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Zimbabwe: A COVID-19 Scandal [The US$89m plunder case]

If you wonder how much the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) cares? Well, their actions says otherwise. This is not the first time the ZANU-PF and the high ranking officials has looted, stolen and misused public funds. There been plenty of these over the years. The COVID-19 and the global pandemic has been another measure and a away to conceal and scheme funds away from where they where intended to go.

This is sickening, but not shocking. There been many over the years. Ghost diamonds, command agriculture and many many more. Therefore, the recent headline and the amount isn’t even triggering. It is just a systematic theft and using the state as a private bank-account. Expect ZANU-PF to do more of this. That’s because it has no punitive action against it and they are all eating of the plate of others. It has no consequences… and that’s why they ZANU-PF continues to do stuff like this.

The Nehanda Radio reports today:

The audit was funded by the World Bank. The report noted that US$89 022 103 was disbursed but could have been unaccounted for because of the “the processes of identification and assessment of intended beneficiaries was not properly co-ordinated, resulting in unreliable databases of beneficiaries, processing of payments to duplicate beneficiary names and beneficiaries who had similar identity numbers, but of different gender and dates of birth.” Chiri also noted that the easing of some controls and the streamlining of processes and procedures to facilitate emergency responses and quick actions to Covid-19 crisis, exposed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to the possible risks of misuse or abuse of public resources” (Nyashadzashe Ndoro – ‘US$89m Covid-19 funds may have been stolen, Chiwenga tried to conceal report’ 07.08.2021, Nehanda Radio).

When you have had funds of the amount of US$89m which is unaccounted for. The money has been disbursed and there is no account of it. The money have been transferred, but there is no proof of where it went. When these sorts of things happening … we know the state is thieving it and embezzling it.

They would have proven it and kept it to the books if it was a political objective behind it. If the state knew they would get good credit and possible political capital. They would have used these millions in the Ministry of Health and elsewhere in need.

No, they spent monies somewhere and the money didn’t go where it was intended too. That is not a shocker and we are not surprised. The only reason why we know this is because the World Bank audited it. If the World Bank didn’t do this… the ZANU-PF wouldn’t have revealed this or told about it. Someone had to leak this and prove the scandal itself.

The ZANU-PF and the high ranking officials has been eating and enjoying the funds. They have spent the monies on their pet-projects and possible side-dishes. We just know they have spent these and the general public will never see these funds return. The dollars has been squandered and misused. If they were in the books and done correctly, the World Bank wouldn’t have found this. That is just the reality of it all.

ZANU-PF is just following their current Modus Operandi and it is a never ending story. Peace.

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Zimbabwe: The Rolls Royce Phantom reveals a shady truth

Picture a high school drop-out roll in a double R” – Tupac – ‘Pac’s life’ (2006)

That a Deputy Minister could go out and buy a Roll Royce Phantom for US $1m in London, United Kingdom. As the seller and London based company proudly presented the purchase on TikTok. Clearly, showing that the vehicle was bought and was ready for shipment to Harare, Zimbabwe.

It shows the true facts about the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). That it is their priorities that is lacking and not the direct poverty of the state. The state has money, if it wasn’t for the looting, grand corruption and the sophisticated schemes to drain the state reserves.

Since a minister on a mediocre salary can purchase a Rolls Royce Phantom. He can drive around like a rapper, entrepreneur and business mogul soon. The Deputy Minister can act and look like a big-man. Not only have a SUV V8 of some kind, but have a double RR.

When ZANU-PF speaks of sanctions and lacking reserves. Point at the RR the Deputy Minister can afford and have the ability to buy. Since that proves there is money. Just like there are schemes of grand proportions where diamonds of several of millions of U.S. dollars goes missing. The same is the serious misuse of funds in the Command Agriculture scheme as well.

Therefore, as an outsider… you know there is money, but it is not spent on government services. Neither is it invested in the institutions or in the state companies. No, it is used on lavish luxuries and casual expenses. So, that the elite and the big-man can enjoy the spoils of the state.

A comrade and a cadre of ZANU-PF is clearly allowed to enjoy the finer things in life. While the average citizen is hurting by the inflations, lack of value of the currency and the problematic returns on their salaries. The state isn’t making things better, but crippling the citizens little by little. While holding on too power by all means.

This Double R is the proof of what is wrong with the system and why the state is badly run. When such a poor republic can afford these wealthy perks. You know the whole system is rigged. The ones on the top can skim the system and the unfortunate will never see the light of day. That’s just how things goes. Peace.

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