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Sri Lanka is in Double Trouble!

Today, the President has ensured himself a Constitutional Crisis it seems. This being the President of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, who has suddenly appointed former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as his Prime Minister. However, there is a problem. The current President has already a Prime Minister. That happens to be Ranil Wickremesinghe. This is a self inflicted Constitutional Crisis made by the President for whatever reasons he has.

The President has really put himself into a pickle. Because the Constitution is clear on the Prime Minister and his post. So after the second appointment, the first Prime Minister used the part of the Constitution Article 42 (4). Which states: “The President shall appoint as Prime Minister the

Member of Parliament, who, in the President’s opinion, is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament”. The PM was also sacked in 2004, but that was other reasons, than today. But shows the intent to fight back.

There has also been revisions of the Constitution, the 19th Amendment in 2015. Which changed the Article 46 (2), where it today states:

(2) The Prime Minister shall continue to hold office throughout the period during which the Cabinet of Ministers continues to function under the provisions of the Constitution unless he –

(a) resigns his office by a writing under his hand addressed to the President; or

(b) ceases to be a Member of Parliament” (Sri Lanka Constitution, 15th May 2015).

Or put it bluntly like the CPA Lanka does it: “The President no longer has the power to remove the Prime Minister at his discretion. [Clause 9 of the 19th Amendment, Article 46(2) of the Constitution]” (Centre for Policy Alternatives – ‘A Brief Guide to the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution’ May 2015).

President Sirisena was sworn-in on the 9th January 2018. It was just mere months after the 19th Amendment was ratified and became law. Changing the Constitution and the Powers of the Executive. That meaning, because the revised laws… means that in particular, the President himself who is elected just mere months before should know this. Therefore, the first PM Wickremesinghe got a good case concerning the legality of today’s action and swearing-in of the second PM Rajapaksa.

Who knows how this will go, if the courts will be involved or anything will spiral out of this. I got no idea. But the easy judgment would be counter-act for the First PM will legal remedy and through the Parliament. If that will work or depending on the strength of the President and the previous one who he has suddenly appointed.

This is really double trouble. How problematic, time will tell. Peace.

Opinion: Politics and Policies of our day is like poisons wells, as the politicians cannot even provide the basic services to the citizens!

Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find the right road”Dag Hammarskjöld

Someone has to say it and seems like it has to be me. But there are something wrong with out time and day. When it is made easier to get funds to analyze the waters on Mars and the moon. Than, actually making sure the citizens of so many nations is struggling to provide proper water sources to their citizens. It isn’t like it is the people of Miami’s fault, neither the people of Tokyo, that there is no water in regions of Sudan or in Somalia. That isn’t the fault directly of these people. Neither of mine. But we have to ask. Why is it so? When did this become acceptable?

Not that we made this over day, not that the society was built in a day. It moved to this, we let certain people run our nations, we let certain companies take advantage and also multi-national organization serve certain beneficiaries every single day. We let that happen and it is continuing. We are letting the marginalized being hurt on the daily without any consideration. This is continuing without anyone stopping, while the leaders are driving in expensive SUVs and having palaces for homes. While the ones they represent struggles to pay for enough rice on their plate. We are letting this happen. We are letting them get away with murder, daylight robbery and we are letting them take away the wealth of the nations.

This is not how it is supposed to be. The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Multi-National Companies, State Institutions and State Owned Companies are supposed to all work together to provide and secure delivery of services and products that we all need. If it work in perfect harmony, than the public and companies should prosper together. If it is correct, the NGOs should overlook society and the state, to make sure they follow the rights of every individual and make sure the politicians doesn’t take advantage of their powers. However, sometimes and to often the security and the state of affairs isn’t made this way.

The companies has secret deals with the politicians, the NGOs are afraid of doing their questioning and reporting, out of fear of addressing the matters and the wrong-doings. The nature, the people and the society are hurt for short-term profits. The companies are more directly involved in the elite politicians and sometimes founded by them. They are making sure the state are covering the debts created in these companies and making sure the family members are hired too. All in a circle of vicious eating of the state funds, without concern on how it affect the economy or the unemployed community. This is happening, while the Wall Street Companies and the big corporations let them. Since they are affiliated and getting fortunes on the funds getting through this process.

