Ethiopia: Abiy’s darkness shadows Tigray’s liberation [it’s a siege and not a ceasefire]

On the 28th June 2021 the 8 month long civil war over the Tigray region seemed to be over. As the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Forces (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Forces “Fano” was fleeing and leaving the region for the first time since the conflict started in early November 2020. This was because the Tigray Defence Force had two weeks of successive battles and beating the Tripartite Alliance to its core. That’s why the conflict was ceasing and the state on it’s knees.

However, the state and it’s allies isn’t done. They are blocking all roads into the Tigray Region. The state and its allies haven’t allowed international aid organizations or United Nations World Food Programme to deliver needed food aid into the region. As the region is in a rapid famine and in a humanitarian crisis. Which has been created by the state that attacked it and rooted in the conflict, which was ordered by the authorities itself.

That’s why bridges have been destroyed. Planes not allowed to drop goods and needed logistical support. The state is deliberately letting people perish and die. As they are retaliating with this “soft” war. Where they are blocking electricity, all communications (telephone/internet) and even water as well. All utilities are blocked… and that shows how they are besieging the region.

The direct warfare from Tripartite Alliance has maybe stopped. Even if there are some reports of warfare and acts of war-crime in Western Tigray. Where the annex land and the towns are besieged by Amhara Special Forces and the ENDF.

The Addis Ababa Government, the Prosperity Party and its allies is weaponizing starvation and a famine. They are willing to see people die, because the Prime Minister and his token friends didn’t get their way. That is the sinister and evil act of this government. Their propaganda and their acts of viciousness shall never be forgotten. As they did on their watch, kill civilians, massacre and starve their own citizens. They did this to prove a point and be supreme. That’s how little heart and little care they have.

Closing the borders and making lives a living hell. Ensuring that the people cannot eat or get what they need. That is what the Prime Minister and his allies are doing. They are showing how much they value the citizens of Tigray. These are all enemies and they are not worthy. That’s why everyone is punished for the decision to vote for and have the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as the State Government in the September 2020 election.

That is clearly the case. The Prime Minister and his party have been humiliated, again and again. Instead of getting the praise and the blind love they expect to get. Now the Amhara State government want to continue the war and keep the annex regions. While having the support of Addis Ababa and Asmara.

We are clearly seeing the evil side of this regime. They cannot even care enough to let humanitarian convoys with live-saving food to enter the Region. That is too much for them. This is who PM Abiy is… a cold blooded warlord who doesn’t value life.

If the Tigray government and the TPLF was like him. All the thousands of Prisoners of War who has been moved in the region of late. Would have been starving and kept in horrible conditions. However, they are showing that they care. Yes, the Tigray have done some extra judicial killings of co-conspirators of the Interim Government. They are seen as treacherous to their cause.

That should be condemn. However, the other government in Addis is willing to risk 900,000 people in dire distress in the middle of famine. They are willing to risk close to 6 million lacking food and utilities. The Tigray have without a doubt killed 120 people, which should have gotten on trial and answered for their betrayal of the region. Nevertheless, would the Addis regime save any of Tigrayan in the end?

A government who is stopping all Tigrayan across the republic. Who are continuing a ethnic attack. Blocking the ability to have bank-accounts, call and be a citizen of the state. In Addis shops own by Tegaru are attacked and closed. This is the sort of acts of this “reformist” government. Property is also ceased and destroyed as well.

So, it’s hard to believe that this regime cares or follows any sort of protocol or doing their mandate. The state is isolating and besieging the region. Also targeting the ones who happens to be Tegaru in other regions. The world should know and the war isn’t over. It is just done “silently” and with other means.

That isn’t just tragic, but horrible. This is the act of the PP and PM Abiy. He accepts this and orders in coordination of his allies in Amhara and in Eritrea. They are all doing this and just to hurt Mekelle. It is a clear indication, that the whole “unilateral ceasefire” is utter rubbish. Peace.

