Conflicting information: continues clash of Eritrea and Ethiopia


“We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. TPLF has paid a sacrifice for Eritrea greater than the combined sacrifice of the two Eritrean organizations – ELF and EPLF. Even if today Eritrea is attacked, EPRDF will jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007).

Just as the news and confirmed skirmishes on the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia, both nations have not only traded bullet, but also blame for the current aggression. The Eritrean takes their whole Liberation history and blames every bullet ever shot on their soil on Ethiopia, while Ethiopia say the recent ones was the last straw; also they did answer to new shots of guns and artillery from the Eritrean side. As they have not only sent bullet towards the Ethiopian Government, but also sent spies and others to try do create terrorism in Ethiopia.

As the Eritrean Ministry of Information wrote on 14th July 2016:

“The Government of Eritrea will issue detailed statement on the purpose, scope and implications of the latest act of military aggression by the TPLF regime.  It is nonetheless clear that mounting opposition from popular movements of the Ethiopian people, endemic corruption and associated economic crisis, as well as the desire to stem promising progress in Eritrea are indeed some of the factors prompting the TPLF regime to indulge in reckless military adventures.” (, 14.06.2016).

Ethiopian answer:

“Ethiopia’s military was provoked into launching this week’s attack on Eritrean forces in a disputed border area” (…) ” “major military engagement” (…) “I hope this time around they won’t make that stupid mistake of inviting us to wage a full-scale war” – Government spokesperson Reda.

Ethiopia Eritrea 12.06.2016

When you have this kind of strained relationship and also “non” friendship or even diplomacy, no matter what occurs the aggression is seen as a signal of war and cut off the cease-fire. This with the recent worrying reports:

“The Sunday attack of June 12, 2016, launched through the TPLF regime on the Tsorona Front was quashed on Monday (13 June) morning entailing heavy losses to its troops” (…) ” In this reckless attack whose ultimate aim is difficult to comprehend, more than 200 TPLF troops have been killed and more than 300 wounded.  These are conservative estimates” (…) ”Why did this callous bloodshed happen? And, for what purpose?” (…) “Those who have instigated this reckless act have attempted to provide the TPLF with political, media and diplomatic smoke-screen, both before and after the attack.  They have also deceitfully tried to apportion equal blame to the aggressor and the victim. The Government of Eritrea will address these dimensions of the attack in subsequent statements” (…) “Ministry of Information, Asmara, 16 June 2016 – Eritrean Government”.

While this is worrying enough and by all means the Eritreans wants the numbers as bad as possible for them, as they want to be violated and hurt, the killings would make Ethiopian Government bad, as they have not released any numbers of killings from the Eritrean Army towards them. Not that the numbers game are important, but the propaganda and winning the media war, is as important as the initial battle; Eritrea want to look decent, as the UN Report are addressing the harassment and torture of citizens. So the skirmishes are making people and states forgetting the human rights violations.

Reda Ethiopia

Therefore this have been floated and rumoured that the Ethiopian Government have answered towards the Eritrean counterparts:

“Sources familiar with the issue told Aigaforum the government has floated the idea to key western nations as a comprehensive plan for the horn of africa region. The Ethiopian government has informed many western nations that if Isaias Afewroki is not removed from power there will be war and Ethiopia will defend vigorously” (…) ”The issue of Isaias Afewroki’s removal from power gained momentum over the last few weeks with Al- Shabaab deadly attempt to overrun Ethiopia’s AMISOM military camp in Somalia. However, our sources told us the recent clash between Eritrea and Ethiopia in Tserona Northern Tigrai region may have given the proposal more ammunition” (…) ”Many in the government of Ethiopia are convinced the Eritrean army may rebel against Isaias Afeworki and if they are convinced about Ethiopia’s disinterest of overrunning Eritrea then they may reform and establish a government of their own that is willing to live in peace with its neighbors” (Aigaforum, 15.06.2016).

If this is so the Eritrean should worry about a full-fledged war against them as they would even get support from the United Nations Security Council, the donor-countries and the ones that are funding the Ethiopian Peacekeepers around on the African Continent; these are the ones that are offering training and educating the army of Ethiopia.

