IEBC ICT Manager Msando disappear days ahead of the polls with similar reports to the Juma killing!

Just as the drama continues called the General Election of 2017 and the 8th August polls in Kenya are getting closer. The drama continues, yesterday it was action-packed Sylvester Stallone character who forced himself in DP William Ruto’s estate with a panga, fought an Armored Personnel Carrier, started a gun-fight and was able to be hidden on the compound. While fighting security guards from GSU and also the possible specialist officers from Recce Squad. If it sounds benign and like a Statham action movie, it is because it is and both statements from IGP Joseph Boinnnet sounds unreal.

Therefore, as the 900,000 extra ballots are printed and the Jubilee Government needs some diversions, again a person is all of a sudden gone. This time the head of the different parts of the digital infrastructure of the General Election and a vital part of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ICT Manager Christopher (Chris) Msando, are just abducted and taken away on Friday night! Just days ahead of another election in Kenya. It seems weird how close and by what means that he is gone.

This was reported earlier today:

Chris Msando, who is also acting ICT director, lives in Nyayo estate. He was last seen on Friday night, chairman Wafula Chebukati said in a statement on Sunday. “The last communication from him is an SMS sent to one of his colleagues at around 3am on Saturday morning,” Chebukati said. He added the content of the SMS suggested Msando was conscious and fully aware of his itinerary for the day” (Agutu & Nyaudi, 2017).

EBC’s acting Director of ICT, Chris Msando, has been reported missing since Saturday. According to people in the organization, the acting director who stays in Nyayo Estate has been missing with no trace as to where he went or has been since yesterday. CID probe shows missing IEBC ICT manager last seen Friday 2.30am driving on Mombasa Rd accompanied by female passenger” (Udaku, 2017).

Missing IEBC ICT deputy director Christopher Musando was last seen at Anniversary Towers at about 10pm on Friday, police say” (Kenya Citizen TV, 30.07.2017).

So the reports are steady, but is suspicious timing, as the ICT Official and head behind vital programs for safety of the digital polls are sudden gone away. This just a week ahead before the polls. This is showing the problems within the IEBC and the Jubilee Party. Because in May 2016, this was how it was described about Jacob Juma, just to remind yourself how history repeats itself!

The police recently revealed that Jacob Juma was last seen with a female partner. Apparently, Juma had hosted the lady at his apartment in Westlands before dropping her in town at around 8pm. For obvious reasons, the police did not reveal the identity of the lady” (Ken, 2016).

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 6 – Controversial businessman Jacob Juma was shot dead by gunmen while driving to his Karen home in Nairobi on Thursday night. Police say he was blocked and shot several times, but nothing was stolen from him, according to a report filed in the Occurrence Book at the Karen Police Station” (Capital FM, 2016).

So the similarities between the Chris Msando and Jacob Juma. We can hope that he isn’t an extra-judicial killing, because he didn’t want to deliver to the aspects of rigging that the central leadership of the IEBC wanted him to do. But the abduction and the responses from IEBC and the media has been alike. That is worrying. With the manner of the killings in Kenya. There are still no answers to what happen a Bomas when compared to the death of CS Joseph Nkaissery, that is still unanswered and not looked into.

So, today the alarm should ring, when the state and the Electoral Body comes with similar reports than to the ones who has already fallen. Not that I hope Msando is dead, but the possibility is there. Since Juma was seen with a lady and gotten killed. The same now happened with Msando. We know nothing about what happen at some point during the weekend. He was seen in town earlier in the day with a lady and in the evening at Anniversary Tower, than at Saturday Morning was the last SMS from Msando. So the timeline is there, but there are empty slots and the activity from early Saturday morning to Sunday is still unclear.

Therefore, the missing ICT Manager and IEBC Official who has lots of information on the digital polling and the digital ballots. This will be important when revealing the winner and the result of the votes in the coming days. Msando’s electoral system would be vital and the KIEMs system. You know it is serious when the two phone-lines of the man is missing together with his Land Rover Discovery. There is clearly someone trying to put him silent.

