (25.09.2017)

Opinion: The Back-Then UPM-Museveni is someone I could have supported; but today’s Museveni is totally opposite!

Back in the day, long before National Resistance Movement (NRM), the whole bush-war and the hostile takeover from previous governments. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the freedom fighter and former Tanzanian student, we’re the founder and leader of Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM). It wasn’t a successful one at that, he even lost his district Member of Parliament position to Honorable Sam Kuteesa in the 1980 election. Clearly, the drive and the message didn’t sink-in, if not the rigging of Milton Obote was so rampant that none else than his candidates could win an election. Which is most likely if you followed the 1980 Election. The young Museveni was an idealist, not like today when the riches and stolen wealth has consumed the old-man. Who will find ways to buy his adversaries, instead of trying to reason with them? That is too hard for old man and he doesn’t even consider it. So today, I have dozens of outtakes of speeches he made while being a UPM leader. It is given that the times changes, as three decades of power and rule has eaten his soul. As much as the reality is different today, but the ideals and the governance he spoke of is still relevant today, as much as it was back-then.

“A Government that subjects its citizens to humiliation and desperate solutions is not worth the name and should hence be removed. It was the violation of this cardinal principle by Amin that forced Ugandans to take to arms to liberate their motherland” – Speech at Ishaka, Bushenyi District, Uganda Times (July 16th 1979).

“Uganda’s causes of disunity mainly spring from the fears that public officials are cutting up the national cake among themselves. During the last 12 years, most people especially the top brass had been grabbers” – Speech at a News Conference in Kampala, Uganda Times, (September 10, 1979)

“Ugandan would have been taught how to fight against dictatorship. Don’t fear anything. Amin used to say he feared nobody but God; but where is he today?” – Speech at a rally in Bushenyi, Uganda Times, (July 9th 1980).

“I am saddled by all types of unclean people in the UNLF government. Otherwise, things would have looked much better than they are today. Some unclean people are responsible for the suffering of the people of Uganda” – Speech at a rally in Masindi District, Uganda Times (July 15th 1980).

“Using a government position to a mass wealth is high treason. If the UPM is not going to be supported because it denounces such methods of getting rich, let it be” – Speech in Bushenyi and Mbarara District, Weekly Topic (August 27th 1980).

“Africa is tired of leaders who clings to power against the wishes of the masses” – Speech at the UPM fundraising at Fairway Hotel Kampala, Uganda Times (November 10th 1980).

The young man Yoseri or Yoweri is so more likable are reasonable, than the one leading the republic today. He has had no issues to rig himself, use the power of the army and police to intimidate and harass citizens. Neither, has he had any issues concerning the grabbing land and having cronies making wealth on the state coffers. It is like everything he stood for, was a shell that he decided to break. He used a sledgehammer against everything he believed in, when he got to power. Then he saw the potential and possible reach of power and ran with it.

That is why today he clings power against the will of the people. That why the army was the key group of people at his latest inauguration and paid crowds, not people celebrating his victory, because there was a small fraction of people who was cheering. Clearly, he knows it, that he has become everything he was up against as a UPM candidate.

When he had these speeches, the ideals we’re good and the man was talking righteous. Who knows how the wealth and trigger-happy donors in the 1980s and 1990s has sponged funds on him without any concern on how the funds gotten used by his government. As long as they showed some slow progress and had a few nice photo-ups for their timely magazines, it was funky-dory.

Clearly the revival of the donor-friendly environment and the possible all-control has eaten all his ideals, you can even question if he ever believed them. If it was a ploy to look significantly different from Obote and Amin. Nothing else. It would be an easy trick. Since, the relics of the state would so shatter the display of character they had. He could amaze and please with simple promises, but no need to keep them. That is why he promises industries and agricultural output today, without having any consideration for budgets or programs that is sufficient for this, if so he would have invested in it long time ago.

President Museveni is a shadow of his former self, the UPM leader I would have respected and cheered for, but the one he is today, I cannot stand and want to get rid-off. In a peaceful transition way, do not want use his tricks, there are better ways than bush-war. The uncertainty and loss of lives in the midst of that is not worth the coup d’état.

UPM Museveni, knew what Good Governance was and knew what a state was supposed to do. Not there to enrichen himself and the cronies, it was not there to prolong suffering and famine. It was there to serve and if they acted wrong. Fight them, dismantle them and get rid of the dictatorship. He is now the man he fought to bring down, he fought Amin, Obote, Lule and Biniasa. All of them got at one point played out by the men who was loyal to Museveni.

Certainly, the matter at hand, how long can he keep the ideals he believed in while leading UPM away from the citizens. How long can embarrass and humiliate citizens so he can stay in power. How long can he eat of the government plate without anyone toppling him. How long? What does it take, how much does the citizens of Uganda stomach of this mess? What is the final nail in coffin? When does the last drop of water hit the cup, so it spills over?