Not confirmed reports are that Gen. Deriba Mokonene of Tserona Front, have deflected from the Ethiopian side to the Eritrean, but that might just be hearsay. As non-official report, while the Ethiopian officials have also addressed the claim of 200 dead soldiers from their side:

“they are entitled to delude themselves” Ethiopia’s senior military official sarcastically responded to Awramba Times without giving further explanation, on conditions of anonymity” (Awramba Times, 16.06.2016).

This here will not be silent for a while as the aggression and military activity continues, while the relentless differing allegations and reports will not be able to verify, just as it took two days before the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments answered the claims of military actions in Tserona Front and around the border of the countries.

Every single person losing their lives on both sides is a sad loss of life, as this is both in the names of arrogance and leadership from above high, as the President of Eritrea and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia are both responsible for the loss of life. This is can be start of a new prolonged conflict between the nations and the brothers. This can be fuelled by the few allies of Eritrea, or even the allies of Ethiopia, as they both have something to earn. Both none of the parties will really win, as they both will lose citizens and lose peaceful development through diplomacy and mutual understanding. Instead there is a continued bloodshed in the name of the leadership and the legacy of the Eritrean state and also the Ethiopian leadership. Peace.

Press Release: “Ethiopia has opened another unprovoked military attack against Eritrea & Peace on the Tsorona Front on June 12 2016” (15.06.2016)

Eritrea 15.06.2016

Ethiopia’s retaliatory measure makes Shaebia to reassess all its mistakes: GCAO (Youtube-Clip)

Readout of the Secretary-General’s meeting with H.E. Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of Ethiopia (15.06.2016)

Ethiopia Eritrea 12.06.2016

NEW YORK, United States of America, June 15, 2016 – Today the Secretary-General met with H.E. Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The Secretary-General expressed his concern about the recent reports of heavy fighting on the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia, urging the continued application of restraint and a peaceful resolution through political means.

The Secretary-General expressed gratitude for the continued bravery of the Ethiopian troops of the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and highlighted the critical importance of staying committed to AMISOM’s efforts, particularly ahead of the 2016 federal elections. The Secretary-General also emphasised the importance of encouraging the sustained implementation of the peace agreement in South Sudan.

Brussels, 15 June 2016

Eritea-Ethiopian rumors – Border skirmishes, again?


There been rumors and reports, not yet verified from either governments of Eritrea or Ethiopia. This happens just days after the United Nations came with a staggering report of human rights violations and as the flames of Omoro continues. There are no clear indications, though some pictures of war and neither PM of Ethiopia or President of Eritrea have confirmed their violent intent towards each other.

So these reports are many from different sources. There are reported that the activity of military skirmishes have happen on both side of the border that follows river Gena Belesa, so even say this fights are also to let the mining interest of Ethiopia to go down close to the border, as the closing in of allies for the Eritrean nation is dwindling, but none of these rumors are confirmed, as much as the silence from the Governments are really making the uncertainty of actions.

Here take a look!

“Best to be cautious when receiving unsubstantiated reports of escalation of hostilities between Eritrea & Ethiopia” (Eritrean Movement for Democracy Human Rights – EMDHR, 12.06.2016).

What Eritrea answers with:

“#COIE ignored z voice of 45K+ #Eritrean all over z world but accepted nameless, faceless individuals.Repeating 1952“ (EPLF, 12.06.2016).

1952 Eritrea Foreign Affairs

First Report:

There are reports of fierce batteling between Ethiopia and Eritrea, as the skirmishes are at the river of Gena Belesa; This is between the Gerhu Sernay and Tserona towns like Egri Mekal, Kuba Weyba and Kulo Brdo (Addis Gazetta, 12.06.2016).

Second report:

Unverified SOCMINT and OSINT intelligence reports show Eritrean army has conducted a large scale ground attack against the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF)” (…) ”If verified, it’s likely Ethiopia will retaliate through both mobilization of military resources and heavy deployment of the resources at the affected area” (Goldman, 2016).

Ethiopia Eritrea 12.06.2016

Third Report:

“The isolated regime in Eritrea has launched a full-scale attack in northern Ethiopia last night, following the recent report by UN Commission of Inquiry, in which it says the regime has committed crimes against humanity, reliable sources confirmed to Awramba times” (…)”Isais Afeworki, who is now isolated both politically and diplomatically from the international community, has now chosen full-scale war out of frustration” (Awramba Times, 2016).

