#ThisFlagYouth Committee Statement on recent events and the way forward (15.08.2016)

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ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire: Zimbabwe will be united by the dreams of our children (Youtube-Clip)

“During a short visit to SA the M&G caught up with Evan Mawarire to discuss the significance of #ThisFlag and what’s next for the protesting pastor” (Mail & Guardian, 2016)

ZRP Commissioner General Chihuri, says Zimbabweans complain too much (Youtube-Clip)

Chiyangwa Dishes Secrets On Grabbing Cash Business Opportunities – Don’t wait on Mugabe (Youtube-Clip)

Opinion: Zimbabwe bond-notes add debt to the Republic of Zimbabwe; also worry about the possible inflation rate!


There been demonstrations in August 2016 on the current case of making bond notes in Zimbabwe as the economy and inflation rates can become hazardous for the economy. An economy and the policy that is not sustainable in any sense. Something that hasn’t been since the hyper-inflation of the 2008; as the current situation with other currencies than their own to keep the businesses and government a float; as well as fiscal policies to keep the Zanu-PF elite from still eating while the drought, El-Nino and Mugabe’s megalomaniac power-struggle to keep himself on the Iron Throne in Harare.

The reality is that the Bond Notes are excess for keeping up the ZANU-PF and the long-term President Mugabe. His Excellency Robert Mugabe have kept total control of the state and the Ministers collecting the riches while the basic infrastructure, institutions and all the other parts of state are eating of the taxes, donations and little foreign exchange that comes after the international sanctions of the Zanu-PF reign.

Here is the recent excuses and the reality that might happen with the next move for Bond Notes in Zimbabwe; as the more debt for giving debt notes to citizens instead of giving them a currency that actually has value. Not just empty paper notes that doesn’t have value for the citizen or the businesses. Take a look!

Patrick Chinamasa

Early July the Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa:  

“Zimbabwe will introduce what the central bank calls bond notes in October to counter a shortage of cash in the country. Exporters will be paid with the notes, credited to accounts at the central bank held on behalf of the companies, along with a 5 percent bonus that the minister, Patrick Chinamasa, said the government is happy to pay to encourage outbound trade” (…) “Unless there are exports, there would be no circulation in the market of any notes,” Chinamasa said in a July 17 interview in the Rwandan capital, Kigali. “No exports — no issuance of bond notes.” The notes, to be produced in Germany, will be printed “relative to the volume of imports,” he said” (Njini, 2016).

More reports early on the Bond Notes:

“THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in is talks with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) and German printers, Giesecke & Devrient, to finalise an agreement on the printing of bond notes, a central bank governor has revealed” (…) “Mlambo said the central bank would not print bond notes beyond the agreed threshold of US$200 million. He said: “We are finalising a tripartite agreement right now that we don’t print beyond the agreed US$200 million. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has an eye on this. On economic grounds, it will not be prudent to go beyond that amount.” (Financial Gazette, 2016).

“Hon. Majome asked the Minister of Finance and Economic Development to state:

  1. The date when the US$20m Africa Import Export Bank loan to back up the bond notes was concluded and whether its terms were published by the Ministry in the Government Gazette within the 60 days as required by section 300(3) of the constitution; and
  2. Whether the loan agreement has been referred to Parliament for approval in terms of Section 327(3) of the Constitution and also referred to the relevant Portfolio Committee in terms of the Standing Rules and Orders, if not, to state reasons.”

John Mangudya

On 27th July 2016:

Hon Chinamasa says: “Firstly, I want to clarify as I have already done before that the US$20m Africa Import Export Bank facility is not a loan. It is a facility that works as guarantee. Naturally, Government and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will ensure that whatever is done is compliant with the law”.

About Zimbabwe’s inflation:

“According to a note sent to clients in July from Exotix Partners’ Head of Equity Research Kato Mukuru, that dollarization of the Zimbabwe economy created two problems.

