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Brexit: Boris couldn’t force his law on the Commons!

Well, for the first time in the reign of Prime Minister Boris Johnson he got the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (Bill) through the second reading. However, later in the evening he lost on the program motion of the law. Meaning the government time-table to push the laws through the Commons, Lords and Royal Assent. Therefore, Boris lost again tonight after a minor victory.

The MPs, the acts of Parliament shows that they want proper scrutiny and assessment of the new Withdrawal Bill, which the government just released last night. Dozens of documents of amendments and costs of the bill. Which is all the job of the Parliament and their role as representatives. They are not there to sign-off to any idea the Cabinet nor the PM has. If it sounds bad, they can “naye” or amend it to make it righteous.

The PM lost the 31st October 2019. The Bill will not be pushed or finished by then. The HM Government have to hope for a helpful Brussels to buy more time. Because, the Tories, the PM has used his cards and empty gambles without winning. Tried to be a genius, but instead going bonkers.

This man has already shown disregard for the Commons and continues to do so. Because a law like this is about the watershed moment of withdrawing from the EU. Not just what sort of labels that should be on a pack of crisps. No, this is the legal binding changes, the trade-offs and further negotiations with the EU.

Therefore, the Tories should have given the Commons more time to digest the revised Withdrawal Agreement and the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. However, it gave it none and thought it would care to give way. The same house that has voted down the previous one THREE Times. It is like the PM cannot learn or know the hiccups of the past.

The arrogance of doing this today and thinking it would work. His dislodging the agreement and the bill at one point. Unless, his trying to configure it through the house, amendment by amendment, statute after statute. Will Boris do that or will he try to push it through another time before the 31st October?

Johnson is really showing his losing side. Boris should have thought this one out, but by proroguing the Parliament he lost valuable time for his due-date. However, that seems to forged and faked for his own image.

We know at one point this is supposed to end, but now its up to the mercy of Brussels. Something, that is funny considering how Brexiteers cannot stomach this and Remainers want a new referendum. Some speculate in a General Election, but who knows at this point. What we are seeing a government losing on their important votes.

Boris is not able to get a full house. His not able to succeed. Not that he wants to see that. That destroys his mind. It must be shattering for him. Not that I feel sorry for him, because he has made this bed and has to sleep in it.

Boris cannot fix Brexit, it will destroy him, just like it did Cameron and May. His next in line. He just don’t know it yet. Peace.

Brexit: A Shoddy Impact Assessment of the new Withdrawal Agreement Bill…

This was really inspired and not well thought out of, the Department of Exiting the European Union and the rest of the Tories. Really didn’t care much for the estimates of the costs, nor the consequences in concerns of their amended Bill to Parliament. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to just pursuit the ending without doing the proper work. This is shoddy, disrespectful work, which he wanted to be over within 3 days or so. Within the parameter of when he wanted to suspend the Parliament.

So, his acts and his vision is blurry, as the whole law and amendments of it. Is substantial and needs time to be addressed properly, that is if, the Brexit process and withdrawal of membership has consequences. Which it does, but apparently it is more important to leave, than to know why your leaving.

I have today looked through the Impact Assessment Report on the bill, which in itself is a sad report. A disgraceful attempt of justification and proving the possible outcomes of the withdrawal. Apparently, that didn’t matter, because my quotes are very striking. Take a look!

There could be costs to business associated with the arrangements in the Northern Ireland/Ireland Protocol. But these are inherently uncertain in their nature and intensity, as such, these costs have not been quantified” (Impact Assessment, 2019).


Businesses in Great Britain and Northern Ireland may face familiarisation costs in adapting to the new customs processes, such as the requirements for customs declarations, in particular if they have not undertaken such processes before” (Impact Assessment, 2019).

This isn’t rocket science and will cost both the state and the businesses. It will cost both time and money, to fill forms and secure the movement accordingly to the regulations on both sides of the customs.


Northern Ireland will be required to align with certain EU VAT and excise rules. VAT collected in Northern Ireland will be retained by the UK. Specific practical arrangements will be the subject of discussions within the Joint Committee, and it is not therefore possible to assess costs or benefits at this stage” (Impact Assessment, 2019).

The taxation on goods will be an issue and how its issued. This will add prices possibly on the consumer and also on the businesses. But the HM Government don’t know to what extent and how to operate. That is clearly a smooth transition.


No tariffs will be paid on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland unless they are deemed to be at risk of entering the EU. The appropriate UK tariff will be paid on goods moving from outside the UK or EU to Northern Ireland unless they are deemed to be at risk of entering the EU. The Joint Committee will agree the criteria to be used in determining whether goods are not considered to be at risk of entering the EU” (Impact Assessment, 2019).