We will see where this goes, but this proves that Jubilee is putting up the ante for victory. Now even IEBC Official vital to the ballot exercise on the 8th August 2017 is missing, this happening days before it. Together with other acts of diversions. Since the ballot scandal of ordering 900,000 to many ballots and secondly, the secret military operations looming. Certainly, the Jubilee does whatever it can run government at any price. Time will tell how this saga goes… Peace.


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Kenya: Second Police Statement on the Panga Man skirmish at DP Ruto’s Sugoi estate (30.07.2017)

Out of Hollywood: A One-Man Action-Hero with a Panga starts a gunfight at DP Ruto’s home!

Deputy President William Samoi Ruto left already in morning for a Campaign rally in Kitale. Because after the early reports the home of the Deputy was filled with the Reece Squad and GSU Officers who was checking the place. They we’re there the whole day. Which all seems strange how quickly they could surface and fix the problems. This happens the day after the revealed Kenya Defense Force Operation Dumisha Utulivu, whom the army and the government kept a secret. Therefore, the next day after the revelation, the Jubilee and the government could spin-it. It seems so, since the first reports are of gunshots and violence, while the latter are a machete assailant, who had special skills to trick GSU officers and possible the Recce squad present as well. Since this is supposed to be one of the most guarded houses in the Republic, since the VP reside here. Just take a look!

Reports Hours Earlier all over Kenyan Media:

Witnesses said the gunmen are Somali and that they had pretended to be selling sheets. They said the attackers burned the guard’s house after getting into the compound. A GSU officer guarding the gate was shot and injured and his gun snatched before fighting began. A corporal in charge of the home’s security was killed” (Ndanyi, 2017).

Capital FM report:

The officer’s gun was also stolen during the attack that occurred shortly after the DP left for Kitale for a rally with President Uhuru Kenyatta. “There are armed people who staged the attack and have shot the GSU officer and stolen his gun,” a security official said, but was uncomfortable being named because he is not authorized to brief journalists on matters touching on the DP’s security or his home” (Capital FM, 2017).

IGP Joseph Boinnet Statement about it:

Today at about 12.00 noon, an individual approached the outer gate at HE. The Deputy President’s rural residence in Sugoi, Usain Gishu County. In circumstances that are yet unclear, he hit an officer on duty severally with a machete and managed to enter the farm complex. Other officers were quickly mobilized and the intruder was forced to hide at a building that is still under construction next to the gate” (…) “HE. The President was neither at the residence nor any member of his family at the time and the residential house secure. The injured officer is undergoing treatment and is in stable condition. Specialist officers have been deployed to deal with the intruder” (Kenya National Police Service, 29.07.2017).

To put in perspective, a panga or machete wielding fellow has the capacity to start a gunfight, pass through one of the best gated houses in the Republic with well-trained security officer down. Stealing the guns he posses and passes through the gates. While inside the gates making a gunfight with the stolen gun. Seems like the pretending Somali Sheets salesmen was a trained panga user who could be able to assault an GSU Officer and proceed through the gates. Than, to hold a gunfight with a stolen gun, you need to have enough ammunition to keep it up and balance the shots of the Security Officers. It all seem far-fetched, a dream scenario and a bit to Hollywood for real life.

We can question this, because of the timing, the ability of the security forces to show-up and also the planned campaign rally appeared at the Kitale Stadium in Kitale Town in Trans Nzoia County.

Therefore, without any worry or problem the DP could state this:

Our aim as Jubilee is to transform the lives of Kenyans through the initiation of projects that have a direct impact on their lives. But if you ask our opponents the plans they have, they will only tell you they want to remove Jubilee from power,” said Mr. Ruto” (…) “Those in Opposition just want to get into power but have no agenda or any plan for this country,” added the Deputy President” (William Samoi Ruto, 29.07.2017).