  1. There has been too much reliance on the US dollar. The government moved away from the multi-currency regime and said it would conduct all of its transactions dollars. And since most of Zimbabwe’s trade is with South Africa, the strong dollar (compared to the rand) has made it more difficult for Zimbabwe to compete.
  2. Zimbabwe has been running a current account deficit since 2009. Zimbabwe has been exporting more dollars than its been importing, causing a shortage of dollars in the system” (Garber, 2016).

Liquidity problems could cause the government to de-dollarize the economy sooner than expected, warns BMI Research, and that would send the country back into a cycle of rapid inflation. From BMI’s note” (…) “Adoption of a local currency would inevitably result in a rapid increase in the supply of broad money, as the central bank looked to inject enough liquidity into the economy to alleviate the ongoing cash shortage, caused by the current reliance on the US dollar. Without a simultaneous increase in real production, this would increase inflationary pressures.” (…) “As for how high inflation would get, BMI believes that would “depend on the rate at which the RBZ printed the new currency,” but could easily surpass 30%” (Garber, 2016).

This is deep enough as the economic situation is not promising and with the current leadership under President Mugabe the rule of law and stability of the fiscal economic situation that Zimbabwe is already in. Together with the unstable levels of demonstrations that are righteous as the regime haven’t cared for the citizens in decades. The zombies and vampires in the Parliament have cared for their paychecks and not for the well-being of the average citizens. That is why they start with a new round of Bond Notes from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Peace.


Njini, Felix – ‘Zimbabwe ‘Bond-Note’ Printing Linked to Exports, Minister Says’ (21.07.2016) link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-07-21/zimbabwe-bond-note-printing-linked-to-exports-minister-says

Financial Gazette – ‘Zimbabwe in talks with Afreximbank, German  printers over bond notes’ (21.07.2016) link: http://www.financialgazette.co.zw/zimbabwe-in-talks-with-afreximbank-german-printers-over-bond-notes/

Garber, Jonathan – ‘Zimbabwe’s next move could trigger the return of ‘rapid inflation’ (10.08.2016) link: http://www.businessinsider.com/zimbabwe-could-trigger-inflation-by-moving-away-from-dollar-2016-8?r=US&IR=T&IR=T

Zimbabwe: Thabiths Khumalo needs your prayers and Journalists beaten up during the demonstrations in Harare today!

Zim 03.08.2016

“I hear she has developed some breathing problems after inhaling police tear gas during the Harare demonstrations today. UMakhumalo is a very unfortunate character, she needs our prayers as we play toyi toyi with our self created dictatorship” (Ndaba Nhuku, 03.08.2016)

Other victims of Police Brutality today:

“ANTI-RIOT police of Wednesday ran amok, beating up journalists and protesters who were had embarked on a peaceful demonstration against continued joblessness under the current Zanu PF led government. Journalists who fell victim to the cops during the Harare demo were Aljazeera’s Haru Mutasa, BBC’s Tendai Masiyazviripo, freelance journalists Chris Mahove and Tony Manyangadze as well as Idah Mhetu, a female photo journalist with the Financial Gazette” (RadioVop Zimbabwe, 03.08.2016).

So the Zanu-PF does not accept people demonstrating against them or the ones reporting them to the media. So the demonstrations against the economic policies and longevity of Mugabe Presidency is not seen as good thing by the ruling regime. They continue to hurt innocent civilians to be in power. The Good Governance and Justice is not worthy words coming out of Mugabe’s mouth, as his actions and his Police are making citizens to criminals for doing the duty as citizens. Peace.

WATCH: No to Bond Notes protests in Harare violently broken up by Zimbabwe police (Youtube-Clip)

“Riot police in Zimbabwe used tear gas and water cannon Wednesday to break up a protest by several hundred demonstrators gathered in Harare in a fresh outbreak of opposition to President Robert Mugabe. An AFP reporter said police dispersed the rally by beating protesters with batons and firing tear gas, injuring several people as the fleeing crowds threw stones in response. Many of the marchers wore the national flag around their necks — seen as a symbol of a surge in recent protests — while unemployed graduates wore academic gowns and others held wooden Christian crosses. Among the slogans on placards were “Once Liberator, Now Oppressor”, “Mugabe Must Go” and “You Have Failed Mr Mugabe.” Zimbabwe’s economic collapse has worsened this year, with the government now without the funds to pay even its military or civil servants on time. A series of street protests has erupted in past weeks, despite 92-year-old Mugabe’s record of using his ruthless security forces to crush public dissent” (taiMEDIA, 2016)