So, there will certain cost of moving goods into the EU as per the tariffs stipulated by the Joint Committee. This means, the UK-EU on accord will find the fitted prices on movement of goods form the UK into EU. That means, the goods moving across the borders will cost more, than today, as there is no-tariff on lots of products crossing the borders at this very moment.

Agri-Foods from GB to NI:

Agri-food goods moving from Great Britain into Northern Ireland would need to be notified to the relevant authorities before entering Northern Ireland and would be subject to checks including identity, documentary and physical checks by UK authorities as required by the relevant EU rules. These processes would introduce additional costs, both from one-offfamiliarisation and ongoing compliance, to businesses compared to current arrangements” (Impact Assessment, 2019).

This will surely cost and make it more time consuming. Not making it easy or smooth either. Surely, all of this is hardening the trade of this to NI.

Manufactured goods from GB to NI:

To ensure regulatory compliance, businesses in Great Britain selling to Northern Ireland may incur additional costs from product testing and corresponding administrative processes. The nature of the costs will depend on the product-specific requirements in EU law and on a business’s current approach to meeting these requirements. These costs may be passed through to businesses in Northern Ireland” (Impact Assessment, 2019).

Here the costs will be put on the consumer in Northern Ireland for the goods coming from Great Britain. The manufactured goods will not be cheaper, but more time consuming to get and has to follow other protocols, than the ones coming from Ireland/EU. This means for the NI it will be more profitable to get EU goods, than GB goods, because of the cost. That is simple calculation.

We can all see, that the Withdrawal Agreement and new legal text makes business, movement of goods and borders to the Northern Ireland more harder. That without swimming into the legal text nor the statutes of the Withdrawal Agreement. Because, this is just the mere chip-shape of the impact assessment of it all.

The whole thing is lazy and that makes me grim. Because, this shows the people releasing it. Didn’t do their job and show the real estimates nor the possible costs of doing business. Only that it might cost more, which it most likely will do, because you have more things to do before doing business. Peace.


European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill – Impact Assessment, 21.10.2019

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Brexit: Letwin beats Boris on a Saturday!

This Tories Government cannot win in the House of Commons. Today on a Saturday, special sitting to get their revised deal passed through the House. Seems to have gotten into a hitch, as Sir. Oliver Letwins Amendment was passed.

The Amendment literally means: “MPs are voting on whether to amend the Government’s approval motion for the revised withdrawal agreement. Oliver Letwin’s amendment would withhold Parliamentary approval for the deal until further primary legislation has been passed” (UK House of Commons, 19.10.2019).

As the Tories continue to loose, the House also approved an motion stating this: “The House of Commons has approved the amended motion on the new Brexit deal agreed between the UK Government and the EU. The Government must ask for an extension of Article 50 under the Benn Act and set out how it intends to proceed” (UK House of Commons, 19.10.2019).

They are all postponing and awaiting scrutiny of the new revised deal, which has already been discredited since dropped on Thursday this week. Now, the PM has configure his deal and everything to fit the House. Surely, his finding out how hard Theresa May had it. Going through wind and fire to get into heaven. Because the Tories cannot manage to get enough votes or fining a fitting agreement for the withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

The EU must really wonder how the islanders are taking care of themselves. The continuation of the stalemate, the continuation of the hanged Parliament. There will be no possible outcome. The PM has made it more difficult for himself, as he has not reliable allies in the DUP. Neither, has strong support of the de-whipped MPs, who he kicked out of the party. Therefore, his own political game has backfired.

Boris cannot win this. He cannot sustain the love of the ERG/Brexiteers nor the Remainers. He cannot find something passing the Customs Union, the fair level-playing field, while being a Third Country to the EU. That is why this game is a losing one. It just depends on how much he wants to loose.

Right now, he cannot get things passed. He can only loose and its evident. Because, I cannot remember a bill, a motion or anything significant he has passed since getting in power. A justified loser is what Boris is and that is also because of his actions. His made his bed and he has to sleep in it.

This Brexit might crash out, this Brexit might make things burn, but that is evident by the characters of the leadership of the Tories. They have decided to make new votes and even do the previous deal three times. But they are not accepting a new referendum as the public now knows the consequences of a possible no-deal, a possible withdrawal agreement or continuing being a part of the EU.

Boris cannot win and its evident. Now he has to beg for mercy and extension. As the MPs and Commons wants to study the revised deal. This was a loss and was expected. But the PM better humiliate himself. Because, there will be “ifs and buts” ahead. Peace.

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