Opinion: Abiy isn’t the saviour but the villain

On this day in 2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali took over power in Ethiopia. Now it has gone three years and his still unelected. He got appointed by the Council of Ministers as the Prime Minister, but his never been elected by universal suffrage. He postponed the elections last year in 2020 and has scheduled to hold it this year finally.

However, the term of his non-election is what will seal his fate and legacy. No, that is all his other actions and in-actions. The manner which his reign is filled with conflicts, propaganda and lazing everything with poison.

The Prime Minister came in with promise of reforms and peace. Nevertheless, the reforms have been shallow and a power consolidation of a kind. The PM has been more concerned with getting aligned in his image. Than initially getting dialogue, talks and general peace. He has either buried his enemies or detained them. The Prime Minister is serving the Republic in the worst way possible.

It is not only Tigray Region that is burning as a result of his ego. Oromia is the main leadership behind bars. In Ogaden the leadership is monitored and the citizens are starving. The Prime Minister have done damage everywhere and his not resolving anything.

He made peace with Eritrea and is now a close ally with Asmara. They are an axis who are willing to whatever it takes to destroy their common enemy in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). They want to annihilate and end the former rulers, once and for all. The Tigrayan Defence Force (TDF) is now going against ENDF, EDF and Fano. That says it all after the conflict started in early November last year.

The Prime Minister still oversee and let government troops massacre people in other zones and regions. The PM has no reasons to stop people fighting in Afar Region or Benishangul-Gumuz Region. Even the Liyu Police extra judicial killings in Ogaden region. All of this is happening during his reign, but never ceasing.

The PM has used his power and his tenure to assault, destroy and get rid of his enemies. While thinking everyone wants to follow him and believes his words. A man who first discussed with his opponents to later detain them. That is why the next elections will be sham one. As everyone who is really challenging him is behind bars and his party will “win” with amazing numbers.

Abiy promised prosperity but currently only delivering destruction. There is nothing his really building. Except for his own ego, which is soon higher up than Mount Everest. Clearly his first book ‘Medemer’ and Nobel Peace Prize made it seems like he was going somewhere substantial. The peace agreement with Eritrea made it seem so as well. However, at home he has buried anyone and detained everyone else. That is what he does and he uses his office to control and silence anyone who could challenge or question him.

Even the men who helped him become Prime Minister have lost their relevance. The PM only cares about himself and the image his possesses. There is nothing he will not promise of greatness. If it is sending things into space, controlling the rain or speaking of peace. While his most consistent results is burying his own citizens and putting his opponents in prison.

He came in acting like the saviour and the man who change things. However, what he has done? Is using all his powers to take it all and stop anyone else come close to him. The PM will not let go now. We can expect more tragic endeavours and state sanctioned violence in the way of innocent citizens. As long as the state can import and have foreign currency to trade the goods to do so. The public is the future cannon-fodder and awaiting their turn. This PM doesn’t care and will use whatever narrative that he see fit.

The PM has now had three years in office. Still, he will not be remembered for peace, but for a brutal civil war. The PM will be remembered how he used all parts of the state to muffle his critics. The PM will be remembered for all the citizens who has fallen in his term. All the fatalities and murders done his watch. Especially, the extra judicial killings done by his orders. The PM will be remembered for all of this and no one will care about his Ministry for Peace. No, that Ministry is used for his war-effort and to white-wash his conflicts.

That is the saddest thing about this. The PM seemed like someone who would deliver hope and be different. However, his just another warlord and a emperor who lives by the gun and will die by the gun too. He will not die because he made peace. No, he will live with the wars he has created and pray to the almighty that he let him conquer. Because, if he loses … the enemies might bury him too. Peace.

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Ethiopia: Tigray – Law Enforcement Operation has displaced over 730,000 people

There been focus on the refugees of the war, which has crossed from the Tigray Region into Sudan since the start of the civil-war in early November 2020. Now, we are in the end of March and nearly into April 2021. The months has gone by and now the ripple effect is happening.

All the three armies aim at one region and one common enemy has born some results. Maybe not the outcome that was anticipated, as this was supposed to be short war and proclaimed in final stages in the end of November 2020. Which by all means is far from to this day. As there are reports that more trucks of Eritrean Defence Force have been fighting inside Tigray. As Amhara Paramilitary Group Fano has been used and so has Ethiopian National Defence Force. All of these armies have targeted Tigray Defence Force and Samri.

At this point, the devestation and the total damage of the conflict is uncertain. That is done deliberately as the state has kept people in the dark. The state have downplayed and debunked any reporting done. There been campaigns to undermine reports and later verify things partly. Just like the Eritrean Foreign Ministry does as well. They are working in tandem doing this work and shading the lights on the crisis, one report at the time. No matter what is written and by whatever media house… they will in the end dismiss it and call it “fake”. Even if all the things said in it is later verified by state authorities or quoted by state officials.

