EFF Statement on Malawi Constitutional Court Ruling which Annulled 2019 National Elections (04.02.2020)

Malawi: The Tipp-Ex wasn’t enough, now it’s nullified for new Fresh Elections!

Today, the Constitutional Court in Malawi have nullified last years Presidential Election after a successful petition by the opposition. The incumbent President Peter Mutharika have been nullified. The election was seen as fraudulent, not done properly in accordance with law. Neither with the verification of the ballots, the altering of electoral forms and so-on.

The case of Tipp-Ex President is now done and he to go for another round of Fresh Presidential Elections within 150 days. This is a victory for Lazarus Chakwera (Malawi Congress Party) and Saulos Chilima (United Transformation Movement). Both of them fought the case against the President and his Democratic Progressive Party.

The Malawi Electoral Commission didn’t get kind words for their work in the Tripartite Elections on the 21st of May 2019. The ones giving it well-wishes from the election observers from the African Union (AU), European Union (EU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) looks foolish now. As they rubber-stamped the events and gave-it a go sign.

Therefore, today is a vindication of the public. The way the MEC and DPP did this is now in the open. Tomorrow, the Constitutional Court will drop their 500-pages of the judgment. Today, its been all on radio and social media. All the commentary of the judges and the verdict.

What is important is that the incumbent President isn’t dully elected. His is the running one until the Fresh Presidential Elections. This gives the President a life-line, but the MEC cannot rewind the operations of the 2019 elections. These sort of practices, if proven will be determined unjust and make it null-and-void. Like it did today.

That means the MEC cannot tipp-ex the results and get away with it. Neither can it await to officiate the role of actually report and verify the results properly. Not hold the results back and suddenly release it. Just as it didn’t release the results within the legal window of 48 hours either. The MEC did what it could and did it wrongfully. The evidence of the opposition UTM and MCP was strong enough to prove that.

The President and his team should be in deep distress. As the demonstrations and the others are proof of dismay towards the regime. The President should worry that he cannot win confidence nor their votes. As he cannot use the same trick again. The MEC should also get another team and other leaders, whose trusted by the public. Not puppets of the DPP. The MEC needs to be independent and drop a viable timeline.

There is no time to waste. The MEC better do it simple, but the authorities better start reconfigure the MEC. Unless, we will see another round of Tipp-Ex and other issues. Which occurred last year and could repeat again. Then we are back to start and have to re-return without trust of the Fresh Presidential Elections.

The Elections Observers better chill and take a rest. They didn’t do their job. The Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) better be supported from afar and given funds to properly educate and observe. As they are own citizens wishing the best and honest about the results. Not like the outsiders, who only wants peace and not justified results. Which is the case of the matter here.

The MEC and DPP better act-up. The UTM and MCP have to gear-up for another election. They got to get to the front-lines and fight for the voters. The DPP cannot sleep on the laurels. The Presidency isn’t automatic.

Mutharika thought he could just Tipp-Ex it. However, that got whipped out too. Now its all erased and got to start afresh. Peace.

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