Eurovision 2022: Running speculations on the 6 Nations Jury Results that was cancelled in the last minute

TVR’s specifications regarding the situation created by the cancellation of the result of the Romanian jury vote by the organizers of Eurovision: Romanian Television has fully committed to participating in Eurovision 2022, paying the participation fee and preparing, together with the WRS team, a project that enjoyed the public’s appreciation. However, we were surprised to find that the result of the Romanian jury’s vote was not taken into the final ranking, with the organizers assigning another set of scores to the competitors in the final, on behalf of our country’s jury. We specify that the jury in Romania decided to grant a maximum score to the representatives of Moldova” (Dan Turturica, 15.05.2022).

What was special during the Eurovision 2022 yesterday was the suddenly all in the power of the Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl. There was several of nations that this happened too. As the hosts and Executive Supervisor said was because of “lack of contact” and “loss of signal with”. While there is now claims from Romania and from the presenter of Azerbaijan Narmin Salmanova.

The latter stated this:

I supposed to announce 12 points for Ukraine, but for some reasons EBU decided to declare their ‘own’ results for Azerbaijani jury & didn’t make video connection” (Salmanova, 15.05.2022).

Immediately following the contest on “Sabaha saxlamayaq” Narmin Salmanova who was due to be the Azeri spokesperson said she was surprised to see results that did not align with those she was due to present. Narmin did not announce the results with Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest announcing Azerbaijan’s points instead. The Head of the “Sabaha saxlamayaq” added that:

There were no technical problems on our end. An investigation is underway on this issue, the results of which will be presented to the attention of the general public

The six countries whose jury votes were removed from the contest and replaced by the EBU with results based on previous voting patterns are reported to be: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino. İctimai Television joins the broadcasters of Montenegro, Romania and Georgia in requesting an explanation from the EBU” (Eurovoix News – ‘Azerbaijan: İctimai Television Working to Understand Why Eurovision Jury Vote Was Not Accepted’ 15.05.2022).

I have no stakes in the game and am I sympathetic with the Ukrainian people and their cause of sovereignty. That this would be celebrated and become the victor of this years Eurovision was to be anticipated. Whole of Europe would show solidarity and make it happen. This is just making sense for everyone on the continent.

However, the way the Executive Supervisor and the EBU taking over the jury results in these nations are directly interfering and changing the results. They are indirectly telling what the nations are supposed to vote and who is the right one to do so. This is really not right and no broadcaster or jury should accept this.

The viewers of the Eurovision are used to that the neighbour countries votes on each other. That the countries around each other gives each other points. This is a tendency which we all know by now. So, that the Romanian Jury not giving points to Moldova seems weird. That would be like Sweden not giving Norway or Denmark (not part of this year, but you catch my drift). It is just normal and courtesy between the nations in question.

The Executive Supervisor and EBU has to address this, if they want to be serious and be fair. This is unfair treatment and should be held with contempt. The juries are already turning the results on way or the other. It is steering the competition as we know it, which we know it does. Alas, this is a huge blow if they did violate these broadcasters and changed their results. Then the EBU and the Executive Supervisor undemocratically decided the fate of the contest in favour of certain artists/nations. That is not a good look and could be seen as rigging, which is electioneering no one want to see in such a friendly and uniting competition as the Eurovision Song Contest. Peace.

My letter to Jean-Claude Juncker on the proposed EU Army!


Dear Jean Claude Juncker, the President of European Union Commission and former Prime Minister Luxembourg; you had a moment of glory or you might thought so honourable Jean-Claude.

I am just a member of EFTA by default as a Norwegian citizens and since my country isn’t a Member State; I’m sure in your opinion my opinions doesn’t exists because the ones that matters are the citizens inside the Union. Still, I want to write to you as citizen of the world and worried about you Napoleon complex and hereditary idea of stronger federalism of Europe. This happens in the same week the underlings of you doesn’t’ want to be accountable in the European Parliament; this are the Member States who has Members of European Parliament (MEPs). So with this in mind are these the men and woman who should be responsible for deciding warfare in the name of the Europeans when we can’t know how much they spend on the taxpayer’s funds while representing their states in the Union?

Well, I know I am trading waters now and sound a bit strange, but the hesitation on the matter is the inaccurate faith you have in the EU and their institutions. The general European is not there with you as the disregard for the daily life of European feels estranged from the boulevards of Brussels where you are stationed unless you commute from Luxembourg. That is not for me to judge. What I will more judge is the idea of a European Army!