The UPM Museveni, anyone would consider as a fair and good leader, the one that is ruling today, has passed his prime and due date, long time ago. In addition, lost all his principles and values on the way, except for enriching himself and the ones who are by his side.

He is now the one he ones fought against, he is now mirroring the example of the ones who he overthrow. It is something rare and weird about it all, the UPM Museveni would say: “that would never happen, the Ugandans would not let that happen”. Well, they did and they fear you now, because they have seen your actions and your misgivings. They don’t respect you, but wonder how and when you strike. There isn’t a consensus, but a fear and tension to what you might bring, the game you set-up is for the ones who are abiding to you and the ones who could lose it all, since they are not your kind. Peace.

Hon. Muyanja Johnson Senyonga letter to Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. “Re: Proposal for the Private Members Bill on Federo” (25.09.2017)

Norbert Mao’s play is clearly out of Mzee’s playbook: as he ordered Nambooze to leave together with her supporters!

I Hate to say it, I have to admit it, at one point I admired his political savvy and wisdom; But with time I knew I was fooled. Norbert Mao seemed like a person for the future and who had it in him. The feeling now is that he has given up and accepted to be a fringe leader; Who leads his own branch, but not really having power. The Democratic Party is losing key leaders and people that at one point in time gained positive attention. The sort of acts of late is showing his weakness. The DP has become a NRM-lite, he might hate that inside, but the fringe leadership of his caliber, I am sure that is enough for him!

The President of the Democratic Party General Norbert Mao has ordered Betty Nambooze and her followers to quit the party saying their actives are threatening its stability. Mao says he is aware that Nambooze , who is on suspension following her rebuke of orders from the party leadership, is plotting to form the second Suubi pressure group and initiate it into party” (NBS Television, 25.04.2017).

Mao warned Betty Nambooze (Mukono Municipality MP) and Vice President for Buganda Region to desist from dividing the party along tribal lines. “I will not allow Nambooze and her factions to divide DP. It is not true that only one tribe has led DP to where it is today. All other tribes have played a role. Those who feel they cannot stick along the party rules, guidelines and constitution should quit and go where they belong,” said Mao” (Jaramogi, 2017).

What is interesting is that the Democratic Party leader are saying that Hon. Betty Bakireke Nambooze, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga, Hon. Medard Ssegona and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. These are the people and the members that Mao is warning today and wanting to scatter. That Mao does this and than claims the ones asking for them to leave. What is more unique is the Suubi claim, as Namboozi is the Vice-President Buganda Caucus and she just represent her constituency, as much as the others who are around her.

It is more like Mao is afraid of what this fraction stand-for compared to the central leadership of the DP. Therefore, he is claiming the Suubi and suddenly that came into the questions about the DP. Like a leaf in the wind, the DP from Gulu, who claims himself not play tribal games. Uses forged games as the Suubi, the wishing of the Baganda and Buganda kingdom to be a federal in a federation in Uganda. That Nambooze and the Baganda Caucus works against the other kingdoms and their rights. Therefore, if you smell through it all.

That Mao brings Suubi, the so-called resurrection of Kabaka-Yekka (KY), the Party went away around the time when Dr. Milton Obote also abolished the kingdoms in 1967, just years after the UPC and KY alliance had been put into effect. Therefore, hearing that the DP leader using the most striking part of kingdoms history in the battle between him and the Nambooze fractions. Seems like he uses the tribal warfare and uses his own ethical codes.

So the plan seems to use the control the party on the lines of his words and his play, as he and Fred Mukasa Mbidde plays with powerful words. When using the Suubi against the Baganda Caucus of the DP. The ones that Mao told to scatter. That they have to find a new home and get away. Seems like the leader doesn’t want to play fair. The DP Baganda Caucus and their members who follow the ones who wanted to have a conference in Masaka. It is has been twice now the police has blocked them in a short while.

While the DP have warned Nambooze… and suspended.. and now they are having stern orders sending her and allies packing. They are ordered to leave the party, get new homes, as well as been called secessionist and federor or federalists. The Baganda Caucus haven’t had this as a plan, more like they wanted to revamp the party and vitalize the interest around the “Bad DP”.

So now we know that the sensitizing and tribal misuse inside the party, are now tricks that Mao have learned from Museveni, instead of using natural leadership. Certainly, Mao has lost it… He is so weak and cannot let the other DP leaders act without his blessing… I never thought the ones once going against Museveni and claiming all sort of mismanagement in the NRM party and the state. That is nearly never happening anymore. The silence is killing the DP party and also why Nambooze now is ordered away together with her supporters. Peace.


Jaramogi, Patrick – ‘Norbert Mao Vows to throw Suspended Mukono legislator Betty Nambooze Out of DP’ (25.04.2017) link: