Security Operatives given orders to “Shoot-to-Kill” in Kasese; Apparently they did!


“We took time to talk to the king to get those people out but the king was non-compliant. The only option was to storm the palace and get those people out and get him out for his own security and safety,” (…) “He has to explain his involvement in these incidents. He will be charged with inciting violence and brought to Kampala.” – AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

The scorned, the killed and the burned around the Buhikira Royal Palace, the boda-boda’s sitting and the blood running from the men died by the vicious attacks from the Security Operatives, the Joint Operations from UPDF, UPF and Crime Preventers in Kasese, that sealed off the town, asked the civilians to flee the town and let the Operatives work in silence. The Kasese attack on the Royal Palace we’re supposed to happen without the concern of the people, the citizens of Rwenzori.

“Police order security operatives to ‘shoot to kill’ following fighting between suspected separatists and UPDF in Kasese district” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016).


The Rwenzururu Kingdom of Kasese, Western Uganda, has been an issue since the NRM doesn’t have the footing there, they use all kind of ploy to play politics. The Rwenzori people are now in the firing line for not wanting to be in submission, the reintegrated kingdom of Rwenzururu under the Omusinga bwa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere.

That hasn’t answered the prayers that President Museveni has for the splitting of the district to shuffle more ethnic troubles because he cannot control them with his payments or taxes in the area. What’s the rough numbers are the killings of 42 Royal Guards, around 15 Police Officers and certainly some soldiers. We can also wonder if this are real, but the Police so proud of their work showed the picture of the blasted gates of the Palace with the scorned of dead Royal Guards.

The pictures of dead by the roadside, in-front of the palace and elsewhere as the Security Operatives has been busy with destroying the kingdoms Palace; these pictures are vivid evidence of the state violence against their own. Against the sanctioned king that the President Museveni actually put back in place just a decade ago… now that he got issues with it. He burns it to the ground the only way he knows with bullets, tear-gas and machine-guns to silence the Kingdom’s representatives. This from a kingdom who has given away most weapons earlier in the year and has been attacked by the Flying Squad as well. The evident Joint Operation shows the attempt of getting rid of the Kingdom; maybe once and for all, but that is just talk for now.

We can question the reason for the killings, as the Police found one AK-47 and a Pistol at the Palace. Didn’t find anything else, but we’re able to kill over 40 royal guards and arrest 130 Royal Guards. This is the reality together with the un-named and others who might been hit in the cross-fire as the cameras and people we’re forced to leave the area during the besieged operation of the Security Operation during the weekend.

KTN News Anchor Joy Doreen Biira has today been arrested, she is the one that filmed the burning of the Royal Palace.

The numbers of dead shouldn’t matter, because each soul is much too many at this stage. The UPDF and UPF have this time around left no rock unturned, the word massacre seems righteous as the malicious killings and destruction of the palace shows the intent of President to sign of his rule. He will now rule with the guns, with extended fear and with the same powerful tyranny as his predecessor.

The UPDF have now stepped in the shadows of Idi Amin, the man Museveni proudly fought and also done the same former President Milton Obote who used Gen. Idi Amin to battle Mengo in 1966. This proves that Museveni are following all sort of past rituals of his predecessors, not only with rigging elections, but now killing and detaining royals.


When the Police and Army are ordered to “shoot and kill” civilians, settle scores with the people of Kasese district as the traditional burial grounds together with the palace has been burned and the Royal Guards either detained or killed. Proves the use of Crime Preventers to silence the town as well, as the towns people we’re evacuated while the process of killings we’re occurring there the aftermath of 48 hours of systematic violence ending in burning of unknown people and surely evidence of the viciousness that occurred at Palace. Some we’re even said to be burned alive inside palace unaccounted for at this moment. That proves the extent of murder that the Security Organization goes to at this point of time.

The time for the mourning and wondering why President Museveni sanctioned the “shoot to kill” of these people, the bloody murders, the tied on their hands left on the side of the road, the family members of the Rwenzururu Kingdom’s Royal Guards and the Security Organization that we’re ordered to kill them. Those men we’re all are just useful for the purpose of following the will of President and for that reason had to die during the last 48 hours. Clearly the vindictive acts of oppression, violence and senseless killings shouldn’t happen without anyone in charge getting repercussions, because the Kasese are a proof of what levels of tyrant Museveni is. Museveni is now a gangster who wear the hat of the Government and who assault the fellow peers into submission or by death if they don’t comply; because he does not follow any ordinary reasoning anymore.

The allies of Uganda, should ask themselves if they want to be involved in supporting and donating funds to this man who kills his own without any questions to prove a point and keep his honour, not to think of argument and own pity for their own. The President is now walking in the shoes of the ones that were in issue in the past. The American and British, all the other who now are behind and feeds this Government should question themselves, because the Army Training of the US is now used to terrorise the Ugandan People and their Monarchs for the sake of it.

We should mourn, but also remember the culprits behind the events that left the scorns of dead and destruction of the Royal Palace in Kasese. Peace.

Part of the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu palace ablaze (Youtube-Clip)

IGP Kayihura letter.: “Joint UPDF/Police Operations in Rwenzori Regions” (27.11.2016)


UPDF continues their occupation of Kasese, as they detain the King and burns his Palace!


“We suspect that the attackers might have acquired weapons from Congo” – AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

As there been reported that even as the siege of Rwenzururu Kingdoms Palace at Kasese, the levels of killings of Royal Guards, Soldiers, Police Officers and Civilians; as well as their reports of Crime Preventers that we’re sent from Fort Portal to Kasese to settle scores with the civilians.

The Ombusinga bwa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere we’re arrested and taken by helicopter to be questioned at in Kampala. What is been showed online is disturbing pictures of civilians killed in the streets and carried away by the Police Officers and Soldiers, pictures I don’t want to share, but is possible to see on Facebook. Its brothers and sisters, who could have been our kin. That been called terrorist by the Authorities, but before trial killed in the midst of streets of Kasese, as the Security Operatives sealed the town and also went with all force towards the Buhikira Royal Palace, where they killed a dozen of Royal Guards and casualties on the way.

Earlier this morning the gunshots and bullets have been fired around the palace as it has continued from yesterday. It’s been heard in the streets around the palace so the Automatic Weapons has been used by the Army and Police to stop the men at the Palace.

While the Uganda Police Force under the Intelligence of Kaweesi pounds on the creation of “Yiira Republic” like the useful tool it is, because it resurface every-time the Authorities knocks on the Palace in Kasese. This proves the inevitable excuse of the Security Organziation. The Army has claimed they have killed 41 militants, if so they are partly the Royal Guards of the King of Kasese, that the

“Now, UPDF second division spokesperson Capt.Arthur King Timbaganya says the death toll is increasing. He however says the force will further update the media later. He adds that they are engaging the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu king and leaders in closed door meetings aimed at bringing back peace to the region” (91.2 Crooze FM, 27.11.2016).


“Update: 23 royal guards,13 police officers dead. Omusinga insists on keeping his guards while army wants them to surrender” (NTV Uganda, 27.11.2016).

Today the Army as they have airlifted the Omusinga and yesterday the Queen detained at Kabarole, they have taken it further and even lit the Palace on fire to prove their ill-intent against the Kingdom.  The king himself will during today be transferred to Luzira Maximum Security Prison while waiting for charges as he was besieged from yesterday.

A look into the History as the Mengo Palace has also been attacked by the Government back in the day. As they didn’t want to comply with then President Obote, as the King didn’t want his Kasese District put into four districts. Therefore the President Museveni sent his guns to silence the Kingdom with force and forcing him to comply.

“The 1966 Crisis:

On 15 April 1966 with the  Parliament surrounded by troops, Milon Obote introduced without notice a new constitution to be voted upon that very day. It was passed without debate and the Prime Minister informed Members of Parliament (MPs) that they would find their copies in their pigeonholes. This constitution came to be known as the Pigeonhole Constitution. Amongst other things, the federal constitutional status of kingdoms was abolished and the office of Prime Minister merged with that of the President and all executive powers became vested in Milton Obote.Milton Obote declared Uganda a republic” (…) “The Kabaka and his kingdom establishment at Mengo refused to recognize the supremacy of the pigeonhole constitution, insisting on the 1962 consitution. On 24th May 1966 the Uganda army under the command of General Idi Amin but on the orders of Obote stormed the Kabaka’s Palace. . The Kabaka managed to escape and went to exile in Britain where he later died from” (Fortuneof – History of Uganda).

One of killed Royal Guards ID Card!
One of killed Royal Guards ID Card!

So now the UPDF has under another General or Operative attacked a Royal Palace and forced the King out of it, this after killing dozens of Royal Guards, which they also did earlier in the year. This is revising of the history under Dr. Milton Obote, but in the name of President Museveni who tends to repeat history, with just more flawed outcome and modern excuses like the Yiira Republic, which hasn’t been in the lingo except for when they attack the Palace.

Today there are even reports that people are still hiding in Kasese, for instance at the Springs Hotel International in the Central Kasese.

“Security source tells us over 130 royal guards have been arrested in the raid on the palace” (Raymond Mujuni, 27.11.2016). If so this with the levels of killings from the soldiers are the total guards of the Palace into the levels of 160 or 170. Because the reports of killings yesterday we’re 32 Royal Guards, together with all the other who died over the 48 hours shows the ill-intent of the Security Organization.

This here is not over. There will come more and the reported numbers of civilians, soldiers, royal guards and Police Officers who has lost their lives, and all the ones that has been hurt by the violence, as I am sure there even Crime Preventers with machetes who has hurt fellow citizens in the will of the President. Peace.

Update: On the Kasese skirmishes at the Rwenzururu Royal Palace!


There been movement as even on NBS TV AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi has gone with numbers from the Police Force, who has taken part of the skirmishes at the Palace today. This is where they have attacked the Palace of Ombusinga bwa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere.

The numbers which now are more than earlier there are reported up to 46 Royal Guards (NTV Uganda figures are saying 32 Royal guards) and up to 10 Police officers who have lost their lives, than they have not counted the Special Operatives from the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF). Also, there reports of numbers about 40 civilian casualties. One of the UPDF men that are down is a Mayor.

Hon Yokas Bihande stated this earlier today:

“The situation is very tense in the whole District. Many cultural sites were attacked. Bulemba in Ihandiro the grave of Isaya Mukirania; kagando the grave of Kapolyo Tibamwenda and Nyamutswa was burnt down; the cutural site at Kabwe in Kisinga is right now under attack; Buhikira Royal Palance is sarrounded and the Queen was detained at the Police station in Fort Portal. Thats how the situation is. So as you go to sleep pray to God to make the people of Rwenzururu Kingdom react to this situation in a sober manner. God save the King and the Kingdom” (Bihande, 26.11.2016).

All roads into Kasese have been sealed-off so there, the UPDF believes the attacks at Kabarole earlier this month was made by the Royal Guards.

What the New Vision reports after the Skirmishes in the Palace today are: “The police and the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) recovered an AK47 gun during an operation to secure the Rwenzori region” (the New Vision, 26.11.2016).

So the worth of using massive force in the whole region was for one gun, is that what the National Resistance Movement newspaper is saying? Is that all the dead civilians, the dead police officers, the dead soldiers and other casualties!

This was reported from Arthur King Timbaganya:

“UPDF/UPF conducted another operation against armed criminal groups/camps in Rwenzori region/Kasese. 12 armed gangs some wielding SMGs, matchets, spears pangas were killed in areas of Maliba, Bugoye, Kagando, mubuku and Kasese town. 10 police officers killed at Malina, Mubuku, Kagando, Bugoye. 01 UPDF soldier and 03 police officers were injured. 08 suspects arrested by police for interrogation. 01 SMG belonging to police was lost to the gangs. 01 police pick up burnt at Kagando. 02 full SMG magazines, matchets, OBR uniforms, Military shoes recovered at Hihandiro hills . The town is now calm with UPDF and UPF patrols. The people of Rwenzori are assured of their right to security. The operation is to rid off the region Kirumira Mutima’ armed gangs that are establishing ‘milintary’ camps aimed at threatening the peace of the people of Uganda and especially Rwenzori region” (Timbanganya, 26.11.2016).

The Agnes Ithungu Nyabaghole Queen of the Kingdom was earlier in the day arrested and is detained at Kabarole Police stateion. She was on her way on the way to Kampala when she was arrested.

Little material damage of the day: “Police truck burnt in Kagando as reprisal attacks continue in Kasese”.

This here is what I could get until now. The situation isn’t clear and numbers-game of dead shouldn’t be important now. Families have lost the loved ones, both of soldiers, police-officers, civilians and royal-guards. What should worry is how the Army can just besiege a royal institution and kill, without statements and therefore the different rumors are coming. Like the Yiira Republic, ADF or the Kirumiramutima.

Unconfirmed is that there are over a 100 civilians who are wounded.

So now that they claim that the Royal Guards we’re behind the earlier clashes in the Kabarole area, while today the Royal burial sites has been put on fire as the Royal Palace has been sieged and attacked by the army. Together with the Police Officers who has claimed that the Operation is under way and everything will go well.

Well, if the amount of lives and the unnecessary violence is needed for an operation like this, like an occupation force in their own country. They have now done the same with the Flying Squad earlier in the year after the General Election, which seems like it is repeatedly attacked to stop the Kingdom from exists.

We can just wonder and questions when is going on, or if it is just that the UPDF on order from Mzee wants to make kingdom silent. As he wants Kasese District into four districts, but that is just talk for the moment.

We will see what kind of statements the Kingdom, the UPDF, the Police and other civil society in the Rwenzori or Rwenzururu will say, as the coming hours and days will remind us of the violence and killings. What is sure is that there been too much of it this year in Kasese and Rwenzori as they have been targeted by the NRM and their Security Operatives. Peace.  

Rwenzururu Prime Minister says kingdom is ready to talk with government (Youtube-Clip)

The Army besiege and kills Rwenzururu King’s Royal Guards at the Palace in Kasese!


“If you had any plans of coming to town,please dont” – A Plea from a Kasese resident!

There is risen tension and problems in the Rwenzori and Rwenzori Sub-Region as the Kabarole skirmishes and today the Kasese town has been closed off by the UPDF who has put the Obusinga bwa Rwenzuru Charles Wesley Mumbere. The UPDF has closed the office of the King; also the Palace has been under siege as the King is there with his Royal Guards.

The DPC of Kasese said this:

“Guys don’t worry we just having a small operation in town and we fully incharge..but ofcourse just keep where u are until we are done..lest u become a victim of circumstances”.

Heavily-armed elite units of Uganda’s armed forces have been heavily deployed in Kasese District following clashes with armed militants in Rwenzori region on Thursday night. The UPDF overran several bases of a militia group linked to the radical Rwenzururu Kingdom. At least 12 people died in the clashes though locals say the number could be much higher. Since then, the UPDF have been increasing deployments in the area to thwart attempts of a possible breakout of violence” (Grejeen News Uganda, 2016).

“The attackers are not yet identified. They are gangs. If you remember just recently , schools were closed, a health centre closed and they were scaring people so we thought we should take action,” said UPDF spojesperson Col Paddy Ankunda.

So the DPC is saying the army will violently charge against civilians if they are in the area of the UPDF. This again, proves the elements of the army who at times just occupy their own and takes control with force and no thoughts of the locals or why they are attacking the Kingdom, again!

All shops have been closed and usually busy streets are deserted as the UPDF and gun-shots around the Palace. None of whom is the reason or why the UPDF again starts battling in Rwenzori. At the Palace there been a stand-off between the Royal Guards, the Police Force and the Army. As the NRM regime continues to fight the Kingdom with all force, as they have done since before and after the General Election in 2016. Wonder why the Army has issues with the Kingdom now. There is one confirmed dead on the side of Kingdom Mbusa Kabwe. But the numbers that the Army has killed this time around is unsure.

The UPDF and UPF are claiming a youth counter-terrorist group who has taken their own tax in the area. Well, this is here is directly again aiming against the kingdom, not some random rebels as they claim. So their validation of the attacks seems weak and like excuses more than actual intelligence. People have been forced by the Army to evacuate the town with hands-up as the streets we’re taken with mambas and rifles.

Its again blamed on a group called: “Kirumiramutima” the Strong hearted, though they just surface every-time the UPDF rolls in with heavy gear into town like morning dew; they pop-up, as there speculated that the King resisted to be taken into custody and therefore the Royal Guards are sealing off and fending of the Army and Police for the sake of his safety. There been reported up to 4 Royal Guards killed in the skirmish from the UPDF. The Spokesperson for UPDF confirm they have shot 18 persons in Kasese District, they claim their fighting insurgents from the Allied Defense Force (ADF) that has been inside Democratic Republic of Congo, but it’s heritage is from the Rwenzori region. Captain Arthur Timbagnya has confirmed this.


But what boggles me than, that the Royal Guards are not ADF or Strong Hearted, why are they killing more Royal Guards as they did during the skirmishes in March? What is up with the UPDF hatred for the Rwenzururu Kingdom?  There are some who even say 8 Royal Guards has been killed, wonder if the Army has plans to finish off the king to as they are clearing his guards of apparently. This report comes from the OC CID and OC Station of Maliba in Buyisumbo Sub-County who confirms.

The thing we should also wonder about, this comes a month after the King didn’t accept the request of the Republic to try to split the District. Something the Central Leadership has proposed in the past. That he did on the 20th October, and now the Army besiege his Palace.

“The proposal which was tabled in a meeting of the Kasese NRM Caucus and the NRM Executive Committe together with the selected NRM leaders at State House Entebbe on Wednesday seeks to split Kasese into four districts of Bwera, Hima, Kasese & Katwe. “When my people are together, i dont have a problem. I agree with the split of Kasese district because a district with over a million people can not provide everyone service delivery , decentralisation removes friction based on sectarianism” said Mr.Museveni” (Sonnie News, 13.10.2016).

So if it that the reason, that the King doesn’t want to comply with the wish of the President as he has to show force to silence the Royal King with his Special Operatives to prove who is the Grand Leader and who orders are just. Therefore the new skirmishes happen as the King doesn’t want to follow the President. Therefore the President and his Army says it is radical elements, but that might be radical because he doesn’t want Kasese to become scattered.

While we’re on it:

“According to an eyewitness, loud gunshots and military movements are audible and visible in what is the ‘frontline’ of UPDF and the Yiira separatists who were armed with spears and arrows face off” (…) “Speaking to Lydia Tumushabe police spokesperson for Rwenzori region, a combined security operation has taken over Nyamuswa to containing the ferocity of the ‘Esyomango’ a popular group with the Rwenzururu king though still visible in embalmed t-shirts” (…) “A local leader who preferred anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter said tension has been brewing in the area with bickering between the Bakonzo and the Batooro over the proposed secession” (…) “Yiira State is said to be a wish for some officials and supporters of Rwenzururu Kingdom. However, Rwenzururu King Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere previously said the Yiira Republic is being agitated for by his subjects in eastern DR-Congo. There are many ethnic Bakonzo who live in eastern DRC” (Kasese orugambo hottest secrets and rumours news bulletin’s post, 26.11.2016).

So the Yiira Republic comes dusted up like relic who nobody has seen or heard about since last skirmish. But a succession between Bakonzo or Batooro seems more likely as they also want to regain status as Kingdoms on the same level as the Rwenzururu King Mumbere as he is a Bakonzo. But that is all talk right now. If the wish for a Yiira republic where real, than the fights would have continued all year and the people would have come with force, as they have been silenced since the last time the Ugandan Army went into town.

Also reported that two policemen are feared dead in the battles, three are feared to be dead, by the battles on the outskirts of Kasese (Raymond Mujuni, 26.11.2016) .

So there are many reasons for this, either thing that counts is the wish for power or control, the others are just that the UPDF and Police needs to validate their return and killings of Royal Guards, which they have done before with different reasons. Something that they tried to force and didn’t silence the violence when IGP Kale Kayihura visited Rwenzori neither was happening when President Museveni came with his rifle. Peace.

#KaseseAttacks; A Massive assault on the Rwenzururu Kingdom Royal Palace today; nine killed and the Special Force Command aka Flying Squad involved in a plot to take out Royal Guards of the Kingdom!

Kasese 03.04.2016 P1

Today the day the report of the Peace-Talks between the King of the Rwenzuzuru Kingdom Charles Wesley Mumbere and the NRM Eastern Captian Mike Mukula had discussions and talked about necessary things to gain peace in Rwenzori and Rwenzori sub-region; Because the continued violence have not settled down and came up after a flawed local councilor III elections. As the Police and Army have targeted the Royal Guards men of the kingdom; as well as other people have lost their lives in it.

“There is neither war nor an emergency in the area to warrant continued heavy deployment of such security forces in the area.” The Rwenzururu king, Charles Wesley Mumbere, has told government to withdraw the extra security forces deployed”, (247Loaded, 03.04.2016).

First Eyewitness Report:

“Everything started when the flying squad wanted to enter the palace forcefully and the king’s security protected him, two UPDF Soldiers and one royal guard have died” (Rwenzururu Times, 03.04.2016).

Second eye witness report:

“An eye witness at the the Rwenzururu palace says Everything started when the flying squad wanted to enter the palace forcefully and the king’s security protected him, two UPDF Soldiers and one royal guard have died”.

Third Eyewitness report:

“According to an eye witness, the king’s guards were attempting disarm local security guard and this alerted UPDF soldiers who intervened but later shot five dead during the scuffle. The guards tried to disarm a local guard but he overpowered them and made noise that attracted the army and when the soldiers came, the guards remained defiant trying to exchange fire with them but in turn, the army shot five guards dead” he said. The guard was passing near the palace”.

They have been hearing gunshots in the Kasese town today, even as far as All Saints church of Kigoro in Kasese town. The shots have been heard, but certain UPDF soldiers have been badly hurt with machetes.

Fourth report:

“UPDF soldiers have shot dead five royal guards of King Wesley Charles Mumbere of Rwenzururu in Kasese district.

According to an eye witness, the king’s guards were attempting disarm local security guard and this alerted UPDF soldiers who intervened but later shot five dead during the scuffle.

“The guards tried to disarm a local guard but he overpowered them and made noise that attracted the army and when the soldiers came, the guards remained defiant trying to exchange fire with them but in turn, the army shot five guards dead” he said” (NTV Newsnight, 03.04.2016).

There been further reports that after the main melee that the shootings at the Palace have continued and that the Special Force Command have killed in total nine Royal Guards. This is because they do not want to leave the Rwenzururu Kingdom and follow the words of the king.

Uganda Police Force – Press Release on the matter:

Please note that the Uganda Police force and the UPDF have intensified security at the Royal Palace of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu. This afternoon as the UPF intelligence officers trailed a suspect believed to possess the UPF gun that was taken from a Police officer after he had been killed during an attack on Kidondo P.P last month, there was an exchange of fire within in the kingdom when some attackers attempted to disarm a soldier attached to the kingdom. The UPF is in esting this matter and so far, six people are confirmed dead. Details will be availed later. The situation is under control now as the leaders and the Police follow up on this matter.

ACP Namaye Polly

Deputy PRO


3rd April 2016.


So the violence continues and seemingly the government security organizations are behind it, as the eye-witnesses are clear on the matter. The UPF is trying to put the blame on somebody else; as they are under the paygrade for the Flying Squad and the orders above controls ACP Polly Namaye tries to deflect it and then excuse for the controlling security arrangements as the Government with their Army and Police have persecuted and killed several Rwenzururu Kingdom Royal Guards in the recent month. This here seems like the plot from the Government has come to the level of actually killing them directly at the Royal Palace in Kasese; instead of taking them down in sub-counties and districts in Rwenzori Sub-Region.

Kasese 03.04.2016 P2

And that is as good intelligence and assessment as the Police and Authorities giving for the moment. I can assure you sooner or later Polly Namaye or CP Fred Enaga will tell it is militia or criminal actions, even if it was the Special Force Command or th Flying Squad! Who started the violence and created the killing around the Royal Palace.

Here is the UPF Statement from CP Fred Enaga:

“Today, Sunday, April 03, 2016, at around 1430 pm, a team from the Police Flying Squad that is actively involved in hunting down suspects behind the attacks on Kidodo Police Post, killing a police officer and stealing a gun, while on routine patrol and surveillance at Katadooba village, located 1 km away from the Rwenzururu Kingdom Palace, sighted Kule Julius, the alleged Commander of the attackers on the Police Post, while in possession of the suspected stolen gun. The suspect upon sighting them escaped and returned to the palace with six other members of the traditional Royal Guards” (…)”The police team while returning to the station in Kasese town, fell into an ambush of another group of suspected traditional royal guards, but managed to force their way through up to the police station. A few moments later, several gunshots were heard from the palace where it was later established to be an attack by the traditional against the UPDF Royal guards deployed at the palace, and whom they attempted to disarm in vain after he fought his way out of the palace with his gun” (…)“The highly charged and violent traditional royal guards tried to pursue him in vain, and in the process met two other UPDF Royal guards deployed at the palace, being transported back to the palace on a motorcycle locally known as “bodaboda”. They instantly shot the motorcycle rider dead, and hacked the two UPDF officers to death” (…)”Both the police and military responded to the area and effectively secured it including the perimeter to the palace. They thereafter rescued the UPDF Royal guard that had escaped from the palace and transported the three bodies of the deceased persons to Kilembe Hospital mortuary for further post mortem analysis as inquiries to establish the motive behind the attacks continue” (…)”The situation has been brought under control with no other incidents of violence. More details will be released progressively” (Fred Enaga, 03.04.2016).

As this statement proves is that this counter all of the eyewitnesses and their stories to the world. That is because the Uganda Police Force trying to clean the evidence and violence created by the Special Force Command ak Flying Squad. This because the King upset Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba. Can look like that now, they have the motive, not the Royal Guards who shall protect the king; not create violence or war. That is something the UPDF and Special Force Command is more capable of and can’t deny.

Seems like the Uganda People’s Defense Force – Flying Squad does not like to ordered or take responsibility for the created tension and killings in Kasese, Rwenzori Sub-Regions, as the Army and Police is in charge of most of it. Then the Special Force Command happens to be under Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba only takes orders from the Man with the Hat, President Museveni his father. The Flying Squad takes with erupts actions and kills to prove their point. That is why the army killed even more people to prove their valid point.

So the Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere does not get to order people away and therefore has to suffer,as Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba gets away with search and destroy in the kingdom, because he is son of Mzee. Peace.