Zimbabwe Shutdown on Wed 31 Aug | Pastor Evan Mawarire (Youtube-Clip)

Press Statement from “Hacota” on #Tajamuka #ZimShutdown3.0 tomorrow (30.08.2016)

Hacota Message 30.08.2016

Zimbabwe: Local EU Statement on the right to peaceful demonstrations (30.08.2016)

Zimbabwe EU Statement Aug 2016

Zimbabwe government mulls job cuts in agriculture department (Youtube-Clip)

“After freezing public sector employment, Zimbabwe’s government now plans to cut about half the jobs in the agriculture department. The government has recently been struggling to pay public service wages, which make up the bulk of its revenue” (CCTV Africa, 2016)

Zimbabwe: Press Statement on Public Protests and Police Conduct (29.08.2016)


The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) is cognisant of the demonstrations, protests and ongoing unrest in the country. As a country, Zimbabwe is founded on the principles of the supremacy of the Constitution, fundamental human rights and freedoms, and recognition of the inherent dignity and worth of each human being. The Constitution guarantees under section 59 that every person has the right to demonstrate and to present petitions, but these rights must be exercised peacefully, and the demonstrators should not seek to harm anyone or destroy or loot property.
In terms of section 219 of the Constitution, the Police have a duty to protect and secure the lives and property of the people, uphold the Constitution of Zimbabwe, and enforce the law without fear or favour. It is noted with regret that the police did violate the fundamental rights of the people as evidenced by the facts gathered on the ground. Security concerns should not be used as an excuse to harass demonstrators or non-demonstrators, which undermines the fundamental principles granted by our Constitution and international law. Citizens should enjoy police protection and not brutality. Police have a duty to facilitate the conduct of undisturbed peaceful demonstrations and petitions. The ZHRC is, therefore, extremely concerned about the recent violent conduct of the ZRP.

The ZHRC has received complaints on allegations of Police brutality and our ongoing investigations have revealed unbecoming and violent conduct on the part of the Police. This has led to unfortunate physical and emotional injuries to some innocent persons including minors. This is regrettable and we call upon the authorities to ensure that the perpetrators of such human rights violations are prosecuted. To that end the ZHRC encourages members of the public who may have suffered human rights violations to come forward and lodge formal complaints with the Commission.
The ZHRC is also concerned by the indiscriminate teargassing of centers occupied by people some of whom may not be involved in the demonstration. This should stop and we call for due diligence and care to ensure that the rights and freedoms of innocent citizens are respected and protected.
The ZHRC abhors violence in any form. The Commission, therefore, calls upon all citizens who decide to demonstrate to do so within the confines of the law and never with violence. As Zimbabweans, we all have rights and duties that we need to exercise peacefully at all times.
In the case of violent protests or demonstrations, the right to personal liberty, rights of arrested and detained persons and freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, right to a fair trial and rights of accused persons should be upheld at all times.
The ZHRC calls for an immediate end to violence, threats and intimidation by all perpetrators. We urge all Zimbabweans to exercise restraint and self-control and to remain calm. We urge the ZRP and respective arms of the Executive to ensure that citizens are permitted to demonstrate peacefully and utilise constructive dialogue to address genuine concerns.

31 August Nationwide | #ShutDownZimbabwe (Youtube-Clip)

Opinion: The Zanu-PF is acting totally lost these days…

santions Mugabe

The truth is in the actions of any ruling regime. The reality of their actions speaks of how they respect their citizens and the government institutions. After yesterday the legacy of the former political party who liberated the nation is now totally lost.

The President and the Executive has been lost for a long time. He just hasn’t known it himself. He is like a bulldog trying out every move and shouting at every by passer. Even when he is old and whiny he still continues and brawls with every candidate that trespasses his gate.

The dire state is not just the economy, but the fragile state between the population, the lengthy disregard of the civil servants and the public officials. As you have VP who uses government funds on eating lavishly on a hotel instead of accountable actions. As well, you have government officials praising the executive and saying his rule is biblical. While the public who demonstrate against him is evil; the Police answer with tear-gas and violence. Not contempt of public voices of discontent. The allowed demonstrations are the ones connected to Zanu-PF, the Youth burning the flag and destroying the MDC-T offices in Harare.

The double standard as the Zanu-PF elite eats and get fat, while the drought of funds and import of needed equipment happens. The debt and sanctions together with the drop of trust between international community and the Zimbabwean government; the Zanu-PF government who could just been run by Ian Smith, they did the say reasoning against the citizens, only they we’re liberators who we’re detained. Now it is citizens and human rights activist who are detained.

Every time some demonstrations happens it is supported by the West and the Westerners fault. Not that it’s the men who has made the situation dire, the men behind police officers and army who detains without impunity or the men who thief the government funds. No, it is the British, the French or lucky the American. It cannot be Mugabe and Gucci Mugabe, no it is somebody else. Just waiting for Acie Lumumba to proclaim his passion for development and say that he still has faith in Zanu-PF without consideration to the draconian state that is just right there.

#ThisFlag Values 2016

#ThisFlag is a loose movement and with inspiring leaders who just shows they heart and wish to garn change and possible leadership who cares about the citizens and not the newest Mercedes SUV. That is the capacity of governance right now. The Government tried to put extra tax on the imported goods as a special VAT as the sanctioned imports where less and less become of the weak economy and value of the currency. Even the issues with downgraded levels of US Dollars lead to ATMs pouring out South African Rand that even marginalized more people. This proves the little value of the citizens.

