Opinion: King Charles III will struggle to become a unifying figure…

King Charles III has has been preparing for the crown his entire life. He must now figure out how to generate the “public support, a sense of endearment” that characterized the relationship Elizabeth had with the British public, said historian Ed Owens” (The Associated Press, 09.09.2022).

Just as the longest regent and monarch in the history of United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II died. The line of succession moved to her oldest son, King Charles III. That was only natural as the Queen died in advanced age and the new King is already 73 years old.

King Charles III really has less of beloved persona. His not the sort of character that is respected or highly admired. Especially after the fallout with the population over late Princess Diana and marrying the mistress Camilla Parker Bowles. That whole affair will forever linger on and be shady backdrop to the coronation whenever that may be.

First is the funeral arrangements and ensuring protocol is kept. There are a lot of formalities for the new King and he got to do things right. He has had years in the waiting. The King has waited so long that people are even hoping he abdicate and give the reigns to Prince William. However, I wouldn’t count on it.

King Charles III will reign and he will be crowned King. That is just bound to happen. Charles will enjoy this moment and takeover. This is what his whole life has been about. One moment or another, he would get to become King. He will mourn his mother and the loss of the matriarch. Nevertheless, he will find ways of sway influence and be at the centre.

The King might because of his former ties with Jimmy Saville and others get into question about his stances or beliefs. Charles will already be contrasted by the ghost of Diana. That is part of his legacy that he can never ever run away from. This is why her pictures has all been spread on social media after the death of the Queen.

He also have to takeover after someone who was smart and wise in her moves. The Queen has been able to get a positive legacy. Even if she was a part and did her bid to continue the colonial legacies of the British Empire. It is not like the United Kingdom can runaway from that past and her name is tarnished in that pain, suffering and plight served upon civilians in the former colonies. That is a legacy that the King should listen to and act upon…

The Commonwealth have to be more than a jolly expedition and a fine way of having CHOGM head of states conferences, now and then. The King need to consider the approach, as there are already growing sentiments of Caribbean islands to leave the Monarchy and become fully independent republics. That has already started and should be a signal to the King.

King Charles III might see even more nations totally leave London and the Colonial history behind. As they see no benefit or positives with the ties to the United Kingdom. It could easily also see foreign currencies change from Queen Elizabeth II to national heroes or things, which makes more sense actually.

The King has to address it all. There is a lot of weight on his shoulders. He has to not only gain sympathy for losing his mother. The King has to ooze of confidence and continuation of traditions. That’s a lot to carry and do it swiftly too.

King Charles III has a massive road ahead. This will not be easy and Paddington will not be enough. He needs something unique and special to overcome this hurdle. As the nation is mourning, but his future is starting now.

The King stays the King, but will he beloved or be a bother? Peace.

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