Have hope in #ThisFlag; Still, it’s the darkest before a new dawn in Zimbabwe

santions Mugabe

“Dear Mr President. You cannot stop your sun from setting and you will most definitely not stop mine from rising #ThisFlag” – Evan Mawarire

There is a brewing something sinister in Zimbabwe. As the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) under the reign of long-long serving President Robert “Bob” Mugabe are using the Police and army as his prestigious bodyguards for his power.

The economic state of Zimbabwe is weak, weakest of the weak. Wiggling and broken as the civil servants and army personnel haven’t been paid in June and July 2016, as much as the people have been re-engaged in politics as the Zanu-PF elite has been eating. Lynda Masasira have been detained for speaking her mind on behalf of Woman organizations. #ThisFlag Movement Pastor and Founder Evan Mawarire have been taken to court on charges against the state, but a 100 lawyers showed up and the public demanded his release as the day went on; but after the release he fled into exile in South Africa. So the history repeats itself.

Only Morgan Tsvangirai is back home still, as his Movement for Democratic Change; are more and more fractioned. This being said while recently the former aide to Tsvangirai, Maxwell Zeb Shumba officially presented his new party at the 29th July 2016 to launch the Zimbabwean First (ZimFirst) Party.  This happens as the MDC-T party are losing their backing from the people is dwindling; while the people’s faith in Mwarire is showing, as his selflessness and casting of the bitter truth is astonishing. The opposition has a political movement, but not a political party that all men and woman trusts. With the Ruling-regime total control and focus around the family of Mugabe; the ability of paying and splashing funds on Zanu-PF loyalists.

That is been showing in the Vice-President Phelekezela Mpoko living in a luxury hotel for a year and half where he paid $ 1.000 a day at the hotel and that was including meals. This happens as the most of the Zimbabweans are living fewer than 2 US. Dollars a day, to sustain food and shelter; also with the wonderful late-payment of government salaries and other difficulties to get certain import products. The land has also from January to June 2016 been importing from abroad for $1bn. and most of that for agricultural products. That means the former breadbasket of the Southern Africa; needs help to feed their own. President Mugabe must be so proud of his land-reforms.


The Zimbabwean State have in control the foreign exchange rates and control the usage of limited funds, the government at one point suspended certain imports for businesses. But at the same time, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr. John Mangudya saying recently “We are importing foreign currency to pay ourselves instead of paying for fuel and capital goods. That’s inefficiency”. Surely he is spot on, but the grand dictator doesn’t mind because when he celebrates he eats splendid cuisine on the tax-money.

As the state deteriorate, even the most harden loyalists have been attacking the long-term president even been accused of overuse and overstepping his power. The latest is the Zimbabwean Liberation War Veterans Associations (ZLWVA) Secretary-General Victor Matemadanda. Also the ZLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya, these been detained for speaking their mind, which after the President the day before said the War Veterans we’re not patriotic, that meaning not speaking of the deity called Mugabe. He has gone further than that as well: “Ruhanya said Zanu PF’s advertisements calling for former Zipra and Zanla war vets to converge at Zanu PF HQ tomorrow 26/7/16 to support President Mugabe” (…) “From the adverts in state media, it appears clear that G40 led by the President has declared war on the leadership of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association led by Christopher Mutsvangwa. Waiting to hear the views of this G40 group. But the problems raised wont disappear because of this meeting; economy remains dead and the president cant provide the economic and political leadership as he remains captured by wife and a cabal benefiting from Stone Age corrupt practices against the majority poor. Elite discohesion and authoritarian erosion.” (Harare24.com, 26.07.2016).