If he had been worried and if the President would worry, they wouldn’t have gone ahead wit their rally and common address of the opposition. So why blow this one up, even international media ate this one up. Not strange because the Kenyan DP could have been danger. Instead, he was safe and sound on the campaign trail. If he was worried and feared for the attack, the DP would have been informed and actually canceled the rally for safety reasons.

However, there wasn’t anything to fear, since the panga Terminator, James Bond and Rocky Balboa in the flesh who made himself a good-damn action hero at the compound of the DP. Couldn’t be as great as the reports said. But that is just me and others who are suspicious… of the sudden effort to establish troubles in one of the homesteads of the DP. That just seems like a bad Hollywood action movie with a very bad plot. Wannachi’s Diversion or something like that should be the title. Good Night Hollywood and Good morning reality! Peace.


Capital FM – ‘GSU officer shot during attack at DP Ruto’s Sugoi home’ (29.07.2017) link:

Ndanyi. Mathews – ‘Ruto’s Sugoi home attacked, three gunmen and cop killed’ (29.07.2017) link:

Statement by the Ministry of Defence on the Alleged Intended Deployment of the Kenya Defense Force to Rig General Elections (29.07.2017)

President Kenyatta and Jubilee preparing [Operation Dumisha Utulivu] the army [KDF] before the election, what else has the President hidden?

I know it is just days before the Kenyan General Election on the 8th August 2017, where the Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) and National Super Alliance (NASA) are contesting, there are other parties and independent candidates, but these two are the stars of the show and the world knows it. In the midst of this army is having secret part of the show, that revealed today by NASA head Raila Odinga and verified hours later by Defense Spokesperson. Therefore, the Operation Dumisha Utulivu, says a lot about the fears President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto has for their future. Since they have to deploy and use the army in the midst of peaceful and possible balloting in the Republic.

That a secret operation Dumisha Utulivu are compelling clear cut evidence of the secrecy and the devious ways of controlling people ahead of the election, its like the KDF had to silence former CS Joseph Ole Nkaissery to able to behave this way, because his no-nonsense political framework wouldn’t have accepted this. Even if he was destructive towards to the demonstrations, he still wasn’t the man to do this in the shadows of the people.

The operations seemed to be stationed in Central Region, Thika Town, Murenga Town, Kerugoya Town and Nyeri Town. These with their own Commander on post, which also the Central Command could contact and brief during the operation. Key places to secure was Power Lines, Kenya Powers, Rural Areas, Special Transit Goods, Nairobi Town Centre, Mathare Slums, Kibera Slums and the State House. That is just some of the initial reports of the planned operation. Which shows the intent to control and make sure the intimidation is there.

What also shows the intent of control is that the Operations needs 6 Armed Personnel Carriers, 2 Toyota Land Cruiser with Closed-Signal Frequency Jammers and 4 Portable Antenna Desk Jammers. They needed other equipment as well, but the proof of wanting to shut-down radio and jam the signals. Proves that the army planned to silence the airways and also control the message. That is more hostile, than just securing the peace.

There was also various numbers of officers, soldiers and other mentioned in the planned operation, but the clarification is up to military specialists to look into. What is known is that the KDF was involved directly and had a shadow of plan. Where they would initial interfere in the General Election, where they would be stationed in important parts of Kenya and have missions. As well as securing infrastructure and telecommunications. This is coming as the Police and Communication Authority, has in the recent month warned the public of Social Media use and not create a uprising. This is all co-existing and cannot been seen two separate moves by different authorities.

The Jubilee under leadership of the President and Deputy, has seriously undermined their role as peacekeepers, when they have while governing, unleashed a secret army operation and keeping mum about the armies intervention into the political sphere. This is worrying for the days ahead, since the secrecy and the effort already done. Can show the possible reach and show how far Kenyatta and Ruto will go to stay in power. As they are without any trouble and without consideration of the implications unleashing the army with their weapons, their techniques and their possible missions to interfere can really silence the media and the telecommunication. That is just the possibility, not necessary what will occur, but who knows? No-one knew the Operation Dumisha Utulivu yesterday, who knows what else the President has hidden behind closed doors? Peace.

