Philippines: President Rodrigo Roa Duterete – Independence Day Message (12.06.2022)

Opinion: Isko doesn’t loose a step to possibly quell all demonstrations in Manila

It is now official, after he conceded the Presidential Elections he went straight back into the Office of Mayor of Manila and ordered all election protests to cease, unless they had a prior notice or a permit to do so. This is a sign of how Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso wants to prove himself after losing the elections.

Isko Moreno wants to show his manhood and his macho power now. He wants to be seen as a big-man, as he blustered and did a total buffoonery of a campaign. That’s why his ordering the people from the streets and wants people to comply to city order. Alas, his forgetting one thing. In the “Freedom Parks” there is no need for permits or notifying the authorities of gatherings. So, if the dissidents or opposition wants to gather. They should move into those areas, as they are designated for it and shouldn’t directly interfere in day-to-day business of the city.

In the law he uses to stop or quell demonstrations it says first: “Sec. 2. Declaration of policy. — The constitutional right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances is essential and vital to the strength and stability of the State. To this end, the State shall ensure the free exercise of such right without prejudice to the rights of others to life, liberty and equal protection of the law” (BPB 880, 1985).

It also says: “Sec. 15. Freedom parks. — Every city and municipality in the country shall within six months after the effectivity of this Act establish or designate at least one suitable “freedom park” or mall in their respective jurisdictions which, as far as practicable, shall be centrally located within the poblacion where demonstrations and meetings may be held at any time without the need of any prior permit. In the cities and municipalities of Metropolitan Manila, the respective mayors shall establish the freedom parks within the period of six months from the effectivity of this Act” (BPB 880, 1985).

What the public should do, If they intend to demonstrate or protest outside the designated “Freedom Parks” in Manila. They should apply and get permits to do so, in such a manner that they are not interfering or stopping business. That is the significant ideals of the legislation.

It is very special that the Manila Mayor issues laws written in the final stages of the Marcos era and when the People Power Movement was rising against it. The same laws made to silence and stop the people from demonstrating against it. This is happening as the people are rioting and demonstrating against a Marcos Junior Presidency.

The Manila Mayor should think straight and if he does this to win favours. His just proving that the victory wasn’t legit or honest. Since, the current leaders and the winners are afraid of dissent and voices of grievances. The Mayor should open up to this and allow it. Unless, his afraid that this will spiral out or create reckless behaviour. Than he has the rights to block and quell it. However, it is early to say that or even proclaim things to go violent. When there is no precedence for it…

So, what is “Isko” so afraid of and his will to trigger this in his memorandum for Manila? There must be something and he wants to prove that his aligned with the victors. That is very obvious and no one should bat an eye about that. This is maybe why he begged for Robredo to sacrifice her campaign, because he wanted Marcos to win all along. Peace.

Halalan2022: A memo on the top 4 Presidential Candidates 10 days to the polls…

A teddy bear, a son of a dictator, a soft-core actor and a boxer. What do these all have in common? Well, they are now a part of the final stages to the polls in the Philippines. The stage is now getting set and COMELEC is preparing things. The final preparations are in order and the last part of the campaigns are happening too.

Now, the ones who haven’t made up their mind …. they got and should. The teams are already there. The Front-Runners have been clear for month. Two candidates have run high and mighty. This being Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior and Leni Robredo. They are stark contrasts and very different.

Former Senator BBM or Bong Bong isn’t very transparent or accountable. No, he is very selective and defensive. Not the sort of fella that you can interview or question. By any means… he prefers prefixed questionaries and puff pieces. The sort of man who is arrogant and entitled to return to the Presidential Palace like his father did in the past. The son of the dictator who has never supported or been part of EDSA. You can wonder if he will do that in office or dismiss it. As he remembers that as the time the Republic fought his father’s tyrannical reign and the agony of the marshal law. Alas, the son might be different, but he shows utter arrogance that would linger in office.

While Vice-President Leni Robredo is open, participating and answering. You might not agree with her or every political stance she has. However, everything isn’t scripted prepared or even published as fluff. No, she is pushed, dragged and belittle all over. Not just for the colour scheme of her campaign, but for whatever she does. She has even been asked to sacrifice her candidacy for others. Therefore, Robredo has stood tall.

Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso, the mayor of Manila has created a storm and been in the wind. His campaign has never taken off and neither has his Duterte-Light approach to the campaign either. Isko is just one of those guys. He is the man who asked Robredo to sacrifice her role and called her a “bully” for standing tall. That just shows how he is a brat.

Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao the senator and well known boxer. A man who has gone up the ranks and become an established politician. Nevertheless, his own party dismissed him and the PDP-Laban threw him out, as he stood for Presidency. While they instead have endorsed “Bong Bong” much later. That just shows how weak the PDP-Laban was into this election. While Manny is far from totally seasoned or had a powerful team behind him. He has fought and sells himself a people’s champ. However, he will not switch to southpaw and win this one. No, this is going down for the count and he is not close to the 3rd position even. Though his doing it by showing his true cadence and character, which is more than “Isko” and “Bong Bong” ever did.

I don’t know how this will go, but my prediction of the whole machinery behind Bong Bong Marcos was justified. That Robredo would be second or a front-runner was expected too. It wasn’t without a reason she was able to become the VP in the first place. So, now the question is… how will these two fare. That is something I don’t know and cannot tell.

What I do know… is that these will be ones to follow. The margins of error is slim. BBM haven’t really tested the waters and he will not do it now. He will continue his onslaught of prepared and prepaid content. While we can wonder what the others will do. Nevertheless, what ever Manny and Isko is doing will become more and more meaningless. It might help their next run or campaigns. But right now? Well… it won’t amount to anything. Not because they are no good, but because their reach aren’t close to BBM or Leni.

They have to fight a cute teddy and a dynasty. These two cannot match that. Neither can anyone of the not mentioned here. Since they are so far from the four mentioned. That I don’t even care to say their names. Even if one is a long standing Senator and other took a noble stance after the Withdrawal Party. Still, the facts remain…

It is a two horse race and we can just wonder who finish first at the finish-line. Peace.


Philippines: Kabataan Partylist – Supreme Court affirmation of Terror Law cements state terror for future generations beyond Duterte regime (26.04.2022)

Kabataan Partylist condemns the Supreme Court’s denial with finality of the motions for reconsideration of its December 7, 2021 decision affirming the constitutionality of most parts of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

The high court cites that there is no substantial issues and arguments raised by petitioners. This is a disappointment given observable intensifying redtagging and terrorist-labelling that has led to more human rights violations and even massacres in the past months including the Bloody Sunday massacre in 2021 and the New Bataan 5 massacre in 2022 nearly one year apart from each other.

Worse, among victims of attacks were actual petitioners against the Terror Law including Atty. Angelo Karl ‘AK’ Guillen who was stabbed by a screwdriver and Chad Booc, a volunteer Lumad teacher and Computer Science graduate of UP Diliman killed along with his companions while in a community visit in Mindanao. Are not mounting dead bodies a substantial issue?

Even amid the 2022 electoral campaign period, opposition candidates, supporters and bystanders alike are deprived of free speech with threats of actual violence from redtagging and terrorist-labelling by state forces. Clearly, voiding some provisions of the Terror Law is not enough. A revised Terror Law does not mean that the rabid and bloody track record of state forces attacking innocent civilians in the name of counterinsurgency or on behalf of the sitting regime will suddenly change for the better.

President Duterte may step down but what is definite is that the Supreme Court in this decision is set to prolong his bloody legacy of brutal rule far into the future. The Terror Law needs to be scrapped altogether as we pursue a peace based on human rights and social justice. The youth fight will back for the freedom of newer generations and our nation until this draconian law and all political remnants of fascist dictatorship are striken down into the trash bin of history.

Kabataan Partylist

April 26, 2022

Opinion: Isko Moreno is sinking [and without a Plan B]

[Leni] whatever you are doing is not effective against Marcos” Isko Moreno

That the Presidential Campaign of Isko Moreno Domagoso is clearly not going after plan. The Easter Sunday is usually the day of celebrating that Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day after the crucifixion on Long Friday. Therefore, this Sunday and following days should have been golden. However, for Isko Moreno its been a tragic downfall of an abysmal campaign.

The Mayor of Manilla and former Vice Mayor should be lucky to create headlines and be part of the conversation. Isko Moreno asked for the biggest challenger in the race, Leni Robredo to step down or withdraw her candidacy. Which is very ironic, because his nowhere close to popular or have a reach to go against “Bong Bong” Marcos at this point of time.

That’s why he really thinks the electorate is stupid when he calls the Robredo camp to “Stop the bullying”. This is the guy who tried to bully, called a press conference with joint Presidential Candidates and called for her to end her campaign. It is now 48 hours since the Presser and his not serving any good purpose now.

Isko Moreno is playing the victim after being sexist and showing token masochism…. It is really despicable and doing a fools errand. The Mayor should reflect on his own actions, but right now he rather die on this hill. Even if it is a hill, which is not worthy to cross or too take a selfie on the top of. Since it is just a transgression and political blunder of epic proportions.

The former actor should be concerned. Yes, his not willing budge or show character. That he stepped out of line and actually was terribly wrong. Instead, his doubling down and playing the victim.

The one has been attacked and asked to do his bidding was Robredo. It was she who was asked to sacrifice herself and her campaign just mere weeks ahead of the polls. At a time of her momentum and possible last voter reach in the final stages of the campaign. Isko Moreno should ask himself, would he sacrifice himself or his own career for someone else?