European Army is setting the precedence that the 28 Member State’s will comply and accept to donate and keep the strengthen defence and military upkeep through the Union. That is also to connect the defence budgets and the military equipment production stronger in the EU. That must be put into the calculation. Not only keep a solidified borders as the Commissioners fear the Islamic Terrorism and the refugee crisis to the levels that Europe needs a bigger and wider army. That is controlled by the unaccountable MEPs and EU Head of States, the Consilium that will order this giant army.


A unknown giant army that will base by the 28 member states and put a prerogative of the federal state controlled by Brussels, as they already have issued currency, bills and now a Army. So the missing piece for you is the army and king. Honourable Jean-Claude you are acting with spite and fear if you enforcing the idea of an European Union Army and Defence. That is not the sign of peace or collaboration Europe needs. Especially with the ways that Cyprus and Greece economy has been liberated and sold to foreign investors while the taxations are slimming even more with the policies from the Central Institutions of the EU.

With those acts of spite and diligent betrayal of common sense in the banking industry of Greece and Cyprus; not even saving but bailing out with the whole-sale of nations. That coming with effect of the Brexit recently, you want the unaccountable MEPs to run an Army from Brussels. Do you know how insulting that is the European people and citizens, Jean-Claude?

Can’t you just take control of the Eurovision Song Contest or something; make sure the trade-laws and negotiations between Member States are following the guidelines of the Brussels accords. The Union you currently abide to is a currency-union, free-movements of people and goods and ‘universal’ policies that they have to follow no matter which country you live in. In that sense an army is needed, but that gives powers to Union and something Europe not seen before.

We have had the NATO that many of the current members of Union are obliged to serve and follow the codes of the agreement. As much as the European States has co-operated in military unifications it’s been training and peace-operations that many of the Member States has participated in.

If you think it is healthy to have a giant army directed from Brussels than the powers of the Union is more giant multi-national state, federalism and centralized in Belgium than people might express wishes for. Europeans want their states to have power and keen that their representatives have power and accountability within their domain; if the Brussels thinks it is good idea to take the guns and ammunitions from Madrid, Prague, Vienna and Copenhagen. Than they will have to ask what their own armies are supposed to do? How are the pecking orders of the EU General and Danish General? Are the orders from Brussels trumping the ones of Stockholm?

An European Army is the answer to fatigue and gesture of complex gravitas as the European Member States deserves their sovereign and rights to defend themselves within the military alliances and military benefits the nations. If the EU thinks it is wise to counter this and control it centrally than they can initially take over all powers and make a EU Police. Then all of the law’s and orders will controlled by the Brussels under the new federal jurisdiction of EU Commission and the Consilium. That in the end will be voted over by the unaccountable MEPs in EU Parliament. So they can decide if the army need to invade or guard Gibraltar or Guernsey from the Pirate Bay.


Let’s be clear Jean-Claude Juncker, the one man in Europe with clearly a Napoleon complex! It’s time to whine down and take a beer. It is time to render the times of not-so much peace in Europe and wonder what the EU has lost. What powers the EU has taken in times of Peace and less hostility. What kind of powers the centralized Brussels decrees are burdening the towns and villages of Europe that you never will put your foot in Mr. Jean-Claude.

The Army you propose to counter foreign invaders is absurd and worrying. The EU Army will only be beneficiary for a un-elected aristocrats who will use it to silence criticism and the citizens who disobey the command of Brussels. It will not be a defence organization that can be sustainable to keep greater powers out. This army will only cause frictions and be a power that can be used in Neo-Colonial affairs for the former European Empires to control their former colonies. This will not be an army for peace; it will create more bloodshed in the names of spoiled rich EU observers and their elites. Is that what you want Jean-Claude?

Your EU Army will not be a tool for peace, but for rivers of blood, for loss of lives and loved ones. For the concern of foreign dignitaries and their allies; this create a hatched hiccup of world order and the destination unknown as the EU Parliament who will obey the command of their leaders will send their citizens to wars for resources at one point or another as recessions and market-crash’s happen once in-while. It is just a matter of time before a legit war intervention becomes an excuse to export needed minerals to Europe. That is what the Army will be for right, Jean-Claude?

You should first implement the Federalism fully before pledging the idea and dream of multi-national army those bounds of future conquests and current problems as they want to have fortified walls and gates of Europe. If the EU Commissioners start to think of the EU as Rome Empire than he has also lost the plot as the twist and turns of the vague Union; if he wants the weak Union to grow stronger there needs more trust between Berlin, Prague and other capitals nota army to silence the ones who disobey. Does he want to be emperor… new royal lord of Europe instead of a possible statesmen; the greed of a man who forgot the principals and dynamic of Europe as he sits in the bureaucracies of Brussels. Peace.

