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Dr. Kizza Besigye Statement: “Today, was the first day of demonstrations in demand of an Independent Audit of the 2016 presidential elections” (05.05.2016)

Kasangati 05052016

Today, was the first day of demonstrations in demand of an Independent Audit of the 2016 presidential elections. On this day, matches were planned from FDC offices to assembly areas.

As expected, heavy military and police deployments were made in all towns; several leaders homes were barricaded; and many roadblocks were erected. This is all anticipated and good for the defiance campaign! The dictator’s forces are worn out, even before citizens take any action!

What was rather surprising, but quite in keeping with the panic and desperation of the NRM Junta now, was the statement made by Gen Jim Muhwezi, Minister of Information.

Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Kayihura, Attorney General Freddie Ruhindi and his deputy, Director of Uganda Communications Commission, and, ominously, the heads of major media houses, notably Nbs, NTV, and Vision group, accompanied Gen Muhwezi.

Jim Muhwezi Press Conference 05052016

In his statement, Gen Muhwezi said: “All live broadcast of defiance activities should stop. Any media house that continues to cover them risks having their license revoked”. He went on to intimidate the media generally about any coverage of what he termed “defiance activities”.

Deputy AG Mwesigwa Rukutana told the press that Uganda, as a sovereign nation, doesn’t have to abide by international covenants regarding press freedom and other Human Rights!

The disgraceful actions of the NRM Junta, to further curtail press freedom in Uganda, should be strongly resisted. The Uganda media practitioners shouldn’t take this lying down. International media freedom defenders should also take appropriate action.

Another action in keeping with the panic mode was the flying of fighter jets over the Kampala city and surrounding areas! Military spokesman says they were on “routine test flights”.

UPDF is ready on the streets on Mukono!

UPDF is ready on the streets on Mukono!

From Mukono and parts of Kampala and Wakiso, there are reports of a presence of soldiers that speak languages unknown in Uganda. This raises worry that foreigners may be involved in the massive deployments.This would not be surprising considering that in the 2016 election, members of the armed forces are known to have voted overwhelmingly for change. That may have put the loyalty of most UPDF and UPF soldiers to the NRM regime is in question.

In spite of the heavy media and physical intimidation, Ugandans came defiantly came out and demonstrated in many parts of the country. Main action areas included Lira, in Northern Uganda; Mbale, Busia, and Kamuli in Eastern Uganda; Rukungiri, Bushenyi & Mbarara in Western Uganda; Wakiso and Kampala in Central Uganda.Many people were arrested and are being held in various police stations. Some of the people arrested were actually not involved in the demo. Our leaders are trying to gain access to all those arrested.

Kampala 05052016 Tear Gas

I congratulate the courageous citizens that have defiantly demonstrated today. Many people were waiting for me to get arrested! As I’ve pointed out before, this is not about FDC or me.

This demonstration is about citizens having their votes count; regaining control over their country; regaining control over state institutions; and regaining control over national resources.

Citizens want a country that works for them: ensures their dignity by having decent jobs; ensures good health care, quality education, modern infrastructure; a corruption-free environment etc.

That’s why the demonstration, including the prayers, will continue until the people’s will is respected. We shall overcome!

More Footage from the #SitukaMay5 Demonstration in Kampala

Heavy army and police deployment quells opposition demonstration in Kampala (Youtube-Clip)

#SituakaMay5: More details from the Demonstration in Kampala + Side Notes!

Kampala 05052016 Tear Gas

As the Demonstration have set in and the Police Force have used the methods of the Tear-gas and ordinary violence towards the citizens; they had to put up the ante! They couldn’t show weakness towards them. So they had to send 3 Sukhoi Su-30MK2 Russian fighter jets bought by Uganda in 2012 flying over Kampala skies.

Kampala 05052016 Masses

It is apparently not enough to order people inside the shops while the Army and the Police disperse the public with force. There been report of 8 arrest in Central Kampala together with the ones mentioned House-arrests in the morning. So the tally is becoming bigger by the moment as the Authorities does what it can to shut down the activists and the Demonstrations in general.

Kampala 05052016 Army

So in Kampala alone there been demonstrations at Kyambogo, Makerere, Natete, Nakawa and Old Kampala or the Central Business District. So the city has showed their dissatisfaction with the regime and their methods of controlling them. Three Kyambogo students have been arrested alone and is currently detained Jinja Police Station.

Kampala 05052016 Arrest

Defiance in Chinese if your worried about banning you on Social Media: 视.

The Soldiers in Kampala is been said to speak French; so they seems like hired guns by the government to keep their own citizen silenced. The Same as the Election Day, when President Museveni had hired South Sudanese army to keep people calm on that day.