Kenya: Kenya Defense Force preparations before the General Election August 8. 2017 or “Operation Dumisha Utulivu” Documents


MBS Espisu defends Secretaries role at rallies; Is the Secretaries role to be loyal to the President or to the People?

It isn’t everyday there is election and that the Spokesperson for the Presidency of Kenya are benign and default by the values of governance and who the government are. Therefore, the defense from the spokesperson proves how little they care for accountability and transparency, as the Cabinet Secretaries and Permanent Secretaries takes parts of Election Rallies in Kenya, as the Jubilee Government doesn’t care about their neglect of opposition and that they are supposed to represent all Kenyans, not just the voters of the Jubilee Party. But hey! Manoah Esipisu the spokesperson is clearly seeking a pay-rise and bonuses for his loyalty to Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Ruto.

The Kenyan Public Service Act of 2015 says this in the Subsection 8 (1A and 1B):

“Transparency and provision to the public of timely accurate information

(1) A public officer shall not—

(a) give information that the public officer knows or ought to know to be inaccurate; or

(b) unduly delay the provision of any information where required to provide that information” (Laws of Kenya, 2015).

Why do I start with that enacted law of Public Service, since the Manoah Esipisu, feels like it is okay that the ones in Public Office, as Principal Secretaries and Cabinet Secretaries attending the Election rallies, as they are still giving away information that counters with the Public Service Act of 2015, would that be justified by the Spokesperson of the State House. Please take a look at his genius reasoning!

Public servants participating in politics

Second, Let me respond to your questions on whether public servants are playing politics by speaking at public barazas or interacting with citizens and talking about the direction our country is heading. First, public servants, including Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and other senior staff cadre have a duty of accountability to the Kenyan people. They have to account on the progress the administration of President Uhuru Kenyatta has made since taking office; they have to account for the trillions of shillings in taxes collected from the Kenyan people and invested in infrastructure development and other services; and they have to account for the confidence invested in them by the Kenyan people. Why are they supporting the President and the Jubilee administration, some of you have asked? Because they are accountable to the President who appointed them in the first place, and whose vision of service to the Kenyan people it is their duty to operationalise. And why would they appear to be directly campaigning for the President? No, they are not campaigning. They are merely describing the investments made under President Kenyatta and the impact thereof, and why therefore it is important for the President to be re-elected to continue with the task of transforming Kenya. For us, it is really a question of accountability. It is precisely because public officers are speaking more that the country acknowledges that Kenya is irreversibly transforming” (, 2017).

I agree with the State House Spokesperson that the Cabinet and Principal Secretaries has to account to the citizens. That is necessary and is expected. Therefore, they have other duties than standing on stage and promoting their jobs, instead of working tireless for the citizens. It is hard to say they are not campaigning, when they are taking parts and participating at the rallies. Are the appointed secretaries fish out of water? Since they are swimming in the sea, but not feeling the water. That is the reasoning of the Spokesperson, wouldn’t they defend Kenyatta and Ruto on the podium in Eldoret, Nakuru or Thika.

The disrespectful idea that they first have to be accountable for the President and therefore has to show up at rallies, is what he said at one point. A point he used before “no, they are not campaigning”, still they are firstly representing the people, secondly their appointed by the President. The President is also representing people and gotten his place because of the citizens. So they are all not really playing their parts, as secretaries as they supposed to be there as civil servants and not as subjects under the President.

As the Constitution of Kenya of 2010 Stems for Section 152. (3) says: “A Cabinet Secretary shall not be a Member of Parliament”. With this statement in the law, means that the Cabinet Secretaries nomination as all a favor of their merits and their judgment in their field. If they we’re qualified, the President wouldn’t appoint the person. Therefore, the decision to take part of the rallies, show they are more loyal to the President, than to the Kenyan people.