Would he go on the altar and confess his sins to the general public?

After what he has shown of late. His ego is so huge and his own self belief is beyond anything you can recognize. Especially, when he was the man who flaunted the idea and tried to force the execution. Didn’t he think it could come a backlash or a retort in return?

Or does he that his that special and unique of man. That everyone should just obey and listen. The King Kuya and the big man of the clan. Because, that is how it looks and his not that great. He says she’s not effect against Marcos Junior, but what has he done? What does he has to offer or could prove to be an alternative to BBM? Nothing, none and nada.

Isko Moreno better get into method acting or something. He better get his act together and bravely apologize. This is beneath him, but he intends to double down. If he thinks this make his campaign any better. His terribly wrong and failing at it. There is no redeeming qualities and lack of finesse is obvious.

Isko Moreno is a lost one. He is so out of bound and out of class. That there is nowhere for him to go from here. He should reconsider himself and his stances. However, don’t count on it. He prefers to be screwed and that is very clear by his approach to Robredo in this here instance.

We could hope the Mayor found his way and could show some humility, but at this point. We all know that is too much to ask. He rather play this one all out and think he can win some brownie points. However, his only loosing more and more. Without recognizing the blunder, which he created all by himself. Peace.

Philippines: Former Officials of Aksyon Demokratiko – Official Statement on Isko Moreno (19.04.2022)

Opinion: Isko Moreno is a lost cause…

Be a hero. Withdraw, Leni” – Isko Moreno (17.04.2022).

Presidential aspirant and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso calls on Vice President Leni Robredo to withdraw from the presidential race of the upcoming May 9 elections” (…) “Domagoso: “Do you want Marcos not to win? Withdraw, Leni, maybe someone won’t win Marcos. Maybe one of us””(ABS-CBN News Channel, 17.04.2022).

The one term mayor Manilla, Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso has suddenly stated that Vice President Leni Robredo should withdraw her candidacy for Presidency. This just happens weeks ahead of the polls. This maybe be a strategy, but not a good one.

The man who wants to replicate and copy the “Build Build Build” of President Duterte and continue his legacy in the Philippines… that man wants the enemy of Duterte and the sore thumb to just go comfortable numb. This being Leni Robredo who has been tarnished, mocked and stood the test of time in office. They have tried to play her and ensured failure, but instead things has backfired. Therefore, Isko Moreno is continuing this… but his depleting his own campaign while doing so.

Not that Isko Moreno has any courage or is brave. Neither is he a skilled politician or a wise-man of any sorts. No, his an empty bucket of populism and he couldn’t stand in the wind. The wind the would take him, carry him like a leaf and nobody would remember why he was even there. His just a leaf blown away and the tree is still standing. While his long gone…

The former actor and celebrity haven’t looked good. Neither has Isko Moreno ever been seen as relevant candidate. He doesn’t even have the charisma or the political platform to make any sense of his proposal. That his prosing that Robredo to step down should be from someone who had a shot or even a candidacy worth a damn. However, his a leaf and there is plenty more low hanging fruits to pick of the branch he fell from.

Isko Moreno should instead just focus on his own candidacy and what he could possibly deliver. However, these sorts of ideas isn’t forthcoming when he isn’t a real candidate against Bong Bong Marcos. Neither is he a real challenger or even in the realm of Robredo in the polls either. His the sloppy seconds someone wants to forget and not memorable either.

That’s why him teaming with others is only solidifying why his own campaign is worthless. Isko Moreno knew that he wouldn’t bring something to the table. That’s why he needed a Joint Statement and a Joint Press Conference. He couldn’t show up on his own… because his not really in the big league himself. Unless, he gets a sudden promotion and rise of relevancy beyond Manila.

The Mayor of Manila needs to chill and reconsider. He is asking for relevancy… while his not relevant himself. The Presidential Candidate dared to ask Robredo to step down, but his not capable to fill her shoes. Neither does he have the character or political platform to challenge the UniTeam. His a pawn and small figure in the grand scheme of things.

That’s why it’s hard to remember who has endorsed and said they would promote his candidacy. Because, Robredo and Bong Bong Marcos is the ones who is getting the endorsements. Therefore, Isko Moreno should maybe try to act like an option.

As of today, his misogyny and lacklustre performance will not save you either. Maybe, he should do himself a favour and just withdraw. I hope he continues and that it burns terribly down. That he becomes a laughing-stock and a mockery of a candidacy. Since, there is nothing worthy of salvaging now. Unless, for whoever who is funding his campaign and keeping him up at night.

Isko Moreno will not bring hope or a promise of a better future. His just a former actor who don’t know how to play his role in politics now. Peace.

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