Alert: Darius Tweyambe of the FDC has been arrested by the Police: ‘for collecting Declaration Results Forms’; Something he did on behalf of his Political Party!

Darius B. 2016 Poster

The continuation of oppression of Forum for Democratic Change is happening today, as one of their mobilisers was arrested today in Rukungiri. Darius Tweyambe was in charge of collecting Declaration Results Forms as he was a part of the Dr. Kizza Besigye team.

This was first verified by:

“the chairperson Elect FDC candidates taskforce Rukungiri District has been arrested and is being kept at Rukungiri Central Police Station ,informed are honarable mps ,mayor and the entire FDC family.

CALEB RK MUSIMENTA – FDC taskforce spokesperson”.

It has been later confirmed that he has been transferred by the Police to Kampala. The Police arrested him in Ntungamo and have not been seen since. The reason for his arrest is that he due to his position in the FDC he has the declarations results forms that the Police needs to destroy evidence of the rigged 18th February election. If not – he would be a free man and walking as a chairman and representative in Rukungiri. Not been taken by the Police as common-criminal as so many FDC Mobilisers and FDC Agents has been in the recent weeks.

This here is one of many, but still as important as the 300 others who has been detained by the Police during the recent weeks and also the other FDC Officials who has been and still is detained. Peace.  

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