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My letter to the Minister of Interior Affairs of Kenya Hon. Joseph Nkaissery on detaining John Ngirachu

Nkaissey 121115

Dear Sir Honorable Joseph Nkaissery!

You did say this yesterday!

To the whole world you said this:

 “Listen there is way, to tell you, You cannot get AWAY with allegation. So it is up to you, if you don’t want to relieve the sources, then you’ll fry Alone! It is…It begins today, if you’re telling the truth. Don’t worry if our friend will be saved. So long as he is telling the truth. If anybody, if you understand ENGLISH, anybody, except two people; the president and his deputy; anybody will be writing statement if you make an allegation, beginning today!”

We know the man frying at that moment  is John Ngirachu; the journalist of the Daily Nation; who was at a Police Station detained by the CID, after writing a story about your Ministry, which you runs honorable Nkaissery. There was to other journalist involved in the stories and not detained yet James Mbaka of the Daily Star and Alphonce Skiundu of the Standard.

This after your Ministry had questioned by the Auditor Generals query on the usage of funds and the use of total Ksh. 3,8 billion in a single day. Honorable Nkaissery you was even questioned on this matter by the Public Accounts Committee in the Parliament.

Your life doesn’t seem easy right now Mr. Nkaissery! You are a public person right? You’re an elected official who are in charge of a government ministry and the funds that brings. Journalist are tiring people, anybody who knows the ways of Daniel Arap Moi; was teaching you this right? Or was it anybody elese?

You sure learned by this history, isn’t that right Honorable Nkaissery?

The Nation has been the subject of frequent government attacks over the past 18 months. Joseph Ngugi, a Nakuru-based correspondent, was one of the first journalists charged in October 1993 with breach of security regulations for attempting to report on political violence in Molo” (…)”Mutegi Njau, the news editor of the Daily Nation, was arrested in April 1994, along with the paper’s Eldoret correspondent, and charged with subversion. The paper had run two stories on official involvement in political violence in the Burnt Forest area of the Rift Valley” (…) “In early January 1995, two Nation reporters were summarily dismissed in circumstances which caused many observers to believe this was a result of official pressure on the company” (Article 19, 1995).

Anybody who knows English and has heard it, remember this one, right?

“Paul Amina was previously arrested in August 1987 (see UA 214/87, AI Index AFR 32/29/87, dated 11 August 1981) and detained under Kenya’s public security regulations, which provide for the indefinite detention without charge or trial of those held to be endangering public security. No reason was given for his arrest in 1987, but it is believed that he was detained because of his reporting of politically sensitive court cases” (…)”Paul Amina, freelance journalist and former prisoner of conscience, was arrested by security police at the International Press Centre in Nairobi on Friday 16 August 1991. He was taken to an unknown destination where he is believed to be held incommunicado. He has not yet been brought to court to be charged with any offence” (AFR 31/26/91, 1991).

Seems like Joseph Nkaissery has learned well, though he needed to teach John Ngirachu a lesson not to make allegations that hurts you. You’re supposed to be Teflon. Anybody should know that! You have only two persons above you and that is The President and his Deputy; therefore detaining a simple little journalist shouldn’t be an issue. You run the Interior Ministry. He only has some Secret Informants and get some leaked information at the Parliament. That bastard!  

The Auditor General shouldn’t even have questioned your for the extra high spending in one day. That is your business, not anybody else, especially not somebody who check society and if there is check and balance. The coverage damage you, therefore it is damaging all of society. Because you’re a pinnacle in society while the Journalist is just a pencil pusher who never couldn’t even have teach the kids of today ENGLISH in Eldoret. You must forgive us. We don’t know English as you honorable Nkaissery.

Honorable Nkaissery you can see from Daniel Arap Moi as your lecturer, he was that also, so you must be one of his noble student. I write this to you because detaining somebody for not giving you the sources of their story on your ministry and monies you’re in charge of. I am sure you wished Ngirachu the treatment of Mr. Njau or Amina of the 90s Kenya. Since you think that is such a proud part of the political heritage! Since you trying to copy it and wish every allegation have to write a statement proving where they got the intelligence. You must be such a noble man Honorable Nkaissery who wishes to have all of this into your ministry. Honarable Nkaissery you must be great fan of extra paperwork to shut down your enemies. And they can’t be trustworthy people if they keep their sources to themselves. They should have Informers in Parliament. That is not noble like you. Anybody would know that.

Honorable Nkaissery what is the truth? What is the honest truth about the monies and your ministry? Why would anybody like the men of the Public Account Committee ask you questions? And why didn’t they ask you directly for statements instead of getting it from informants. You who are such a noble man Nkaissery! Anybody can see that.

I don’t want to to leave you alone or fry you Honorable Nkaissery! But I want to ask how come there was spent so much shillings in your ministry in one day? And why did you detain and ask the two other journalists to be detained for the story? Anybody who has heard the story, wonder about that!

They can’t be saying stuff like they do. Anybody should know the truth. The honest truth from a honorable man like you Joseph Nkaissery! CID got a statement and detained a journalist for an article. That the journalist himself said he got the intel from the Hansard. The Hansard is public property or is there something hidden in the English language that makes them not legal for journalist to read these?