What these has never targeted is the stats that United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) have delivered to the public. The numbers I am now dropping and the horrific reports are coming from their latest report called: “Humanitarian Bulletin

Ethiopia – Issue #4 15– 28 March 2021”. Published today on the 31st March 2021.

What it states is this:

Reports from the Regional Early Warning and Response Directorate and humanitarian partners on the ground reveal that the number of displaced people has steadily increased in the region. Currently, more than 140,000 people have been displaced from western Tigray to Shire and Adwa, bringing the cumulative number of displaced people in Tigray to more than 730,000 (according to the Regional Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs – BoLSA and the Early Warning Bureau). An assessment conducted by the ES/NFI Cluster and OCHA between 11-14 March in Shire, Aksum, and Adwa found a dire humanitarian situation in these areas” (OCHA, 31.03.2021).

We know the conflict has affected plenty when over 700,000 people have been directly touched and had to move. These is internally displaced within the region because of the massacres, open warfare, door-to-door raids and other atrocities happening. They are seeing armies invading their homes, villages and towns. Where the only reasonable choice is to flee and seek refugee somewhere else. Just like the ones who fled to Sudan and is in camps there.

The Law Enforcement Operation of Addis Ababa and Asmara is clearly not only hitting its intended enemies, but also causing a lot harm to bystanders. The conflict is creating a dangerous state and at such a level, which will take years to fix. The amount of people up-rooted and taken away from their homes is outrageous. It will take more than a quick fix to make up for the damage done in these months.

Abiy will be remembered for all this harm and hurt. It happened in his watch and he ordered it to happen together with his ally Afwerki. They are responsible as Heads of State and Warlords. These folks burned villages, extra-judicial killings and slaughtered citizens to prove a point. They did it annihilate TPLF. But is it worth scaring over 700,000 people away from their homesteads? How can leaders like this sleep at night?

When Abiy started the war in November 2020 he opened a Pandora’s box… and this is now one of the outcomes. We have no idea about how many who has died. We have now idea about how many soldiers, paramilitary or armed personnel on both sides who has lost their lives either. No idea about casualties in general. Neither, is there any sort of reporting on the starvation or the struggle to survive in the region either. Therefore, there is a lot of numbers missing.

But… the tally of IDPs says how reaching and what sort of impact it has. As people decide to leave their homes and find shelter elsewhere. That is not done with ease, but for fear of losing their lives if they stays. Therefore, by this alone. We know that this conflict is horrific and atrocities are occurs with the knowledge of the outside world. That is tragic, but sadly true. As we can only know what the eyes, witnesses and the bold reporters are telling. Which is limited and not it all. Therefore, this sort of Humanitarian Bulletin says more than any article would. It states what people are doing, as a last ditch resort to save themselves from the “hell” they used to call home. Peace.

Opinion: Eritrea is flawless

You wake up (Flawless)

Post up (Flawless)

Riding ’round in it (Flawless)

Flossin’ on that (Flawless)

This diamond (Flawless)

My diamond (Flawless)

This rock (Flawless)

My Roc (Flawless)” Beyonce – ‘Flawless’ (2013)

The Horn of Africa got an utopia nobody knows about. Some people calls it the ‘North Korea’ of Africa. It doesn’t matter if dissidents dies, people are fleeing forced subscriptions to the army and there is a non-existent civil space. No, Asmara and Eritrea is what the world should be.

There is nobody as great and a stable genius like Isaias Afwerki. The man who can live in transition since 1993. The man who never only needed a referendum to be liberated from Ethiopia. Since the parties of all parties have run supreme. The People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) is the motherland and the fatherland in one. There will be no party like that and nobody will ever be worthy of challenging Afwerki.

Afwerki is the sort of man that deserves to rule by presidential decrees. A man who can decide every little thing. He can make prison camps and appoint his allies to companies. Civilians is fine to to be tried in military courts and be tried without any evidence. The fleeing civilians from being kept as slaves for the party and high ranking officials. That is how you build a nation of patriotic men. You are supposed to serve your best years for pennies. That being between 18 years to 40 years old.

That is the system of Afwerki. A man with no flaws. He has so little flaws. That everyone who oppose him ceases to exist. They just vanish. Either they flee through horrific dangers across the continent in hope to reach Europe. If not they are lingering in detention camps or refugee camps in the countries with borders too it. That is the sort of greatness the PFDJ have given the world.

