Law Society of Kenya: Press Statement – Purported Legal Services to Families of Victims of the Ethiopian Airlines Crash by Foreigners- Friedman Rubintrial Lawyers & Law Offices of Shakespear N. Freyissa (PSC) – (01.06.2019)

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCCA) Press Statement on near collision on the 8th Sepember 2018 (10.09.2018)

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority – Ethiopian Airspace is Safe: Kenya Air Traffic Controllers Association Statements Completely False (02.09.2018)

Kenya Air Traffic Controllers’ Association: Safety Issues that have Arisen as a Result of the On-Going Industrial Action by the Ethiopian Air Traffic Controllers (30.08.2018)

Professor Lumumba at PAV Ansah Foundation Forum – “On the Subject of Governance!”

PLO Lumumba interesting as always! Right?

Ask ourselves! We should Ask Ourselves!


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