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Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) & Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) – Declaration on the Establishment of Oromia Regional National Transitional Government (30.06.2021)

First Announcement
1. Introduction, the overall situation in Oromia
The Oromo people have been waging a continuous struggle with immense sacrifices for over a century to regain natural rights it has been denied, to free itself from subjugation, and to ultimately secure the right to self-determination. The human and material cost of the struggle for freedom, even after the birth of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) that rendered modern organizational and political shape to the Oromo people’s quest for freedom by mobilizing a unified course of action, was immense. With the unprecedented level of mobilization of the Oromo youth organized under the Oromo Qeerroo/Qarree (youth) and the Oromo populace in general around 2015, the human casualties and material costs of the struggle had skyrocketed to a tipping point. Thousands have paid the ultimate price with their precious lives while many more were left with permanent disabilities. Even though the human and material loss in this mass mobilization was concluded with a bitter-sweet victory, the fruits of the sacrifices paid by the Oromo Qeerroo were hijacked by visibly and invisibly conspired hands. The much awaited and hoped for victory was reversed taking an unintended course, leaving the sacrifices in vain.
The anticipated political reforms, resumption of dialogue around the institutionalization of true democratic order that would respect the rights of peoples to self-determination within the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) failed miserably, – before moving an inch forward. Some cautious organizations that were skeptical of the reformists’ potential to effect a fundamental change in Ethiopia proposed an all-inclusive transitional government that could lay foundations for the said reform to bring about a lasting change as a point of departure from the outgoing old order. One among such political forces was the Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (PAFD), a coalition of many political organizations to which the OLF belonged as a senior founding member. When the call for a transitional arrangement of the alliance fell on deaf ears, ambitious political organizations, disenfranchised activists, and foreign powers with vested interests in Ethiopia commenced rallying around a group that sprang out of the embattled Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). The new group, disguised as a dynamic force for change, headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed placed itself at the helm of an undefined transitional terrain. It was amid such confusion that the country headed for the 6th national election in 2020. This chaos allowed the same functionaries of the old ruling party, the EPRDF, as legitimate rulers of the country without reaching at any fundamental consensus among the major political forces whose consent should have been vital to offer the slightest legitimacy to the new oligarchy.
Nevertheless, the repressive, alienating, and disenfranchising policies that Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s administration embarked on for the last three years as a tool to dismember genuine political forces so they can not partake in the election. This has completely dashed the hope of many including those who adored him at one point.
The COVID-19 pandemic was perceived as a blessing in disguise for Abiy’s regime that was already fan-fairing for pretexts to extend the election timetable while the country was grappling with political uncertainty. As a result, Abiy was able to postpone the national elections to 2021 without the consent of the political forces and stakeholders, thereby, ensuing a constitutional crisis that was already underway. Subsequently, the ruling party whose mandate has expired illegally extended its illegitimate rule to this date. The OLF, the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), and some of their allies protested the illegal extension of the incumbent’s mandate as unconstitutional, but to no avail.
Even though a much-needed reform was hoped for to transition the country to democracy, peace and stability, things went from bad to worse. Popular demands were neglected, projects to resurrect imperial Ethiopia’s glorious old order under the guise of Ethiopia’s unity began to emerge as a strategy to dilute what had been accomplished by years of popular demands and generational sacrifices. Civil discourse is impossible because the incumbent ruling clique is heavily corrupted, full of conscious liars, and opportunists.
The OLF and OFC have reiterated, time and again, that the illegal practices by the ruling party are against the law of the land which would exacerbate the conflict between citizens and the regime as well as the overall communal relations between the diverse constituencies of the Ethiopian state. The regime’s reactions to such genuine pleas for freedom and democracy were only limited to the usual lip service of hollow promises.
