President appeals for aid in the drought-stricken parts of Somalia (14.11.2016)


The president announced that the drought situation is very critical due to the delayed seasonal rains, drought has struck parts of Somalia, worst affected are Puntland and north western Somalia of Somaliland.

MOGADISHU, Somalia, November 14, 2016 –  HE Hassan Sheik Mohamud, the president of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), has appealed to Somali pubic and the international community to urgently help Somali people affected by the drought in parts of the country.

“I appeal to the Somali people, wherever they are all over the world to help and stand shoulder to shoulder with their suffering Somali people who lack food and water due to the drought in the country. The government will also take an important part. The Gu’ season has passed without rains with earlier rainy seasons failing. So, the Somali people need to help one another and help their brothers and sisterswith food and water.” said the president of the FGS, HE Hassan Sheik Mohamud.

The president has also appealed to the international community to aid the situation urgently as it is time for action.

“I also appeal to the international community to immediately come to the aid of the Somali people in the affected areas before the situation gets worsened, it is time that an actual interference is made and aid is delivered very urgently in particular drought stricken areas of the country.” The president has appealed.

The president said that the drought has widely affected the country, but some areas are worse than others. “the drought is everywhere but in particular the drought hardly hitthe north western and North Eastern regions of Somalia of Somaliland and Puntland, where many livestock have already been lost, with people starting dying, in both areas the drought is very critical” said HE Hassan Sheik Mohamud, the president the FGS.

The president announced that the drought situation is very critical due to the delayed seasonal rains, drought has struck parts of Somalia, worst affected are Puntland and north western Somalia of Somaliland.

Somali people all over the world had previously taken part in collecting donations to help Somali people affected by droughts and the Somali president expects the same donations by Somali people reaching out to their Somali brothers and sisters worst affected by droughts repeatedly hitting Somalia due to lack of seasonal rains. In addition, the international community should also take their part. The government will make every effort to ensure it contributes to the aid.

Somali leaders led by Prime Minister Sharmarke and international partners attend crisis talks on a ceasefire in Gaalkacyo and agree a way forward to resolve the conflict (13.11.2016)


Gaalkacyo, 13 November 2016 –  President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali “Gaas” of Puntland and President Abdikarim Hussein Guled of Galmudug state met in Gaalkacyo yesterday to re-commit to a ceasefire in the disputed city under the leadership of Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke of the Federal Government of Somalia.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) in Somalia, Michael Keating, led a delegation of international partners that included the European Union Ambassador to Somalia Veronique Lorenzo, General Gebre of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, and the Deputy Special Representative of the African Union Commission Chairperson, Lydia Wanyoto.

Fighting in and around Gaalkacyo has resulted in at least 45 deaths in the last six weeks. An estimated 90,000 people have been displaced by fighting. The agreement signed on 2 December 2015 which included a ceasefire and measures to deescalate the conflict was not implemented. The renewed commitment made in Abu Dhabi on 1 November to a ceasefire, to support the return of displaced people and establish a committee to find a solution to the conflict has not been honoured.

The purpose of yesterday’s meeting was to reaffirm the regional leaders’ commitment to a ceasefire, discuss immediate arrangements as to how it can be implemented including the immediate establishment of a ceasefire monitoring committee, and agree on a process for resolving the issues that are propelling the conflict. Participants agreed to meet soon in Kismaayo to review progress on the ceasefire and make practical arrangements for moving forward on a lasting solution to the conflict. All parties recognize the critical role  that traditional elders, business leaders and civil society representatives must play in Galkaackyo, and the need to support their role to address problems and achieve peace.

“This was a very significant meeting,” said SRSG Keating. “The UN and international partners will support an agreement and practical arrangements to stop the fighting immediately, ensure sustained dialogue and help local communities as well as Puntland and Galmudug to resolve their differences, and further its swift implementation. Extremists and other rejectionists have an interest in undermining peace. This must not be allowed to happen. The personal commitment of the two state presidents is encouraging, but must be accompanied by full realization of the agreements. Violations of the agreement are unacceptable, and indeed those responsible will be held accountable.”

[Wish I had a bigger Microphone] The World right now is too Bloody…


There aren’t only murders and mysteries on the telly, its real life and not fiction as the Syrian civil war continues rapidly without whomever force and whomever ally around Aleppo or other check-points where the Presidents force, rebels or ISIS are shooting. The bullets don’t have names, but the men and woman on the side-line and at the battle who dies does; the men and woman who loses their life for themselves or a Nobel-cause.

As much as there are forces battling inside the Iraq nation as Government Forces are attacking together with American soldiers ISIS stronghold around Mosul. There are continued fighting inside of Afghanistan. Still battles between civilians and the Indian Army inside the Kashmir state that has issues there and on the Pakistan side of Kashmir. The long battle for freedom or justice, as the Kurds are battling for in Syria, Turkey and in Iraq; being the minority in the middle of the civil war in Syria and Iraq.

That is just some places, as the deteriorating state of affairs are attacking all sort of freedoms inside Ethiopia, as the army and Aghazi squad are killing and harassing the people’s in Amhara and Oromia states. Together with the arrests of bloggers, silencing media outlets, and detaining demonstrators, burning the homes of people and inflicting violence on the citizens. This state of emergency is used as a useful tool to oppress, silence and make sure the violence and killings doesn’t get out; while the Central Government works to find reasons and solutions to ways of total control of minds and bodies in the states of demonstrations against the Addis Ababa regime.