We should worry about this, we should pound about it. Not accept it, the acknowledgment that something is wrong, that something isn’t right. That we are taken for granted, other people are eating of our resources and taken everything. Not supporting or adjusting to make sure they actually serve the public. They are not hiring or making sure to respect the provisions of the state even. As they are making deals inside the State House or with family members of the Executive. This is happening on daily basis. The ignorance and indifference. The malicious takings and unacceptable use of public resources. This is just insane and we let it happen again and again. When they know they can, they don’t have to deliver water in the taps, make sure the school is decent and has books, police officers being paid, the soldiers being fed on operations and the roads well-kept. They don’t have to, because they walk in the National Bank, empty the accounts and flee the scene without no Oceans 11. Just walk in suits and tie, smile and grin and go out like they ordered a pizza at the Hut. No issue, no nothing.

That is why there is no water, why there is well, why there are no services. Because we have accepted to be taken for granted, we have accepted to fooled and stolen from, that the powers can silence us and take it all, without any question or any honor. While speaking to us and belittling us. They are using all measures and all the provisions to hold us down. But should we let them? Is that right?

I don’t think so, neither should you. It isn’t just about water, but when you cannot provide what is needed and everything needs to live. You know that society is out of whack. You know that the government doesn’t give a rats ass about you or your kin. Then its time to question them and show them you matter. Not just compliance, but defiance. Not silence, neither violence, but demonstrations that hurt the system and give them a mental beating. Hurt their pockets and their will. That is the only way to stop this, neither companies, NGOs or ruling elite, will give a damn until the people start to stop their bread and circus. When they don’t have fancy bread and has the circus. They will run away and stop being loyal to the paradigm. Until, that happen, they will be ignorance and not care, until their nearest surroundings are breaking and in for the taking.

Just think about that…. Just think about that… Not let that go, the society who cannot even deliver the basics has to be shaken, has to stirred, not with violence, but as long as it silence its weakest and poorest. They are the ones who has to be on the barricades and break the kingpins on top. No-one else will give way. It will cost to do this peacefully. But it has to stop. That there is no water in the tap, there is no well for miles, there is no jobs for 80% of the youth and educated get to emigrate to get a job. Then you know the state of affairs is wrong.

You shouldn’t accept it and neither should I. Not because I do something magnificent, but I don’t. I will just not let my writing and my thoughts be altered into ignorance, when I know to many people on this earth. Get taken for granted, get used as pawns and used tools, when they need aid funds and when they need development funds. However, some of that always get taken. That is why they stay poor and act poor, easy funds to tap into. They can just eat of the IMF, World Bank and Development Banks as long as they write fine plans and proceedings. Someone will take it and buy into it.

That is why the well isn’t built, the water isn’t in the tap. There is no deep concern. There is no concern that yields are dwindling, the sources are not there, the storage of rain-water isn’t there either. Nothing is taken care off. That while the politicians ride by in expensive cars, nice watches, big entourages with security guards and affiliates, give away few pieces of bread and a grand speech. But when the ordinary day passes by, nothing is done, the pothole still there and the liquidated funds are non-existent, the plans was just on paper and things remain the same.

Still, the people and elites expect silence. They don’t expect an uprising, they don’t expect people to say enough, to say, we deserve water, we deserve a state who cares and secure the future of our kids. We deserve to make a society where all people can get a livelihood. Not just the ones closets to the elite. There should be more possibilities. There should be, but there isn’t.

It got to stop, we got to drill and build. We got too, but first we got destroy, to be able to rebuild. We have to dismantle, piece by piece. Because if we continue, the elites and the powers to be will not let go. It is easy money and your not eating. Its a simple trade and one is the loser. While the other party takes it all. Peace.

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