Currently the State of Oromia and its citizens are in a dire situation. There is no administrative or state structure that can provide meaningful services to citizens. A war has been declared on Oromia and people are paying with the lives of their own sons and daughters daily. In addition to the Ethiopian armed forces, local militias, the Amhara region’s special forces, and a foreign force – the Eritrean army are operative in the war against Oromia. It should be noted here that the war was waged with full consent of Abiy who also invited the Eritrean army to occupy Oromia. Substantial territory of Oromia is now a war zone, resulting in massive displacement and death. People are fleeing their villages leaving their belongings behind. The invading army is inflicting untold misery to Oromo farmers and pastoralists. Houses are burned into ashes, their cattle confiscated, properties looted, and women raped. Men are being executed, beaten to death, or will be taken prisoners for no apparent reason. Many of the able-bodied Oromo men and women who were unable to endure such atrocities have joined the fighting forces of the Oromo Liberation Army. There is no rule of law in Ethiopia; there is no accountability. The regime’s henchmen are acting so arbitrarily and erratically simply because they have enough resources at their disposal to do whatever they want to. Simply stated, there is no government in Oromia in the true sense of the term.
The self-appointed ruling clique that operates under the name Prosperity Party (PP) has successfully put a dictatorial regime in place. As stated above, the new rulers of Ethiopia were members of the old regime that had been inflicting untold miseries on the citizens of Oromia and other peoples of Ethiopia, emerged with a new name disguised as a reformer. The regime has shown its resolve to dissolve Ethiopia’s multi-nation federalism and reinstitute old Ethiopia of one nation, one language, and one culture, validated by a weird narrative that group rights, if granted to Ethiopia’s nations and nationalities, would be a menace to Ethiopia as they see it. As a result, the regime is diligently working to dismantle the Oromia Regional State and divide the Oromo people by depriving them of a unified Oromia federal state territory. To this end, it has recruited individuals believed to be loyal to the ruling clique, whose key task is cutting the basic and essential services from Oromia, services that a regional administration needs to establish itself as a regional government.
We view the 6th national election null and void since it does not meet criteria of an election by any standard. It was conducted without contending political parties, the two major political organizations that very well represented the interests of the citizens of Oromia, OLF & OFC, were forced to withdraw from the race. The election was conducted at a time when leaders, members, and supporters of these two organizations were languishing in prisons throughout the country. Almost all offices of both organizations were either raided or forced to close.
The OLF and OFC had shown their commitments to democratic principles and have done their best to make this election free and fair for all. They have been calling for constructive dialogues on different platforms for a return to the right course even after they sensed that the election process was getting off track. Mindful of the fraudulent election that did not resolve the country’s grave socio-political problems, the OLF and OFC made a national call to all stakeholders for the establishment of a government of national salvation in Ethiopia.
To guard its sovereignty and exercise self-rule, make a firm stride towards freedom and democratic rights, allow rays of peace to shine and end the misery of decades, and safeguard its national interests, it has become imperative for Oromia to establish a transitional government that operates until it is replaced by a democratically elected government. The OLF and OFC, as two major stakeholders, are taking upon the duty of shouldering the aspirations of the Oromo people in this historic effort and forming such a transitional government. Thus, after a thorough analysis of the ongoing political situation in the country, in consultation with Oromo intellectuals, professionals, and leaders of the Oromo civic society, the OLF and OFC hereby declare the establishment of the Oromia Regional National Transitional Government of Oromia (ORNTG) on this day of July 1, 2021, to serve for three years within which time a legitimate government of the people by the people is established. The ORNTG is being inaugurated at a very critical time in our region’s history, at a time when the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front is regaining its control over Tigray following a bloody war against the Federal forces, and at a time when the entire country is increasingly engulfed by chaos and unrest. These developments and the political deteriorations discussed above make the creation of the ORNTG imperative – to protect all the citizens of Oromia and better serve its people.
2. Oromia Regional National Transitional Government guiding principle
ORNTG accepts all International Human Rights Declarations that Ethiopia signed and in addition, during the transitional period, ORNTG:
2.1 Recognizes and sees to it that the ultimate power rests in the hands of the people of Oromia.
2.2 Respects and protects the rights of all citizens of Oromia.
2.3 Respects and defends equality between men and women.
2.4 Assures that Oromia Reginal State constitutions uder Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia are the supreme laws of Oromia. ORNTG shall not pass any laws contrary to these supreme laws.
2.5 Recognizes the separation of State and Religion in Oromia. There is no state religion. ORNTG respects freedom of religion.
2.6 Protects and respects the rights of other nationalities in Oromia.
2.7 Assures that the judiciary system is independent from the other branches of ORNTG.
2.8 Provides basic services and other duties as outlined by the law.
2.9 Collaborates with other regional governments and share responsibility with the federal government.
2.10 Works diligently to bring democracy, peace, stability, and economic development to the Horn of Africa.
3. Organizational Structure of Oromia Regional National Transitional Government