I just want to know the truth Honorable Joseph Nkaissery for why anybody like Ngirachu was detained. That is a statement I want to see and also the reason for why since you have to power over the CID with your station at the ministry honorable Nkaissery. Can you tell that to anybody? I am sure you’re the best source of it. This cannot be seen as political insensitive. It’s just rational sir. So please if you understand my ENGLISH. Please tell this to anybody, the truth in a statement, your allegations of Ngirachu and his colleagues.

John Ngirachu 121115

Sincerely yours

Writer of Minbane.


Article 19 –‘Censorship in Kenya: Government critics face the death sentence’ (May 1995) link:   https://www.article19.org/data/files/pdfs/publications/kenya-censorship-in-kenya.pdf

Letter from 1991 – ‘Fear of Torture/Legal Concern’ (19.08.1991) – AFR 31/26/91


Kenya 121115


Statement by Karim A. A. Khan QC, Lead Counsel for H.E. William Ruto, regarding the reported abduction and murder of Mr. Meshak Yebei (13.01.2015)


Uhuru Kenyatta – Kenya’s nye president.

Kenya har idag fått en ny president. Uhuru Kenyatta! Sammen med nye vise-president William Ruto er de i Jubilee koalisjonen de nye regjerende folkene i Kenya. Med minst mulige margin. Fordi den nye valgloven som ble laget etter skandale valget i 2007. Han er den fjerde presidenten i Kenyas frie historie som en selvstendig nasjon etter å ha vært veldig lenge en koloni under Storbritania.

Så 9. Mars fikk Uhuru Kenyatta de opptelte stemmene. Etter valgloven måtte man ha over 50% av stemmene, hvis det ikke blir slikt må Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) utlyse en ny valgrunde. Uhuru Kenyatta fikk 50,1 %, Raila Odinga 43,4 % og Musila Mudavadi 3,9 %. Dette er Daily Nation election statistikk som sier, VG påstår 50,3 % til Uhuru Kenyatta. Jeg er litt merkelig, men jeg tror mest på Daily Nation når det kommer til Kenya, ikke Oslo avisa!

Det beste med dette valget var et det fredelig i den forstand at det ikke tok av slikt som det gjorde forrige gang i Kenya. Kikiyu mot Luo. Totalt galskap i regionene nærmest Somalia. Desverre skjedde det forferdelig saker rundt Mombasa i de regionene som vil være selvstendige fra Kenya. De vil ha en islamistisk og sultan styrt kystsone fra grensen rundt Kisimayo i Somalia ned til Zanzibar. Hvor sultanene eide landet inntil Tyskland, Storbritania og Franskmenn kom til området. Det sies via BBC at disse fundamentalistene tok livet av opp til 70 personer dager før valget rundt Mombasa. Noe som er ufattelig trist.

Det er langt fra slike tilstander som sist hvor landsbyer hvor etniske grupper angrep hverandre og ble senere boende i UNICEF telt langt utover 2009. Spesielt i grenseområdene til Uganda bortforbi Eldoret – Kisumu – Nakuru, var angrepene på landsbyene svært alvorlige. Fordi husene var blitt brent ned, noen etter tordentaler fra pastorer og radioverter som tok helt av.

Heldigvis skjedde ikke det denne gangen. Det som skjedde denne gangen var fredelig avstemmening. Alle rapporter indikerte dette. Fra både Commonwealth og resterende aktører inne i situasjonen.

Det som var mer skremmende og sjokkerende var at tellingen gikk litt uregulært fram. Var at til circus 25 % prosent av tellingen av stemmene elektronisk. Så ble disset stoppet. Å man begynte å telle manuelt noe som tok adskillig mye lengre tid. IEBC gjorde dette. Deretter annonserte de tallene distrikt for distrikt hvert femte minutt. Med både antall stemmer og deretter prosenttall på kandidatene. Noe som gjorde det mulig å se de reelle tallene fra begynnelsen. Mr Walolo og leder  for IEBC A.I. Hassan gjorde en god rolle både i utdelingen av presidentskapet og tellingen av stemmene.

Denne videoen viser litt av hvordan tilstanden var. Men vi burde ikke sette for mye press på dette. Dette er en dag å feire. Sønnen av første presidenten Jomo Kenyatta – Uhuru Kenyatta er blitt president av Kenya. Noe som er eksepsjonelt og bra. På fredelig vis! Ny grunnlov og valglov gjorde at det ble bedre. Nye IEBC som ble stiftet i 2011. Den gjorde en stor innsats. Det som er problematisk er at Raila Odinga vil gå til retten for å få ny runde med valg fordi han påstår det har skjedd juks. Noe som mest sannsynlig bare blir oversett og han mest sannsynlig taper. Han også far som sønn, Odinga Odinga mistet mulighetene når han gikk fra Arap Moi sitt styre og ledet koalisjon mot regimet. Noe som har gjort Odinga navnet verdenskjent. Sønnen Raila Odinga vil nok kjempe, men tror desverre at han ikke vil vinne. Å sannsynlig har Uhuru Kenyatta fått flertallet av stemmene. Han har vunnet over 50 % av stemmene og over 25 % i 24 valg distrikt.

Så gratulere Uhuru Kenyatta!

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