Somalia: Ministry of Ports and Marine Transports declares the Agreement between Somaliland, Ethiopia and DP World Berbera Port as “Null and Void” (02.03.2018)

DP World: Ethiopia Acquires 19% Stake in DP World Berbera Port (01.03.2018)

Press Release: DP World Wins 30-Year concession for Port of Berbera in Somaliland (05.09.2016)

Berbera 05.09.2016 P1Berbera 05.09.2016 P2

Letters from Somalian Government concerning UNSOM Report “REPORT ON The Right to Freedom of Expression” August 2016

FRSomalia Aug 2016

Jubbaland Aug 2016

Puntland Letter Aug 2016 P1Puntland Letter Aug 2016 P2Puntland Letter Aug 2016 P3Puntland Letter Aug 2016 P4

Jubbaland Aug 2016 P1Jubbaland Aug 2016 P2

Republic of Somaliland Aug 2016

Republic of Somaliland Aug 2016 P2Republic of Somaliland Aug 2016 P3