3.1 ORNTG shall have a Council composed of 337 members selected from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), civic society, religious institutions, Gadaa institution, youth organizations, and women organizations.
3.2 ORNTG serves as a transitional government of Oromia until a government elected by the people takes over. The term of ORNTG shall not exceed three years.
3.3 ORNTG council shall have a speaker and a vice speaker. The council establishes necessary committees to carry out its duties. The speaker of the council presides over the council’s meetings and is responsible for the governance of the council.
3.4 ORNTG has structures at different administrative levels. The ORNTG can have administrative structures at any level it wishes to.
3.5 ORNTG Council shall be the law-making body of ORNTG.
3.6 The responsibility for implementing and enforcing the laws rests with the president of ORNTG. The president reports to the ORNTG Council.
3.7 The President of ORNTG shall be the head of the executive branch of the ORNTG. The president shall represent ORNTG, and he shall nominate vice presidents and heads of executive departments to the ORNTG Council for approval. The president shall oversee and give directives to the executive departments.
3.8 During the transition period, existing government structures that are providing basic services to the people will continue to function. The ORNTG shall facilitate the completion of development projects that are underway.
3.9 ORNTG shall work closely with international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), European Union (EU), Diplomatic Mission Groups, Human Rights Groups, Non-Governmental Organizations, and any organizations that have interests in Oromia.
3.10 The ORNTG shall work with other regional/ state governments to create a genuine and all-inclusive transitional agreement at the federal level in the presence of third party such as the African Union, European Union, influential individuals, and human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch to ensure that it is open, genuine, and free.
3.11 The ORNTG shall work with interested groups and organizations including international media to build a transparent and democratic system, to promote good governance, and launch upon expedited development.
4. Transitional Period Program
ORNTG shall work on security, political, economy, and social services of all Oromian citizens during the transitional period as listed below.
4.1. To establish peace and security that has been lacking in recent years in Oromia, ORNTG will:
a. Work with local communities to identify potential elements which can affect peace and security of the people and security forces will be immediately deployed to places where problems emerge to protect local communities to maintain peace.
b. Encourage discussions with neighboring leaders and other nationalities about shared values towards building peace and stability based on friendly relationships.
c. Work on repatriating families and displaced communities back to their homes and properties as soon as conditions permit.
d. Establish strategies to support communities who were either displaced or forced to leave their homes and lands because of their vulnerability to socio-economic challenges.
4.2 ORNTG shall establish a Commission on Reconciliation and Transitional Justice responsible to investigate and prosecute all crimes by previous regimes against citizens of Oromia.
4.3 ORNTG shall establish a special committee to collect data on all martyrs of Oromia and recommend appropriate commemoration for them.
4.4 In order to impose the rule of law, ORNTG will,
a. Reaffirm the independence of the judiaciary system and respect for the court’s decision.
b. Work to prevent illegal detentions and human right violations against anyone.
c. Persecute individuals or groups involved in illegal activities.
d. Protect properties of all citizens and residents of Oromia that were obtained legally.
e. Hold government officials at all levels accountable for any crimes or illegal activities they commit.
4.5 ORNTG shall facilitate a fair, free, and transparent election to establish a legitimate and legal government, and transfer power to the winning party(s).
4.6 Based on the policies of the ORNTG, all political prisoners will be released.
4.7 On economic growth, ORTNG will work to:
a. Identify all factors that resulted in low income and implement policies to improve living standards of the people.
b. Encourage everyone to build wealth but only through fair and legal practices.
c. Increase productivity and capacity in agriculture, animal breeding, business, and industrial sectors for national economic growth as well as to improve the living standards of the people.
d. Implement policies to expand transportation and communication as vital for economic growth.
4.8 On social justice, ORNTG shall work to,
a. Expand education, public health services, basic development infrastructures, and the likes, towards sufficient capacity for public services.
b. Create the environment for all social segments to participate and play their expected political, social, and economic roles while benefiting from them.
c. Maximize the contributions and involvements of women and children by recognizing their essential roles in today’s living conditions as well as for the future of the nation.
d. Strengthen the involvements of the youth and women in national political, economic, and social activities by recognizing their roles as a wealth of productive manpower for the nation.
e. Give special focuses to work on setting up government services for different disabled citizens.
We, members of the Transitional Council of ORNTG, unanimously approve and hereby declare the establishment of Oromia Regional Transitional Government.
Transitional Council of Oromia Regional National Transitional Government
June 30, 2021

