Daily Monitor forgot the fourth candidate [Byamugisha] for Party President in the FDC!

I was no longer seeing any reason to participate in the FDC because as a youth I saw that we were actively engaging in the full affairs of our party. But following your announcement I can assure you that we are back”Moses Byamugisha

There are already speculation of the inner-party election in the opposition party of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). This coming in the year after the General Election. So the talk of who will become this is already in the making. Not like in the ruling regime, where the handpicked person of the President Museveni is handed the spot. The electoral map will during next month be released as well as the nomination papers will be released later as well. So who will go ahead for the Presidency in the FDC is still to come. But the Daily Monitor piece was missing someone, because they doesn’t take him serious yet. But take a look at the people by the people in DM!

Three people have so far expressed interest in the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change party presidency as the term of the current president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, expires on November 22.

Besides the incumbent, the other aspirants are FDC secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi and former Kumi County MP Patrick Amuriat Oboi. Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi yesterday, the party deputy spokesperson, Mr Paul Mwiru, noted that besides the three candidates, other FDC party members who are interested in vying for this position should prepare to pick their nomination forms” (Mukhaye, 2017).

So, the Daily Monitor expect the incumbent since 2012 Gen. Mugisha Muntu, and also Nathan Nandala Mafabi and Amuriat Oboi are running in this years race for Presidency. Why I am a little confused is why aren’t the paper also saying Moses Byamugisha? We can all expect that Gen. Muntu want to keep his position and lead the party further. Also, that Mafabi is hungry for more and also want to succeed. Oboi is more inner-party candidate with some swagger. Therefore, I was surprised that the Journalist from Daily Monitor didn’t mention Byamugisha!

Byamugisha has been the National Mobiliser in the FDC Youth League, during the recent campaign he did a lot of grassroots work where he worked to bail-out Youth Members who was detained without charges. He has also been a Dr. Kizza Besigye aide, so he knows the structures from the inside and worked within his means. Arrested he has been just by thinking to visit Besigye while under house-arrest, while addressing concern over the exiled FDC member Sam Mugumya and cases has ended himself in jail. Therefore, he knows the price of his political affiliation at this point.

So, when there was an official launch of his candidacy yesterday. You would expect a big media-house as the Monitor Group with their Daily Monitor, to be able to pick up the willing man’s bid for Presidency. Still, they didn’t but they should since his name will be visible and well known. Especially since he is Besigye aide who has been on the campaign trail with him. So there is something fishy when the DM doesn’t mention the brother. Like they have all the stakes at Gen. Muntu and Mafabi, because Oboi will get little or no traction unless he really has a heavy campaign. Time will only tell, but the DM should fess up and apologize for not mentioning the only man who has officially presided his bid. Even Muntu hasn’t said he would like to continue to be the Party President. Peace.


Mukhaye, Damali – ‘Three eye FDC top seat’ (30.05.2017) link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Three-eye-FDC-top-seat/688334-3947310-a3h7js/index.html