Because if they take part of Jubilee Rallies only and not even parts of Cord/NASA rallies, than their respect as representing all citizens of Kenya is gone, than they are just loyal subjects to Kenyatta who appointed them. Is the message the Kenyan voters needs to know months ahead of the coming elections? That they are not obligated to inform the Cord/NASA electorate, only the Jubilee? Isn’t that the mere effort and effect of having the Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries attending rallies, to show flex and have the strength that the opposition parties doesn’t have?

I have to ask a very stupid question to the Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu, who pays the Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries? Is the President and his Political Party or is it the State Coffers and the tax-payers monies? Since the initial loyalty shouldn’t be to only the man who saw faith in you, but also to where the paycheck comes from. The Secretaries are paid by the guidelines of Public Service, means they are serving the public first with needed services. They are not existing because Kenyatta needs people to greet and pose with at Voi, Kitui or Lodwar. That could happen, but shouldn’t be their sole mission as public servants.

That the Secretaries has a mission to the state, as effect of the works of the ministries, because of that be accountable to the citizens, is clear-cut, since they represent the people in the works and their efforts at their respected fields. Still, they shouldn’t be participating in partisan rallies for either the ones seeking re-election or the ones trying to force them out.

So I cannot support the efforts made by MBS Manoah Esipisu, who serves Kenyatta diligently, but does not serve his purpose as civil servant. Esipisu shows loyalty to Kenyatta, before the best of knowledge to the Kenyan people. Peace.


President.go. – ‘Spokesperson’s Weekly Briefing, Eldoret State Lodge, 2nd April 2017’ (02.04.2017) link:




Kenya: Petetion to His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta for Expedient and Decisive Action against Grand Corruption (03.11.2016)


Kenya: Public Action against Mindless Theft and Waste of State Resources (01.11.2016)

Kenya Parliament

A Statement Issued by the Kenyan CSOs on November 1, 2016

Since independence, Kenyan public has been treated to a cocktail of abominable theft, plunder, squander and waste of public resources, while the institutions tasked with the mandate to probe and deal with the said scandals have repeatedly sanctified the same. Bailed  as the most corrupt and unaccountable administration in Kenya’s political history so far, the Jubilee regime’s 4 years in power has been characterized by rampant, reckless  and mindless  looting  and misappropriation of state coffers.

The situation in the country remains so grave and dire that the official Auditor General’s report  for 2015 found that just 1% of Kenya government spending and  a quarter of the entire 1.6  trillion shillings budget was properly accounted for. Current reports indicate that Kenya loses approximately 600Billion shillings out of its annual budget of 2 trillion (close to 30%) through wanton theft and waste.  Imagine what this amount could do in supporting health care for the poor, provision of quality basic education, clean water or employment for our youth?  

Specifically, the Kenyan CSOs note with concern the following systemic  and vicious failures of the political establishments, both at the national and county levels: That as noted by John Githongo, a prominent anti-corruption crusader, “corruption in Kenya has deepened and widened since President Uhuru Kenyatta came to power in 2013”.