Afwerki who never needed elections is flawless. The man of all ages. His the natural leader and the visionary. The man who exposes man kind and that is evident since November 2020. That is why they are scapegoated and blamed for all the ills in Tigray region. These folks wouldn’t do people harm. Except for their own… which have gotten ill treatment every time they have tried to defy the Presidential Orders. Well, his the pure enlightenment of man-kind. So, everyone should bow down to the greatness of Afwerki and his PFDJ.

That is why all sanctions and resolutions against Eritrea is always baseless. If not is made by spineless men who report human rights violations like the scrupulous men Mahmud Sherifo, Petros Solomon and Haile Woldensae. Those who dared to criticise the government and the President. These men should have just been loyal to the President and his party. They know deep in their hearts that there is no greater man than Isias walking on planet earth.

That is why Eritrean government is never to be blamed. Their soldiers and forced conscription in the army. If not critics, journalists and other dissidents just have mysterious illnesses or dies in detentions. Not worry, that is because these folks are faint hearted and not because the state is repressive.

What is the lesson of today? Well, Asmara, PFDJ and Afwerki is flawless. They are perfect. No matter what the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) does inside Ethiopia. Heck, it must be a spotless and definitely not bringing atrocities to a new area. No, they are just innocent angles blessing every town they come too.

Afwerki would never kill his enemies. Isaias would never silence his dissidents or deport foreigners questioning his reign. No, he would just be a puppy and grinning nicely. That is who he is and its weird that his not on the list to become a saint by the Vatican. Someone hasn’t done their job in Asmara and a civil servant should be warned.

The EDF is reported to be a vile force inside the Tigray Region. But when you know about the innocent and non-elected government of Asmara. You should know that a saint like Afwerki would never touch a soul. He would only send his blessings and wouldn’t offer a preposition they couldn’t refuse.

So, whatever the European Union or United States says about Eritrea. They are wrong and blinded by propaganda from detractors. They should listen to the choirs of Afwerki. These are the ones that knows and has the enlightenment, which the rest of world has never understood. His a supreme being and should be deemed as a demigod. Everyone else is lucky to breathe the same air as Isaias. His flawless and mind is beyond ordinary human reasoning. 

So, If you know, now you know. Peace.

Ethiopia-Sudan Tensions: The tormentors of Darfur sent to the border region

Since 13th December 2020 the Ethiopian and Sudanese troops have had skirmishes at the border-regions. The Ethiopian army and Amhara Para-Military Group ‘Fano’ have attacked Sudanese territory. This have been amplified and the state are hardening its stances.

Now, the Sudanese are even amping up more. After they have said to retaken border points and their claimed Al-Fashaqa region. This is further extending the warfare from the Law Enforcement Operation in the neighbouring Tigray Region inside Ethiopia. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) is stretching their battle-lines and also their manpower in their newest quest.

However, to go against the Sudanese is a risky game. As they will now meet a conning and warlord of Darfur. The Sudanese isn’t just sending new recruits to the borders. No, they are now sending the Janjaweed aka Rapid Support Force (RSF). The state militia co-ordinated and controlled by the Vice President of Sovereign Council Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemiti”.

Hemiti isn’t just anyone. His a ruthless warlord and a someone who has no issues with sending his enemies to their demise. Now, that the RSF is sending its ‘Desert Shield Force’ to the Eastern Borders towards Ethiopia. Expect horrific reports and striking images from the region. The Janjaweed have been a click of murderous mercenaries. These will use all means to settle the score and they will not come with mercy.

This is why the usage of RSF into this operation. Shows that the Sudanese is amplifying their operation in the border region to Ethiopia. There will be more conflict and they will use guerrilla tactics to conquer the Ethiopians from entering.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali should be concerned about this. His ‘Fano and ENDF haven’t met the capabilities of RSF yet. The RSF is another breed than what his used too. The Janjaweed have gone after their own and been a violent force for decades. The ENDF will clearly meet their end here.

That Hemiti and the Al-Burhan is calling them in. Shows their resolute act to defend its border. They are taking it further now. After Ethiopia have breached their borders for months. This is really signalling to the world. That the tension is spiralling out and a full out war between the neighbours.

Its not just a few skirmishes or small brigades going to far on a whim, but deliberate warfare. This is worrying. What is striking that Abiy is willing to have so many conflicts going at one time and not worried about the strain it causes to his troops. He clearly have the idea that his able to overcome any challenge. If not his “Yes-Men” is telling lies to keep his moral high.

This conflict in Sudan is a fools mission. It is now a bloodbath in the waiting. The Janjaweed have been deadly force for years in Darfur. To bring them here is only a sign of future death. There is nothing good coming out of this.

Abiy will indirectly challenge Hemiti, but I don’t think he knows what is coming his way. He should study the Darfur conflict. However, don’t expect him to do so. Because, he will only order the demise of his men on the front. Peace.