Ethiopia: OCHA Flash Update – Tigray Region Humanitarian Update – Situation in Tigray (1 July 2021)

Ethiopia: Tigray is now a bridge to far…

We are devastated to hear the Tekeze bridge in Tigray has been destroyed. This was one of the main supply routes into Tigray which means aid efforts will be even more severely hampered than before. The IRC continues to call for unfettered humanitarian access to the region” (International Rescue Committee, 01.07.2021).

The Ethiopian army and the Amhara forces have demolished the bridge on the Tekeze river, that connects the towns of Shire and Maitsebri with heavy weapons; fearing that the Tigray Defense Forces might chase them” (Axumite Media, 01.07.2021)

The destruction of Tekeze bridge isn’t a single incident, as the Ethiopian National Defence Force and Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” as they are retreating from the Tigray Region. They have been destroying important infrastructure and utilities.

The authorities and the state actors have blocked all roads leading to the Tigray region. In addition, they have been destroying power transformers and other equipment putting the region into a steady blackout. This is coming as an extra to the jamming of phone-lines, blocking internet and stopping all ordinary communication from the region.

The state as they promised a “unilateral ceasefire” is doing what it can to take it a bridge to far. Not leaving in peace, but trying to get Tigray back to the stone-age. As the basic utilities and communication equipment will not because the state has effectively destroyed it.

What the Ethiopian government is delivering to the general public of Tigray region. Is no banking, as all accounts are still frozen and they don’t have the ability to do that. There is no electricity and that has been cut off with deliberate action. Phone-lines are not working and internet is blocked as well. A total communications black-out, which have been done before and re-issued to add more suffering. The worst part is the destruction of the fields and the agricultural output. While stopping and blocking aid from getting into region. Making a huge catastrophe of epic proportions, which are not only in dire distress, but in full blown man-made famine. That is happing, while the state armies are busy blocking the roads into the region and making it impossible to get into it.

That shows the sinister heart of the leadership in Addis Ababa. They have announced and called the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) a terrorist organization in the House of Federation. However, what do you call someone who takes away food, shelter and the livelihood of millions? What do you call a government who kills, destroys and silence millions of civilians? What do you call a government who make their own citizens starve and blocks food aid from entering?

What do you call that?

Isn’t that terrorist and crimes of war? This is the effort and the product of a Law Enforcement Operation? This is the results and the proud achievement of the Prosperity Party? Is this the reforms of the elites of Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar?

If so, please do yourself a favour and piss off. You are a disgrace to humanity. Letting children, families, old and young die of starvation. Lack of basic necessities and stopping humanitarian access to the region. Because, you with your own armies and on command have created a humanitarian disaster.

All the ones dying as a cause of this and as a result needs to be answered for. The state, the Prime Minister and his party have all to address this and be held responsible. They made it happen and they let all guns out.

This is a bridge to far and they are making it much worse. Out of old grudges and there is only one way out. Since Addis Ababa doesn’t value or see these people as a part of their Republic. At least how they are appearing and their choices of destroying everything they can.

The Humanitarian organizations needs to make a way and a road, which comes from Sudan into the Tigray region. So, that they can have convoys and transports to the various parts of Tigray. Which is hurt by the man-made famine and the humanitarian crisis which is occurring right now. There is no time to loose and so many lives at stake.

Lives that Abiy and Addis Ababa doesn’t care for and their actions speaks louder than words. Peace.

Ethiopia: Abiy got humiliated by Operation Alula

The operation was not a defeat, it was a success” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (29.06.2021)

The Operation Law Enforcement which was launched in November 2020 cannot be deemed an success. It has only tarnished a nations reputation. The Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister as goons and warlords. They have a Ministry of Peace, but is known for waging war internally now. That is not how you built a strong state or reconcile people with difference.

