Opinion: Mabirizi got over 54 % chances of losing in the up-coming election!

“I will win with 54 percent. We have coordinators in every region and if you don’t agree with that, go in every region and ask for them You will find them there putting in the work,”Elton Joseph Mabirizi (Jonah Kirabo – ‘I will win the upcoming elections with 54 percent, claims Mabirizi’ 03.03.2020).

Mabirizi is returning, the second time Presidential Candidate, the one who ran on The Independent Coalition (TIC) together with Maureen Faith Kyala Waluube in the General Election of 2016. A candidate that scored 0,25% and got about 24,000 votes. Not like, he was even challenging Abed Bwanika with 89,000 and Amama Mbabazi with 136,000 votes.

Secondly, not like Mabirizi has been relevant since the end of the last election cycle. Neither has his independent TIC done anything. He is a briefcase politician and he doesn’t even have a pressure group nor a party behind him.

Elton John better start sing some songs, because the tune of a requiem for his candidacy should soon be written, because he got no message nor structure to unleash on the public. His the poster child of empty and funny rhetoric. A man with too much courage and to little framework to prove it.

If he was trying to become an MP or a local representative in Mpigi district or something. His doesn’t have the popularity nor any message to convene, which would matter on the national stage. Unless, he wants to make himself a fool for the public again. He can be the jester and the fool, but he should be careful to mock the Kings too much.

This man will not win at 54 %, nobody else than Museveni will win this election. Everyone else is just pawns … They are just people ready to get rigged and loose. The former TIC candidate, the Presidential Candidate Mabirizi will be a punchline.

He is acting like a punchline and if he doesn’t’ see it himself. The whole world is seeing it from afar. Mabirizi is out of whack, but that is maybe just who he is. It is healthy to have some ambition and goals in life, but at this stage. Mabirizi had better stick to a small crowd and a more feasible office. Since, the Presidency and the higher office isn’t for him. Unless, it is made for fools and jokers. Then he is fitting the bill. Peace.

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