The Battle for the Oil to the Coast; today the Tanzanian Gov. detains Kenyan Officials at the Port of Tanga


This is like out of a spy-novel. A novel that clearly is full of twists and turns as agreements and officials move back-and-fourth. Here is the first statement on the matter that has moved further from talks between the Kenyan and Ugandan Officials. Here it is:

“Tanzania authorities confiscated the passports of top Kenyan officials, including Energy CS Charles Keter, and denied them access to the port of Tanga but allowed a Ugandan delegation to proceed with the tour unmolested. The trip was part of their mission to unlock a deadlock between Kenya and Uganda over whether a proposed oil pipeline to export Uganda’s oil would pass through Kenya or Tanzania” (The Kericho Renaissance Network, 2016).

As one wrote:

“The Kenyan team had travelled to Tanga together with a Ugandan delegation involved in the crude oil pipeline discussions. The Ugandans were received very well while the Kenyan team was mistreated by the Tanzanian authorities” (Pauline Njorge, 2016).

This here is certainly a reaction to the proposed deal that was supposed to already be set between the Ugandan and Tanzanian during the 2015. Here is all of sudden reactions from the Tanzanian over the sudden change of guards and that the Ugandan Government does not fully turn to them. As the Agreement of last October was to be done and soon resume building in between the nations.


This here is certainly a blow on diplomatic matters and the distrust between Kenyan and Tanzanian diplomats, also the way “foreign” nationals seen as trespassing and henceforth detained, even prematurely and without “charge” is an insult between the Tanzanian Government and Police towards the Kenyan counterparts. It would been an insult if the Kenyan National Police was to detain a Tanzanian minister or official crossing over to Mombasa or any other port to look at the different scenario. Instead of honoring the fellow brother from another country in peaceful times; as the Kenyan and Tanzanian government does not have grudges or ill-feeling towards each other!

If this is the start of diplomatic struggles between Tanzania and Kenya, that might be true as this is visible attack on movement of foreign diplomatic officials and high-government officials, something the Police of Tanga Port have had to know since they released them quickly.  


Keter Citizen TV

But the economic implications of a crude-oil pipeline is big for any country, first the economic benefit of jobs as it was estimated in Tanzania to employ 100k during the year to build the pipeline, also the rates for transporting the oil to the sea will bring steady revenue, something Tanzania is not wanting to miss out, neither does Kenya who wants the same, and both Kenya and Tanzania wants to be the economic and the powerhouse of East Africa. The deal of the crude-oil pipeline can generate lots of income and be a gentle push for more steady revenue, as tourism and exports are not crystal clear and always giving steady cash to the countries, as the coffee and tea prices are going up-and-down.

The matters remain and is in the hand of the Ugandans, as they are trying to find the suitors who fit their price and timelines, so they can benefit the most and will use all the tools and diplomatic leverage to gain the best contract and facilitation and neither Tanzania or Kenya want to be the one left behind. Peace.

Press Statement from MEMD: Government of Uganda receive seven bids for the First Licensing Round (01.03.2016)

Oil  Press Statement 01.03. P1Oil  Press Statement 01.03. P2

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