Prime Minister Abiy together with his Amhara allies and Eritrean ally thought they had the ability and the power to destroy Tigray. They we’re jaded in their minds. Thinking they would have the upper-hand and the option of crushing Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). However, as longer as the conflict became. The weaker the army and the allies became. Their soldiers was dying and their reputation was in total tatters. Which cannot be reconciled after the atrocities, massacres, looting and destruction of region.

Also, with the “Operation Alula”, which is reported to have resulted this within 10 days:

28,300 ENDF soldiers dead, 6011 soldiers prisoners, 25 122mm howitzers, 6 107-Rockets, 13 120mm mortars, 78 82mm mortars, 16 zoo 23s, 142 Doshkas, 630 machinguns, & thousands of snipers & small arms, 391 vehicles, 747 military radios captured by TDF 7 divisions destroyed” (Tghat, 29.06.2021).

Credible sources indicated that more than 50% of the remnants of the invading Ethiopian soldiers from the TDF’s unpredictable operations in the last 7 months were destroyed in less than two weeks, I.e, OperationAlula!” (Dedebit Media, 30.06.2021).

So, before the majestic speech of the Prime Minister. The TDF had deployed their forces in a manner, which surprised the Tripartite Alliance and totally destroyed the army there. So, the deceased on both sides get buried over a spat, which they didn’t deserve. This was an egotistic PM who wanted to consolidate power and overpower his enemy. Who didn’t want to bow their knees to him.

That’s why the PM is proud of his destruction and looting.

Which happens to one be one the thing the PM is proud of:

When we entered Meklle 7 or 8 months ago, it was the collusion centre of gravity, centre of a government and centre of resources that we knew much of, and much more. We’re leaving today, and other than sheltering an overflowing additional number of people that are close to 80,000 which includes thieves, robbers who steal from them. It’s not different from Abi-Adi, Sheraro or Beshasha; it has lost all importance. Now there is nothing special about Mekelle, Abi-Adi or elsewhere, if we see it from a military perspective. Right now, there is nothing that makes it a centre of gravity, and tempting. Compared to the first time when we went in, there is nothing tempting now” (Abiy, 29.06.2021).

So, it is not like they came into war because of the constitution or rule of law. No, it was to humiliate and destroy Tigray. They wanted Mekelle to be destroyed and left in dust. It wasn’t supposed to a centre of anything. Just a small unimportant village. However, in the end. This vision and this brutal take. Shows, the Prime Minister didn’t go there for peace or liberation.

No, the Prime Minister went for selfish reasons for himself and his allies. To secure that there was one less region in the Republic. He rather wage war to undermine and weaken one part of the Republic. That says a lot about the PM.

Also not shocking, but revealing was the sentiment of the soldiers deployed which he stated:

They started viewing everyone they see as the enemy” (Abiy, 29.06.2021).

That explains why everyone became a target. Why the soldiers acted like they did and didn’t care about civilians or their lives. They would massacre, kill and rape citizens, as they we’re all seen as enemies. When you have that jaded vision and that approach. Everything you do is to save yourself and destroy your enemy. That’s how you create possible genocide and makes reasons for atrocities. Which is easy to realize in hindsight. When the soldiers and the ones deployed saw everyone as “enemies”!

This Prime Minister is proud of destroying Mekelle and “weakening” a threat. He didn’t go there to liberate or fight for the constitution. No, he ordered the war to secure his power and enrich himself on the costs of the Tigray region. However, that gamble has backfired and his army are now in complete disarray. It is weakened and the TDF have Prisoners of War (POW). They have been able to get rid of huge parts of the armies and they need to be restructured.

That’s why he has to surrender in Tigray. Plus the warfare has cost and broken the economy. He has paid for a war without any proper revenue. That why he has not only destroyed the National Defence Force (ENDF) but also the economy. This is an impressive feat to do within 8 months. Plus being implicated and ordering war-crimes, losing all prestige and becoming a known warlord.

Going from the Nobel Peace Prize to possible get charged by the International Criminal Court in the future for War-Crimes. If that isn’t one of the biggest fall from grace. I don’t know what is. Peace.

Ethiopia: Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE) – SJTE Statement on the partial liberation of Tigray (29.06.2021)