Intolerant Tooji

Jeg skal ikke diskutere selve sparkingen fra NRK Melodi Grand Prix Junior eller om det er ett PR stunt. Vil heller diskutere selve det etiske ved hans artikkel og handling i kirken. Noe som for meg er vesentlig i det store og det hele. Dette er noe jeg må ta opp fordi ingen andre seer på disse poengene. De ser på arrangementet, på kontrakten eller på selve komme ut av skapet. Men ikke på holdning eller forbindelsen mellom handling og etikk fra artisten Tooji. Noe jeg vil gripe fatt i og diskutere etter eget befinnende.

Når Tooji sier til VG eller Dagbladet at «Menneskerettigheter er viktigere enn Religion». Viser det arroganse og lite toleranse fra artisten. Det er som å få kulturell forståelse fra Christian Tybring-Gjedde. Toleranse handler om noe så estetisk som å ha overbærenhet ovenfor andre meninger og ideer som er ulike fra ens egen. SNL beskriver det som: «Anerkjennelse av andres rett til å mene noe annet enn det man selv eller flertallet mener, og anerkjennelse av andres rett til å leve i samsvar med sine meninger».

Noe Tooji mangler. Noe VG debatt mangler. Noe hele debatten mangler. Det handler om at Tooji og hans meningsfeller ikke forstår kristne som føler seg støtt av handlingen på «deres» territoriet. For en troende og kristne er kirkerommet ansett som «hellig». Noe som er hellig er noe som er kontakt med Gud og har en eksistensiell og rituell verdi. Som er viktig for en kristen. Siden kirkens rom er plassen for å feire troen. En plass og kontekst som er ett mellomledd mellom verden og det guddommelige. Der en holde gudstjenester og seremonier for å både feire vår tro og holde tradisjoner med våre brødre igjennom alle tider. Derfor beholder liturgier og riter for å gi livet mening. Har sakramenter som dåp og nattverd blant annet for å minne oss om det hellige og evige verdiene som vi tror eksisterer. Noe mange ikke skjønner eller vil forstå i denne sammenheng. For dem er det et tilfeldig rom som blitt leid ut til en artist og ikke noe spesielt virker det som.

For meg er det samme om Frogner Menighet og Toojis kompani har fått det godkjent, også om Biskop Kvarme er også imot. Dette ligner på situasjonen med Fuck For Forrest som hoppet opp ved alteret å hadde sex i Domkirken i 2011. Det er det samme med Tooji for meg. For meg er det samme det som skjedde nå.

At religion har mindre verdi enn menneskerettigheter. Menneskerettigheter har en verdi, en etisk ramme og forståelse om universell aksept. Men den skal ikke skape intoleranse for troen og riter til andre mennesker enn seg selv. Som kristen er provoserende å se to mennesker simulere sex på alteret i en kirke. Likt som det var i 2011. Samme hvilken sak det er for og hvor viktig den er. Fordi det sårer og føles som skjendig av det hellige rom. Deretter beskriver sitt ståsted som overordnet min tro. Det er ufattelig intolerant fra en som skal være et medmenneske. Sette meg i bås. Mine plasser for det hellige, tro og riter ikke betyr noe. Der Menneskerettigheter som kommer fra Humanismen, videre fra renessansen og forsetter til tiden USA blir stiftet med ‘Bill of Rights’ fra 1789. Dette ble videreført til ‘Declaration on Human Rights’ som var stiftelsen av Forente Nasjoner. Noe som er blitt videreført i konvensjoner. De anerkjenner jeg og setter de på en plass de fortjener. Mange av disse er ratifisert inn å vår lovgivning. De er ledende for lovene vi har og Norge har tatt disse til seg. Akkurat som de Europeiske også som stat har ratifisert. Dette gjør at de etiske normene i lovene må også følges av staten Norge.

Likevel gjør ikke dette at de står ovenfor de verdier og normer som DNK eller den Norske Kirke har eller troen som hvert enkelt har. Uansett om Staten drifter det ene eller det andre. Inkludering handler ikke om dette. Retten til en person å krenke en annens tro er klar selv i FNs Menneskerettighetserklæring artikkel 18: «Enhver har rett til tanke-, samvittighets- og religionsfrihet. Denne rett omfatter frihet til å skifte religion eller tro, og frihet til enten alene eller sammen med andre, og offentlig eller privat, å gi uttrykk for sin religion eller tro gjennom undervisning, utøvelse, tilbedelse og ritualer».

