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When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”George R.R. Martin

How can you say it, but 24th November 2018 has been a shocking day for many. The concessions done by the HM Government, shows again how favorable and lack of leverage the Tories have when it meets the European Union counterparts. They are now on the rise of losing big. The biggest loss without an armed conflict.

Even the ones against the European Union, should soon start fighting to stay there, as even the territories on the outside of British Isles are now in question. The lack of control and shambles of negotiations are proven, as the HM Government of Gibraltar evening statement shows the dire consequences of what happen today.

That Prime Minister Theresa May are making the Withdrawal Agreement less feasible by the minute. She has a own gift of making the general idea more toxic. It was already red-flags on the backstop, the temporary special treatment on Northern Ireland, nothing mentioned for Scotland and Wales. While the fisheries and their needs was not taken care of and also the Political Declaration, where all mobility and immigration rights are suddenly stopped.

Therefore, this week has been terrible and a nightmare. It just don’t stop. The Brexit, the British are really making their lives worse by the minute. The PM are clearly not winning hearts at home, neither is she in Europe. As they are making it harder back-home. The DUP are against it, the ERG part of the Tories are against it, massive parts of Labour is against it. The Lib-Dems are too, the SNP and so on. There are so little part who is in favor of the deal. And the latest concessions are not making it a stronger case.

This being the partition of Northern Ireland, the loss of Gibraltar and also the possible problems with fishing quotas too. Nevertheless, they are becoming totally sovereign, but has to follow certain temporary restrains, while the UK are working to find their new role as a Third Country to the EU. Clearly, this Withdrawal Agreement are giving the British a headache.

I cannot understand how they can prolong this one. As it has gone two years since the Referendum. They were promised GOLD and everything that GLIMMERS if they left the EU. However, the visions of the last two weeks have been brutal. Showing the truth, which the Tories didn’t want to tell.

The ones that was Brexiteers should know this. They should feel this and see the damage it does. That the EU are clearly playing high stakes, but getting much more, than the HM Government is. They are leaving, but getting very little for doing so. While the Remainers are proven right to stay and not leave at all. Even if that means two years of spoiled promise and pledges, as the current state of leaving are not doing any good. Neither following the Withdrawal Agreement and a ‘No Deal’ are not serving the interest of the people.

I don’t think the Brexiteers in the House or the Lords will act in good faith. They want to save face, but at the same time. They will lose their honor and their role as representatives of the public. They are trading the future, without securities of tomorrow. Which is a rare moment, where the elites and representatives are trading away what they have to get less. They do it deliberately and doing it stay in power. But for how long will the public accept, that they are getting less?

Whatever, the sun is set, the Empire where there is only one sunset. The British are losing more and becoming more cornered. They are at the penalty box and trying to shot on the goal, but not even hitting the post. They are curving it into the supporters. That is how bad they are playing. If they were a Premier League team, they would be in the relegation zone and could if they made wise decisions save the team this season. But what they are doing right now, is continuing to lose without any possible salvation. Peace.

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