With the darkness of bewildered state of Mugabe the bitterness of Grace Mugabe as she was shopping in Singapore as the #ZimShutDown was going on in mid-July, as the salaries we’re postphoned again for the civil servants, as the June-Pay had not arrived and seemingly not the July either. Just as today in the Zimbabwe Today reported this:

“Speaker of Parliament Advocate  Jacob Mudenda called on workers  to work overtime and expect not getting paid extra remuneration” (…) “Mudende said this would steer productivity  and ensure companies remain afloat than for them to retrench workers because of low production” (…) “Mudenda ‘s statement is likely to steer animosity among government workers who are disgruntled  over delay in payment of salaries. A majority of workers have of late clashed with their pay masters over unpaid over-time and other benefits” (Zimbabwe-Today, 25.07.2016).  As this came a few days early when the industries and workers we’re expected the same fate as civil servants; work but non-pay. The government promised to rescue with an old cue: “In a media briefing after touring companies in Bulawayo, Industry minister Mike Bimha said companies in Zimbabwe were struggling due to lack of funding and cheap imports from other countries. To counter that, he said the government was working tirelessly to revive the Distressed and Marginalised Areas Fund (Dimaf). “We want to revisit the issue of Dimaf in terms of making it bigger and more accessible. I’m sure we can do that so that we can continue to have companies accessing a little bit of funding and making a difference to companies,” Bimha, who is attending the on-going Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries congress” (Nyoni, Mthandazo, 28.07.2016 – Newsday.co.zw). If this is true, then some of the men might not go without salaries, but seeing are believing… and the government have not been accountable; so why believe them now?


With all this the recent days that #ThisFlag continues, the sanctions don’t get lifted and the IMF/World Bank doesn’t give in to the Mugabe Government. Let me end with quotes from Mugabe in an article from Daily News Zimbabwe:

“I want to warn leaders of these churches that are emerging only for the sake of money, the likes of Mawarire that Zanu-PF will not tolerate any nonsense done in the name of religion, that once you begin to interfere with our politics you are courting real trouble” (…) “keep to your religion and we will respect you. We know how to deal with our enemies who have for a long time been itching to effect regime change. We have the means to do that. I say to our  people, when these other small (opposition)  parties demonstrate  out of anger, control yourselves in the knowledge that the police belongs to us so we will ask them to throw them in jail so they can also test life in prison” (Mugove Tafirenyika, 28.07.2016).

This comes from the man who once upon a time in Mozambique wanted to free his Zimbabweans from the tyranny of Smith-regime and was righteous in that claim. But now he does the same in his own actions against his population and calls a citizens and a pastor a enemy who deserve to spend time in jail. That he deserve apparently for asking the government, to actually govern and not only eat the tax-money. The pride of Mugabe and his reign are ending in tyranny on the level of Smith or worse as the liberator knew what he fought against; An with time turned into the same kind of leader as the ones he fought against. The injustice of the past, is the ones of the present; might not in post-colonial treatment, but in honor of feeding the Zanu-PF and the elites, the cronies of the state instead of serving the communities and citizens with decent policies and progress through transparent economic framework. Zimbabwe, the place where the Zimbabweans can trust their government for serving them and not the President alone! For the reason alone that Mugabe says the citizens who oppose his rule can try out prison, because the #ThisFlag is an enemy that the Police would control the nation in the powerful hand of Mugabe.

The sun-might set on Mugabe, but it is not his sun. Even if he has reign the land and the nation of Zimbabwe, it is not directly it’s his nation to own; he has had the power for decades and thinks now it is a God-given right to rule. Therefore the one occupying the country is his subjects, not the citizens as he speaks and his Ministers speak. They expect the citizens to work for no pay, because of the decisions and his will to stay without questioning the implications of his decrees. The Zimbabwe deserves another regime, which actually cares about the citizens, not only the president. The dawn of something new must soon reappear as this regime is becoming more and more draconian. The laws and lawmen are taking in anybody who has a smidge of questionable words against his rule. Mugabe wants the citizens to obey his rule and his Zanu-PF; not for Zimbabwe. Peace.