Til å med det som står over religion setter Tooji på plass. Det er faktisk en rett en har ironisk nok. Noe som ikke samsvarer med de kommentar og ordelag som artikkelen og handlingen til Tooji sier. Kirken burde ikke ha latt han låne kirkerommet. Det var opp til menighetsrådet og menigheten der det ble gjort. Biskopen måtte i ettertid svare for disse handlingene.Dette får de stå til ansvar for.

Men jeg og de som er som meg. Et lite mindretall av konservative kristne fra Sørlandet og Vestlandet. Som vil forsatt se på noe som hellig. Da burde de som liberale og alle andre respektere dette. Fordi vi respektere dere og la dere holde på som dere vil. Vi vil ikke stoppe deres handlinger og verdier. At Tooji er homofil og vil leve ut sin legning. Det er opp til Tooji. Bare ikke gjøre det der vi ser det som hellig.

At Tooji er INTOLERANT er bevist. At han ikke har overbærenhet med mennesker som meg. Selv om jeg er totalt uenig i hans handling og livsstil vil jeg likevel godkjenne å anerkjenne dette. Jeg vil tolerere hans livsførsel, så lenge han tolerere det jeg tror på. Samtidig respekterer og anerkjenner dette. Akkurat som jeg anerkjenner hans. Dette kalles for en akkord om å være enig om å være uenig. Å leve i sameksistens selv om vi ikke på samme bølgelengde. Akkurat som en politiker som er fra sosialistiske-marxistiske paritet RØDT kan respektere og anerkjenne eksistensen av HØYRE å deres politiske føringer. Samme burde være mulig å fra mennesker som Tooji. Hvis Tooji skulle kikke meg inn i øynene måtte han ha bedt om unnskyldning for å såret det jeg anser som hellig. Det ville være som å se FRPs Sandberg be om forlatelse til Hareide. Vi lever i en tid hvor de som er meningsbærende har retten til å krenke og skjende det hellige. Underbygge og begrave det som betyr noe for andre. Samtidig komme med ordelag og retorikk som hører noen plass hjemme.

Det er mange måter Tooji kunne kommet ut på og vært respektert. Vist ydmykhet og vært en av mange andre homofile. Han kunne ha brukt hode og vært smart. Vist respekt og anerkjent andre mennesker «istedenfor å fortelle meg hvordan jeg skal føle, tenke og tro». Noe som ikke er forening med dette. Fordi ifølge han skal han kunne stå over dette. Vi skal bøye oss se at han får drive med sitt i våre kirkerom og i offentligheten. Det er langt fra TOLERANSE. Da tolerere ikke Tooji meg, jeg som vil gjerne at han skal leve etter sitt befinnende og sin samvittighet. Bare ikke krenke det jeg tror på og der jeg manifesterer min tro. Peace.

The two songs that I liked from Eurovision 2015.


Well, everybody is reading and congratulating Sweden on yet another victory! In the musical competion that happened in Vienna yesterday evening. Instead of bickering and wavering around the facts and 12 pointers. I’ll let my taste of music taste speak for itself. With videoes made for my two songs that I actually thought well of. Because like always there is the typical – “the best evening of our lives songs” and “love you baby its unbearable” kind of tracks with a lot of flash. Here they are:

My first choice – Georgia:

My second choice – Albania:

Enjoy! Peace.

Money and Madness!

In a day where we saw the monster of money winning its second title at Ethiad Stadium. It’s more stories of money and power brewing in the world. We have Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine’s company of Beat Elecontrics apparently sold to Apple Inc for a blistering 3,2 billion dollars and making the mighty doctor the first Hip Hop billionaire! Somewhere is Jay Z and Diddy (Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy aka Sean Combs) crying or wondering why they didn’t start selling lavish headphones.

I could have discussed the matters of Fiancial Fair Play of UEFA and their so called fine on Manchester City. In that same matter I could been discussing the issues of Sepp Blatter asking or nodding his head towards the headboard and complying for a new term as leader of the governing football establishment FIFA. No, I am not talking about either. The fall of United and Moyes ousting is not worth mention, though the proposed new signings and use of money will make the Glazers a bit unhappy in New York. At the same time not discussing the power of Roman in Chelsea where Diego Costa supposed to be at next season.