Fourth report:

“Eritrea army has moved its ground forces inside northern Ethiopia” (Aligato Africa, 12-06-2016).

Fifth Report:

“Arab Sunny Ethnic in the west have to be careful of rich Eritreans and their messengers. “Thanks to the Sugar daddies of Middle East, North Korea of Africa, Eritrea is provoking the south, Ethiopia at all fronts to abort the ongoing crime against humanity proceedings of Eritrean leaders in Geneva. Eritrean cross border surprises assault killed hundreds of Ethiopian forces at their bases in Zalambessa area east. Heavy artillery fires on Badme to the West, Tserona central and Bure from UAE base under expansion which was supposed for bombing Yemen “According to Eritrean sources. There is no doubt that Eritrea is getting arms from Saudi, UAE and Qatar because it is under UN arms embargo which is violation of UN Charter” (Meles Tekle, 12.06.2016).

Sixth Report: 

“The fighting is still going on around the town of Tserona. The Ethiopian army has successfully repulsed the Eritrean attack and is reportedly pushing towards Eritrean mainland.  TOL has credible information from residents in the area the town of Tserona might fall or already is under Ethiopian troops. The heaviest fighting was in the villages of Akran, Adi Mesgen, Kunnikunto, and other strategic positions. The fighting was supported with heavy artilleries, tanks, and RPGs. Small scale skirmish has been reported all along the border   The Eritrean army is reportedly moving mechanized units from a place called Mai Wurai to the heavy fighting area and Ethiopia might have mobilized some of its mechanized divisions towards the skirmish area. Some civilians around Egella are moving back from the reach of Eritrea heavy shelling” (Tigrai Online, 12.06.2016).

This is what I could collect of wisdom from now, but there are more to come, but none is verified from either government sources of either Eritrea or Ethiopia, Asmara and Addis Ababa have not yet said anything. Peace.


Awramba Times – ‘[Breaking News] Isaias Afeworki Launches Full-scale Ground Invasion of Ethiopia, in retaliation to recent UN report’ (12.06.2016) link:

Goldman, David – ‘Reports Eritrea Army Attack Ethiopia; Large-Scale Ground Attack Reported By INT Assets’ (12.06.2016) link:

Tigrai Online – ‘Heavy fighting erupted between Eritrea and Ethiopa’ (12.06.2016) link: 

AMISOM Acting Force Commander Concludes Tour of Kismayo, Dobley and Bilis Qoqani In Sector 2


African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) acting Force Commander  Major General Mohamedesha Zeyinu has concluded an extensive tour of Sector 2, where he commended troops for their remarkable work in securing Somalia.

Maj-Gen. Mohamedesha visited troops in Dhobley, Bilis Qoqani and Kismayo to assess the situation on the ground, get apprised on security concerns, address administrative issues and the challenges facing the forces.

Addressing troops drawn from the Burundi National Defence Forces, Kenya Defence Forces and the Ethiopian National Defence Forces, the acting Force Commander said the secret in defeating Al Shabaab lay in planning and building close working relationship with the local community.

“The reason why we should build a strong relationship with the population is clear. If we handle the population well, they will be a good source of information and they will share the information with us. The more the population approaches us, the more the enemy will be isolated from the population. We will build a strong relation not only to benefit the population but ourselves”, the acting Force Commander said.

During the visit Maj-Gen Mohamedesha visited the Somali National Army (SNA)  training camp and said AMISOM would  support the force by offering them more training opportunities.

He noted that SNA forces were drawn from local communities and had a better understanding of the situation on the ground than their AMISOM counterparts. He encouraged closer working relationships between them and AMISOM troops.

‘’The other issue is about SNA, SNA Forces have an advantage as their understanding the area of operation well. They know the enemy and tactics, they know the terrain and moreover they know the culture and the norms of the society better than AMISOM Forces. Because of these capabilities we need to work closely with SNA so that we can differentiate, Isolate and decisively fight with Al shabaab”, Maj-Gen Mohamedesha added.

The acting Force Commander also met with Interim Jubba Administration President, Ahmed Mohamed Islam. The two discussed  ways of dealing with Al Shabaab to liberate the little pockets still under the control of the terror group.