  1. Mega scams such as the  National Youth Service Saga, “Chicken Gate” Scandal; land grabbing; flawed tendering in the  Multi-Billion Standard  Gauge Railway; Misappropriation of devolved funds and current  Afya House Scandal in the Ministry of Health  among others remain unsolved. That majority of those adversely mentioned in the above scams are either close associates or relatives of senior state/public officers thus deepening vested interests and political complicity.
  2. That the institutions mandated to provide leadership in the fight  against corruption have terribly failed to live  up to the Kenyan public expectation; from the presidency, Judiciary, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Office of the Attorney General.
  3. That the president has failed to demonstrate genuine, bold and effective political will and leadership to combat corruption over the years. His admission of inability to battle graft in a recent state house anti-corruption summit sums it all.
  4. That the judiciary has failed to put in places mechanisms to expedite corruption related cases. As a result such cases take too long in courts. This has delayed justice and only encouraged corruption to thrive.
  5. That the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission has failed to effectively and independently deliver on its key mandate; law enforcement, investigation and corruption prevention in the discharge of its functions. This has rendered the institution a friendly environment for the corrupt. In fact on many occasions the EACC has sanitized the corrupt.
  6. That most of the alleged grand corruption prime suspects have been exonerated through a sham process while those who have not been exonerated have not been prosecuted either but remain free to enjoy their loot.
  7. That most of the state/public officers who have declared their wealth have done so in private, thus without adequate public disclosure.  This is a precedence set by the presidency hence incapacitating the public to hold both state and public officers accountable for their wealth.
  8. That the government has failed to demonstrate greater transparency in procurement processes by not publicizing information on tender analysis, detailed contractor profiles including list of directors, engagement contracts, project implementation plans, bills of quantities and other related information.

It’s in response to the president’s admission of helplessness, his inability to act, and the failure by the different state agencies to admit responsibility in the midst of wanton theft of state resources, that the Kenyan Civil Society is calling a national mass demonstration to demand for urgent and systematic actions against mega corruption in Kenya.

  1. The demonstration will take place on Thursday (03/11/2016) from freedom corner and will end with a submission of a petition with a Demand List to the president.
  2. The Demand List will capture the practical actions that the President should implement in line with his legal and political mandate and obligations.
  3. We therefore call upon the public and the media to turn up for the demonstration. We also request members of the public to come dressed in red and carry a whistle and the Kenyan flag.

We have planned sustained political actions to ensure zero tolerance to and increased accountability for public theft in Kenya.

Vanished money from a building project at the Kenyan State House!


This is an outtake of the Auditor General Report of 2014/2015, which means last budget year in Kenya. This is the State House of President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Jubilee Government have shown their character here.

Here they have first contracted one fellow to build certain things at the Statehouse, before the evident building happen at the Statehouse; they hired a second firm to build the same the first one we’re supposed to. That seems to be a way to vanish government funds and implicates the corrupt behaviour from contractors and state at the State House. That is just too beautiful to be fantasy. Uhuru, what say you? Who is the wrong one here?

“In paragraph 209 of the report for 2012/2013, attention was drawn to the irregular payment of Kshs.88,826,396.00 to a contractor who was constructing a mechanical workshop and petrol station at state house that had stalled . Although the matter was discussed before Public Accounts Committee (PAC), a determination was not made as the project was to be evaluated by the relevant technocrats to determine value for money. However, before the evaluation was done, State House awarded a new contract of Kshs.137,407,865.00 to another contractor for conversion of the mechanical workshop to offices. There were indications that the stalled project costing KShs.88,826,396.00 was demolished to pave for the construction of new project, therefore, the value for money for the initial expenditure could not be confirmed in accordance with Section 68(1)(a) and (b) of the Public Finance Management Act (2012). Consequently, the propriety and lawfulness of the expenditure amounting to Kshs.88,826,396.00 could not be confirmed” (P: 37, 2016)

Here one contractor gets in the budget year Kshs.88,826,396.00; and before the proof of works is done a new contractor gets Kshs.137,407,865.00 and the first payment we’re sent off even without any checking of proper work. While the State House offered second contractor before first was done. They couldn’t confirm the payment and transaction to the company that was supposed to build the Mechanical Workshop in the first place. That to me seems like money went into the wind. What do you think? Does the Republic of Kenya deserve this kind of handling of money even from the steps and offices of State House? Peace.


Republic of Kenya – ‘Report of the Auditor-General on the Financial Statements for

National Government for the Year 2014/2015’ (15.07.2016) – FCPA Edward R. O. Ouko, CBS