Lukwago's home have gotten the famous Black Van to his place, means he soon detained!

Lukwago’s home have gotten the famous Black Van to his place, means he soon detained!

Side Note, but important: 

Mbale police and army arresting people randomly. Several in police cells while others are taken to unknown distinations.

Side Note No.2: Kamuli responds to the Demonstrations! 

Kamuli 05052016

Side Note No. 3: 

There are now reports that the Police Force are detaining people in Entebbe.

Side Note No. 4: Information from Bushenyi

About 6 FDC activists and a media practitioner Wilber Muhwezi Kasibante have just been arrested in Bushenyi Town and detained at Bushenyi Police Station. RPC and DPC conducted operations. There also been arrested in total three journalists in Bushenyi!

Bushenyi 0505.2016

There will be more to comes this is the beginning for the trial of democracy and the trial of justice for the votes cast in February 2016 as the public want an International Audit of the General Election of 2016. Peace.

Videos: ‪#‎SitukaMay5‬ Demonstration footage from Kampala!

Second Footage from Kampala:

#SitukaMay5: Gov. Bans Coverage; Plans to shut down Social Media; and Demonstrations in Kampala, Busia and Rukungiri!

Jim Muhwezi Press Conference 05052016

“Is there anyone who thinks Besigye is right to operate outside the law? If you do… you must be sick” – Hon. Jim Muhwezi

Hon. Jim Muhwezi the Minster of Information and National Guidance follows the Party line of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura who has gone out and told media not cover the “Defiance Campaign” and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in Uganda. This happens on the 5th May National Demonstrations for a International Audit of General Election of 2016. Something the Ruling Party NRM has no interest of letting happen. The Ones that does live broadcast of the demonstrations and Defiance campaign might lose their license and lose their ability to broadcast anything at all; so to follow advise of the President to write about and broadcast the empty hospitals who doesn’t have medicine as he wanted the other day to focus on the Health Care.

Nakawa Kampala 0505.2016

Nakawa, Kampala

And if you do care about that there is a running Yellow Fever Vaccine Scandal at the moment in Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) between them and the National Medical Stores (NMS). Where the Vaccines are getting sold or gone in the wind as teh KCCA have one claim, while the NMS have proof of delivering it. Can please Hon. Jim Muhwezi speak about that, so he does as his master commands him?  

FDC 05052016 Kampala


UCC: We can control TV and radio but if you must go ahead and use social media for defiance, the government will control it”.

On Social Media:

 “Government bans live broadcast of FDC’s defiance campaign, vows to shut social media: “We know about VPN but if we have to shut down social media completely, we will. We constantly communicate with Facebook and Twitter. We can shut down social media platforms if we have to,” government roars” (Daily Monitor, 05.05.2016).

FDC 05052016 P2 Kampala

Old Kampala

“I had planned to travel to North Korea and China to see how it’s done. I don’t have to anymore, thanks to you know who” – Andrew Mwanguhya (Daily Monitor Journalist).

Lukwago 05052016 House Arrest

At Lukwago’s House

As of this morning Dr. Kizza Besigye the leader of the FDC is on the second day of House Arrest. MP Elect Francis Mwijuke has been put under same arrest this morning. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is also put under house arrest today.   The Kabarole Chairperson Nyakato Ruasoke has been arrested in Fort Portal.

Makerere 05052016

Makerere University

There been demonstrations at Makerere University and Kyambogo University in Kampala. They have both been dispersed by the Police with tear-gas and anti-riot police squad cars. By all means so that means throwing tear-gas at the students!

Busia 0505.2016


There been grand demonstrations in Busia where the Police Force went in heavy and dispersed the demonstrators in the town.

Shops have been closed in Rukungiri where there we’re reports of live fire in the early morning. The shops closing been verified, but the shooting has not been.

Kampala 0505.2016 Rain Moses


More from Kampala:

“Situation check in Kampala. Mother nature has brought a truce , we have retreated for shelter services to be resumed. Meanwhile we shall wear the military down. They can’t eat on the guard so by 5 pm they will be worn out” (Moses Atocon Atyekwo, 2016).

As the demonstrations continues and resumes. Even if new ones comes; the Defiance continues even if President Museveni and the men of Resistance doesn’t see the problem with resistance and resisting authority as that was the way they came to power. They resisted Obote, and now the Opposition and their supporters defy them. Civil disobedience not committing a crime; as the court order is flawed and can be countered by what is written in the 1995 constitution. By my reckoning that constitution is supposed to be the standard law of the land where the Resistance is the ruling party who has trouble with Defiance. Long live the National Resistance Movement and their foolish poetic injustice that manifested yet another day in Uganda. Peace.