In Burundi the central government are using the Police and army, together with the Imbonerakure that are detaining, harassing, killing and torturing civilians, silencing the opposition and the ones not loyal to the  President Pierre Nkurunziza narrative of keeping power by any means. The Burundian Government has claimed that the Rwandan Government has created armies and guerrillas that wished for a coup d’état against the Nkurunziza regime. Therefore the fleeing civilians are in the wind as the Rwandan government has been wonder for a spell, if they would banish the Burundian refugees a place in the country.

FARDC Beni May 2016

While in the Democratic Republic of Congo, several guerrillas are still running wild, burning and killing villagers in the States of North and South Kivu, Katanga and so on. Where the foreign based groups that have been started in Rwanda and Uganda, continues to battle the locals for the valuable minerals; as even today a former M23 Commander Sultani Makenga who been in Uganda has crossed with a militarized group, surely from Kisoro as before to cause more havoc in the Kivu’s. The ADF-NALU, Mayi-Mayi and others doesn’t create enough death and crimes against humanity already, as the MONUSCO and FARDC haven’t the ability or will to silence them.

In South Sudan, the internal battle that started in July 2016, the resurgence of skirmishes between the SPLA/M and the SPLM/A-IO who are the TGNU and the Opposition party, which is the armies for President Salva Kiir and his former First Vice-President Riek Machar. That has since July battled each other with forces, in Western Bahr El Ghazal State, Equatoria State and Upper Nile State. There been fighting between the two in other states, but just show how big and powerful the forces are. The South Sudanese civilians are the losers who flees to Ethiopia, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, even in Congo because the Opposition we’re there has been asked to leave to other destinations. Therefore the internal power-struggle those fear of genocide, as still creating implications inside other nations.

In Somalia the Al-Shabab, the different state continues to have infighting together with the AMISOM mission. The running battles for land between Galdumug Interim Administration and the Puntland Government inside the Federal Republic of Somalia. Doesn’t really help for a peaceful session and making dialogue in the war-torn nation where Piracy and Khat been the ways of securing funds for ammunition and AKs, not for building a state and security.


Eritrea is closed and the continuation of the flow of refugees, as the internal controlling central government that forces the freedoms and liberties, as the men and woman does what they can to even enter Ethiopia, where they are badly treated. Eritrean reports are staggering as they are even supporting internal guerrillas in Ethiopia and Djibouti to unsettle their neighbours.

There are wars and running battles between government forces and rebels in Central African Republic, Mali, Mozambique and so on. This is happening in silence and without little flash, even as the ones are guerrillas like Boko Haram that are going in between Nigeria and Cameroon, to stop the Government from functioning and spreading fear of locals.

What is worrying how these actions continues, and how there are other I could mention, the issues in Libya, the Algerian complex and the Western Sahara colony of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Peace Ethiopia

The death that dies in silence, in the midst of homes, villages where their families have been living for decades, while big-men fight like two elephants; the grass get hurt, but the big-men be fine. The same is with all of these civil wars, the civilians are dying, the societies are deteriorating, the central government are controlled by little amount of people instead of procedure and rule of law.

The worry is how it becomes pro-longed, how the innocent dies and the power-hungry survive and the lucky get refugee somewhere else in uncertainty, like for how long can they stay, as been seen with the Kenyan Government work to get rid of Somali refugees in Dadaab Refugee camp during this calendar year, while the Somalian Federation if far from peaceful. Even as the Ethiopian troops has went home again surely to use their knowledge to chop heads in Amhara and Oromia. That is what they do now, they just doesn’t want people to know about it.

We shouldn’t allow this actions to happen, this killings, this violence and the silence of freedom, liberty and justice to our fellow peers, we should act upon it, question our power-to-be and the men who rules over these armies, the ones creating the havoc and the ones who are behind the crimes against humanity. Those are the ones that earning money on the wars and the ones that doesn’t want the words on the acts; those are the worst ones in it all as they are accomplices to destruction of lives and societies as we speak. Peace.

Somalia: The Government of Puntland strongly condems the continous provocation and aggression by Galmudug Interim Administration and warns of the Serious Repercussions of these Reckless Actions (06.11.2016)


Somali President welcomes the Abu Dhabi peace agreement signed by Puntland and GalMudug over Galkayo conflict (04.11.2016)


Both countries enjoy excellent brotherhood relationship and Somalia is committed to strengthen that mutual and bi-lateral relationship further.

MOGADISHU, Somalia, November 4, 2016 – HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia welcomes the Abu Dhabi peace agreement signed by Presidents of Puntland & GalMudug States of Somalia over Galkayo conflict.

Somali President appealed to both Presidents of Puntland and GlaMudug to immediately implement the signed agreement with full commitment to end violence in Galkayo so that a long lasting peace and stability is prevailed in the area.

“I call on Puntland President Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas and GalMudug President Abdikarin Hussein Guled to work together and to implement the signed Abu Dhabi peace agreement in order to stop the bloodshed between brotherly communities in Galkayo. The Federal Government of Somalia is committed and ready to assist both Federal Member States of Puntland and GalMudug so that the signed peace agreement can be immediately implemented without delays.” Said the President of Somalia

HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Government of Somalia hugely thanked to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for their tireless efforts towards the Abu Dhabi peace agreement between Presidents of Puntland and GalMudug States of Somalia. The President has also hugely thanked the UAE leaders for their leadership on Somalia in terms of the rebuilding of the country, the peace & stability and the overall progress in Somalia.

Finally, the President of Somalia stated that UAE and Somalia have a long bi-lateral relationship stretch back to antiquity. Both countries enjoy excellent brotherhood relationship and Somalia is committed to strengthen that mutual and bi-lateral relationship further.

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