No I will talk about something which isn’t about money madness of the Premier League or Champions League, even if one of that competitions is over, the other one has yet a final to be held the 24th of May at Lisbon. But, still I can tell that is not where my mind is. Not even the flabbergasting last night show called Eurovision. Where the Hungary should have won since that was the best song in my opinion… However, the theme of the song wasn’t really Eurovision like, which was more the San Marino, UK or Swedes. Secondly after reading both national and international press – seems like the Poles and their breast got votes from drunk European men on the continent. Even though the national Eurovision councils and voting agents gave points to the half-man half-woman, That made the half and half a winner, though the rise of the phoenix (by some reports in the international press: the penis) would get the nod of and actually win in the shin ding in Copenhagen. Russia and Ukraine showed their true hearts to each other, then the usual 8, 10 or 12 points to each other.

It’s here the money and madness will be discussed. Referendum votes in the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk regions happen today, and those who voted, is reported to vote for separation from Kiev and the Ukraine state. Something that isn’t surprising for anybody. Vladimir Putin has just recently been in the new region of Crimea. Which for a few months ago was a piece of the federation of Ukraine and had a military and navy base rented to Russia so they had a well, and Ice free navy base, because the ones on the Kola Peninsula isn’t open for a few months of the year. So they need that to have a secure one all year around. Putin just secured the needed base and now own the area. No matter what Europe does or thinks. It’s doesn’t hit him, because well, the sanctions they have showed to the Russian leaders is scrap metal and dozen loads of waste of time and orders.

When Europe is still in the verge of economic recovery and need the big spenders of oligarch money. London and the City would be hurting like a baby who lost their lollipop and then the baby would cry. The Russian gas and money is so needed. Like Manchester City would be lost in the wildness without the Dubai Oil money.

The way it looks like for me. EU and USA is having their hands tied. They have the powers in their hands, but their washing their hands and at the same time trying to make their hands dirty. That is wretched tale that the beard of the recent winner of Eurovision wouldn’t even cut off.

We are here in situation where Russia and Putin has the upper hand and is carving up new territory for the federation. In Ukraine is there it has been mighty and important battles for Russia. It’s a saying: When Kiev sneezes Moscow get a cough. So after the fall of Yanukovych the friend and former president of Ukraine who himself ran to Putin’s Russia. It’s the actions of the former government and the fall of the weak institutions of Ukraine that is unleashing the opportunities of the separatist in Luhansk and Donetsk. These elections are not legally correct after the 92 constitution of Ukraine. So even if the turnout is massive and by expected reports are all for the mighty mother Russia. My bad it’s for independence from the Nazis of Kiev and the democratic European loving rebels of Ukraine. Which is the bad seed if you listening to the rhetoric of the Russian media and master Putin.

We all know there are other actors and other carrots at stake. The dancing Slavic poles from yesterday even know that. Ukraine and the main in the hamster-wheel know that. The interim government in Kiev knows that Moscow knows this. Even if them all is saying something else. And nobody is telling anybody what the else is. We all know that this is for the long term and securing ruling and master of their own backyard. Putin is having the upper hand. Ukraine has the weak but halting support from the rest of the world. Sadly like Goodluck Johnatan has from the rest of the world in finding the 200 missing schoolgirls who is nowhere to be found so USA and UK are sending hostage specialist to help the Nigerians and their effort to find them. Also the rumors of sending them over to the border to Cameroon and sell them. Sounds just like what a group of men who bombs public areas all over Nigeria could do.

The same helplessness must the interim government of Ukraine feel. They haven’t a single shot to go with full force against Russia. It will be run so hard over that the roadrunner would smack their ass before the first bullet gets to say “hello”.

While Putin and Russia can play cool and see the pawns move. Piece by piece getting all bicycles and town of certain parts of Ukraine, if not the whole thing – why not? He has already had one slice, why not the whole pizza and that to go? Please!

So what is next? The money and the madness is already action. The kings has set up shop and playing their pawns. The next move will be interesting but if he is not swallowing the areas of Luhansk and Donetsk. They can either become annexed like Crimea or they will have the stories of the Abkazia(Georgia), Transnistrina(Moldavia) and the Nagoro-Karabhk(Azerbaijan) republics.

What do you think, will the EU and USA really react like grown men or crybabies to the actions of Russia? Will Russia take more territories in their backyard, since they haven’t really paid much for Crimea? What is the next move from either party now that Manchester City, the Poles have washed cloths on stage and Putin has taken a ride in the new Russian territory? Will Obama have another fascinating anecdote in a speech about the rich Russian culture or will he send a transformers -car to Moscow?


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