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Tanzania: It wasn’t an election, but a heist

Incomplete results from Tanzania’s parliamentary election show that Tanzania’s ruling party has won 218 out of 220 parliamentary seats declared so far, according to the local press” (BBC News Africa, 30.10.2020).

The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and incumbent President Joseph Magufuli have won with insane numbers. The CCM has done landslides in all areas. In such a manner it is only competing with similar numbers to the ones in Kigali and in Pyongyang. That must make the friends of the United Republic of Tanzania so proud.

We all can know that the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) and National Electoral Commission (NEC) have all worked in favour of the state. The same has the army and all other authorities. There was no other way to go, but they are not even hiding it.

Strongholds for the opposition have been depleted. Where incumbent MPs have lost. They are not even trying to conceal the rigging. It is not only taking control of the Parliament, but owning it by force. The open bazaar rigging is clear.

The CCM isn’t even trying to make it sensible. Only totally destroying the Chadema and ACT-Wazalendo. That they are doing by doing this. They are arresting, hurting and killing supporters of these parties.

This is a illegitimate election. Magufuli didn’t really win this. He has stuffed ballots, pre-ticked ballots and stopped observers from checking the polls stations across the Republic. Ensuring the rigging be done. There is no justification for this. Other than naked greed for power.

These results are so bonkers it is not even funny. It is the results that gets cheers from fellow dictators and tyrants. Magufuli will be in the same boat as Kim Jong-Un and Paul Kagame. Surely, Magufuli will be greeted and legitimized by them.

There will be no real open celebrations in the streets. There will be little joy and cheers for Magufuli. There will be ferried crowds and paid actors screaming love. However, the incumbent know he cheated and tricked himself into power. This isn’t a real victory, but a fake one.

The saga continues and the recklessness has no bound. That what greed and how power corrupts. I wouldn’t be shocked, if Magufuli get the Constitution changed before the next election to get a third term. When he can rig and cheat at an election at this level. He would surely not step down in honour and grace. The man will do what he can to die in power.

This is just a justification to continue his journey. Not to ensure the will of people or what they wanted of leadership. The CCM would get votes, but not at these levels. That is just the truth and the campaigns proved that the Chadema and ACT-Wazelendo was bigger then this.

The President will now live on a lie, the lie being his reign and his legitimacy to rule. His lying to himself, but also the whole electorate of the United Republic. Peace.

Tanzania: Magufuli aims to be the kingpin

The polls yesterday 28th October 2020 is an abysmal affair. A travesty of an election. Where it was a free-for-all for all tricks of the trade of rigging it in favour of the President and his ruling party Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM). Joseph Magufuli and his allies shown no scruples, no care and only grabbing power by any means.

The incumbent president wants to be remembered as self-imposed tyrant. He wants to be remembered for using shady tricks, blocking opposition, arresting MPs and candidates. Also, using the army against civilians to intimidate and kill to get ahead. That is the sort of man, Magufuli is.

Magufuli doesn’t care about his reputation or his standing internationally. He will break all codes and all measures to get total control. The man will have pre-ticked ballots, stuffed ballot boxes, arresting poll agents and a total media black-out. Because, that man doesn’t want to be questioned by anyone.

Before 2015 there was this “What Would Magufuli do?” well, now in 2020 we do what he does. Still, he will persist with an illegitimate term and have power of all institutions. Clearly, not caring about the will of the people or the justification to be on top. That is why his using the state as his racket. His racketeering and using the state as his playpen. The President is now a Kingpin.

A big giant kingpin, a mobster and thief in office. He stole this office and did it deliberately. The Opposition can petition the Courts and can ask for recognition abroad. However, that will not matter if he has the throne and that he retains the powers with it. The President has the power and can use the muscle against the ones who are vocal against him. That is why people are getting all sort of forged charges and barred from the public. If you are a writer, journalist, comedian, activist or an opposition leader. You will get into trouble sooner or later. That is how it is in the United Republic at this very moment.

That is why Magufuli wants to be remembered as a Kingpin. He wants to be the top-dog and remembered for it indefinitely. The infinite boss and the emperor of Tanzania. That is his end game and goal.

Everyone supposed to love him and obey him. If you don’t, you will regret it. That is the reality of it all. The man must be so proud of himself and his achievement. That he got to use the army, the institutions and everything at his finger-tips to impose himself on his own people.

That is the grandeur of Magufuli. That is the greatness and the upper echelon aims of this man. Instead of being really elected.

The illegitimate government and rigged election will haunt him. Maybe not really at first. Someone will condemn, some will petition, but at the end of the day. The man has all powers and the International Community will ask for some reforms, but will not follow suit. They will only cry, if the exports of vital things stops or their interests are breached. As long as that doesn’t happen. They will not care, if their leader kills to rule and violates human rights as common as people drink water.

That is just the way things are and we have a new Grand Dictator. Magufuli, what would he do? Well, he would impose himself as a kingpin for yet another term. Peace.

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A memo on the Tanzania 2020 Elections

We are just mere days ahead of the polls on the 28th October 2020. This here will be short, as the final stages to the polls are happening. The blocking of mass messaging of SMS from the authorities was the latest move by the authorities to stifle the popularity of the opposition.

The ruling party Chama Cha Mapundzi have pulled all their strings. Sent brigades and armed vehicles to Zanzibar. Where they have blocked the main opposition candidate for the Presidency there from campaigning too. The same they did to the main opposition candidate on the main-land and for the United Republic, Tundu Lissu.

The CCM and their compatriots have used all means at their disposal to get ahead. They have issued ballot paper, where the main contenders are far down on the ballots. The National Electoral Commission and Zanzibar Electoral Commission have barred opposition candidates from Parliament. However, accepted CCM aspirants for the same seats. Ensuring safe passage for several of their candidates ahead of the polls. That is the sort of game the CCM is doing.

The same CCM that is holding a tight grip on who can monitor the polling stations. Even barring agents of the opposition to be there too. It is all made to ensure the rigging of the elections. There is no honest game play or “free and fair” elections. It is all a free for all for the CCM and the ones associated with them.

President Joseph Magufuli have been grinning and smiling all along. While Chadema and ACT Wazalendo have struggled, but been able to hold rallies on shoestring budgets. As they are able to gather crowds.

That is just the way things are. Expect the polls to be contest. Expect the army to be on the streets. Internet blocked. Social media all off and a Media Blackout. Newspapers suspended and radios losing temporary licenses too. It will be all silenced. The state want to control the flow of information and only way to counter that is VPN and other means. While even the Telecoms might comply and use their power to make public suffer a total blackout.

The CCM will do ballot-stuffing, rig the voters registers with double and duplicate persons, even the dead, ghosts and sudden unknown villages will appear. It will all be manufactured to ensure the CCM still being supreme. The President cannot afford to be a one term President and loose the mantle of the governing party.

Therefore, expect the next few days to be brutal … arrests, journalist suddenly gone missing, activists silenced and even shocking acts of vile oppression from the army. There will be no remorse in securing Magufuli a second term. That is the reality of it all.

If the last few years since his elections should have learned people anything is that Magufuli doesn’t care. As long as him and his allies are eating. So long as his men and his comrades are on top. They can ensure the dissidents, the vocal activists and opposition get silenced. That is what he does.

CCM will not play fair, but who thought they would? They have silenced a newspaper over a piece and suspended it for over a week. These people want the fake love, but doesn’t want a true romance. Peace.

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