The lack of on-time pay for soldiers, nurses, teachers and civil servants prove the disgruntled forces while the Zanu-PF continues to live like kings and queens. The people are even tagging the streets named after Robert Mugabe and also taking down the signs with his name. As they demonstrate and are brutally shut down. Today, the court of Harare are even working on fencing the area as another protester are awaiting trail tomorrow and the Government have no other outcome than shutting down. They do not want to see the public garn around the Court in massive numbers as last time when they had to release Pastor Evan Mawarire, he is the one man who opposed and showed them how to peacefully question the Zanu-PF rule without fear of losing his position and freedom.

Now that is up and concerned citizens watch, as the turns and extensive nature of ZANU-PF continues. As their Youth League are acting as hooligans without any repercussion from the Police, while the peaceful demonstrators from public disregard of Zanu-PF violently get silenced. The proof of the fall of grace, the lost nature of the ones respected party. The one party and the one leader who has gone from being the hope and liberator; and with time he has turned himself from liberator to villain of decades of decadence and wealth forgot why he was in bush. Mugabe has lost his ways in wealth and riches! While his people are asking for handouts and can’t even get justice.

President Mugabe HBD Harare Herald

Because of the Social Media uprising of late the Zimbabwean Parliament even have scheduled a new Cyber Crime law able to make prosecutions of people who starting demonstrations and questioning the Zanu-PF online. The #ThisFlag #Tajamuka #NoBondnotes and so on are just honest citizens tired of being used by ruling regime for donor aid and bargain-chips for funds to develop the nation. They want hope and future where all citizens can be involved and have the sense of making their life and work without fear of the police or the ruling regime silencing them with violence or oppressive behaviour while they ride in luxurious cars and have mansions in Harare. While the average man and woman are struggling to get ends to meet. That is not a just society and the Zanu-PF should know it as the fellow loyalist have taken land, businesses and imports for themselves. There is a fatigue of justice between the population and the Zanu-PF elite. That is why the demonstrations are happen so frequent and why the Zanu-PF elite and the Executive is LOST.

The Robert Mugabe of the Past, the man who conquered the Ian Smith Regime and European sponsored dictatorship from the United Kingdom. Now it is sponsored dictatorship under Robert Mugabe. Peace.   

MDC-T Youth Statement on Intimidation from Zanu-PF (28.08.2016)

Zim 27.08.2016
We have learnt without shock that ZANU PF through its monstrous mouthpiece ZTV that the regime Is embarking on a massive raid of our members in response to the demonstrations that are taking place in Harare and which are spreading to all parts of the country next week. We wish to point out at this stage we fear nothing and we will not budge in our quest to remove Robert Mugabe from office through our peaceful protests.we have since intercepted intelligence files on the attack to be led by known ZANU PF ministers and MP’s.
We are warning these bloody thirsty individuals to back as we are not going to watch massacre us.The violence of 2008 will never happen again ,we will not fold our hands this time.We are pressing ahead with our # My Zimbabwe campaign to liberate this country.No amount of repression will stop this idea whose time has come.The only sensible thing to happen now is for Robert Mugabe to resign early and avoid unnecessary damage to this country.We will not be cowed ,we hereby urge out membership to remain vigilant and continue to participate in all protests being called by different progressive forces in this country. it’s now or Never .
For And On Behalf Of The Youth Assembly. 
Lovemore Chinoputsa

Violence proves no one in Zanu PF is fit to lead the Zimbabwe we must build | Build Zimbabwe (Youtube-Clip)

“The strategy of our government is clear for anyone who chooses to see: It is to frustrate the people until some of them commit acts of violence, which then justifies the government’s own violent response.  This is calculated to force those who have been calling for non-violent protests, specifically the church leaders, to denounce the activists who are demanding change but who the government portrays as violent inciters. We cannot allow this government to attempt to reclaim the moral ground to rule it has lost by pointing accusatory fingers at people who simply want to be heard and to exercise their full constitutional rights as citizens.  We want change in Zimbabwe and we want it now. To want it for future generations merely prolongs ours suffering and that of our children. We want it for ourselves today so that we can get on with the business of building the kind of country we want for our children’s children. It is our right to demand that. This is Dr. Noah Manyika from Build Zimbabwe saying: Is there not a cause? #BuildZimbabwe” (Build Zimbabwe, 2016)

Dr Noah Manyika | I don’t believe that the $15 billion is missing (Youtube-Clip)

Let me cut right to the chase and say to President Robert Mugabe: I am sorry Mr. President, but I do not believe that the fifteen billion dollars is missing. I cannot believe that it is missing simply because you tell the nation that it is. The reality is that fifteen billion dollars does not just go missing. Somebody knows where it is and why it is where it is” (…) “This is a serious matter that needs every Zimbabwean to be seriously exercised about. We are entering a period where we cannot afford not to be vigilant, not to be suspicious of a party that has become accustomed to doing evil” (…) “It is important for the international community to recognize that our minister of finance’s desperate pleas for help do not mean Zanu PF has changed, or that it does not have a plan to foil the will of the people in 2018. It is one thing to be desperate, and quite another to have changed one’s ways” (…) “Like the $15 billion we are asked to believe is missing, we are also asked to believe that this government has nothing to do with the disappearance of Zimbabwe’s sons and daughters like Itai Dzamara, Rashiwe Guzha and others before them” (…) “Countrymen, this is Dr. Noah Manyika from Build Zimbabwe saying: Do not believe a lie. Is there not a cause? #BuildZimbabwe”