#SitukaMay5: Kasangati & FDC Headquarter this morning!

Kasangati 05052016 P2

“Police maintain heavy deployment outside Kizza Besigye’s Kasangati home, journalists not allowed access” (NBS TV Uganda, 05.05.2016).

FDC HQ 05052016 UPDF

UPDF is ready on the streets on Mukono!

UPDF is ready on the streets on Mukono!

This is just the early morning. Just think about with the already house-arrests and the Army deployment in Kampala. There will be actions done by this day and as the day goes by there will reactions to it. Let’s see and wonder how it all will go down. Not to talk about how the Uganda Police Force and Uganda People’s Defense Force will act towards fellow citizens. Peace.

Press Release: “#SitukaMay5: Ugandans to rally in defence of religious freedoms and democratic rights” (05.05.2016)

FDC 05.05.2016 Planned March

Nationwide protests, a test of Government’s commitment to civil and political rights.

Tens of thousands of Ugandans, from all walks of life, will be gathering in cities and towns across the country this Today in peaceful protest against the government’s persistent violation of their basic civil and political rights.

Organised by the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to oppose the planned inauguration of Mr. Yoweri Museveni after fraudulent elections, the protests have taken on new urgency after many Ugandans were arrested or otherwise prevented from gathering to pray for a peaceful resolution to the political crisis gripping the country. The government’s move to prevent its citizens from gathering to pray is extraordinary and unprecedented.

Uganda held presidential and parliamentary elections on 18th February, 2016 that EU observers found to be “eclipsed by an atmosphere of intimidation”. Despite widespread evidence of fraud and mounting international criticism, the government has resisted calls by Rt. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye to resolve the disputed vote through an independent audit of the electoral process.

FDC Arrests April 2016

Earlier this week, that resistance turned into outright panic when police enforced a cadre Judge’s outrageous judgement banning protesters from meeting to pray for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing dispute. The Lord Mayor of Kampala, Erias Lukwago, several religious leaders and ordinary citizens were arrested for no offence other than seeking to exercise their fundamental religious rights.

Mr. Museveni’s regime has thus escalated the conflict from one of electoral rights to basic freedom of religion. This is likely to backfire: Ugandans are a deeply religious people. The FDC and its pro-democratic allies will stay the course, peacefully insisting upon their constitutional rights to determine their own future and that of their country.

We can only hope that the regime will take this opportunity to pull back and seek a peaceful resolution to a conflict of its own creation. One way or another, Ugandans, and only Ugandans, will determine who leads their country. We pray that today, Mr. Museveni and his associates choose a path of peace and respect for the people they purport to govern.


Mobilization Message from the FDC about Demonstration tomorrow on the 5th May 2016!

FDC 05.05.2016 Planned March

Dear FDC members, leaders, supporters, colleague political parties, peace Lovers, citizens and all Ugandans. Tomorrow 5th May, is a day when we start County wide peaceful demonstrations. Converge at nearby FDC Offices, March to the Rally venue as we call for an Independent audit of the 2016 elections. In Kampala, we gather at Najjanankumbi at 10am, then march to Nakivubo blue for a RALLY. We defy the Kavuma Historical illegal order. Defiance in action! NO TURNING BACK.
Ingrid Turinawe

Elton Joseph Mabirizi Statement on the Banning of FDC’s planned peaceful protests (02.05.2016)

Mabirizi Debate16


Last Friday ‘Justice’ Steven Kavuma issued a so called interim order banning FDC’s planned peaceful protests, the Tuesday prayer and other such activities.

Most of us have focused on banning prayer. However, in its true form, this order is just one step towards banning FDC, and eventually all opposition parties and organised political groups in Uganda. This is why we should firmly resist this unlawful order.

It is likely that Col. Besigye will be put under house arrest again. If this happens, we appeal to the FDC President, Gen Mugisha Muntu and the party leadership to step in boldly to provide direction.

We also believe that FDC, being the party that won the presidential election, should FORMALLY seek the active cooperation of other like minded political parties, organised pressure groups and prominent individuals in society. This will give the struggle a more national and inclusive character. We hope that this will result into the formation of a solid “Alliance for Change”.

Elton Joseph Mabirizi 17.11.15

For us at The Independent Coalition, TIC, which fronted me as Presidential candidate, we unconditionally support the planned peaceful protests commencing on May 5th, 2016.

We shall make our humble contribution to this effort, which we anticipate to be long and tough. May 5, to us at TIC, is just the first day of the journey to the restoration of true democracy, rule of law and the dignity of our people.

For God and my Country.

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