Opinion: RDC Nyakahuma is right that Besigye would be threat to the government, if…

Bugiri RDC Godfrey Nyakahuma blocked Dr. Kizza Besigye from being a guest on Eastern Voice FM Radio because his a “threat to the government”. That the same RDC has blocked him indefinitely to be hosted and warned the station of inviting him again. That says it all. Not that its shocking in 2020. Heck, the man will get into legal jeopardy by just trespassing Bugiri District, I suppose.

Besigye is a threat, in a sense, that his undermining the legitimacy of the ruler, the party and the whole regime. Secondly, if people listen to his vision and his way of undermining and wanting a revolution. Than he could dismantle the whole thing.

Besigye has had several of lessons of how people could defy, use defiance and use methods of civil disobedience to facilitate a peaceful transition from Museveni and the National Resistance Movement. However, that hasn’t given any fruits for all the hard labour. Yes, he has built a party and has a giant following. That is why the President and the authorities are blocking him at any given time.

Still, the message of Besigye is out there. Its already been released, countless of times. Rewritten and restructured, but the same sort of arrangement. Because, he knows that the ballots will not be the way Museveni is brought down. Neither by any sort of general election or ballot. A militarized structure of the NRM and of the Presidency will not be bounced by queueing in line to cast the ballots.

Well, the RDC of Bugiri is right in that sense. If people would actually listen and act upon it. Use the lessons, the tricks and start finding ways to directly undermine the government. So, that they don’t have the power enough to enforce its rule and have the ability to govern. It will not be easy, it will cost and there will horrific acts on its way. However, we are seeing horrific acts already. Zaake stumbling out of hospital, unknown amount of people in ungazetted safe-houses and so fourth. There is enough ills in society to start a revolution.

But… for that to really happen. The food security has to dwindle to starvation at this point. The living costs and the elites has to feel the pinch. The imports has to become stagnate and to total disarray of fiscal funds to operate for the government.

So, in this regard, since the President is a conning man knows the drill. He borrows on the future from whoever giving him trade. That is why his lucky getting bouncing checks from the IMF and such for now. This keeps the blood pumping, but it will not feed the belly forever. He knows, we know that, but we all still carry on.

Therefore, if there is a will, there is a way. Not that at this present junction is easy. The NRM and Museveni is built into the walls of government. They are inter-connected and his “high above” legacy will linger on for decades after his death. Nevertheless, if this sort of government is going to cease to govern. It will not happen over the polls. They will rig the numbers, ensure ghosts and the dead votes and boil the results forms into passing fad of a stew. To ensure victory, no matter what cost.

That is why the likes of Besigye is a threat. His message and his stance will be in stark contrast to the day-to-day operation of the status quo. That’s why the likes of RDC of Bugiri acts like this. I’m not shocked, but I respect his act. Because, his actually right.

His not right in the sense, that its justified to block Besigye from the radio. His justified in the sense, that his argument is true. Besigye would be a threat, if people actually listened and followed the codes of civil disobedience. If they did and if they pushed it for long. It would be really hard to govern and to not struggle with the insurgence of rebellion. A rebellion and a revolution, who could overpower, even the mighty and powerful men like Yoweri. Peace.