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Ebola Vaccination Begins in North Kivu (10.08.2018)

Work has begun to prepare ring vaccination in the Mangina health area, 30km from the town of Beni.

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo (Republic of the), August 10, 2018 –  The Ministry of Public Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo today announced the launch of Ebola vaccinations for high risk populations in North Kivu province.

The vaccinations have begun just one week after the announcement of a second outbreak of Ebola this year in the country. A total of 44 cases have been reported so far, of which 17 have been confirmed.

Work has begun to prepare ring vaccination in the Mangina health area, 30km from the town of Beni.

The provincial health minister and the provincial coordinator of the Expanded Programme on Immunization were the first to be vaccinated. They were followed by first line health workers from the Mangina health centre, who had been in contact with people who were confirmed cases of Ebola.

“Vaccines are an important tool in the fight against Ebola. This is why it has been a priority to move them rapidly into place to begin protecting our health workers and the affected population,” said Dr Oly Ilunga, Minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A total of 3,220 doses of the rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine are currently available in the country, while supplementary doses have been requested. While the vaccine goes through the licensing process, an agreement between Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Merck, the developer of the vaccine, ensures that additional investigational doses of the vaccine are available.

“The Democratic Republic of the Congo has once again demonstrated strong leadership in its early response to this outbreak,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). “Ebola is aggressive. We must respond more aggressively. Beginning the vaccination so quickly is a key early step.”

WHO has provided logistical support for the establishment of the cold chain and sent supplies needed for the vaccinations, in addition to supporting the negotiation of protocols with the manufacturer and national authorities, and supporting the deployment of vaccination experts from Guinea to work alongside national staff, who began the vaccination.

“We are proud of the regional solidarity demonstrated by the vaccination efforts, and confident that the strong capacity of the African region will once again be demonstrated during the response to this outbreak,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

Opinion: The DRC will not run better with Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Shadari!

“Fool, what do you think? That we know anything about who gives money? That we give a damn about who they are or what they want? We have no way of running down them or their stories. We don’t care. We just cash the damn cheques, count the votes and move on”Senator Clay Davis (From the Wire).

I am just stating it before everyone else, will, this December 2018 election, even if there is million candidates, the ones the PPRD and M.P. wants to rule. Will evidently rule, now that the plan has been put into effect. The CENI will rig that bad-boy and even use the military to settle the score. Just to ensure the “will of the people” are respected and another forced leader are over their heads. The rest is just a play for the façade and hope the people play along. Because Emmanual Ramazani Shadari will not bring peace. He hasn’t done it as a Minister in the Kabila Cabinet, why would he bring it as a possible President.

Shadari as a Minister was in-charge and co-ordinated with the security forces with massacred and killed in Kasai-Oriental and in Ituri. This was done while he was Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Security, before Henri Mova Sakanyi replaced him earlier this year.

However, he is a loyalist and a Kabilaist, he will deliver the way the current leadership is doing. There will be nothing new. He has been in-charged and made sure the mass-graves of Kasai Oriental, the burned villages and the killings there. Just to settle the score and ensure insurgency, which benefits the central leadership. It is insane, but that is what the man has been doing, he did the same in Ituri, just to make sure the region was in turmoil and created enough havoc. To ensure that the state was needed and could takeover.

So if you believe that he is a viable and good candidate, there was reasons why his accounts and his business by the European Union is frozen. That wasn’t because he was such a gentleman and care giving, no it is because of his affliation with crimes against humanity and the displacement of thousands of people in the provinces of Ituri and Kasai-Oriental.

All of these massacres and killings, shouldn’t be forgotten, as he was on the top of the food-chain ordering it for various of reasons, also for sure to secure his own position at the top. Maybe, even do favours for the governors and elites in the regions. As they want to put a spell on them. This by continuing state violence and make groups go against each other. Because that is good for business in Kinshasa.

With a possible President Emmanuel Shadari, don’t expect peace, expect more violence, heart-ache and depleted territories in the reach for a quick buck. There will be no change of leadership with this man. If he would appoint Joseph Kabila as his Vice-President or Prime Minister, he would be the de-facto President, but also the Medvedev of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Then, Kabila would still have power, but use Shadari as his pawn. In this cynic world of ours, that isn’t too far-fetched.

With this supposed successor, I am not seeing hope; it is a change of face, but not the needed change. You are switching the dirty water, with the same dirty water, without even trying to fix the pipes or check any of the filters underneath the sink. You are not even putting in the work and making the significant change.

The ones believing the hype. Good for you, but I am not eating it. There are too many shady characters and sinister play going on. I want the best for anyone, but this isn’t it. This is just a forced hand, and I wonder how it will play.

Kabila wouldn’t rattle so much with the AKs over the years, to silently move to Equatorial Guinea or wherever, a dictator settle these day. No, he has yet to flee the scene and will still move, but I have a hunch that Shadari is his pawn, to become the next one opening up the gates after this term. Because Kabila is still young enough to really want to quit his day-job. Peace.

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Kabila’s Announced Successor is on the EU/UN Sanctions list: Emmanuel Ramazani Shadari!

Well, the Presidential Spokesperson for the government, Lambert Mende have announced the successor of Joseph Kabila for the upcoming elections this December 2018. The former minister of Interior, who had this cabinet post until February 2018. Therefore, the loyalist and Kabalist are clearly favoured by the party, the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD) and Kabila himself.

What is special about Shadari is that he is sanctioned by European Union and United Nations on the 29.05.2017, where his asset was frozen. As the directive states: “All assets of the listed persons and entities should be frozen. It is also prohibited to make any funds or assets directly or indirectly available to them”. Therefore, the Presidential Candidate and the successor of Kabila is already under fire and questionable at best. As his assets in the West is frozen. No one is allowed to business with him.

From the UK sanctions profile, this was written about him:

“DOB: 29/11/1960. POB: Kasongo, DRC a.k.a: (1) MULANDA, Emmanuel, Ramazani, Shadari (2) SHADARY Nationality: DRC Position: Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Security Other Information: EU listing. Listed on: 30/05/2017 Last Updated: 30/05/2017 Group ID: 13466” (HM Government – ‘Financial Sanctions Notice – 30/05/2017 – Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Therefore, he is already a known figure, with limited rights abroad, as his association with the PPRD and the Kabila government have been costly in that regard.

We can wonder he has picked this man, but he has gone through the ranks, if this is a ploy or a loyal figure head who knows, but it is questionable at best. That Kabila and Mende, the whole PPRD have planned something that is for sure, the previous leader, minister and PPRD parliamentary group chair. Will certainly continue on the same line as his predecessor.

We just have to see, but seeing who he picked, you know there is more too it. However, just not official yet as the PPRD reached the deadline for announcing their candidate for the race. Peace.

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